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(FT4) First E-M6 rumors. Same VF-4 viewfinder quality and Phase Detection on sensor.


The E-P5 is here but a rumor site is always hungry and we collected two info about the next Olympus MFT camera. As you it’s coming in Spetember and it will be the new OMD model (E-M6?). Two rumors came right out of the E-P5 presentation:
1) Our friend Pekka Potka wrote: “Quite obvious to everyone seeing E-P5 should be that the next OM-D series model goes well above E-M5 in features. Incorporating VF-4 should be just one of them. And that is all I can say now…
2) Olympus employees at the PEN Collection 2013 Fair said that next OMD will have phase detection AF (Source: biglobe).

It’s not the first time we get this rumors and and both features are very likely to make into the new OMD model. What are you hoping to get with the new OMD?

E-M5 body
Price checks at [shopcountry 29074] E-M5 Case:
There is the official [shoplink 31898 ebay]CS-36FBC Olympus case[/shoplink]. A [shoplink 31899 ebay]leather half case from Hong Kong[/shoplink]. A full [shoplink 31900 ebay]leather case with strap from Cina[/shoplink]. Than we have half cases from two well known producers, [shoplink 31901 ebay]Zelenpol[/shoplink], [shoplink 31906 ebay]Kaza[/shoplink] and [shoplink 31902 ebay]Gariz[/shoplink].
E-M5 Batteries, and other things:
The [shoplink 31905 ebay]Olympus GS-4 strap[/shoplink] and the [shoplink 31903 ebay]DSTE E-M5 batteries[/shoplink] you have to use with an extra charger. There is an [shoplink 31903 ebay]E-M5 car charger[/shoplink] a [shoplink 31908 ebay]new E-M5 LCD screen[/shoplink] and a [shoplink 31909 ebay]Front Cover+ Top Panel[/shoplink].

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