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(FT4) GF6 beats the GX1 in image quality. Has articulated LCD.


Another trusted source sent me a message with some more bits about the GF6:

1) He confirms it uses the same GX1 16 Megspixel sensor but the image quality is a tiny bit better because of the new more powerful imaging processor
2) The GF6 has an articulated screen just as the NEX5R (here on eBay) so it can flip over the top of the camera (and it makes the GF6 thicker than the GF5)
3) There is a mode dial
4) There is a zoom leveller close to the shutter button like on the new NEX-3n (here on eBay)

yesterday and anonympous source also said that the GX line is not discontinued. I am working on that rumor with trusted sources and will publish more about the GX future soon!

Be sure to be online on April 9th on 43rumors!!! Panasonic announcement at 6-7 am London time!

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Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct


  • In other words, Panasonic copied Sony NEX-F3: bigger, has rotating LCD, zoom lever, … The problem? The F3 got replaced by the 3n, which has different design philosophy. So, now Panasonic has to make GF7 smaller.

    When has m4/3 started copying the others? It was the leader once and now it’s trailing, at least in camera body shape and features.

    • Panasonic seems to copy a lot at the moment, but olympus are still being innovative at least.

      • The E-PL3 was heavily influenced by the first NEX-3 :( – tilt LCD, button layout, no grip, external flash, … The E-M5 is unique, for sure.

        • sjhsing

          Unique as on hideous based on a 40yr old SLR design , between its retro appearance and dreadful ergonomics. I have little love for the style and user interface , fortunately I have much love for the 5 AXIS IS and image quality , I would very much like the same feature set in a rangefinder style body with built in EVF, oh well cant win them all lol

          • Anonymous

            Rangefinders have been around a lot longer than the E-M5 design. So you are trading a 40 year old design for an 80 year old design.

            • Anonymous

              Just go take some photos! :-)

    • safaridon

      Just read the rumor which says the GF6 with screen and controls is like that of NEX5R and 3N ie Sony’s latest models not the older models you have mentioned?

      In regards to being a generation behind well I think people really should be comparing the IQ out of these cameras using the kit lenses that come with them which most people use as Popular Photography does. If PP tests are any indication the IQ at least resolution coming out of the NEX3N with kit lens is lower than that from the GX1 and likely from the GF6 and kit lens ie something like 2300 lines versus 2530 lines! This has more to do with the quality of the kit lens than the processor.

      • true homer

        Pop photo does not use the kit lens, they use the mount’s availwble 50mm prime

      • “Just read the rumor which says the GF6 with screen and controls is like that of NEX5R and 3N ie Sony’s latest models not the older models you have mentioned?”

        Those features were introduced on the NEX-F3. One of the previous rumors about GF6 was that it will be bigger than GF5, so I suppose Panasonic designers had one eye on the F3 while working on GF6. I hope I’m wrong.

        “In regards to being a generation behind well I think people really should be comparing the IQ out of these cameras using the kit lenses that come with them.”

        My comment was only about the design being influenced by the previous generation Sony. Yet, I’m also disappointed that GF6 will use the old sensor. I don’t think the kit lens can negate Sony/Olympus sensor high ISO and DR advantages.

        • Fred

          It’s a good (not so) old sensor. Difference in IQ to OMD or GH3 sensor is negible in all aspects, except DR whre there is a “generation old” difference. For me the GF3 and GF5 design is too tiny, so I’m one of those that now will consider a GF camera as a second back camera (assuming it will at least keep the same MSRP). GF2 design, with a slightly bigger grip and tlit screen sounds good to me.

    • Jørgen

      GH3 is distinctive when it comes to m43s. No one has such a cam. G5 is simply following the G1 line, so nothing cioiopycat like here. GF2-5 were devistions from the GF1 line. May be they’ll return to that one. A tilting display is just new technoloyg, it s about as close to copying Sony as Sony NEX is a copy from the Nikon 1 with Hybrid AF.

      Not that I am warm for GF6 or G6 from the rumours. We’ll have to wait and see though. But to say things look promising for those who want a new and clearly better cam in a RF kind of style….Nope. I am happy I bought the EPl5 and did not wait for the GX2. I was never very keen on the Gh3 but it seems AF tracking is actually good, video is fantastic. Gh5 will be somewhere at the end of 2014. May be I’ll replace my GH2 for the GH3 after all.

  • Lenny

    What´s about the G6? Nothing known 6 days before announcement?

  • dude78

    articulated screen means no evf

    • David

      “articulated screen means no evf” – it’s the GF6. THe * G * F * 6! Did you SERIOUSLY believe the next GF camera would have an EVR? If so, exactly how would you expect/want this camera to be DIFFERENT than the G6?

      Seriously, why even HAVE a GFx line if you are gong to put built in EVF in it? At that point, just call it a completely new line, GV1 or whatever, because you’ve COMPLETELY hashed the idea of exactly what a GF camera is!

      a lot of people here sound like they would suck at marketing. They have this belief in what The One True Panasonic MFT should be, and then they expect EVERY camera in the Panasonic product line to be that same camera! Why even have different product lines then?

      I don’t think I want the GF6 either, but it does sound like a good positive step from the GF5 – up the sensor, add another physical feature besides the interchangeable lens (which research says the majority of GF buyers don’t ever change anyway) by adding the tilt LCD. I would at least consider it more strongly than the GF5. I looked at the GF3 and I came away with conclusion that, other than the limited scenarios where I might value the slightly smaller body over a Gx camera but for some reason don’t care THAT much about the size to grab a top P&S and stick it in my pocket instead, why would I want to use it? This one, with the screen & better sensor, at least I can imagine (if not actually share) a reason to want to buy it as an alternative to a P&S and/or better MFT.

      It sounds to me like Panasonic did a much better job with this than the last three GF.

      • guetta

        he didn’t say anything about hoping for a gf6. that was just a fact. obviously articulating screens are incompatible with evfs.

    • Sean Nelson

      The Sony NEX-6 has an EVF and a flip screen. The two are not necessarily incompatible.

      Having said that, I doubt that the GF-6 will have an EVF. No matter to me, I’d prefer the flip screen anyway. In fact ideally I’d like to see a fully articulated screen, but a flip screen would meet most of my needs.

  • Lenny

    Any examples for things Panasonic copied recently?

  • Spa


  • why, what, when

    Why do you think it will sell if Venus is the only what’s changed? GF6 – no more details in your clean photos…

    What you need to understand is what sells your cameras. In the very begining it was 14-45, CHEAP lens…

    When we see:

    – mar sensor back in GH line
    – 9-10mm/2.8-4 pancake; – stands for “OR” ;)

    Suddenly I feel Panny will fail to deliever in this year too. Last year it was Olympus optics/EM5. Now we have no word on 42/1.2 OIS or 150/2.8… Last hope is GH3 upgrade at $2999 level.

  • OMD owner

    Old body with articulated LCD. Copy of NEX body with much worse sensor.

    Old, outdated Panasonic’s sensor with new algorytms of removing noise. The same IQ – Sony, Olympus (with sony sensors), Fuji, Canon, are better.

    The better idea is to buy old GX1 (lower price) or body from Oly (with IS and Sony’s sensor).

    • true homer

      And we have a winner! First person to mention IS on the comments, how does it feel?

  • Jack Le Boul

    I don’t get it.

    The best thing about GX1, was its handling.
    What it needed was a sensor update, firmware improvements (bugs & video manual control).

    What is it Panny is trying to achieve here?
    Making it look like a hybrid of Sony NEX-5r and 3n?
    I should know, I have the 5r (love it) and started with the original 5 and then the 5n.

    Borrowed the neighbors GX1 a few weekends ago and loved the handling, the layout and the amazing lens and ecosystem.
    Was not impressed with the sensor and the lack of video controls, but this could be easily fixed.

    Panasonic needs to do better.

    • Sqweezy

      Please. No need to freak out here. The GF line is merely their p&s upgrade model. So it gets a hand-me-down sensor… Big deal. That is less a concern for most readers of this blog and a nice bonus to those that wouldn’t know any better. This strategy is as old as the beginning of time and will help keep Panny’s costs low to hopefully sell enough to break a profit. Take heed in the fact that a GX2 is forthcoming. Now if that one keeps its same old sensor, I’d be as peeved as the rest of you.

  • EASY

    Good news – new GX2 soon!
    I hope it will have internal EVF and new sensor.

  • jem

    you are all a pack of whiners

    • David

      Amen. It’s a GFx camera, for god’s sake!

  • bad news

    Old sensor, out of date… The same IQ. Sony RX100 with smaller sensor (1”) has better result in DxOMark test then bigger (4/3) sensor from Panasonic. Panasonic desperately needs new, much better, sensors.

    Olympus has changed deliverer of sensors from Panasonic to Sony, and OM-D has good opinions and good sales. Why new generation of bodies has the same old sensors?

    • sjhsing

      The RX100 is within spitting distance of the E-M5 { much the same DR , colour depth } and one stop poorer at high ISO . In fact at the wide end it easily competes with any mFT body lens combo. The Olympus fans have a short memory they got fed the same 12mp sensor from 2008 till the E-M5 came out.

      • he is right

        Yes, Panasonic puts near the same old sensor from 2008 into new body in 2013. It’s mistake.

        • Incessant Troll

          yeah im not really waiting for anything from m43, just getting my troll on. panasonic will never include ibis, and olympus will never include a body flash or lens hoods with their overpriced lenses. i will definitely splurge on rx100 successor.

        • Anonymous

          the 16mp sensor in the GX1 first appeared in the G3 in 2011 . A modern camera with built in EVF is nothing like a rangefinder.

        • Anonymous

          GX1 sensor came out in 2011

    • I swear…

      You Olympus Fanboys can’t say the word “PANASONIC” -Without mentioning IBIS, Sony, DR, IQ, Olympus, Sensor or DxOMark soon afterwards!

      Congrats, you said three of them.

  • JF

    The usual Panasonic strategy: take an old camera, an old sensor, change a few things and that makes a new camera !! don’t forget to improve a little bit the JPeg engine to clame IQ improvement…

    • Anonymous

      I assume you are having a laugh Olympus used the exact same sensor from 2008 in the E-30,E-620,E5 {$1700!!} and all their mFT till the E-M5 came along in 2012

  • Freifgh

    Olympus has changed deliverer of sensors from Panasonic to Sony, and OM-D has good opinions and good sales. Why new generation of bodies has the same old sensors?

    Olympus fired out the ancient 12mp sensor for years , while Panasonic had a number of better options. The much hyped E-M5 is well under a stop better than the old GH2 and still poorer in video. Olympus aren’t selling anything to do with cameras well, which is why they are in such a financial hole they had to let the Sony wolf join them.

  • wt21

    Improved JPG quality, not necessarily image quality.

    I just ordered a cheap GX1 anyway. Give it a try at these prices!

  • So it’s direct competition to the E-PL5. Hopefully the price is lower because otherwise it doesn’t stand a chance.

  • wls

    Not sounding good for the GF6. I was expecting a tilt out LCD but articulating all the way over – who really needs that? What we have here is feature creep and a failure of design. We want better not more. I understand those who want a better GX1. What I wanted from Olympus was a better E-P1, just upgraded internals – not a design change. What I wanted from Panasonic was a better GHF5 with improved sensor and flash not a design change.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Clearly you’ve no experience using a fully articulated screen, because using the one on my GH2 for the past couple of years I discovered huge benefits in terms of the variety of shooting angles available.

      I bought a GX1 on sale about a month ago and it’s the one feature, besides Constant Preview in M mode, that I truly miss!

      So, this is good news and an excellent selling feature!

      • JF

        I have both GH1 (fully articulated) and E-M5 (tilt) and I prefer the articulated screen. It is more versatile, you can also use it in portrait and for macro it is a great tool. I miss it on the E-M5 ! the only problem is that it is more fragile but it’s not a pb if you take care…

      • Joe Photo

        I’ve used both articulated and tilting screens and while articulated screens have more options, they’re a bit of a pain to flip out every time so I rarely used it. The tilted screen gets used all the time.

        • Anonymous

          “they’re a bit of a pain to flip out every time so I rarely used it. The tilted screen gets used all the time.”

          A apin t flip out? You are joking, right? The articulated screen on my G1 takes a second to position. It’s simplicity itself to use. Plus it has the massive plus point of being able to be turned to the body when not in use.

        • wt21

          Agree with Joe Photo.

          If you want to do video, macro, etc. then the flippy is obviously useful. 99% of my need is shooting low or high in landscape orientation. The EPL5 LCD is perfect for that, and much quicker/easier to engage than a fully articulated screen. There’s room for both in the world.

      • safaridon

        Unfortunately I do not think this is an articulating screen from the description as the one the NR5 has is hinged not articulated so will only go 180 degrees and cannot reverse to protect screen when in travel. The fold out or hinged version are less expensive to produce and take less space hence used here.

        I agree a fully articulating screen is very useful and more desirable and hope Pany includes it on the GX2.

      • Brian

        Speaking as someone who has had several cameras with articulating screens (my first Sony camera in 2001, D5000, D5100, GH1, GH2 & G5) I would have adamantly said that a fully articulating side screen was the only way to go. Then I bought my E-PL5.

        It boils down to personal preference and type of shooting, but for the great majority of my shots I find the tilt on the E-PL5 much more convenient than the side screen. Not even close.

        • Fred

          Can you tell how sturdy the G5 screen feels compared to the others cameras you used?

    • David

      “Not sounding good for the GF6. I was expecting a tilt out LCD but articulating all the way over”

      Umm, my teenage daughter, and many of my up-to-20-somethign nieces, for starters? Do you know any girls/women that age yourself? Do you look at their facebook [ages? they are FULL of self portraits, taken by camera held at arm’s length (and often purely composed, because they can only guess at frame composition …

      You have heard the joke that “GF” stands for “girlfriend” right? Well, sounds like Panasonic is taking that interpretation seriously to me. And that may turn out to be smart.

  • Henrik

    An articulated screen is welcome, and if for that the evf is dumped, that’s even more welcome.

    But i don’t know why they use a vertically articulate screen, did they get the Oly sickness? Side-hinging gives you so many more perspectives, as a true photographer can easily tell you.

    A friend told me that his G5 with side-hinging screen was falling apart right on the hinge. My G2 with side-hinging screen is rock-solid.

    But a cam with side-hinging touchscreen, IBIS and built-in flash – we will never get it from m43 participants.

    • “a cam with side-hinging touchscreen, IBIS and built-in flash … from m43 participants”

      …and EVF – still hoping for something like that

      • David

        “if for that the evf is dumped”

        I keep gong back to the OP to make sure I haven’t misread it. We are talking about the GF5. Where is the EVF that’s being “dumped” ?!?

  • Incessant Troll

    “new more powerful image processor”

    software automatically adjusts noise reduction from +1 to +2

    • Freddy

      hahaha… that’s funny…

    • Photowang

      …for remarkably cleaner, softer images. ;)

    • wt21

      And also “No NR” is the same as the old +1

  • question

    Good direction (articulated LCD), but other changes are only cosmetics.
    Where is new, much better (in line with Fuji and Sony) sensor?
    It is only refreshement.

    If Panasonic wants to follow Sony, where is something like NEX-6 (modern sensor, articulated LCD, EVF)?

    • David

      You think the 16mp GX1 sensor and faster processor are only “cosmetic” changes from the ancient 12mp MOS sensor of the GF5?


      To me, this is actually be the most significant change to the GF line since at least the GF2.

    • Jørgen

      But there seems to be no GX2. So yes, much better than 12 MPixel GF5. But the market has moved on. How is this going to be better than EPL5? Will be difficult I think, but you never know.

      • lol

        hey dumb people, learn to read:
        “yesterday and anonympous source also said that the GX line is not discontinued”

  • dau

    i dont get why everyone is being so negative here. whats the big surprise? the gf line has always been a generation behind. so the news is its getting an upgrade to the, until very recently, top of the line sensor in the lumix sensor line. did abyone seriously think panasonic were going to put the gh3 sensor in its bottom of the line m4/3 line? if snything, this news is encouraging. it means the next g and gx teleases will definitely br a step up i terms of iq compared to previous generations. any other reaction to todays news is pure drama.

    • David

      I suspect many are not so much “surprised” as confused. They thing the GF5 and the G5 are the same camera, maybe?

      That’s the only interpretation where I can makes sense of people complaining they have “dropped the EVF” and “changed the way the screen articulates,” forget about the expectation that the GF line will suddenly start having the most advanced sensors in the market.

      Seriously, the only explanation is that they are confused.

    • This site is a Joke

      Hating on the GF series, really?? Wow. There can be any Panasonic news without Olympus Fanboys trashing the post with unwarranted Hate.
      Seriously? Whining over sensors? You fanboys will complain about anything Panasonic, but LOVE to be shafted by the goons of Olympus. I seriously hope they go under or get brought out, JUST to see what you all would say.
      What a bunch of babies. Don’t got anything better to do? You can, y’know, take pictures..
      I soooo want Panasonic to exit MFT and go ASP-C or Full frame and leave Olympus to Rot. You all don’t deserve anything.

      • Look who’s talking

        Pot, kettle. Pot, kettle. Pot, kettle.

      • Anonymous

        1, Same thing happens to other cameras, brand does not matter whether it is Oly, Pana, Canon… Haters gonna hate and that’s all.

        2, You know what’s a joke? Your name and your mindless generalization about this site and the people who work on it everyday.

  • dau

    ps sorry for the typos! not so used to my new phone!

  • @admin,
    Your attitude is like the GF6 would be the next announcement’s star. Still no news about G6?

    • One thing is sure – you’ll wait a long time for G7 :D.

    • NFT

      maybe G6 is undefined ,what is G6?

      new GX is still on plan,new kind cam announce to end of April.

  • safaridon

    Thanks Admin for these interesting bits of information on the GF6 and now all we need is a leak of a picture! I think your description of the screen if like that on the NEX5R is hinged not articulated?

    If Pany is putting their emphasis on processing to improve their JPEG pictures that is also very good news. Even now to obtain sharper pictures with these Pany cameras one only has to set the NR to -2. In regard to the sensor people seem to not be aware that the GX1 delivers just as high resolution as either the GH3 or EM5 of 2530 lines at ISO 200 as tested by Popular Photography. These days with software HDR programs and fast camera speeds one can easily combine a series of pictures and overcome any difference in lower DR between these sensors.

  • Pasmia

    I love my Panny G3. However, over the course of the past 18 months or so, I have literally altered the way I take photos. I literally use the fully articulated screen at least 95% of the time now and other than for those couple of direct sunlight shots, the huge EVF is more of a hinderance. My first camera was the GF2. Between these two cameras, there is a perfect camera for me, a compact ILC with a fully articulating screen. I never thought Panny would pull through and actually do this! Seriously, am I the only one that’s excited over this?! I mean, recycling the old sensor is a bit of a let down but who cares?! I shoot at base ISO more than anything else anyways!

  • Anonymous

    finally,.panasonic can make a LITTLE better IQ camera than GX1with the same sensor ,.which already lost 60% of its value,.Congrats Pana,.Cant wait to see the new GF6 price decreasing in just 3 month

    • true homer

      Yes, especially with the new 1000$ pen thats coming out, Panasonic wont survive!

  • Mark

    This sounds like multiple major improvements to this camera, much more singificant than those of the GF5 or GF3.

    I’m with a couple other commenters here, I don’t get what the rest of you are talking about when you criticize this for not having the best sensor, or an EVF. You sound to me that you don’t understand the Lumix model lines at all, and should spend more time reading & less time typing.

    Still (semi) patiently awaiting news on the REAL question for most people of the type that come to sites like this: what about the G6? The GF line rumors are barely an appetizer, not the main course.

  • TFW no QT GF :(

  • daymon

    I can already see Panasonic sales managers wondering why the GF6 doesn’t sell well. If the rumor is true then I feel sorry for them. Really. It’s like Panasonic is trying to follow the same (poor) Canon strategy, driven by lack of innovation. They’re just missing a name.

    • spam

      If these rumors are correct and it supports Pansonics EVF then the GF6 would be the first GF I’d consider buying. The GX1-sensor is pretty good, tilt screen and the X 14-42 lens would be a much more interesting package than the E-PL5 with the Olympus 14-42 lens even if the sensor isn’t quite as good.

    • true homer

      They should use olympus strategy and charge 1000 $

  • Milt

    If the G3 sensor is in the GX1 – and the GF6, is the G5 sensor in the GX2? Only the Shadow knows….

    • NFT

      no rumors about G6/GX2(next gx) ,why it will announce on April 9 same as GF6 but no rumors about G6

  • pan

    Don’t co parę GF Series with GH Series, but compare it with competition. Is IQ from GF bodies in line with IQ from NEX, from NX (Samsung), from EOS M, from Fuji and from PENs, or maybe worse? If worse, Panasonic needs new generation of sensors. If similar he can make LITTLE improvements of IQ.

  • a

    The new GF6 should only look good .. and it will sell more then Oly
    most of the people ending up buying one of the models on the store or the one on sale ..they do not wait for the gx2.
    no one out of this forum can tell the deferent between the 16mp epm-2 and the GF6..they will think it is the same.
    the seller will say the pana is a newer model and that will be it :) The ones that will end up with this camera will newer know what is DR and high ISO,, they will be shooting in Auto mode and if it fast enough for the kids ,they will recommend it to a friend if it will look good with the new kit lens, then GF6 will sell pretty good.

    • spam

      I can tell the difference between GF6 and E-PM2, it’s really not that difficult. It says Panasonic on the GF6 and Olympus on the E-PM2

  • Grimbo

    Prediction that’s mostly in line what you’ve already stated: 2 new cameras and a new lens will be announced shortly.

  • wls

    I hear now the GF6 will have WIFI built in. Just don’t know what to make of all these rumors.

  • VRK

    WIFI built in for sure.
    It’s confirmed by NCC, a taiwanese official agency.

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