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(FT4) Insider info about the GH5 development and future

I got some insights info about the GH5 development:
– There are prototypes of the GH5 running the same photo enhancements as the G9. Panasonic is unsure whether this will be a paid or free update, if they launch a GH5+ or if this features will be only available to G9. 
– There is an internal fight of the product managers: Hybrid means by the GH5 PM that it should have the best features in both areas  and not only in video. So maybe this means also the end of the traditional GH series. It would mean that maybe in next releases we see G Line as the photo tool and a new line as primary video.
– While the GH5 hit all expectations in terms of video share it wasn’t sold in numbers in the photo sector.  That’s why they launched the new G9. There is a huge discussions marketing wise why GH5 was only positioned as the video beast.

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