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(FT4) Firmware update coming soon for other Olympus MFT cameras



I keep receiving info from various anonymous sources saying that the E-P5, E-M5 and likely also other cameras will get a firmware update within the next few months. This is highly likely also because Olympus Capture Software yet doesn’t support any other camera than the E-M1. I hope the new firmware will allow tethering and some of the other new E-M1 features on all current MFT cameras!

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Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • Lukas B

    Tethering, Focus peaking and Live Composite coming to E-M5? I hope so!

    • Ross

      And you can dream & wish I suppose. :D

  • kiki

    And Panasonic, GX7 please

  • moog

    Wouldnt tethering be a hardware thing, and not firmware update?

    • Leif Sikorski

      At least for the ones that are compatible with the WiFi app it shouldn’t be such a big problem. They’re able to be remote controlled and they’ve the USB Data Connection. I still doubt an update for the E-M5 but for the newer models it shouldn’t be such a big deal.

      • JL Williams

        ‘Way back when the E-M 5 was new, there was an online session on the Olympus Facebook page in which for about an hour it was possible to ask questions of one of the Japanese Olympus executives. I asked repeatedly about tethered shooting until he finally answered — he said this capability could not be added via firmware to the E-M 5 because the electronic components needed to support it are not built into the camera. That sounded plausible, so I suspect this still will not be added to the E-M 5.

        • I would challenge that. They need an interface to test their cameras in production and maintenance, and it would be obvious to use USB for that…
          What they might not support though, is streaming the liveview out to the computer. Nonetheless, a USB controlled remote solution would have value.

          • Michael Meissner

            Well they could stream the data over USB, but right now you can build a cable that has USB control, A/V output, and shutter release that plugs into the combo socket, and use old-school analog TV output via PAL/NTSC. They used to do this back in the day with the Olympus E-30 and other live view DSLRs. Olympus even produced a cable for it. While the Olympus cable is no longer in production, you can find knock-offs of the cable (I wish this cable also has the shutter release, but there are other cables that have shutter release + A/V out):

    • Michael Meissner

      I believe Olympus Capture uses the USB cable for tethering, so you would not need any new hardware support on the cameras, just firmware that supports Capture.

      • Ross

        Check JL Williams’ comment above.

        • Michael Meissner

          I frankly don’t buy the comments about needing hardware, unless the E-M5 just does not have enough firmware space to implement it. I suspect the exec was thinking about wireless tethering with wi-fi, and not USB tethering (or was just saying it needed hardware because he did not want to commit the man months of developers to implement it on essentially a dead product that will not bring in new customers). It is a software function, not a hardware function. The camera is a full computer, and the USB line is fully functional for data transfer, so you don’t need anything you don’t already have. Olympus cameras from 12 years ago had tethering, as did all of the DSLRs.

  • Daniel Högberg

    Electronic first shutter curtain for all olympus m43 cameras so we finally can use our cameras on longer shutterspeeds then 1/250 would be nice.

  • Xunsinn

    folks, it’s just the next round of dreaming traffic…

  • Honestly the new Vintage Art filter is my fav new feature. :)

    • BdV

      If you could only set the filters to a certain strength, instead of all or nothing, something like between a scale of 1 (weak) to 10 (full), I might use them more often. And even better if you could post process the applying of different filters on one picture in camera. That would mean hours of play time. Add some basic contrast and lightness sliders and we can skip using LR/PS etc. before saving the files.

      • It would be great to have the option to change the strenght of art filters. But working on the jpegs on camera? It would drain the camera battery and the screen of the camera would be too small to refine details, compared to a good monitor.

        I just came back from a trip in Madagascar, where I took hundreds of photos with the above mentioned art filter, and they look really nice. I could get the same look with LR5 though.

        • I tried to find the same BW settings of the in camera settings for LR, but now I am using LR’s BW preset nr 5.

          • I never liked the BW art filter that much.. I usually go through Silver Efex and tweak an Ilford Delta or Kodak Tri-X film simulation, depending on the subject.

            My favourite BW “art filter” is the High Contrast of RicohGR, it reminds me of Daydo Moryiama pictures and I really like how gritty and grainy it looks.

            • I assume you tried all BW presets in LR? I only like the nr 5..i think there are totaly more then 15 presets

              • Honestly I don’t like LR presets.. I use LR to slightly correct photos if needed, then I work on tiff files on SilverEfex for the BW conversions and ColorEfex if I’m looking for a color film simulation. Sometimes I use DXO too.
                Of course I could achieve the same overall aspect through LR, but it takes more time.

                This below is a Kodak Portra simulation achieved with LR, for example.

                • i dont see it yet Marco. but i can hear you, many people dont like LR, no idea why, maybe like you, some prefer to use other simulated presets for a better film look. I myself prefer the mixed looks of both analog & digital looks as we look thru digital devices these days anyway. I can dig even the polaroids since its trendy again maybe, though sometimes things can go too far in wanting analog back, except when we go completely analog & using developed prints and/or slides only.

                  • It seems I can’t copy/paste the link..
                    Anyway, just visit my flickr, I just uploaded it. I will remove the picture tomorrow.


                    Miss Something is a “Kodak Portra” simulation made with LR5.
                    Portrait of a Stranger is an out of camera JPEG with Vintage Art filter.
                    The BW girl is my wife and it’s a tweaked Ilford Delta 400 from SilverEfex

                    • all look good Marco, the BW is harder to judge vs the standard simulations . The SilverEfex is a standalone or plugin?

                    • Thanks Ulli!
                      Silver Efex works also as a stand alone app if I’m not wrong: try to google NikSoftware.
                      It comes in bundle with denoise, sharpen and Color Efex (which simulates color films).
                      I use it as a LR plug in: usually I slightly add some sharpening, correct CA and distortions if needed, recover some shadows in LR, export as tiff and tweak the photo with a plug-in.
                      It seems time expensive but I don’t waste more than 1 minute in LR for each photo: if the photo needs more time it means there’s something wrong.
                      I can spend a lot of time on Silver Efex though, just to achieve the result I have in my mind.

              • Let’s see if Disquis allows me to post it..

                • i think posting only works for me in a direct comment as attachment

  • dweller88

    an em5 firmware update would be welcome if it could bring 0sec anti-shock though I don’t think the sensor can give that, the focus peaking would be nice although the workaround works fine. any other tidbits gratefully received

  • balthier

    in that firmware will probably be information needed for 40-150mm/2.8 to work it’s best on E-M5

    • peevee

      m43 system generally has the lens info in the lens itself, as it should be – not the illiterate designs of Canon/Nikon/Fuji etc.

  • sileh

    i hope they bring 0 sec antisock to e-pl5/e-pm2

    • onlyme

      Me too. +100! :)

    • hifinut

      LOL! Why are you antisock? Does it smell that bad?

    • anfyrt

      Yes, and to e-m5 too! And color creator. And focus peaking.

  • Tomas Tran

    give me focus peaking for video for EM10

  • Turbofrog

    Tethering is a big deal. Definitely expands the capabilities of the system for a lot of people.

    • Bhima

      Hell, even just being able to wifi to a computer to move the photos would be nice.

  • Yun

    So you cannot even tether now? LOL

  • Abraham Latchin

    Sounds good. Even just the em10 would be good as it has a chunk of the em1 already built in.

    • Sheep

      Sounds stupid. I mean you. Were you cloned from a sheep?

      • Abraham Latchin

        Yup, cloned from a sheep. So there are two of me, I discussed it with myself and decided I sounded good.

  • Beduin

    I wish they did something with the horrible some-10-step exposure bracketing selection via the menu in Olympus cameras. I use the bracketing quite often and each time selecting and unselecting it is a pain in the a*se. Setting exposure bracket in Olympus is done in the most awkward way that I can remember in all cameras old and new.

    • Camaman

      True, very true!

    • +1

      Actually this has cost me a shot in a very rare opportunity once…

  • Michal

    Please guys, send Olympus an inquiry to add 0second antishock to E-M5! I did that, they have it on a “pending list” and are waiting for sufficient amount of users to get back to them requiring it! We deserve this simple fix!

    • Camaman

      Where to send?

    • As they released it on the P5, I’m wondering why they should have that on their pending list, instead on the requirements for the upcoming release…

      • Michal

        They are not going to bother to implement it to EM5 if not many people complain. That’s pretty much the case.

  • Milkiwei

    Please give more frames for time lapse in the EP5. 99 is just too few to be very useful.

  • Robert F.

    Wow, 32 comments so far without anyone saying: “How about a bigger sensor”. ;)

    • Bigger Sensor

      I am sure you can crop those pictures in post if you are so much into tiny sensors!
      For those who don’t know, bigger sensors are reserved for higher class manufacturers, and for Sony.

      • Sean Wagner

        I’m currently eyeing used Mamiya 6 and Rolleiflexes. Would be glad for some advice about the riffs and the shoals.

        • Bigger Sensor

          They are both great, I hear. I don’t know much myself. But the real question is: are you prepared to do your own negative processing? Or use polaroid film and scan at home? And go around with a tripod? I asked myself the same several times and the answer was always no.
          A digital back is heavily cropped, disturbingly expensive and often too inflexible for many uses (slow, only low iso, no live view). So I said no, again. The distant day when they make 645 non-cropped sensors at a reasonable price, I will look into it again.

          • Sean Wagner

            I’m really not a the point where I’d consider processing at home. It does sound interesting, though. Uh oh. But it wouldn’t be necessary. Intended use is for street photography, and the Mamiya / Rolleiflex both seem to be good choices. The RFlex certainly feels rather nice to hold and handle, which is my number one criterion when it comes to cameras. Also why I like my E-P5 / old MF lenses combo. Yesterday in a local shop, 50mm f/1.4.

            • Zeikon

              That is not a very good picture, don’t waste your money on analog mf cameras, which are much more demanding, without exploring the basics first. Black foreground with reflections + light background hmmm. If you want to waste money, buy a ff camera and throw away the m43 toy. Just advice, don’t get angry, I don’t mean to get you angry.

      • Robert F.


      • Mark Lavrijsen

        You will be so disappointed when you find out that you can’t use all your expensive DSLR glass on the new mirrorless Canon and Nikon camera’s that will come in the future. :P

  • veteran of Light

    I have 2.0 firmware on my EM-5 Elite (bought it to replace my 2 years old EM-5).
    What is the latest one on ‘normal’ EM-5? I remember upgrading it twice to 1.5 then selling it to get Elite version (which I love)

    1 most important feature:
    SCP option to switch mysets on the fly (myset1-2-3-4), I don’t need few SCP options there that it can replace to fit – like contrast/sharpness (both set to -1 by default on my cam) which are not necessary important to be accessible via one click and are just taking space. Or Adobe RGB/SRGB bullshit…who changes this on the fly?!? Stick to SRGB and forget it… (RAW use neither so don’t worry)

    What about silent confirmation for focusing toggle (took me 22 years to find it in menu, not a chance to toggle it again when it’s finally off) or toggle for focus illumination helper? Those are ones you might want to switch on fly (are you discreet or not) and NOT Adobe RGB. Olympus, get some grip!

    2nd most important:
    ability to tell it ‘how aggessive’ to increase the ISO.
    Currently, my EM-5 prefers to keep ISO as low as possible, and when I set my preferred min shutter speed to 1/40 (with my Panasonic 20mm) – via trick with flash sync (good tip) I like this behaviour during the night shots. It keeps ISO down, and gets still usable shots (due to amazing IBIS).
    BUT it’s baaaaaad during not-bright daylight/cloudy day/dusk to shoot ISO 200 and shutter speed 1/50 or 1/100, when it could do ISO 800 and shutter speed 1/400 or higher. There’s enough light so I don’t fear noise at ISO800 or 1600, dynamic range is still fine at these values as well. I don’t want to switch to SS priority as I want to set my aperture right,

    3rd – better video codec. This camera is terrific with its IBIS and lenses but its video output is comparable with a mobile phones, which is a shame. I never ever in my life held a camera with such a amazing stabilized video output, and even though I’m not videographer I go to way too many gigs to not shoot video as well.

    • Mr.Chainsaw

      Try auto ISO in manual mode.

      What is the exact difference between normal and elite version?

      • Ross

        The only difference is the slightly modified dials & shutter button & the leather look instead of the pattern on the black body. All other E-M5 can be updated (since 29th Jan 2014) to FW 2.0.

  • Mk.82

    If they even add couple new features etc, they will proof they care about long term support.

  • Senior underpants engineer

    Get a grip folks! Within a year m4/3 will be ancient history, along with all other small sensor ‘cameras’. You’re supporting a system with no future. Too bad for you, I guess.

    • Mikey

      Yes, too bad for me. Feel better now? Your little sense of smug superiority all sated now? good. Now please go away.

    • Djck

      True, it is going to be fun. It is already fun, actually :)

    • Robert F.

      There he is!

      I wondered when the assclown brigade would show up.

      • Robert TS

        You toss too much

    • You forgot the irony marks…

    • The Master

      Is that why cameras with 1″ and 4/3 sensors are gaining sales a bit more rapidly?

    • Mk.82

      You are right, small format will die and there is only a medium format a live and then large format does comeback in digital form. LONG LIVE THE 8×10! LONG LIVE 6×7!

    • Mark Lavrijsen

      You are funny. You know that it’s really the other way around: sensor’s(and before that: film) are getting smaller and smaller. 90% of all photo’s nowadays are taken with tiny camera sensors, and IQ wise, they are getting better and better. DSLR’s are only a “in between” step. The mirror is unnecessary(99% of the cases), it’s and old thing from a time they had film in camera’s that would overexpose otherwise. Even Canon and Nikon will take the jump to mirror-less at some point. The only reason they don’t do it know, is that their current lenses are unsuitable for that(thus making their customers very upset :) ).
      You should be thinking twice about investing you DSLR….

    • Troll

      LOL it’s fun to see the marketing managers (part time) getting worked up.

  • For the love of god, and all that is holy: FOCUS PEAKING.

    I know that I’m inevitably going to be disappointed because yet again they’ll ignore their customers and give us some stupid new art filter that no one wants, but a guy can dream, can’t he?

    • Mk.82

      Actually the new art filters are very awesome on E-M1. Definitely one of the best features for any camera. Olympus actually should remove some of the older filters to make more room for new filters like Vintage and Partial Color they presented.

      The Focus Peaking seems to have too high CPU requirement as it would need to calculate the video feed and apply it in realtime with effect. E-M5 has only a single Truepic VI CPU while E-M1 has two Truepic VII CPU’s.

    • Mark Lavrijsen

      E-m5 is 3 years old and isn’t fast enough to do focus peaking in a way that it’s at least usable. The art filter focus peaking workaround shows that E-m5’s CPU is struggling to keep up, and Olympus is not going to put something in that’s going to get them more complains then praises.

  • • move out the Antishock 0s feature into a separate option: “Electronic first curtain”
    • provide naming for mySets
    • store and restore of settings from SD card

  • peevee

    Don’t care about tethering. Olympus, add LaCA correction, please. Panning detection for IBIS. Focus peaking also would be nice.

  • Sileh

    ok i emailed olympus to request the ”0sec antishock” for e-pm2 and e-pl5 and this was their response, what a joke:

    Thank you for your e-mail enquiry regarding your E-pm2 and E-pl5.

    We have no reported issues with shutter shock on these models so they would not require the 0 second antishock fix.

    Should you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to
    contact me.

    Kind regards

    Chris Dale

    European Customer
    Support Centre

    • Michal

      This is ridiculous!!!! :-(((

  • Eno

    Toys are toys, they always need fixing…

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