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(FT4) Fuji announcement next week. But no m43 camera :(


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Sorry If I fooled you for a moment by showing the picture on top :)  We heard that Fuji will make an announcement in two weeks but according to rumor coming in from our sources (and from Quesabesde and Photorumors) will not be a Micro Four Thirds cameras! It will be a fixed lens camera with a smaller than Four Thirds sensor. Now, Fuji said there will be an interchangeable camera coming this year. So there might be a second announcement by very end of 2011? So hope is still alive althaugh very weak…

P.S.: The new X10 will look very close to the actual [shoplink 19929 ebay]Fuji X100 (Click here to see that cam)[/shoplink]. It has a4x manual zoom lens with fast f/2.0 aperture ad it will be priced at $599.00.

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