(FT4) More about the Olympus E-5 (the puzzle game!) Olympus also has a translucent tecnology?


Finally we understood why many of our sources has given us different rumors about “supposed” same cameras. Yesterday we gave you info about the E-5 from a good source. He told us the sensor has 12MPX (and I am sure he is telling the truth). Today another very good source gave us other specs and explained to us why this is happening. Olympus has more versions of the same cameras and more new different cameras that people is testing right now. And not only that. They also FALSED the names.This happens because Olympus want to avoid possible leak about the real final camera specs!

An example: The rumors I received about the E-P3 are not about a PEN camera. The E-P3 is the false name of the E-5. And so one with other camera names! Crazy or not? The trusted source from yesterday didn’t see the final E-5, but a different version (a prototype)!

Ok I know you are confused :)
The second source tested another prorotype called E-P3 (also very likely the E-5) camera. He said that we: “should be aware that I was never talking about actual products, but prototypes for testing purpose only. So there is no guarantee that we will see anything now or in the future. ”

What did that source telll me about the E-P3 aka E-5?
The source (which always gave me correct rumors in the past) is testing a camera called “E-P3”. But that is a FAKE name. The camera is a professional FourThirds model and very likely an E-5 prototype. The specs are slightly different than the one 43rumors posted yesterday. So maybe there are different version of the same camera or simply two slightly different models.
The E-P3 prototype has a new 15 Megapixel sensor produced by Panasonic. It has a new focus-system with 19 points in continous mode and 11 points in single mode. The eight new points are just assisting and cannot be selected manually. The new autofocus is very good, but not as good as the professional Nikon or Canon cameras. It has 8fps (frames per second). The viewfinder is the same us the E-3 but it has a kind of “translucent overlay”. That makes it possible to see the histogramm, gridlines and the digital level. The Design of the camera is an evolution of the E-30 design. There is also a new HDvideo mode.

But there is also a second FourThirds prototype that he is testing. The name is E-P330 (again a FAKE name). It will be very similar to the current E-330. He still doesn’t know if that camera will ever come on market. It has a similar technology to the sony alpha cameras presented today, but it does not have a translucent mirror, it has some kind of liquid chrystal (he believes) mirror. The advantage is that you have light loss when you take the real picture. The mirror can electronically change between 50% translucent and 100%. When you don’t take pictures it uses 50% of the light for the AF-system and 50% for the sensor. When you take the picture it uses the full 100% alight source. The disadvantage is that it is not as fast as the Sony technology and you do not have any AF if the mirror is at 100%. The prototype iuses the same E-620 AF-system. The viewfinder is integrated in the body and has the same specs as the VF2 for MicroFourThirds. The LCD can be tilted and it uses the same GH1 sensor. It takes movies with 720p. You can use an external microphone.

In summary the source that yesterday told me that the E-5 will have 12 megpixels saw a different camera!

Dear readers. There are more rumors to come and also real products (this week!). So keep following us.

  • I knew it. 12MP for the E-5 would have been weird.

    I can’t wait to actually test the E-5.

  • patrick

    E-P1 was the E-3 working title. Yes, it’s a rather weird namingscheme.

    • Quido

      Looks like the code name for the successor is the ancestor name + P squeezed in between. So E-P1 successor would be E-PP1.

  • Alfons

    This is getting fcuked up. Olympus is doing tricks to us!

  • A bit disappointing.
    With Sony pushing the market i don’t see the 4/3 becoming nothing but an average system.
    The superb quality of Zuikos is not going to avoid the tendency, also with olympus stopping the making of new lenses.

    In mirrorles market, Olympus will have a bit more market share due to its earlier peneration but nothing that Canon or Nikon can not manage in the future.

    I also thing if they decide to start with EVIL will be due to Sony and not Olympus.

    At the end. Nothing to worry about if you like the quality of olympus and you are not a professional but a slightly dangerous scenario in a environment much more changeable that the traditional film camera market. It is necessary to say that surely the current Zuiko lenses don’t have the same ongoing usability as the old OM.

    I have been worry about the Olympus route for some time ago and i don’t see anything here that makes me think different.

    • “with olympus stopping the making of new lenses. ”

      4/3 lenses i mean

    • bilgy_no1

      “I have been worry about the Olympus route for some time ago and i don’t see anything here that makes me think different.”

      Many people have been worried about the Olympus route ever since they started the E-system, and yet Olympus are still around…

      • Yes, it is.
        But for me it is a different now, because i’m starting to think in other brands.
        When i came into 4/3 it was a value for money reason, after buying 3 DSLR and 4-5 lenses, now, i don’t have the same feelings. Of course, this is a subjective opinion and i can be in a error. That the reason because i’m waiting (i think i’m not the only one) to see what olympus do.

        • bilgy_no1

          I’m also seeing nice cameras by other manufacturers; yet I don’t feel an urgent need to switch. To Olympus’ credit, all my gear still works…

  • Quido

    I wonder what the LCD resolution will be on the next group of Oly products. If they keep 320×230 like the recent D3100 and my 6 year old 1D2 then shame on them. No point of having live view on such a camera IMO.

    • Quido

      I’m waiting for 2 things:
      1) a shuterless camera, and
      2) a camera with a sealed sensor chamber so that dust is further away.
      Olympus was cool to introduce movable LCDs in DSLRs but other than that I think their innovation is being somewhat overhyped – especially in the light of some of the cost-cutting/marketing decisions you see (e.g. LCD res. on EP2).
      Let’s see what they come out with and hope it’s good! :)

  • Aisha

    right… what about the e-P3 or other Micro FT camera. It’s time for that..

    • Gabi

      I am also wondering if there will be a successor to the E-P2 (hopefully with incorporated EVF). If not, Olympus might loose the market of the rangefinder-like µ4/3 cameras to Panasonic.

    • CRB


    • Miroslav

      Me to. Hopefully, we’ll see several new m4/3 bodies announced in the next few weeks ( and price cuts for existing ones :) ).

  • a liquid chrystal mirror?! What actually does it work?

    • Inge – M.

      I think the only chrystal is liquid, not mirror.

      • Miroslav


  • CRB

    Well…this is getting more interesting now…but also a lot confusing…if we dont see any of that people will be disapointed…the E-330 was a really interesting camera….

  • david

    Trying to make any sense of all of this conflicting information is pointless IMO. Just wake me up when something is announced for real.

  • Eric

    Good news for standard 4/3’s users, but for those of us wanting a pro-grade m4/3’s body it sounds like we are out of luck. I now turn my hopes and attention to the Sony NEX-7; especially after seeing the results of that new 16mp Sony sensor in the A55…

    • Good luck with Sony


    • Miroslav

      Sony has made NEX 7 pointless with the A55. 3 lenses vs 100 = no contest.

  • Kevin

    This sounds much better.
    I am now getting excited and anxious to finally upgrade my 520.

  • Rob-L

    It seems all Oly is doing for the code names is taking the existing model name and adding a P to it to get the prototype name. Example: current camera is E3, prototype name for E5 is E-P3.

  • When is Olympus going to realize that micro 4/3 is the only selling ponit for them?

    I don’t know a single pro that would use a 4/3 camera, beacuse they like the little depth of field they get get with a full sized sensor. Plus it is easier to find proper wideangles.

    A photojournalist as I would on the other hand like a proper micro four thirds camera with a fast lens equivalent to 35mm 1.4 or 50mm 1.4. That would be great for travelling incognito or a as a second camera.

    • HI Brian

      “When is Olympus going to realize that micro 4/3 is the only selling ponit for them?”
      Because they know that the u4/3 has not matured yet and that there are people like me who need a larger camera for their HQ lens

  • patrick

    pro-gerade pen sounds strange. especially if you take a look at the mFT lens lineup. neither of them is able to compete with pro-grade ft lenses.

    • Eric

      Why couldn’t/shouldn’t they make a pro-grade PEN? What most photographers really hope for with the PEN is an affordable alternative to a Leica M9. As far as lenses go, yes, the m4/3’s lens line up leaves a lot to be desired, but when I had my E-P1 I used range finder glass on it most of the time. I think it’s safe to say that Voigtlander/Zeiss/Leica M-mount glass are all “pro-grade” and they would match up nicely too a well built PEN.

      • No, they don’t match up nicely. I have 5 last generationLeica M lenses and except for the 135mm Apo Telyt, the image quality of the cheap Olympus kit lens is much better. Remember that Leica M lenses are optimized for full frame, so their image quality on the reduced format MFT is pretty weak.


      • Inge – M.

        Pro-grade PEN? Yes maybe E-P330 is start on the Pro-grade PEN in side! I hope on the come in 2012/2013, 50 year after PenF.

      • It leaves a lot to be desired when you don’t have auto-focus on legacy lenses, the focal length doubles and the weight is shifted from the body to the lenses.

        The native m4/3 lenses are consumer grade at best. None of them is fast. Olympus doesn’t have any lenses faster than f/2.8. The next best starts at f/3.5. None of those lenses is sealed.

        When Olympus shot the PEN Giant commercial, they used a PEN body. When you go to the “making of” site and take a close look, you’ll notice that you won’t find a single m4/3 lens attached to the body they used for shooting. I recognized the Zuiko 12-60mm and some older legacy lenses. On the GetOlympus Facebook page an Olympus representative argued that at the time they shot the commercial, there were no m4/3 lenses available as opposed to now. I daresay that they wouldn’t use a single m4/3 lens even now if they had to shoot another commercial with a PEN.

        • Eric

          The Panasonic 7-14mm is a fine lens, good enough for me anyway, but yes, Olympus doesn’t have a single m4/3’s lens I care about. It’s odd really, Panasonic, a giant electronics company, seems to be catering to serious photographers more than Olympus has so far with m4/3’s. Not that either have done a very good job of it of course. They’ve left the door wide open for Nikon, Pentax, and Sony to walk right through.

  • The sensor should be ready for months.

  • Hey Admin,

    I enjoy this site a lot. But please stop telling me you’re going to tell me, and just tell me.

    It’s starting to get annoying.

    • CRB


      • admin

        Sorry also to you CRB

    • admin

      Sorry Thevoiceoverman! I didn’t mean to “disturb” my readers. I only wanted to warn you that there is more to come. I am not “holding” back the rumor to “torture” you. Ther eare reasons why I can’t post some news now. But I thought it would be nice to let you know that this week you will get some very interetsing news and rumors.

      • Duarte Bruno

        With the details the sources gave you and the details you have already posted, I seriously doubt that the source isn’t already compromised (but hey, it was their mistake).

        Todays source is completely burnt, how many testers do you think Olympus has given 2 different cameras? And with all the prototype names going around, the name the source is mentioning alone is a total giveway to whom the leak was…

        Let’s just hope the launch comes quickly so the matter cools down!

        • MK

          hahaha come on now…. you think they will get burned? IMO they might get a bonus for fueling rumors. do not kid yourselves, these companies only want to keep secrets & confuse other manufacturers. if there are rumors among consumers, better for the company in question to generate buzz!

  • Panasonic LX5, Olympus E-5, Leica 25 mm are all on my wish list now. I’m getting the LX5 the second it hits stores. And hopefully the E-5 soon thereafter. And maybe the Leica 25 mm sometime this year.

    • Ashton Sharapova


  • Elmasahe

    I do hope olympus will come up with two or three new body. Sony just announced some new cameras today and I read from the reviews that the performance are above the competitors. I will be following this site until photokina. I have been itching to buy a new body, I hope the wait was worth it.

  • Th

    Admin there was no explanation about the delay with Panasonic’s new sensor. Or is it somethging you will reveal later in the week?

    • admin

      Later in the wek. I am so sorry that I am not allowed to talk about that yet. It’s frustrating for me…

      • Th

        Thanks for the info! I hope it’s something good :P

  • The future for Olympus E series of DSLR is to use the Sigma’s unique sensor to achieve 8-10M x 3 = claimed 24-30M resolution in a smaller sensor size.

    The more attractive choice from tech prospective is to go full frame(OM-D) as I said two year ago. E-users may be upset.

    So Olympus should consider three lines of cameras.

    Mr. X

    • Ashton Sharapova

      i can only only only hope that this is in true. but since you aren’t a source as far as i know, i’ll have to continue having reservations about the truthfulness of your statement. here look, i can post a rumor:

      Nikon is going to produce a toaster camera with FX sensor. It will have a projector and a dual side LCD-3D screen. 3D glasses sold separately by Canon.

      But seriously… I would LOVE to have a camera produced by anyone BUT sigma with a foveon sensor. They just cant seem to produce a winning mass consumer product.

    • Inge – M.

      M43, 43 and modular system camera that also Olympus come by soon?
      I think maybe you have right.
      (2x factor is important for more and do the easy for people)

  • Sam

    I will be selling my E-620 and both kit lenses as soon as the E-5 hits the shelves. I can’t wait!

  • Alfons

    I think Foveon-like sensors may well be the future. And I don’t mean Q4 2010.

  • compositor20

    sigma foveon are not the solution

    people want high iso and dynamic range

    a 24mp FUJI CCD sensor is the solution they would have 12mp for low noise low light and 12mp for high dynamic range like vacation photos and 24mp for studio light and bracketed landscapes

    it would be the only thing that could make them closer to full frame in image quality

    fullhd 1080p is a must too! but probably that is not possible in a superCCD sensor

  • Ulli

    Its unlikely that a FT with 24mp sensor would give good high iso use, but the better DR would be obvious, and a new fuji ccd would prob be lower then 24 mp. Maybe they comeup with supercmos sensor version?? ;-)

  • “The E-P3 prototype has a new 15 Megapixel sensor produced by Panasonic. It has a new focus-system with 19 points in continous mode and 11 points in single mode. The eight new points are just assisting and cannot be selected manually. The new autofocus is very good, but not as good as the professional Nikon or Canon cameras. It has 8fps (frames per second)”
    Excellent news, has it fixed the hunting problem? Enough reason for e to upgrade with the weather-sealing. Any info on the 15MP Panasonic sensor?

    “The viewfinder is the same us the E-3 but it has a kind of “translucent overlay”. That makes it possible to see the histogramm, gridlines and the digital level.”
    I REALLY like that if it is done properly. What does he mean by digital level?

  • BS Artiste

    A digital level could be the signal level/magnitude of a digital signal.

    However, the digital level could be an artificial horizon for measuring/determining whether the camera is level with the ground. Think of it as a digital sensor that works like some of the hot shoe bubble levels for determining level in one axis or in multiple axis. Artificial horizons for have been used for leveling instruments such as surveying telescopes and sextants have been around for a long time. With low cost digital sensors, it may now make sense to add that functionality to a camera for users that want a leveled camera on a tripod to capture multiple images to stitch together for 360 degree panoramas. For someone wanting precise camera panning relative to a horizon or some other vertical or horizontal reference, a level is very useful.

    I think Sony added such a digital level sensor to some of their recent cameras.

    On the viewfinder, the artificial horizon level line would just appear as a line across the screen.

  • dMS

    a rumor that finally does justice to the name of this site (43rumors)

  • BS Artiste

    I am not pushing any vendor’s equipment (I happen to like my Oly ;-)), but here is an example of a hot shoe bubble level.


    Instead of a common air-bubble-in-liquid sensor, a digital level provides similar feedback information with a visual output in the viewfinder.

    • BS Artiste

      Also, the level sensor could provide a numeric digital output of the angle between the camera and the ground. Primarily the functionality would be used with cameras on tripods or when the photographers wants to make sure their landscape pictures are not tilted.

  • CKDexterHaven

    It’s called “stealing a march” and Sony just did it to Olympus. These leaks sure seem like a desparate attempt to keep interest in a product’s that’s going to be a day late and (probably) a dollar short to market.

  • BS Artiste

    I kind of doubt Oly was counting on a digital level as a major product differentiation feature. It is a nice convenience to have on cameras once the digital level sensing technology becomes cheap enough. Digital level sensing has been around a long time on.expensive survey equipment and optics. Low price consumer electronics like iPhones and iPads have added that level-sensing functionality in the last few years. That gets the cost per unit down to consumer levels to make adding such functionality to a camera price competitive.

  • Ross

    Don’t forget the E-30 has a digital level meter in it as a LED bar line in the viewer at the bottom & can also show in live view with tilt as well. They could either produce that in the translucent display in the OVF or actually turn it into a graphic tilting horizon line (or both). This translucent (EVF) display could be the answer to a lot of requests for a built in EVF (from the PEN lobbyists) as well as having a proper OVF which could allow for live view EVF especially for video work. It would need a back light for that application (which I’m sure they can do) but I’m not sure if they will be able to produce the resolution of the VF-2 in the translucent device. If this was the case, it would be good if the camera can take the VF-2 as well, considering its tilting ability.
    I enjoy using my E-30 & will feel confident buying more lenses for it knowing there is another great 4/3 body to upgrade to if I want to.
    As far as those pushing for an advanced PEN series, give it a bit more time as new technologies are being developed in both micro 4/3 & 4/3. The E-3 replacement had a very high priority at this point & the others will follow in due course.
    I’m really looking forward to seeing what Olympus will be bringing to Photokina.

  • BS Artiste

    I am an E-30 user as well, and I guess I learn something new every day. That will teach me to read the whole camera manual. ;-)

    I have not been using the LCD much except for changing some settings and for composing odd angle shots where I need to hold the camera at arms length in a place to which I can’t physically get my upper body.

    Thus, I had not even noticed the level-sensor on the E-30. As an engineer I just knew about the basic technology from two of my other hobbies: astronomy and sailing.

    Modern “Go-To” automated telescopes have level sensors, GPSes, and electronic compasses to generally orient the scopes properly with the night sky. Then the telescopes can slew to celestial coordinates and track objects in much the same way a camera on a tripod could be manually panned using human power to capture many images to stitch together for panoramic photos. In sailing I use a sextant to measure angular height above an actual or artificial horizon.

    Level-sensing is a nice complementary feature to make the camera more usable for additional applications, but I doubt that any manufacturer is going to consider it to be a primary differentiator feature.

    As photographers move to more digital video, do people think a level sensor in the viewfinder will help to keep the camera more level when panning video shots?

  • Ross

    The level meter is a nice feature for when you want it, but you have to wait those 2 seconds for it to appear in the viewer (if set in the menu) or else you have to check the external displays. The possibility of having the histogram, gridlines and the digital level graphically available sounds like a nice extra, especially the histogram.

    “As photographers move to more digital video, do people think a level sensor in the viewfinder will help to keep the camera more level when panning video shots?”

    As far as using the level meter, it’s not easy to maintain that level when hand holding or to concentrate on it when focus & composition as well as exposure etc. requires your attention, but it is an asset for tripod use. In answer to your question, depends how they use it & if they are good at multi tasking. :)

  • Ross

    The following should have read:
    The possibility of having the histogram, gridlines and the digital level graphically available IN THE VIEWER sounds like a nice extra, especially the histogram.

  • R.D

    I hope Oly come out with a good camera… with the A55, D90 replacement in the future the Oly system is what interests me the most… i mean like, they got great lenses witch olny fourthirds amazing crop factor can do, like a 180-500mm f2.8! look at the sigma one, the 200-500mm, its a massive beast what you need to be a body builder for to take it out and about… if Oly can make good bodys this year Oly will be a serious thought in my photograthy future… hope to see more good rumors!

  • The comments around this rumor just make me think that human reason is disappearing at the rate the global warming is rising. “12 Mpix cannot be possible, it must be at least 15Mpix” athough it means only around 1.5″ more per side in a 13×17″ print at the same 240 pixels per inch. It has a digital level so you know when the horizon is not leveled” What are the eyes for then?. “The new Sonys just killed whatever Olympus is bringing to us”. I see here more panic and depression than what I saw last february in Chile (where I live) during the 8.8 earthquake and tsunami. If you guys think that a super Mpix image is sinonimous of a good picture, sorry but I think you are very wrong. I got the picture of the steam locomotive that appears here


    with a Leica M4 with a crappy film (very coarse grain) and a 40 years old lens. What I get with my Oly E3 and Oly lenses today is vastly superior to that image regarding sharpness and colors, but I haven’t been able to get an image as good as that. Recenly I self published a book of flower you can review here


    All the pictures were taken with an Oly E1, a 5 Mpix camera. I have done several 22×22″ prints from those files which are hanged in several of my friends homes and offices. I do not consider myself a good photographer, I’m just a very interested amateur and I learned through years that the camera is almost the least important tool in the process of geting a good photograph.

    Why is that almost irrational willing of HD video in a photo camera? I have an Oly E-PL1 and I don’t know how to start filming with it, and I just don’t want to know it. I get bored with 95% of Hollywood junk, and those are professionally made films. When I am invited to watch home made movies even with the Canon 5D MKII 1080p to friend places, I just hide or escape out of town. They are so boring streams of badly edited or continous non stop non sense action that I want to puke. Why not better concentrate to do good images, which doesn’t mean sharp or super megapix or super camera?

  • rUY

    Heard that those are fake information. even if it is real, then, OM need to ask themselves how much should it be priced. as Sony have very similar products at a very competitive price anounce a few days before. So, just don’t be too serious. I think 43 is somehow come to an end. the new machine should have an element of m43 or something.

  • Dan

    That’s the weirdest post I’ve ever read.

  • BS Artiste

    Level sensing is actually easier to do than an acceleromoter used for compensating for one or more directions of fast rates of change in the camera level which is a feature marketed as in-body image stabilization. Before providing level sensing output to the user in some form of display, image-stabilization used similar sensing technology but measured rates of change in level. The selection on a camera to adjust image-stabilization for horizontal or vertical panning inherently adjusts the axis on which measurement of the acceleration of level is ignored or compensated for.

    Obviously, level-sensing has some value to some set of photographers. Otherwise, tripods with bubble levels and hot shoe bubble levels would not exist in the market.

    A measurement tool such as a bubble level or digital level meter just provides more accurate leveling than human best-guess eye-balling of the horizon.

    For more artistic photography, level-sensing is irrelevant. It is only used in some specialized technical applications such as very accurately stitiching together several images for a large panoramic.

    Given that accelerometer sensors for image stabilization were already in the cameras, the only addtional cost to displaying level-sensor output likely was writing some software to calculate and graphically display the information from the accelerometers as a digital level.

    Like I said, this feature is not going to be a key differentiator and possibly not even relevant for some photographers. However, the cost to incorporate the digital level feature was likely very low and just a different software routine to process information from the accelerometers used for image stabilization.

    I was just trying to politely answer one poster’s question about what digital level sensing is. Explaining what it is, how it works, and photography applications takes some long posts. The feature is not something for major consideration as key differentiators in new cameras. The other feature descriptions of the possible E-5 are more interesting to me.

    With the E-30 having level sensing, Oly seems to have beaten Sony to digital level sensing in consumer cameras by 18 months. I am sure level sensing existed in high end specialty applications such as military vehicle-mounted cameras/optical sensors for a long-time for accurate computation of data associated with the images.

  • dMS

    @CKDexterHaven, @Marcelo Guarini

    I must agree with you, it seems that all the rumors and Oly patents of the past months were about Sony, not Olympus. Half mirrors; fixed mirrors; translucent mirrors; same flange without pentaprism etc. It seems that the folks at Sony are more attentive to this site that Oly. Sony realized that is not the time to completely replace the DSLR system and made the bridge whith SLT. Olympus lost too much time to launch new products, I think they have finally realized that any brand can be as good or better on the EVIL market. I think it’s time to invest in what their are best and bring new bodies able to match the quality of the 4/3 optics, preferably with OVF, higher resolution, higher DR, and HD movie.

  • Pedro Duarte

    So many rumors about the “new e-5″ and so different… Now with the translucent technology …

    It only makes think that, there’s nothing on the E-5 unless people giving some thoughts about it … and everything something new appears ( as the A55 ) they say ” Hey, and did you think if Oly has this technology too? Maybe the E-5 will have it!!! Yeay! ”

    So … Olympus made a great effort with the Pen cams … lets hope they didn’t take a step backwards with the E series. I really don’t believe that Olympus will bring anything amazing now, sadly … My E-620 as too keep on holding for a big sistah! :D

  • Antonio

    The prototype versions of the E-3 were named EP-1 if I remember well. Maybe EP-3 it’s not a fake name, but the real prototype name…

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