(FT4) First trusted source tested the new Olympus E-5!!!


Finally our trusted sources are starting to get in contact with us ;)

The following rumor is from a very known and good source. The only mistake that could happen now is that he saw the wrong camera or that he didn’t read the specs well :)

That is what he wrote to me about his “experience” with the new Olympus E-5:
Oh, will like to let you know that I have seen the new Olympus pro dSLR, the E-5, already. It’s a solid, wicked piece of camera that’s weather sealed just like the Olympus E-3. And, it will be announced prior to Photokina. I don’t have other specs on it, except i have tried it and the focusing is really fast. It still uses a 4/3 lens mount. From what i know, it will support HD video recording as well. The top control panel remains largely the same, and it will also have a flip and swivel screen like the E-3. Oh, the sensor resolution is still 12 megapixels, and it will compete against the 7D. Not sure if the megapixels will play a major role here as well. But olympus is hoping that it’s Zuiko lens can outdo Nikon and Canon. Early samples of photos taken with the E-5 shows that the picture quality is almost on par with the D300s and 7D.

I am surprised (but also happy) to hear that Olympus sticks at 12 Megapixel! What really matters is that the image quality goes up. If it really matches the 7D and D300s quality than this is good news!

I ask my other sources (or possible new sources) if they can confirm that rumor! Use the sidebar on the right if you want to keep yourself anonymous. It doesn’t store name, email or IP-address!

UPDATE: According to another source there is still one very important feature never seen in any DSLR before. So expect Olympus to surprise us!
P.S.: The source doesn’t want me to post that now.

  • marilyn

    crap camera think of this my friends
    the sensor resolution is still 12 megapixels, and i was told it will compete against the 7D. Not sure if the megapixels will play a major role here as well. But olympus is hoping that it’s Zuiko lens can outdo Nikon and Canon. Early samples of photos taken with the E-5 shows that the picture quality is almost on par with the D300s and 7D.”

    i hope it can really out do the next level camera of nikon and canon

  • Almost? When you arrive this late to the party ALMOST is not good enough.

  • Miroslav

    12mpx? I hope it uses GH1 sensor at least. With jpeg engine equal or better than E-PL1, it should give nice results … It will be interesting to see how they implement video.

  • jerry

    I don’t believe it. If that’s true I’m gonna sell all my 4/3 stuff. Maybe it’s the old model with the E-Px sensor which was supposed to be released last year.

  • Olaf

    I just asked my Oly rep. if there was any news on the SLR front soon. He told me to wait until Photokina, but that there would surely be new SLR(s) comming.
    Now I just wonder, what special new feature has Oly put into the E-5, except video?

  • MK

    i love when people say they are selling their gear in response to announcements. regardless of manufacturer people swear that their plea for this or that will be answered. generally speaking though, these sites just aggregate interest. the rumors are also generally correct, but the specifics are NOT. rumors are NOT an indication of a final product. i’ll wait until olympus, and not the “trusted source” makes an announcement.

    • admin

      I do agree with you MK!
      Those are rumors, and even if “sometimes” our rumors are correct you should avoid to make definitive sentences based on our rumors!

  • ET

    Agreed… But still, with all that has been said, I truly hope that the final production model is way better than anyone expects.

    *prays hard for the E-5 to perform better than the future Nikon D400 and Canon 8D*

  • bilgy_no1

    The argument of the lenses may well work for specific users: nature/wildlife, sports and such where the outstanding Olympus SHG telelenses are at an advantage compared to stuff from Canon and Nikon (size, weight, quality). What matters for these people is the final result and if it’s good enough for their intended use.

    Let’s just wait and see. We do know that a lot of people are waiting eagerly for the official announcement.

  • Nathan

    I’m not gonna make any major life changing decisions based on rumors, without some time spent with a physical copy of the gear. Let’s face it- a pro can come up with excellent results with the E-3, OR the 7D, or even an E-300. If you know what you’re doing, you can get great results with any DSLR. This whole ISO 25,600 idea, let’s keep in mind, is about taking pictures in the dark- 99 percent of photos taken by a pro are NOT going to be this kind of photo. Even the light available at an indoor basketball game is sufficient, at ISO 1600, to freeze the action with a decent, fast lens. If you want to shoot at f5.6, you may get some motion blur. Shoot at f2.8 and you’ll get a lot less.
    What I’m saying is that the tech to do low-light photography, even of moving objects, has been available for some time. What’s lacking isn’t sensitivity, it’s technique. Learn to pan your camera properly. Learn what to expect of your camera and stop whining that you can’t freeze action in total darkness. Get a faster lens, and learn how to use it.
    I suspect a minor improvement in performance for this generation of camera, and that’s fine. If you primarily shoot in the dark, get a D3s or a 5dMkII. For everyone shooting in typical lighting conditions, either camera will give good results.

  • Clark

    Yup that cam is doomed to fail as we say “being this late to the party”. Even the tone of this email sounds pretty tired and not all too excited.

    I’m glad they kept the 12mp but let’s hope high iso image quality is all the better for it. I’d like to see video quality go the way of the future as well… That would be a real deal breaker I think If this cam does 1080p 60fps 24mbits. All for a body only price of $1100 usd, that would be exciting.

    • Duarte Bruno

      Sorry Clarck but you are dreaming mate.

      1080p 60fps 24mbits? No DSLR will even get close to that in the short term. Most probably not even the GH2. Look at the AG-AF100 specs: 1080 @ 59.94i and probably with a lower resolution sensor.

      Not a chance!

      And body only price of $1100 usd? That’s more than what I paid for an E-P2 kit here in Portugal but that’s another story.

      If it goes for less than $1500 you’ll be very lucky, but let’s wait for the beef as it’s too early to tell.

      • Duarte Bruno

        BTW, 24mbits for encoding 1080p@60fps would look pretty terrible… :( The GH1 is already bad with 1080p@24fps on 17mbps. What you ask would be close to 1080p@24fps on 12mbps! :( :( :(

  • SpA

    Starts to sound good. I hope I’ll get some of other features that I have been longing for too.

    My wishlist:

  • YeahYeah

    “picture quality is almost on par with the D300s and 7D.”
    Cool. And how does it compare to the upcoming 7D MkII or D400?
    I can’t believe image quality is not BETTER than those cameras!

    Besides, a 12MP sensor? Are they kidding? It means it will not be the newest Pana 14MP?

  • Fred

    I don’t want marketing pixels, I want photo noise managent and photo dynamic range …

  • oli oli

    i will wait to see how good the E-5 Can be!
    if it wasn’t good then it would be Over!

  • very well
    12 MP in a 4/3 format is equivalent to a 14MP in 3/2 format
    if the quality improvement of high iso permit a 12800 iso picture like the old 3200 iso of e3 camera i
    reserve an E5 from today

    with my 35-100 F2 , 90-250 F2.8 and 150 F2 i will have the better system in the market

    p.s. i hope also dimension like my old OM4 ;-)

  • In two weeks time we will propably know;-)

    I am so excited, do i sell all my Oly gear or do i keep it?

    If Sony comes out with a DSLR that dos video with PDAF, i am almost ready to jump to there crappy lens system (for my needs) No matter how good quality lens you put in front of a camera it looks crap out of focus;-)

    Manual focus is not for me unless they do something remarkable with the viewfinder. And still i would prefere PDAF as i film very fast sport, an assigment the E-PL1 is rather poor for in many ways.

    It might be difficult to sell my E-3, but the 12-60, 50-200, TC20 and 50-500 are easy.

    And Canon 60D coming up soon. Interested to see if they got any trick up there sleeve, cause there lens system suits me best off all of them. They have a lot of crap but also reasonable price/quality lenses suiting my pocket.

    Time will tell, sure the long wait will soon be over, will we be dissapointed or ?

  • Kevin

    I sure hope this rumor is wrong about 12mp. If so, I must move on. In spike of the pixel arguments, it really is not enough.

  • Alfons
  • Chris

    This is bull! I’ve had it with Olympus, and I don’t even own one of their DSLRs yet! I’m going out and buying an E-3 and 3 SHG lenses just so I can turn around and sell them in disgust!

  • JNMPhoto

    I hope there is more to come as this does seem to agree with various other comments about the E-5, you know “well worth waiting for”, “it will be revolutionary”, “Olympus will announce something special”, “the E-5 will have something that do other DSLR has” and so on.
    As I said in a post a while ago, I am looking at one more upgrade before I retire, and on the information so far this is not the upgrade I was hoping for to enable me to stay with Olympus.

  • Voldenuit

    Personally, I think Canon cranked the pixel density a bit too high with the 7D, so I’m glad Olympus is not recklessly engaging in a megapixel race. At 5.1 MP/cm^2 vs 5.4 MP/cm^2, they at least have comparable pixel density.

    No one should expect 4/3 to compete with FF, but APS-C might be a doable battle.

  • Duarte Bruno
  • CR102

    I hope this rumor turns out to be true. All I want is an E-3 with more DR and no banding at high ISO. Oh, and some fast prime lenses (but that seems to be too much to ask for).

  • Alfons

    Would totally love 17mm F1.4.

  • Inge – M.

    If not Olympus few buy GH2 sensor to Panasonic to use in E-5, need them new partner for future. But am think the is a camera trial for testing by body.

    Which firmware use camera?

    And if he hold camera in hand shot by the, which he talk like a prophecy?

  • patrick

    At least I am happy that so many of you don’t trust their own deciscion to buy into FT and will sell their gear. Maybe there’ll be some cheap 35-100 an 90-250 out there soon ;)

  • CRB

    Almost on par with cameras that have been on the market for more than a year (am i right?)?…hummmm, seems that the only target is the existing E-3 owners…and to be fair, i dont know if they will be excited….

    • Agree with CRB,
      Olympus “caching up” on a 2 year old camera’s is hardly the news were wanting to here, they’d have to do much better then that to excite the community

      • CRB

        I was hoping for some kind of surprise from Olympus..new tech on sensor or something like that…i do admire their lenses..but they have to better than this to compete with Canikon….i guess this obviously mean they are focusing m4/3 as their main target…

  • Steve

    Basically, this says that it’s just like an E-3, except it does HD video and somewhat better picture quality? I know it’s just a rumor, but I was expecting it to go to 14 megapixel, but that’s not a huge deal. The picture quality had better be quite a bit higher! More dynamic range, significantly less noise, and much better high ISO performance. And I hope it has wireless. Why not? Everything else has it, it can’t be that expensive to add to a high end DSLR. Slightly better picture quality and HD video is not enough to make me want to buy it.

    It’s going to have to have MUCH better picture quality (higher dynamic range, less noise, higher ISO range), better focus control (with the 12-60 focus is fast enough, I just hate the occassional seeking), better low light focusing, wireless, and GOOD HD video (not just average) for me to want to spend almost $2,000 on it. Red’s Scarlet will come out within the year, and unless the E-5 blows me away, I’d rather save the money for Scarlet, I think.

  • Dummy00001

    > and it will compete against the 7D

    I wish Oly would do something with its marketing department. Constant (unfulfilled) pitches against Canon do not bode well with some customers.

    Though it is quite good news otherwise that the camera will be announced before Photokina. I’m in market to replace my E-520. I would definitely get something MFT, but still want to have something to mount my 70-300 on.

  • I’ll buy it. I have an E-520, both kit lenses, the 35mm macro and the awesome 12-60mm. I’m also considering the 25mm Panasonic Leica. Aside from that, I have a huge collection of good Minolta MD lenses which I adapted to the E-520.

    I’m not yet convinced that the specs of the E-5 are final. Maybe the source had an older prototype model. I’m still hoping for something like 14MP. If the image quality at ISO 800 and up turns out to be much better than it is right now, then I wouldn’t mind having “just” 12MP. For the stuff I do, it’s sufficient.

    I want to stick with 4/3 for a while longer, at least until m4/3 will offer comparable autofocus speeds and better EVFs and sealed bodies. If the E-3 drops in price heavily before Photokina I would even consider going for a new E-3 body.

  • I don’t know how many which say that Oly cameras are crap do prints and compare them against prints from other cameras. I have an Epson 7600 which allows me to do 24xAny” large prints with roll paper. The printing software is ImagePrint by ColorByte Software which is one of the finest printing software RIPs. I do prints for exhibitions and to hang in home walls. I do prints for my frinds and for myself. I don’t sell them, just charge my frinds the cost of materials. The most solicited print sizes are in the following order: 12×16″ (FT & MFT format), 12×18″ (APS & FF 35mm format), 16.5×22″ (FT & MFT format), 14.7×22″ (APS & FF 35mm format), and very seldom 22×29″ (FT & MFT format) and 22×33″ (APS & FF 35mm format).

    I also collect prints from other photographers. I have silver prints, contact platinum/palladium prints, dye transfer prints and ink jet prints. Recently I purchased a beatiful inkjet by Ken Tanaka entitled “Summer Storm, Chicago”, taken with a Phase One P65+ digital back (60 Mpix, 350 MBytes files 16 bit mode). This is my largest print in the collection.

    I have an Oly E3 and an E PL1, my brother a Nikon D300s and my friends a variety of cameras including a Canon 50D, a Canon 7D, a Nikon D700 and a Nikon D3X and a Sony alpha 850. Well, let me tell you about my observations and those of my brother and friends. At the smallest size (12×16″,12×18″) there is not a difference whatsoever, but you have to use good lenses on the Canons, Nikons and Sony, if not the Oly pictures (E3 and E PL1) are clearly better, even with the kit lenses. When I use the 14-35mm f2 or the 50mmf2 or the 35-100mm f2, the difference is even more clear.
    At the next size 16,5×22″ and 14.7×22″, there is still not a significant diffrence, and again when you shoot with the top Oly lenses, their prints look sharper than those from the other cameras, except the Nikon D3X. At this size the best images to us are those from the Nikon D3X and the Olympus E PL1 with the top Olympus lenses, in fact they are very, very close in quality. At the larger size 22×30″, the Nikon D3X is clearly the best, closely followed by the Olympus E PL1 with top Oly optics. The Ken Tanaka print 15×20″, taken with the Phase One digital back, does not look any better than the others at this size.

    Most of the pictures, taken with all the cameras were between ISO 100 and 400. Some of them at ISO 800. The wickest point of the Oly cameras to me is their dynamic range.

    Conclussion: I will happyly buy an E5 if it is 12 Mpix, even if it has a tiny bit better image quality than the E PL1, which I’m shure it will have.

    • CRB

      I dont mean to start a discussion…but your findings do not match other respectful sites reviews…according to IR print quality test the E-3 has:
      “Good print quality, great color, great 13×19 inch prints. ISO 1,600 images are surprisingly good at 8×10, even better at 5×7.” while others have better ratings (7D, D300…)
      and all sites quote the oly having less DR than the best APS-C sensors…you are also quoting 2000 glass (outstanding BTW)so we have to know which lenses the other cameras are using…..i know for sure that the OLY lenses are awesome, but the sensors are yet behind the competition….

      • OH YEAH

        Well, his findings are “real” for hm, because he saw them with his eyes.

        Your findings are just what others believe to have seen/read.

        My largest print was 90cm x 30cm and if you can tell me by looking at it how many px the sensore had i will sell all my gear and just draw pictures!

        Most people complaining about px and iq are pixel peppers and never printed a photo before.

        • CRB

          Well…with all due respect…i dont know him at all, but have already tested cameras prints that match what IR findings (eg D300, D50 and etc…). Its not that i dont believe you or him…but you cannot simply discard a site that do that (test cameras) for a living…otherwise they would be pretty much out of bussiness now….

  • xeon

    I’ve seen last E-3 in Calumet – London. Price shocked me 529 for BODY.!!!!

    • Reza

      CRB, what you say matches what Marcelo said. Great prints upto around 12×16~13×19. This happens to be 250PPI setting of the images (12 MP), which is the recommended PPI for inkjet printing from HP, EPSON, Kodak, etc. Above this, you have to reduce the print PPI. At 15X20, you are looking at a 200PPI image, which is still good, but higher mega-pixels can show advantages here. At larger sizes like 20×26 you will be dealing with 150PPI prints from your 12MP files, which start to degrade if looked at closely (But most of the people will not look at a 20X26 inches print too close).

      So it depends how big you print. My largest prints have been 12×16 so far (with E-P1) and I’ve been very pleased with the quality.

      • CRB

        I understand Reza…thanks

    • CRB

      Well…with all due respect…i dont know him at all, but have already tested cameras prints that match what IR findings (eg D300, D50 and etc…). Its not that i dont believe you or him…but you cannot simply discard a site that do that (test cameras) for a living…otherwise they would be pretty much out of bussiness now….

  • Olaf

    Just a small comment to the printing discussion. I have done prints in 100 x 200 cm with very fine details and sharpness from my E-30. Normally people comments o how much detail there is in them!
    In my view is that 10 mpix are plenty for printing as large as you like! ( Of course you can use more for cropping purposes… )

  • NoName

    So there is a radical new feature… and this supposedly reliable tester doesn’t even mention it… Hmm…

  • FAB4/3

    Olympus should sell cameras; much more for people, not for pros. Who cares for E-5; I like to get that finder in a E-XXX! I like to see the picture in 100% before I make it!
    The excellent WB and JPEG Engine has to have an 100% on side. The rest is just aperture and time.

  • The pro Olympus body is not for me. I like (Micro) Four Thirds for the size advantage, and the E-3 is as big as APS-C DSLRs. Or perhaps even bigger than some.

    A big camera can give better ergonomics and more buttons/wheels, so I can see the point for pro users.

  • 43 photo

    ” Early samples of photos taken with the E-5 shows that the picture quality is almost on par with the D300s and 7D.”

    Most of you are to negative. Early samples, I think these are samples in the early development stage of the E5. When these are almost on par with the D300s and 7D, expect the final production samples of the E5 to be better than the early samples.

    Do you prefer noisy 14 mp or clean 12MP with loads of DR?
    I think there won’t be any need to sell your gear. 4/3rds is an excellent system and the E5 will surprise us in the positive way to be an excellent picture making machine with good DR, pixels, low noise and fast AF.

  • Mark

    If this is truly a creditable source then surely your contact would have noticed how many AF points the new camera displayed through the view finder… Any comment on that?

    Also should have noticed which format of HD video recording is available.

    • Naaaah, who cares :D I am just happy to read somethin new about the pro body. If I wouldnt have anything to do I would also write this kind of rumors because everything is logical – Olympus wouldnt leave weatherproofing behind, you have to make HD movie mode because if even EP has it how come pro body doesnt? Olympus cant use old 10 mp so 12 is the most logical because of the statement that was made “12 is enough” by Olympus. And I really would spice everything up saying that it will have something special, because Oly has to do that to survive and stay diferent.
      Maybe he had a prototype that was made specialy for people that surely will tell to his friends and share it in the internet so they showed only things they wanted to show ;)
      Anyway, like I said before – who cares? I am just waiting for photokina! Because I will test it!

  • That‘s the spirit – sell your SHG lenses! I think that a lot of people will be happy finding cheaper zuiko lenses in the internet.
    If it is true what is said about the new camera I am in. If I am quite happy with my E-510 image quality so I don’t think that Olympus can let me down. Hey, by the way, did we all forget the most important thing in photography – the idea. Only very poorly made photos can be judged by its quality because it has no spirit and fantasy in it. Even in sport photography all you need is a good moment and nobody will care about the ISO (well, of course if they will want to make a big poster that will matter). Yes I need a better AF and maybe 7fps but I am even happy with my 3fps because 90% of my shots are not in action. Make ISO 800 more cleaner just because Canon and Nikon people wouldn’t bother us anymore :D Hey! LCD HAAAAS to have better resolution! If the HD movie mode is as E-PL it is good for me, because I am not thinking to make a big budget movie and I will use it just for fun. Now, the big mystery – what is new? I think I have a good answer – EVF and OVF :D You don’t change them but you just have both :D The EVF would pop-out like a swivel LCD does. This is my stupid guess. Maybe someone has a better idea? Lets make a marathon who will come up with the most interesting new ideas for Olympus pro body.

  • sderdiarian

    I’m wondering if this “leak” wasn’t a plant to reign in expectations. And find it odd that it had not a word on the camera’s actual size/form.

    The E-x is primarily marketed to high end enthusiasts with the D300s, 7D, K7 as competition, so no need for it to defy Olympus OM tradition and again be oversized/overweight like the current E-3.

    Improved GH1 14 mp sensor/Olympus processor, smaller/lighter but still weathersealed body (like the K7), E-3 OVF, 3″ hi-res flip LCD and class leading HD video. We’ll see.

  • BS Artiste

    Any word on optical adapters to use micro 4/3 lenses on 4/3 mount cameras?

    Also, will the new E5 need a different battery pack grip than existing E-3 or E-30 battery grips?

    What about memory? Is Oly sticking with CF+xD in the E5? Is xD dead with the Pens using SD?

    I just bought a bunch of high speed 32 GB CF cards for my E-30, and I really don’t want to have to migrate to SD if the E-5 only has SD and not CF+SD or CF+xD.

    Finally, with Sigma discontinuing the 135-400 and 50-500, any word on longer lenses? Although I can spend some money on lenses, $6K to $8K to $10K USD for an 800mm is out of my budget as an amateur enthusiast and impractical except for professional photographers with sideline access to sporting events. To keep from irrating fans next to me in the stadium, the longest physical size lens I can use is about 18 to 20 inches (that’s 46 to 51 cm for the metric guys ;-) ).

  • Tim

    I don’t know who provided this rumor, but there were 3 to 5 models for testing, and this could have been just one of them. I don’t think this person knows much of anything. The leak seems purposefully vague for some reason. They talked about megapixels only? Not about form factor, viewfinder, any new features?

    I’m not buying this for a minute. Olympus has something else up their sleeve other than an E-PL1 in a weathersealed body.

    • Jack

      It probably is purposely vague… but the main things that I care about are:
      •Announcement next month
      Everything else is totally unknown, so you never know what this could be. Hopefully it’s just the camera I’ve been waiting for all year…

  • I for one will be happy no matter how this plays out. If it is a great upgrade…Then good!!! If it is a weak upgrade and people flee 4/3 and I get a shot at a 35-100 for like $1100 then hell…GREAT for me!!!

    So for me…it is a win win situation.

    I just hope the HD video is capable of 24fps…..I love the look of that speed.

  • This is great news!!! The last 12-month have been very challenging for FT users, not knowing if our lens investment would still be worth something. I will be among the first to order an E-5 and will keep supporting the company. In real life, what we really need is better DR, and high ISO image quality. What becomes more important is for Olympus to re-introduce SWD versions of their existing High grade and Super High Grade lenses (35-100, 150, 50, 90-250, 300, etc.). At the same time, adapt SWD for video, which will soon become a standard on all DSLR soon, whether some like it or not.

  • BS Artiste

    By the way, customers buying Zuiko lenses in the used market does help Olympus one bit. In fact it arguably hurts Oly because buyers have more options to choose between new lenses from Oly and the used market. To continue to stay in the camera market and succeed, Oly has to convince customers to spend more dollars on Oly equipment and accessories. That means more revenue from each customer or even better additional revenue from attracting new customers.

  • BS Artiste

    Make that “does NOT help Oly one bit.”

    I have bought used Oly equipment too, but like any company Oly wants to generate revenues from sales by Oly or its distributors.

  • w00t;
    important feature that is not in the market.
    will be so looking forward to it.

    – built in bounce flash (not: done before)
    – HD vid recording (not: done before)
    – in camera pano (not: done before)
    – mirrorless bod (not: done before)
    – built in tilt shift ?? (hrmmmmmm)

  • As for the innovation not yet done in a camera?

    There are only so many things that this could be really.

    HDR w/ some kind of basic tone mapping?

    Built in GPS unit?

    Built in WiFi to allow for wireless tethering to your computer?

    Like I said…Kinda hard to do something that hasn’t been done yet.

  • alex

    re fps E-30 has 5 so it will be increased
    12 mp is fine – e-5 won’t be sold to people with no knowledge so mpx marketing won’t matter so much

    – I would love to see:
    recomposition focus correction
    even bigger viewfinder – just like 5d
    inbody focus confirmation for legacy lenses (i think that preaty easy to do)

    some improwements in sensor 50-12800 iso plus some DR in higlights

    Every one talks about video – i have had it in one of my cameras and i used it once in two years of medium use – but every new camera has it so it be.

    Wireless release for studio strobes + cheap adapter

  • All this talk about prints is so old fashioned. 99.9 % of my pictures only make it to the screen, most of them end up on the web, and for most people it is similar.
    For me it is important that the pixels are sharp, cause I need all the range i can get. With E-PL1 I am getting what I had with the E-500 again, I lost it with E-3, E-510, I just miss a proper AF and viewfinder. Come on E-5 make my lenses worth having.

  • patrick


    there are physical limitations on viewfinder size. image circle of a 5d is twice the image circle of FT, so you’ll get more light (counting in total, or of course: a larger area filled with the same light intensity) into the mirror box that may be spread onto a larger focussing screen.

    but of course an evf would do the trick…

  • Alfons

    I’m hoping too that I don’t have to dich my CF cards when updating. CF+SD would be a great combination.

    I think E-3’s viewfinder is close to as good as one can get from 4/3 format.

    I would like to experience better feel of buttons on E-3 successor. The weather seeling makes the buttons feel sticky clumsy. My E-500 had better buttons. Those do “click” when pressed. Especially a crispy shutter realease is imperative for the right timing.

  • I won’t bother speculating on specs, but I’m confident the E-5 will ditch the xD slot. I was stoked to see Oly switch to SD on their recent P&S cameras. I’m sure most of us would agree CF + SD is the way to go.

  • Joseph

    At least I don’t feel the IQ of D300s and 7D is better than the E-PL1, Olympus just need to put in a better AF module with an E-PL1 sensor into their E-3 body then it is enough

  • NO THANK YOU!NO E-PL1 sensor-why should we take something thats older than 6 month??,a Kodak sensor type Leica with FT-size,a 12mp sensor from the same sensor-family like E-1,but with the evolution of 8 years

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