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(FT4) E-M1 user report (Very fast AF, 12-40mm lens comes with hood included)


There is a E-M1 test report over at A 43rumors reader sent us the translation:

1) The focus speed of the new Olympus 12-40mm feels faster than the Panasonic 12-35mm X lens.

2) The Phase detection autofocus of the E-M1 is better than the E-5 with “slow lenses” like the Olympus 50mm f/2.0.

3) The grip feels good and the battery used by the E-m1 is the same as the one used by the E-M5.

4) Since the 12-40mm lens is marked as “PRO” it will come with hood included. 43rumors’note: Finally they got it!!! :)


I also got a feedback from one of my sources. He confirmed that focus with FT lenses is as fast as with “native” MFT lenses.

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Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct


  • sig

    I’m $1500 poorer.

    • sig

      and $900 poorer as well.

      • Poor

        I’m 1500 usd more in debt.

        • Poor

          And another 900 usd in debt as well

          • C. C.

            No, if you buy them together (per rumors), the total should be about $2,200 ($700 for lens).

          • Phred

            I bet that the lens is at least $1000!

            • Phred

              ….but if it is better than the Panny …has more reach AND a lens hood…I want one…does anyone know when they are supposed to ship to the USA???????

      • TZ

        Just sold my GH-2. It only makes me $1700 poorer then.

        BTW. They were fighting for it (my GH-2) and I was like what the hell?


        • The Real Stig

          Not surprising at all. Lots of people want one as the GH3 is expensive so the GH2 is the most video bang for your buck you can get.

      • Matt

        Wow! $2400 poorer soon.

    • Bora

      You are a richer by one e-m1 now. :)

      • Mike

        they’ll hack it’s video

  • Faster than 50mm focusing I think is too low standard. 50mm is VERY slow! Faster by how much? I hope quiet significantly.

    • Fraenzken

      But the 50/f2 is said to be ok-ish on the E-5.

      • M

        The 50mm/2 is NOT fast focusing on the E-5, for sure!

        Possibly a slight bit faster than on the E-620, but not “fast” in that word´s normal sense, and still very slow compared to most other 4/3 lenses on those bodies (E-5/E-620)

        (I owned the E-5, now stolen, and have still got the E-620 & E-500, plus a set of 4/3 lenses. That´s why I state what I stated.

        I have the EM-5 and would like to get a E-M1 IF it shows itself to actually focus quickly with my 4/3 lenses.
        As soon as I can manage to pay for the E-M1, that is. Not quite yet…sorrily.

        • JimD

          The fact things need to be paid for slows things down a bit. Ahh well, that’s life.

    • sig

      I think admin means that EM1 will focus faster than E5 even with slow lens like 50mm macro.

      • Anonymous

        It will still be noisy though if it was noisy before as that is most likely the micro motor in the lens….no?

    • The problem with the 50/2 macro is not speed but hunting in low light. When it misses focus it goes through its entire distance range again, which is slow (and painfully noisy).

      • Zune

        Yes, but maybe not lens so is probleme but PDAF in camera too, the so is said anyway is focus go to infinitive to close and not stop on focus point, if the is bad light.
        We have mot this probleme but an 14-35mm F2,150mm F2 for example.

    • Hubertus Bigend

      User ‘sig’ is correct, it says there that the E-M1’s AF performance with the FT 50mm f/2 Macro is even better than the E-5’s AF performance with the same lens. Or, more generally, that the AF performance with slow-focusing FT lenses is indeed improved compared to existing FT cameras. I’d expect the E-M1’s focus speed with other (fast-focusing) FT lenses to be at least the same.

      And that’s good news indeed!

      • C. C.

        That’s great news.

      • digifan

        Nice, I hope it means I probably need to rent 35mmFF a lot less due to weak CAF of m43.

    • The noise issue with the 50mm f2 macro is from the lens itself, not the camera body. If the lens focuses more quickly and does not hunt, then the period of making noise will be shorter.

    • 50 mm is slow because of the hunting to macro mode. otherwise its fast enough.

  • Seems like they nailed it. Wonderful. OBS, here I come.

  • OMD user

    What are benefits from EM-1 for EM-5 users?
    I have EM-5, I don’t care about 4/3 lenses and Wi-Fi.
    I thinking about new OMD, but I don’t know what will be added value (OK, viewfinder is better).

    • * more comfy handling
      * easier manual focusing (larger VF, peaking)
      * perhaps better tracking AF
      * probably more flexibility in video mode
      * marginally sharper, but will enhance lens flaws
      * perhaps a few more small bits and pieces we don’t know of yet

      Only you can decide if those differences justify the extra cost.

      • Ross

        Also 1/8000 sec maximum, more direct control & larger buttons & possibly dual card slots.

        • radissimo

          +better placed on/off switch

      • The Real Stig

        Not to mention the WiFi stuff, HDR, aperture stop-down, better control layout, high cycle-count shutter, probably, as Olympus stated that was necessary for a ‘pro’ camera. The processing engine was said to be a big step up and the IQ would be quite a bit better than any existing M43.

        • kavat

          “EM-1 Iso 800 = EM5 Iso 400” so i stop better.

          • Paul Latouche

            Who said that?
            One stop seems highly unlikely, since there is no significant improvement of Sony sensors since the EM-5. Oly wouldn’t get new sensor tech before Sony, don’t you think?
            I guess they will gain 1/3 stop at ISO 12800 and 25400 from sensor tweaking.

            • The Real Stig


              • The Real Stig

                You think Sony is getting IBIS and lens tech for free? I wouldn’t be surprised if Oly has demanded equal first access to sensor tech as part of the deal.

    • M

      I have an E-M5 and I will wait until the new organic sensors will come out in about 2 years before I will buy a new camera. For me, there is no reason to buy an E-M1, image quality will only be a little bit better then the iq of the E-M5. And also, in a few months there will be another, cheaper Olympus camera with the sensor of the E-M1. If you really want a new camera, wait until then, then you can choose between two models, and if you want the E-M1 then, the price will also be lower.

      But anyway, if somebody is clever, then he waits until there are some serious reviews before to buy a camera ;-)

      • Hifinut

        There are people that have to much GAS attack to wait for reviews or for the price to come down.

        • Hifinut

          So be too much GAS attack. Myself included. Just take my money. Wait! I don’t have any. Just invested my all money on properties.

          • Sherman

            Put a loan on them!

      • Ross

        You can wait for the price to drop or you can buy it with bonus offers (with grip etc.) & still have a good deal. Add up the difference & quite often it is better to buy sooner with those bonus additions than buying those additional items with the lowered price of the body. I did better with the E-M5 that way.

        • Anonymous

          Good advice!

          • M

            I dream of such bonus offers in Switzerland… there was never every such a bonus offer here…

            • rrr_hhh

              I’ll give you a tip : it was the second year that offered a 10% rabate on all Olympus products just before the vacation period, in June or July. I got my E-M5 plus 12-50mm at 1183.- CHF in 2012 and they had the same offer this year (although there was no extension of the deadline this year unlike in 2013 and if I remember correctly, the E-P5 was excluded. I almost missed it both in 2012 and 2012, because it was only announced on the Digitec home page, but didn’t appear in the prices indicated also it lasted longer in 2012 than in 2013.
              And here too, buying a kit always cost less than buying the body and lens separately. For the E-M5, those buying the kit were sparing even more than in the US, because the price of the E-M5 body only was much higher than in the US, but the kit a little less so.
              What we don’t see are these impressive prices sinking after a half year. The E-M5 after one and a half year is more or less still costing the same price, if you except the first month. Same for the EPl5.

              • M

                thank you :-)

            • Bobafett

              You’re right. The Swiss market is probably too small for Oly to offer bonus. But u can find great deals every now and then. I got my omd 12-50 kit for chf 1039.- last december. The 45/1.8 is best bought here in CH for 279.-.

    • Matt

      According to all the rumors, E-M1 is better than E-M5 with these new or improved features, even if you will never use 43 lenses:

      Focus Peaking, 1/8000 sec shutter speed, larger built-in grip and better ergonomics, more controls and larger ones, dual card slots, better weatherproofing (freeze proof), and improved IBIS.

      • Matt

        Also a huge EVF and a microphone input. And there may be others.

        • M

          nothing that I need to make batter pictures ;-)

          • Anonymous

            That typically starts with the person behind the camera anyway :-)

          • bousozoku

            Baseball or cake mix might help you.

            • Phred

              Sooooooo wrong! LOL!

    • M

      another idea: wait for the E-M5 successor, then buy an E-M6 kit with 12-40 for about $ 1’600 and sell your E-M5 body for $ 600, so then you have a new camera and the new lens for $ 100 more then if you would buy only the new lens. that would be a good deal I think.

      • Info

        But Olympus selected 12-40 as kit lens only for EM1. If EM6 has only 12-50 as a kit there is no benefit.

        • M

          12-40 only for the E-M1 as a kist lens? Would not be a good marketing…

    • Val Evans

      Substantially greater cool factor.

  • Tobias Giesen

    Admin, the question is if PDAF helps with MFT lenses too! If they can use it in combination! Rather than hunting! Especially during video, but also for focus tracking and moving subjects.

    • Narretz

      Yes, this is what would make the E-M1 revolutionary for m43 users too. PDAF with m43 lenses.

      • full frame

        narrets in wich of your holes did you intruduce your m43 telepholo lenses w@nker

        • Don’t worry, it gets better, just relax. Let those that love you help.

        • Anonymous

          Do they let you use computers at mental asylums.

    • Dustin4931

      That’s my big question too. Will the PDAF work on native micro 4/3 lenses? And, if so, how well? Will it allow me to shoot moving subjects on native micro 4/3 lenses as well as, say, a Canon 7D with a fast prime?

      Also, the EM-5 battery life wasn’t great. How many shots will that battery allow us to take on the EM-1?

      • kavat

        According to, when you’re in S-AF with a m4/3 lens the EM-1 will use CDAF BUT in C-AF it will use PDAF+CDAF. Im sure you’ll see great improvement in tracking!!

      • BLI

        Interestingly, the PEN E-P5 uses the same battery as the E-M5, but has considerably better battery life than the E-M5. This raises a hope that they have improved the energy efficiency of the camera compared to the E-M5. Still, personally, I would have wished for a bigger battery. But perhaps the E-M1 will be ok.

        • Don Pope

          That’s probably because is has no EVF. The EVF sucks a lot of power.

          • BLI

            EH? If you use the EVF, you hardly use the LCD screen — the LCD screen also uses power.

    • Anonymous

      Really doubt it will help, m43 are made for cdaf. Even lenses specifically made and calibrated for pdaf have some problems with focusing right and need micro adjustments. New released lenses from oly however can be like that and i hope 12-40 is optimized for pdaf too

      • Anonymous

        First of all, micro adjustments are primarily needed because on a DSLR the AF sensor and the image sensor are not the same thing and are not at the same physical location. The adjustments are first of all needed to correct for slight variations in the length of the light path. This problem simply cannot exist with image sensor based AF systems, regardless of them being contrast, phase, chromatic defocus or whatever based.

        Hybrid phase detect AF can quite help with lenses not built for PDAF especially for focus tracking, as it will give the camera information about subject movement that will prevent having to hunt for focus all the time, so no, no special ‘pdaf enabled’ lenses needed for reaping benefits from this for caf.

      • rrr_hhh

        I think that PDAF lenses have a lot of problems with CDAF because the motor in the lens works differently. However combining PDAF with CDAF will only be a software issue : the PDAF system on the sensor tells in which direction to go to find better focus and CDAF makes the fine tuning, avoiding useless focus checking in two directions and thus getting faster.

  • Some questionts that popped up in my head just now.

    – will the new batterygrip have two battery slots? So we don’t have to unscrew the whole grip to change the battery in the camera.

    – one big negative thing with contrast AF for me is that its very hard to move the camera and focus at the same time (not caf, simple saf). Each time you focus the images freezes for a while which makes it very hard to follow subjects. Is this being taken care of with the new pdaf sensor or are we going to live with this “fault” forever in mirrorless cameras?

  • Driten

    Nothing on video features yet?
    Have they tried to approach the GH line on this area?

    • Anonymous

      They must not be that good, otherwise we would have know by now! :(

    • Farrukh

      Admin, anything on video yet?

  • Tarmo

    Agree with previous commenters: the important question is whether focus speed (esp. low-light) and C-AF are improved with existing MFT lenses and/or the new 12-40. If not, then the PDAF technology is pretty much wasted.

    • M

      Not for people using 43 lenses ;-) If I would buy a E-M1 I also would think about to buy a 43 12-60 (maybe a used one for a good price), it’s really a very good lens and has more much mure zoom range then a 12-40. And there is also the 50-200, there is nothing from Olympus like this lens for m43, and who knows if or when there will be such a good tele zoom for m43. But if you use 43 lenses with the E-M1 it’s also a question about the size and weight, for traveling it would be to much for me.

      • digifan

        Agree with Tarmo, CAF should be there, imo.
        Else there’s not a compelling reason to switch for existing pro’s who do want lighter gear, but can’t get it because there’s no alternative today.
        Look at all the photo journalists at soccer-/footbal games, F1, etc.
        How I’d love to be able to not have to tote the big heavy L lenses around. But something halve the size. Sports photography would benefit a lot since you do want geater DOF, you need long tele’s, and the aperture should be large for fast shutter speeds. m43 would have a vèèèèry big advantage here.

        • Anonymous

          D7100 is making some serious inroads there, despite it not being a ‘pro’ camera. Good CAF and selective 1.6 and 2x crop factor makes for a much lighter ‘long range’ kit.

          If the E-M1 can do decent CAF, the subject tracking should in theory be much easier for a sensor af based system, as it can fully make use of ‘shape’, color and such to ensure it doesn’t get confused by objects very close to your subject at similar distance. High-end DSLRs have AF sensors that often can make use of color, and provide some amount of shape information, but this is highly fragmented and there are gaps between af points causing gaps in the ability to use this information for tracking.

          IF that actually works, it may work very well for sports actually. The E-M1 using a combination of phase and contrast based AF during CAF makes me very curious about this aspect.

          • Oilymouse

            For sports and events, E-M1 with proper high-end Oly zooms will be competitive with best-of-class APS-C and FF. Unless the light is so low you really need iso 3200 and up, the high-speed-across-the-frame C-AF should prove to be decisive when switching systems.

            • Anonymous

              The only current Oly high end zooms are amongst the heaviest and most expensive on the market plus we have yet to see if there is any genuine AF gain on FT glass. Even if you pay more and carry as much you will still be behind the cameras designed for this purpose

        • bousozoku

          micro Four-Thirds *could* have an advantage there, but without the Olympus ZD Super High Grade lenses, there isn’t anything to use.

  • Anonymous

    OMG hood included!! Oh joy!!! I will buy three of them!!!

    • Most (if not all) of the HG and SHG FT lenses included lens hoods. Possibly the standard grades (I just don’t recall). I would guess that Olympus considers the mFT PRO lens to be in that succession. I definitely agree that it is finally time to include them. I was a bit miffed that the 60mm macro didn’t include a lens hood.

      • Ross

        All the 4/3’s lenses came with hoods & the ZD 14-54 II came with a bag as well.

        • Anonymous

          Many if not all of the HG and SHG lenses came with a bag/pouch.

          And indeed all 4/3 lenses from Olympus, including the standard grade ones came with a hood with the possible exception of the 25mm pancake prime (at least the one I bought didn’t include a hood)

  • Admin: “I also got a feedback from one of my sources. He confirmed that focus with FT lenses is as fast as with “native” MFT lenses.”

    I’ll believe it when I see it. There is no way that old motors can emulate the speed of linear motors and light internal groups.

    Perhaps he meant something else: that FT lenses are as fast as on the E-5 – which makes far more sense.

    • Probably tested with 12-60 (“the world’s fastest focusing lens*”).

      * when mounted on E-5
      * as of September 2010

      • I’d be happy with the 12-60’s S-AF performing as well as it does on an E-620/E-30/E-3/E-5. I’m not expecting wonders as far as C-AF is concerned.

      • mattphoto

        * in super bright light
        * with the subject in front of a clean solid background

        • Oilymouse

          You appear to suggest that lenses exist that do not perform as well in optimal conditions yet DO perform better in the field?! Would be hard to explain when not taking into account the AF system of the camera.

          To rephrase: what’s your point? :-)

    • Anonymous

      While I agree about the seeing before believing part, you have to realize that pdaf simply means less work for the lens, and also means knowing beforehand where you want the elemnts to move. Being slower at starting/stopping due to inertia (because of the mass that has to be moved) is a huge issue for cdaf, but barely affects pdaf.

      • I remember the comment on the first E-M1 video we had here: “4/3 lenses are almost as fast as m4/3 lenses”

        BTW in both formats there are some which are faster than others, so a general statement it makes no sense-

    • matt jones

      Agree with Amalric, as nice as FT lenses are they can not physically move as quick as Oly MFT lenses to focus.

    • full frame

      your sourses ahahhahaha you are a shame of human you so lame go to the geriatric

  • Selim

    Is it possible that the new 12-40 has a close-focusing ability, like the 12-50?

    • I don’t see a macro button à la 12-50 on the 12-40. I expect the 12-40 to reach a reproduction ratio of between 1:3 and 1:4. Not close to being a macro, but still pretty useful.

      • There is that Lens Fn button on the base of the 12-40 and I haven’t seen an explanation of what it does (though I might have missed a comment on that).

        • Anonymous

          It has been explained in another thread about this lens. The 12-50 has the exact same lfn buttom, but that is totally and completely unrelated to the macro feature it has.

          Lfn is just a programmable function button that happens to be on the lens (hence Lens FuNction), similar to how bfn is a programmable function button on the battery grip and Fn is one on the body itself. You can assign many of the typical things you can assign to a function button to it, such as DOF preview, AF-stop or many other things.

          Again, totally and completely unrelated to the 12-50s macro mode, that macro mode also has a button, but that is actually a button to PHYSICALLY unlock the zoom ring so it can be moved into the macro position, the macro button itself is very likely not even electronically connected to anything.

          • AMVR

            I’m wondering, how does the LFn button work on Pany bodies ? I mean, what sort of display does the Pany body interface have for displaying an extra button from an Oly lens ? Does it magically appear in the menus or what ? I know the GX7 has a dedicated Fn button assignment screen but how would it work if that only displays the body accessible buttons ?

            I don’t have a Pany body nor the 12-50mm to test this out, anyone ?

            • Anonymous

              On my G2 I cannot configure the lfn button, regardless of having mounted the 12-50. I’d be surprised to see this change until such time that Panasonic also includes such a button… but who knows. There have been firmware changes on both sides to resolve some of those things, such as the ‘reset lens’ and Panasonics equivalent now working for pretty much all lenses on all bodies in the same way.

      • Anonymous

        1:3 is actually quite considered macro already, and happens to be exactly what the macro function of the 12-50 does.

        Note that this is about 1:3, not about ‘equivalent to 1:3’.

        Macro magnification is given as the relation between the size of the projection on the focal plane and the size of the real object, WITHOUT any adjustment for sensor size/crop factor etc.

        A 1:3 ratio when used on a m4/3 camera and then printed to a specific size will give a similar image to a 135 format camera using a 1:1.5 magnification and printing to the exact same size.

        Comparing this with some comparable lens, the Lumix 12-35 only does 0.17x magnification, that is just a little bit better then 1:6 and indeed outside what would be considered ‘macro’ even when being very generous about the lowest magnification that we still consider ‘macro’.

        • In my opinion, and going by the standard definiton, a 4/3-size sensor requires a 1:2 reproduction ratio to be called a (proper) macro.

          • Anonymous

            Well, that 1:2 ratio being proper macro on m4/3 is based on the ‘golden’ 1:1 or better reproduction ratio definition of macro, combined with a misconception about what exactly macro is. Macro, close-up, high magnification are 3 related concepts but are far from the same thing.

            Macro is not about magnification in print, it is about reproduction ratio. That is, how big is the projection on the focal plane compared to the size of the subject. If the subject is 3x the size of the projection you have a 1:3 reproduction ratio.

            Whatever size crop you happen to make of that is totally and completely irrelevant for if something is macro, it is relevant for what picture you can present, but that is merely one of the many purposes of macro.

            Reproduction ratio matters because it allows you to measure things and to make exact replicas (reproductions) of source material (slides etc). You pick the format based on how large your subject will be, so a 135 format when reproducing 135 format slides for example, a 4×5 if you are dealing with something larger.

            So.. yes, 1:2 reproduction ratio on m4/3 will let you print about the same picture as 1:1 reproduction ratio on 135 format, but from the perspective of macro its really not at all the same thing.

            If one wants to use the ‘macro must at least be live-size reproduction’ standard then macro is always at least 1:1, totally independent of format.

            That isn’t an overly practical definition, as there is quite some use for lower reproduction ratios, and in practice, everything better then 1:4 is usually regarded ‘macro’.

            • Are you trying to convert me? ;-)

            • “Macro” has always meant 1:1 as far as I am aware, at least in proper photographic circles. The crop factor is important in so far as with a 2x crop a ratio of 1:2 is an /effective/ 1:1, although a 35mm purist would argue the toss.

              “Macro” on compact/PAS cameras and phone camera settings is marketing shorthand for “close focussing” and has corrupted the photographic definition (if you can call it that).

              • Anonymous

                “although a 35mm purist would argue the toss”

                That has nothing to do with 35mm purists. The definition of macro as 1:1 or better has to do with reproduction ratio and not with magnification in print, and simply has nothing to do with sensor size or crop factor.

                120 format users, 135 format users, large format users, 110 format users, all have always used the exact same 1:1 ratio without any conversion to ‘effective ratio’ to ‘compensate’ for the different formats, there is no reason for all of a sudden changing that now.

                If all you are interested in is the size of a subject in print, then effective ratio is useful, but that is merely one of the possible uses of ‘macro’, and effective reproduction ratio is merely an easy way to picture what the final result in print is going to look like. Additionally, this is no longer just about macro but much more about high magnification.

                When you are actually interested in reproduction, then effective ratio is a totally meaningless concept, when you are actually doing macro for example for documenting species, then effective reproduction ratio can actually be quite counter-productive.

              • hullyjr

                A true macro is any lenses that can produce an image on the sensor (film) that is the same size as the object. Cropping has no effect on image size on the sensor. Lots of lenses are incorrectly labeled macro so the term is largely ignored.

  • This sounds good.

  • Mr D800e 14-24mm f2.8

    “Very fast autofocus.” Just a shame it is bending light to a tiny sensor with tiny pixels giving a noisy, mushy result.

    • Anonymous

      lost your way again?

    • NOW I get it! I thought my crappy photos were due to user error, but thanks to your insightful observation I realize it’s the tiny sensor in my camera. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

      • Mr D800e 14-24mm f2.8

        Your poor photos were probably due to combination a user error and rubbish sensor. My advice would be to enrol on a photography course and buy a proper DSLR.

        • BM

          I’d very much like to see a link to your photos.

          • Mr D800e 14-24mm f2.8

            You probably wouldn’t. My work is very generic, like everyone one else on here. But at least the pictures are beautifully sharp, noise free, with fantastic dynamic range, which helps me get far more enjoyment out of my photography. Thank God I chose such a fantastic camera (the lenses are pretty special, too).

            • Anonymous

              I see… You could use a P&S, but you want to justify your “pro” status using some “pro” gear.

              It’s not a shame if you have no talent at all, you obviously proove it isn’t mandatory in your work.

              May I ask why in the world you feel the urge to come to this dedicated 43 board since you already know that you need a big DSLR to hide your incompetence?

              • Mr D800e 14-24mm f2.8

                I’m in the same boat as 99.99% the population. We can’t all be a ‘Mozart’. We’d be very fortunate even to be a ‘Salieri’. (and we should be grateful for never being a ‘Michael Jackson’)

                • Anonymous

                  There’s some ppl who “buy falsified diplomaes” to get a job… It may be the same with you: you use (so called) pro gear in the same way…
                  Hopefully not 99.99% of the population do so, despite what you may think.

                  Anyway, you should really try EM-5 or EM-1 one day (you don’t have to tell anybody if you like it).

                  • Mr D800e 14-24mm f2.8

                    After you’ve sampled the best equipment, you can never go back to middling/mediocre equipment. If I had a Ferrari, I’m not gonna want to replace it with a Skoda…

                    • zozio

                      why not trying some MF gear?

                    • Anonymous

                      Unless you have to move your couch to your new home! :)
                      Once again, don’t hide behind appearances. Open your mind, put your dogmas away, and don’t be scared to try something else… Then you’ll judge for yourself.

                    • Eskimo Micronian

                      Sir, I am glad you used the Ferrari analogy. Let’s call the D800E a Ferrari 458 Italia. It accelerates from 0-60 in a little over 3 seconds. It is a mega two-seat track weapon that is good for the occasional jaunt down a mountain road. But you wouldn’t want to drive it everyday.
                      A Skoda would be more comparable to a basic point and shoot or even a phone, IMHO. It gets you from point A to point B, but not quickly, not comfortably, and certainly not stylishly.
                      A camera like the E-P5 is like an Audi S4. It’s a little spendy, but nothing like the Ferrari (D800). It’s fast (0-60 in 5 seconds, the E-P5 shoots at 9 frames per second), and it is more practical than the Ferrari in almost every way.
                      I recently sold my Nikon D3X, D3, D700 and all associated pro lenses, and bought a GH3, an E-P5 and every Olympus fast MFT prime. I haven’t looked back. My images look the same, and I am shooting a lot more of them because the MFTs always go where I go. I have back problems, and it is much easier to carry my two MFT cameras rather than a D3 with 70-200mm and a D700 with 24-70mm. We have D800s at the office. They are awesome cameras, but 36 megapixels is overkill for 99 percent of what we do. The files are too big and the four frames per second ensures we use our D3Ss for any sports work.
                      If you look at the numbers on DXO mark, today’s top MFT cameras are pulling color depth and dynamic range numbers comparable to the D3 and superior to the 5D Mark III in terms of dynamic range. I understand today’s Nikon full-frames are even better, but if you cannot get pro results with D3 levels of performance, you aren’t trying hard enough.
                      MFT noise performance isn’t what full-frame is, but it is equal to APS-C, and I would argue the quality of the noise is superior to full frame cameras of a generation ago in terms of grain and color handling. Besides, a top full frame camera simply produces photos that look less crummy in crummy light. I, for one, like to shoot in good light. Still, I haven’t been disappointed with the E-P5 in poor light.
                      I suspect (I certainly don’t know) the full-frame users who comment on FT/MFT/APS-C forums are wondering if the cash outlay and the bulk is really worth it, when they see working photogs using crop-frame sensors get fantastic results. Maybe they feel better when they disparage those formats.
                      Real pros who use full frame have no such impetus to troll on these forums, because they know why they spend the money on the format, and why they are willing to move the heavier equipment around (especially when they have assistants). This is the same reason medium format users don’t troll on full-frame forums. They understand why they went medium format and are secure in doing so.

                  • Mr D800e 14-24mm f2.8

                    I’ll tell you what, if you wanna pay for this equipment it, I’ll try it out. There we go! (can’t reply to your other comment, as it’s reached the limit) And isn’t the weather lovely today – I’ll take some photos of the midday sun, which is where an optical viewfinder is really advantageous!

                    • Anonymous

                      You shouldn’t shoot in midday sun, unless you like harsh shadows (or master at dealing with them). OVF or not.

                • Phred

                  …but Mr D800e….. propofol and benzodiazepine is an incredibly great way to manage your life?

            • Oilymouse

              > beautifully sharp, noise free, with fantastic dynamic range
              This I have to see. In practice, I for one cannot combine noise free and “fantastic” dynamic range (I assume 12+ stops) with any camera, regardless of sensor. The shadows have noise even on a D4 (which a beats a D800, no?) and S2. Bring on that wonderful generic work of yours!

              Btw, “beaufitul sharpness” kind of gives you away as an amateur snob with too much money to spend; leave that out next time. :-D

              • Vlad

                Why do you even bother with that obvious troll. Seriously, can’t we get a troll with some originality?

                • Mr D800e 14-24mm f2.8

                  I’ve just been impaled by Vlad!

                • Oilymouse

                  Come on Vlad, we never had this many FF wankers here. This is so much more fun than APS-C comparisons.

                  The King brings FF angst. These masochist trolls deserve our attention!

              • Mr D800e 14-24mm f2.8

                ”This I have to see. In practice, I for one cannot combine noise free and “fantastic” dynamic range (I assume 12+ stops) with any camera, regardless of sensor. The shadows have noise even on a D4 (which a beats a D800, no?)”
                It is abundantly clear that you have never used the D800e, which I would absolutelyh described as a bespoke item. My humble advice to you is not to get one, as you will never miss what you have never had (and it would also be very costly to change systems, however, in all likelihood you’ll have no choice when the µ43 system goes into oblivion, which will happen in the next few years, unlike Nikon’s legendary F mount, which will be around forever.)

                • Oilymouse

                  Interesting. I never hesitate to mention (and have done so many times before) I like to shoot my F-mount lenses on both APS-C and FF cameras. I don’t own but have shot with the D800 with AA filter (renting a body or lenses is easy where I live). Hope you don’t mind. I have also studied a lot of full size images from the D800. In sum: mine is bigger than yours. Woohoo!

                  But you own the D800-now-watch-“E!” – the ultimate camera, of course – and think people should envy you. Oh well.

                  You didn’t say anything of my comparison to the D4, though (lack of experience, maybe). Nor is their *any* other substantiation in your post (really, there is nothing). In sum: mine is MUCH bigger than yours, because it goes beyond posessing a mere camera!

                  Happy trolling! :-D

                  • Mr D800e 14-24mm f2.8

                    You want me to do all the work for you, you lazy old soul! I would heartily recommend this website called dxomark. There’s lots and lots of cameras on there. You can even find out the answer to your little question. I believe you will be most pleasantly surprised. And, yes, my cameras is better than yours: its the best ever! So go onto that lovely website that I mentioned and become enlightened…

            • BM

              I always wrongly assume that people enjoy the whole entirety of photography. This may encompasses it’s history and it’s artists from the present and past. It could be the stories that would be unknown if not for the people that put effort into the stories they wish to show. For some it is a love for life. We walk around with a camera to enjoy what brief time we have on this planet. Documenting our loved ones and trekking to areas with our gear to witness moments in time that are invisible to others until we capture those moments etc. etc.
              I think you have an excellent camera to take fantastically sharp photos. Now you need to work on enrolling yourself in a class on not being a snob, and how to rid yourself of materialism.

    • Yes its a shame. Oly makes wonderful cameras but the sensor size is is so outdated in comparison to their prices. Still i like this camera for what it is. The wife and kids are going to enjoy its somewhat smaller size and weatherproof ruggedness playing on the beach or in the rain etc…..

      • Anonymous

        Is it the same for you? I mean, does your wife enjoy your smaller size?

        • Thats funny, you’re wife told me i was to big for her in comparison to you.

          • Ross

            In your (wet) dreams!

    • Jerome LaPlume

      You’re right, and forget how the oily/dust stains provided by default by your D800 give to images a magnificent look!

      • Oilymouse

        And life gets worse when you suffer the PDAF focusing issues, for sure.

        And AF across the frame is always out of the question with FF, of course.

        I hear carrying all that weight keeps you healthy, though.

        More FF fanbois, so I can vent all that frustration right here on my favorite forum! :-D

    • jf

      Adriaantie ? is it you ? I like so much my small camera !

      • Oilymouse

        Adriaantie never was this silly.

    • This one, unfortunately, has the word “troll” in it… but I don’t think Mr. D800e would mind. At least Mr D800e seems to be a grown-up. I suspect Full Frame is a teenager, hence the lack of punctuation, so we should be more nurturing.

      Anyway, I’m still working on “Snowfalls in Hokkaido”, which hopefully won’t use epithets.



      Just how much do we love the trolls and shills:
      So little time to count the ways they give!
      They make our brains alert like we’re on pills,
      And keep us happy with the way we live!

      They make us hone our physics, math, and such,
      And watch our budgets when we buy our troves.
      We’re hardly saints or kind, or like them much,
      But uninvited guests we want in droves.

      Some insecure, weak moments we proclaim,
      “Your ways are lost and never will prevail!
      Your sensor size obsession’s quite a shame!”
      We want to see their flame-provoking fail.

      But, do remember, they bring clicks and views,
      and earn our Admin cash and rave reviews!

      • Mr D800e 14-24mm f2.8

        “This one, unfortunately, has the word “troll” in it… but I don’t think Mr. D800e would mind. At least Mr D800e seems to be a grown-up”
        I guess I could even take that as a back handed compliment

      • Oilymouse

        I love troll poetry and this is no exception!

        Although I think it’s artistically interesting to refrain from referring to trolls/trolling/trollism as such, but it can be quite refreshing to name the beast.

        Btw, Mr D800 (and probably others) appears to be a masochist; I think that theme can provide a tantalizing undertone in troll poetry, drawing the reader into the perverted mind of FF lifters.

  • Nelson

    more translation from OMuser
    E-M1- pre-load all the ZD and MZD code, so no oversharpening effect
    ISO is 1 stop better than E-M5

    E-M1 Full HDR function (use electronic shutter), it will have Natural and Vivid mode

    C-AF will use Hybrid AF (on all lens) with PDAF + CDAF
    S-AF will use either CDAF or PDAF

    No direct E-5 successor, ZD lens is still in production

    Next year there will be 40-150mm F2.8, look like mini version of Nikon 70-200mmm f4

    • Do they mention if electronic shutter is available in other than HDR modes?

      • The Real Stig

        Even if not, surely just shoot RAW +HDR and throw away the HDR files.

    • Thanks. Very interesting indeed.

    • Fraenzken

      Where did you find this?

    • ISO 1 stop better! I did not expect any sensor improvement other than the PDAF… Certainly a feat if true!

      • peevee

        That one makes the whole list very suspect.

        • rrr_hhh

          They tweaked the jpegs probably.. We need to know whether that applies to the raws too.

    • M

      Ah, cool, I hope the 40-150 2.8 will be a nice lens :-)

    • Point 8 is translated by Google for me as:

      “repeatedly stressed that no immediate plans to launch the successor to E-5, did not plan to launch a new ZD mirror, but the existing ZD lens has continued to maintain production”

      Of course, there is HUGE scope for loss in translation, but “No plans to launch the successor” is not the same as “there will be no successor”..

      Equally, with this level of technology step in the OM-D it would make very little sense to not launch a new E-series body a.s.a.p if they have one ready to go. But if they have one almost ready to go they might be thinking that to announce it now might hurt the EM-1 launch.

      Yep – still clutching at straws. :)

      • Very unlikely to see another E series body. But then, m4/3 seems to have bridged all the gaps. E-M1 with vertical grip is a robust camera that can support large lenses as well as the E-5 can.

      • The Real Stig

        Not clutching at straws at all.

        Just stay calm, some nice men in white coats will be along shortly with a very special jacket for you to wear.

      • Oilymouse

        “the existing ZD lens has continued to maintain production”

        Does that mean the forum contributors who laughingly said 4/3 lens production stopped years ago maybe wrong? Just asking. It could explain the availability and high prices, of course, interesting.

    • sig

      1) EM1 is still 16mpx

      2) No power zoom on 16-40mm f2.8

      3) EM1 have “low ISO” like EP5, but rumored that it could be iso 100-160 (depending on lighting situation)

      4) E-M1 already pre-load all the ZD and MZD lens code (for vignetting & distortion correction) , so there will be no over-sharpening effect after lens correction.
      ISO is about 1 stop better than EM5.

      5) EM1’s new feature: Full auto HDR. It will have natural and vivid settings. During shooting in this mode, can’t feel the shutter is in continuous motion, thus it could be using electronic shutter.
      HDR mode just like other camera, only recommended for still shots.

      6) C-AF will use hybric AF (CDAF + PDAF). In other modes, user can decide either CDAF or PDAF.

      7) From now on, OMD line will be target at pro and adv users. Thus em5 definitely will have successors.

      EPx : for adv user (with style)
      EPLx: entry level
      EPMx: entry level (cool and simple)

      8) There will be no E5 successor as of now and there’s no new ZD lenses. But current ZD lens still in production.

      9) there will be a 40-150 f2.8 next year, in black.

      • Enzojz


        • Nelson

          for #6 user can’t decide PDAF or CDAF, the machine decide which AF to use base on the lens (43 or M43 lens) mounted on the body

          • kavat

            6)”C-AF will use hybric AF (CDAF + PDAF) ” WITH ALL LENSES ( 4/3 or m4/3). Great news for tracking

      • alexander

        why 40-150mm & not 14-150?!?!?!

        -> I hate marketing guys…

        • Sören


        • Ivo

          Completely agree, ultimate weather dust proof travel combo, and for the 1% occasional need you can still switch lenses…

        • Anonymous

          Because making a 14-150/2.8 with decent performance is going to be very difficult and expensive, and will result in a very big and heavy lens. Once you get beyond approx a 3x zoom ratio it becomes exponentially more difficult to keep it performing well, especially when it has to be fast.

          • Info

            You are right for 14-150, but 12-60 is a great lens with 5 times zoom ration.

            • Anonymous

              Well, I said it was difficult, not impossible :-)

              Its a matter of compromises. The Pana/Leica 10x zoom shows that it is quite possible to make a relatively light and not too large 10x zoom lens with pretty good optical quality, but you do have to give up a lot of brightness for that, especially at the longer end. One can make different compromises of course.

              The 12-60 itself is also clearly a compromise, a desirable one most certainly, but a compromise regardless, as it isn’t constant aperture, loses a fair bit of brightness quite early on in its range, and at the wide end of the range it has a fair bit of distortion. Also its somewhat large and heavy for a standard zoom. Its a desirable compromise for many because none of those things are bad enough to offset the increased versatility.

              • Info

                About the distortion in 12-60 I can’t agree with you. 12-60 is quite good corrected in evry one aspect. Distortion is 2 times smaller than for example 12mm f2. !2-60 has less CA than most lenses for m43 even primes. 12-60 is sharper than all primes in the 12-60 range. The only compromise is the aperture range 2.8-4, but I can live with it.

                • Anonymous

                  Well, considering the 12-60 is a 4/3 lens, I rather compare to other 4/3 lenses. The 7-14 is absolutely a step up with regards to distortion correction, but also in price, however, the much more mundane 11-22 also runs circles around the 12-60 at 12mm. The 12-60 is more convenient, but from an optical quality perspective, the 11-22 and 14-54 (mk2 or not) duo are better.

                  That it beats the 12/2.0 in distortion is no surprise, seeing how that lens is compromised for size and whatever other reasons. Does it outperform the 20/1.7, 25/1.4 or 45/1.8? I doubt it, especially the later 2. My eyes tell me no, but that is not a ‘measured’ test.

        • rrr_hhh

          There will never be any pro transtandard zoom : to many compromises on IQ are needed and the results would never be of pro level (aka present a satisfying IQ).

          Adding only wheather sealing is not going to make it pro level.

          But I’d like an equivalent of the 12-60mm even if it is only F4. It would cover all the focal range I need. 12-40mm is a little short.. That is the result of people whining for large fast aperture… Sigh..

    • very intresting

      Very intresting. HDR mode could be intresing. Electronic shutter could means there will me many exposures with different times in one photo. Example – we set time 1/50, but EM-1 will make several photos 1/50, 1/500, 1/5000 and connect them as HDR – we will get total time near 1/50 (1/50 + 1/500 + 1/5000 = 111/5000 = 1,11/50) and information about dark and light.
      HDR function should be strong if there is dedicated button for it (and elecotronic shutter).

      CAF with hybrid AF – very intresting

      1EV better ISO – if it is fro hardware (sensor) not from firmware (smoothing) it is very good information.

      40-150/2.8 in 2014? Very good information.
      The best set (maybe in 2015?) in micro43 – EM-1 + 12-40/2.8 (Olympus) + 40-150/2.9 (Olympus) + 42,5/1.2 (Panasonic) + 17/1.2 (no rumors)

      • Enzojz

        BKT is not new, but with electronic shutter is new.

      • Fraenzken

        Even if the “1 stop improvement” only applies to jpgs, it would be more than welcome to me.

        At the moment Olympus’ noise reduction isn’t very refined; with a careful raw conversion you can get a result that looks at least a stop better. Fuji on the other hand deals brillantly with high ISO noise – their jpgs are hard to beat, even with Lightroom.

        A “1 stop improvement” would make Olympus’ jpgs much more usable and reduce the need for raw conversion in a lot of circumstances.

      • In effect HDR will at least double exposure time, depending on the number of exposures. Combining it with electronic shutter will make it a seamless experience, but as it actually involves multiple exposures it will better be used with caution.

    • jf

      That very very hot !!

  • Bobafett

    Gonna get me one, cause the hood is included :)

    • john

      ahaha so true, seeing how much a olympus hood costs, I am wondering if it wasn’t better to have the price of the lens without it :P ;P :P :P

    • Phred

      …but we haven’t actually seen the price of the lens…YET! :-(. LOL!

    • Narretz

      There will be two lens kits: one with lens only, one with lens + hood, which costs 100$ more.

      • full frame

        lens hood to small for hole :)

  • Edwin Santioso

    Admin, did anyone mention about what type of FT/MFT lens adapter they used in the test?
    Will MMF-1 works as fast as MMF-3 with E-M1?

    • Anonymous

      The adapter itself doesn’t do any processing for AF, and the only difference between the mmf-1 and 3 is that the later is weather sealed.

      Don’t know which one they used, but there is something very seriously wrong if it would matter in any way. For that matter, the equivalent Panasonic adapter or cheaper clones (with electronics) from ebay are bound to work just as well, simply because the electronics in the adapter don’t have anything whatsoever to do with the AF speed, it provides some conversion between the m4/3 and 4/3 protocols, but plays no active role beyond that.

      • I would be worried about the strength of the current adapters when mounting a heavier lens like the 50-200. The E-M1 needs a robust, metal adapter.

        • Anonymous

          That is a good reason to avoid the mmf-2, but both the 1 and 3 and the Lumix alternative are quite well built, and can handle lenses like the 50-200 and the 35-100 about as well as any of the E-xx and E-xxx models can. On many m4/3 cameras, the construction of the camera body gives more reason for concern.

          Obviously, an adapter with a construction very similar to that of the ec14 would be much nicer, but also heavier and more expensive.

        • JimStir

          I have used my 50-200mm on the GH3 not to bad handling wise though cant say the same about AF speed :)

          • Anonymous

            Indeed, in effect a large but still manageable manual focus zoom lens, through one that has the added benefit of communicating its focal length and focus distance to the camera, making IS a lot more usable.

            Curious to see how this will work on the E-M1. Guess I’ll know the moment it gets shipped in Europe, through I do have an odd invitation for second half of September, might get to try this sooner then I was counting on.

        • Ivo

          Hope they design one from metal with a build in switchable macro function (extending 10-15mm)

      • Edwin Santioso

        Well, I do hope so.
        Thank you

  • A few years ago I never would have even dreamed of Olympus/m43 excelling in focus speeds.

    Personally, for me and my style of shooting, the “slow” 20mm/1.7 AF speed is fast enough. But until recently, focus speed and high iso was not a forte of Olympus nor m4/3 in general. It is incredible how the system has progressed and hitting its promise one by one. Despite the news about decline in mirrorless sales, the state of m4/3 currently is awesome.

    m4/3 is a very attractive system today with very strong features and selection. For a little while, it was a little worrisome looking at the lineup from both Pany and Oly, but it seems that recently the two companies have equally attractive products that provides awesome innovation and fun experience.


  • M

    I really wonder if the price of the lens is really “only” $ 900. But ok, that would be in Switzerland 900 Swiss Francs, and for that price I could buy a new Pana 12-35, so it would be stupid to sell the 12-40 for much more.

  • Ivo

    It is going to be an expensive year I guess, not sure if I am going to switch from the 12-60/50-200 43 to the m43 12-40/40-200 though would also make my ex25 ec14 ec20 useless. Not to mention my canon 50d, polarizer all standardized on 72mm…
    Otoh if it is a total of 1kg less… It. Is a lot of weight when traveling

    C’mon oly make a pro 12-120/14-150 3,5-5,6 no problem if is as large as the 12-60 would make a killer travel lens

    Maybe an idea a mmf4 from metal able to extend 5,10,15mm giving a lot of 43 glass extra close focus ability not as drastic as the ex25 which is just to much (hence a high quality close up lens)

    • CaverDave

      A month ago the Olympus rep was at the local camera store and talked about the 12-40 f2.8 and a 14-150 f2.8 – ??.

      • Ivo

        Lol I hope that dream comes true, will be happy to sell all my 43 glass for a relative good sealed 14-150

    • The Real Stig

      Get a bridge camera. Zooms with more than 4-5 x range are for peasants. Olympus is not going to put ‘Zuiko’ on a 10x zoom.

      • Ivo

        If there was a bridge Cam with weather/dust proofing and such a huge range i would know of I probably would have bought it already regardless of cost, so If you know one you are welcome.

        And yes I know there will be a relative big compromise on that lens though panaleica proofed that it is possible to make such a beast with reasonable quality would not care if oly put zuiko on it, just want it weatherproofed./dust proofed and preferably have to change lenses as less as possible on a trip to minimize risk.

        Never forgot my canon eos 5e with 17-35l and 75-300is after 3 weeks Tunisia even when taking lots of care with changing there was sand in everything making the lenses grinding when focussing.
        That was a very expensive lesson.
        And my Main reason to get the e3. And the 12-60 combination is a superb compromise the 50-200 is excellent but my travel bag is around 3kg easy….
        but would not mind a bit bigger compromise as a trade off for light weight of the total package and 90% of the time no lens change needed. And I am pretty sure there are more people around who would want that on either a omd or em1 even at close to 1000 usd for a practical but not zuiko quality lens.

      • JimStir

        I am not a great fan of the 10x zooms as a rule. Though they have their uses the 14-140 makes for a great holiday option bring along a fast prime the 20mm or 25mm in my case and you can cover a lot of ground.

        As for peasants that is pretty harsh I am sure that a high end 10x could be made though who knows what they would charge for it.The peasant would need to be pretty affluent to purchase the £2000 Canon 28-300mm f3.5-5.6L :-)

        There are numerous wonderful shots taken with these 10x zooms talent is not restricted to those who can pay £6000 for an Olympus 300mm lens

        • Anonymous

          Yes, a high quality 10x photographic zoom lens is possible, there exists a Pana/Leica one for 4/3 to prove that.

          • Ivo

            I hope they succeed the panaleica is around 500g and not big.
            the canon beast is 1700g ff lens. Rented it for a day once, very flexible hernia lens.. Which for me was too much, not even the cash.. This is where m43 should be able to pick size rewards…

            • Anonymous

              The PL neither very big or heavy, through it is expensive, and leaves much to be desired with regards to build quality. Its also not a very fast lens, but, its clear why it did get the Leica branding despite being a 10x zoom.

        • Ivo

          Well I am pretty sure the REAL Stig is still happy us peasants buying nice expensive toys so he is able to test drive them and not a rusty bike with training wheels instead.

          IMHO the same applies to everything, you buy what you can afford and works for you, this can mean that consumers have a bigger wish list or different one as a pro, but since marketing guys know the label pro sells you will get some cross pollination just to make that pro camera possible.

          And since people are more and more extreme in traveling and sports, there is a market for these products even if they do not sell much photos.

          In the end the user defines if it is pro use not the camera. Soo keep your champagne gimme my whiskey instead…

        • jf

          Indeed some beautiful pictures !

      • true homer

        Thats funny…the 14-150 says zuiko all over it.

      • The Real Stig

        That was meant to be tongue-in-cheek; apologies it didn’t come across as such.

        • Ivo

          Rofl accepted, :-)

  • IBIS5

    Admin? any news about video, or new details about hardware and software video, camera???

  • kl

    Could anybody comment anything on it’s shutter sound? Is it more damp?

  • Fuji James

    More #Overpriced #Underspecced rubbish from Olympus. When will they learn? (I’m afraid a company that indulges in corporate fraud on an unprecedented scale with never learn).

    • OM-4ever

      Actually, when compared to corporations like Enron, or many banks, Oly might even seem quite innocent, so I wouldn’t use the word unprecedented.

  • Dr Who

    This Lens can wait If the e-m1 really works will with my good old 12-60

  • Enzojz

    @admin haven’t post the bad news is that E-M1 shares the same battery with E-M5.

    • Anonymous

      “@admin haven’t post the bad news is that E-M1 shares the same battery with E-M5.”

      This was there way before you made your post:

      3) The grip feels good and the battery used by the E-m1 is the same as the one used by the E-M5.

      See, admin quite posted that. If its good or bad news is a matter of perspective.
      For those already owning an E-M5, they can share the batteries/transfer extra batteries to their new camera, so that is actually good news. For those hoping for a higher capacity battery, well, not so good news.

      I’d like to point out however that E-x bodies share a battery design with the older Camedia compacts.

      • Enzojz

        Yes, if the E-M1 uses BLM-1 or BLM-5, sure that will be interesting for 4/3 users. I have 3 BLM-1 and 1 BLM-5.

    • Duchemin

      What’s the problem with the EM-5 battery? Battery life is not brilliant but ok and I just bought 2 additional no name batteries for a few bucks. But never need more than two in a day of shooting.

      Battery life depends a lot on how often you use the display.

  • VooDooZg

    And what with swd lens will thay be faster from normal or same or !? Pn e-m1 !?

    50-200 mk1 vs 50-200 swd !?

  • Jankoff

    Great news! And another one $1500 poorer. Only $1500 because the 12-60 will work like hell. And if longer-range quality is needed, I carry around the E-PM2 & Leica 25/1.4 anyway. Always. Roll on 10-11 September!

  • peevee

    And still, the only thing that matters for that camera if it can reliably track at 9 fps+. Even 10 fps+ are needed for marketing reasons to generate big sales.

  • kavat

    So far great news! Im just a little sad that the EM1 uses same battery as em5 ( a powerful one would be nice. Maybe you can put two in the grip !

    • Steve

      This is a big step down from the battery in the E-5 and GH3. Definitely tiny for a $1500 “Pro” camera.

      • true homer

        So with thw grip full of batteries itll last as long a the gh3 with 1 battery. Sad

        • Anonymous

          If that works like the HLD-6, you’ll be able to change batteries without the camera turning off, same should be possible if you can fit 2 batteries internally.

          • Anonymous

            Damn… Thinking about those poor guys who had to change their film every 24 shots…

            • Anonymous

              There exist backs for many above entry level film slrs that allow using bulk roll film, with a lot more then 24 exposures :-)

              Really, the one problem of a relatively low capacity battery is that you run a bigger chance of running out of juice in the middle of a shoot, usually at a rather inconvenient moment. Bigger battery reduces the chances a bit, but a dual battery solution actually allows solving it, as you can defer battery changes to convenient moments and make them non-disruptive.

            • Naw, it wasn’t so bad. We shot 36 exposure rolls instead. Besides with top end film cameras, it was possible to get bulk film backs that would shoot up to 250. Of course, reloading in the field, in your “dark bag” portable darkroom could be a challenge sometimes. Then there were the hot dry days, when static became annoying, shooting at high speed (say 3 or 4 fps) could create some real interesting “lightening” special effects on the film. Only problem was you couldn’t turn off the special effect.

      • The Real Stig

        If you turn an E-M5 over, take out the battery and look into the cavity left, it becomes apparent that near enough 1/3 of the volume of the main body is devoted to housing the battery. There just isn’t room for a bigger one and still let them fit in useful things like the sensor.

    • Z

      Agreed, was expecting full size batteries, there should be room in the grip.

  • Finally a hood included.

    • Oilymouse

      I predicted this, but since I called the m43 hoodless primes “fancy-wancy retro” I was accused of being a troll (my bad, of course, I have no sense of humor to speak of). Trolls of course, can never be right by definition. Being right, I’m not a troll.

      Anyway, here’s to all my friends who doubted the hood: you people *just* *don’t* *get* *it* (as you also don’t *get* the E-M1). Ciao!

  • OM-4ever

    Might be my first AF (modern) zoom purchase. Anyways, getting the M1 for sure.

  • Turin

    I so want to hear the specs of 40-150 f/2.8! I was planning to buy 12-35 and 35-100 before my February trip to Africa, now I’ll have a tough decision to make…

    • Ivo

      Just rent the old 50-200 2,8/3,5 with an adapter for that trip, preferably with a ec1,4 or buy one and sell it on flee bay afterwards. Wil be realy interesting to see how small big heavy that lens will be in comparison….

    • M

      I don’t believe that the 40-150 will be available until February… Maybe I’m wrong, but i really don’t believe that.

      • Turin

        I don’t believe it either, but if size & weight won’t get out of hand and filter size is the same as 12-40, than It would be more tempting than 35-100 in the long run (I’m pretty sure that IQ will be more than good enough for me if it will be be a top of the line oly zoom). Seeing pana 150mm f/2.8 though doesn’t make me optimistic in that regard.

        I would rather have both lenses from the same manufacturer because of the same (?) filter size and clear IS strategy. I’d be pretty confident with making an initial decision based on specs and price in this segment. If I have to wait, I’ll borrow some lenses or take my Pentax gear instead one more time.

        • M

          I prefer Olympus lenses with a Olympus body because with a Pana lens there is no correction of CA with Olympus bodies, unfortunately…

  • ArtP

    Well, it sure looks like I gotta have this camera… and the lens too (unless I pick up a 12-60 in the mean time)
    But at least for now the E-M5 is good enough for me, so I can wait another year or two before upgrading. But will be dreaming about this combo until then. :)
    Does sound like Oly got everything right this time… but I guess we have to wit for full reviews to be sure.

    • Pixnat

      +1 Exactly the same for me :-)

  • Dwaine Dibbly

    I stuck with my lowly E-PL3, skipping the E-M5, in hopes that “the next OM-D” would be something really great. It looks like I’m about to be rewarded. (With all tech gear I have taken the tactic of skipping a generation whenever I can. Thank you, Recession.) I hated the looks of the E-M1 when the first spy photos were released, but the latest shots look much better and I really don’t care about looks of a camera body, just function. Here’s hoping that I can scrape up some cash…. And I’m actually thrilled about the hood being included, assuming that the 12-40 turns out to be as good as Olympus is making us think it will be..

    • Dwaine Dibbly

      And while I’ve been waiting, I’ve been re-learning photography (haven’t touched anything more than a point-and-shoot in 25 years) and collecting m4/3 lenses. Perfect timing, Olympus.

    • M

      Not a good sign if people are thrilled about an included lens hood instead to be angry that there are lenses without hood ;-)

      • Oilymouse

        This appears to be a simple plastic hood.

        If you want to sell beautiful metal hoods for fancy-wancy retro primes, you either include them (not smart) or sell them separately (smarter).

        Why my 14-150 has no hood, I honestly don’t now. But I’m happy it doesn’t.

  • sig

    another translation from omuser:

    Q2: One of the selling point of EM1 is the full support AF for 43 system, how do you feel after using it?

    A2: EM1 really deliver the AF speed with ZD lenses. What surprised me is that when EM1 paired with ZD lenses, the AF speed is even faster than E5, especially those super slow lenses like ZD50 f2.0 macro.

    But i only tested with olympus lenses, I’m not sure how will it perform using 3rd party lenses.

    • Oilymouse

      I love you.

  • AndersN

    OK, so the E-M1 focuses FT lenses as fast as it focuses native MFT lenses. What I wonder is if the EM-1 focuses FT lenses as fast as native FT bodies do?

    • kavat

      ” EM1 really deliver the AF speed with ZD lenses. What surprised me is that when EM1 paired with ZD lenses, the AF speed is even faster than E5″

      see above

      • JimStir

        I think that it is not the S-AF we need to ask about rather the C-AF and tracking there are some superb long lenses in the FT lens catalog .You just need to look at the bird posts in the various Olympus forums to see this.

      • In my experience it is difficult to tell any measurable difference between 0.5 sec and speed below that. You can only say if AF is instant – typically 0.1 – or not. So you need some special instrument to tell how much exactly.

        Instead it is quite easy to tell the difference between I sec and 0.5. It is the difference between sloe and fast.

        I think that any 4/3 owner would be happy anyway to have the same speed of the last dSLRS, because in addition to them he/she gets all the new m4/3 lenses. For m4/3 users instead they get 30 new lenses in one go.

        To the FF poachers I remind that 4/3 was based on peerless lenses: they were (and are) designed to have twice the resolution of FF lenses, in order to guarantee the same per pixel resolution of FF. With the new sensor I am sure they do. They also have the sensitivity and IBIS to close the gap.

        They also have matchless AF, so do your choice, and if you still prefer FF, go back to your majestic pigsties :)

        • Captain Obvious

          You can’t tell the difference between 0.5sec and below? You must be really “sloe.” LOL!

          • It’s easy for a cunt to misread.

            It is not possible to measure by the naked eye the speed below 0.5 sec – at least for me. Perhaps as a robot troll you had such a chronometer device implanted in your sinews.

            So let us know the true AF speeds of the 50 lenses that Oly is going to ship to you for robot testing – LOL

            • Fafhrd

              Amalric keeps it classy.

              • Well ‘cunt’ is just international cockney, like ‘nice little oyster’ or ‘ bad snatch’.

                You should really upgrade your Queen’s English by FW :)

              • Oilymouse

                Amalric is a crusader. He rapes and pillages.

                “We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.”

        • BLI

          My main “gripe” with the E-M5 is the time it takes to boot. The S-AF is really fast — not problem. But if I see some situation to shoot, the situation may be gone before the E-M5 is ready to shoot. This is so whether I have to turn it on, or whether I have to wake it up. I sure do hope that the E-M1 is faster…

          • Definitely one of my gripes too. With E-M5, I basically didn’t try to shoot quick with, and often missed a shot because I didn’t even try to get it working… only to discover the shot lasted longer than I thought. Slow startup/wakeup is very frustrating.

            I hope the pro standard is much faster.

    • Hubertus Bigend

      From the machine-translated original it seems quite clear that the impression was that the E-M1 PDAF generally tends to be even quicker than the E-5, especially with slower-focusing lenses.

  • All the fuzz about just a hood, its not something you need alll the time. Actually I never use them with modern lenses.

    • Hoods not only help with flare, but also protect front lens element from accidents. For me, using a hood is a no brainer…

    • Anonymous

      Ulli, a hood is a very good thing to have when using your camera in crowded spaces or somewhat hectic situations, such as during concerts, events etc. It protects the front element from accidentally bumping into things/people bumping into you, without the flare inducing and quality reducing issues of a ‘protective filter’.

      • I wont deny its usefull for such or other scenarios, but it will make your lens bigger too. For normal situations, I see no urgent need for constant use of a hood, even if agree it should be a standard accessoire. For me, I only use it with old lenses, like the russian manual focus lenses, which give too much flare in certain situations. extreme fast lenses benefit from hood too wideopen. But, there are enough shooters who use the flare as part of the visual mood. Otherwise its easy to avoid depending from your POV.

        • Ivo

          On the 50-200 swd I use a collapsible rubber hood, because te original well is almost a trash can in my bag. The advantage is that it also transforms the filter size from 67 to 72 making it match with my 12-60 having to haul a limited number of filters.
          And it looks a little bit less in your face, still protects the lens even facecdown without a cap in the bag.
          Unfortunately never found a good rubber one for the 12-60 so that one lives with the original hood…

          • Anonymous

            The hood of the non swd version can simply be reversed for storage, using almost no space at all. This isn’t the case with the swd version?

            • Oilymouse

              Exactly the same. At least 14-42, 40-150, 70-300 and 14-54 all have similar hoods.

    • Pixnat

      + 100! A hood is nice, but I don’t understand all that fuss.

  • Is the 12-40 lens weathersealed? Haven´t seen any indications in the leaked specs so far…

    • Anonymous

      Of course it’s not. It’s only for PRO living in sunny and dry countries (hence the lens hood).

      But there’s a transparent plastic bag included, just in case.

    • Daav

      Yes, it has been clearly indicated that the 12-40 is weather sealed. Just so many postings it is hard to keep track and read them all.

      • Thanks Daav, that is what i expected, m

  • Rob

    Pro = comes with a hood.

    I see.

    Any chance of weather proofing Olympus?

    • Anonymous

      What do you think yourself, Rob, considering that one of the reasons for this lens to exist is to provide a high quality ‘kit lens’ for a weather sealed camera…

    • The Real Stig

      It is weatherproof.

      • Rob

        I couldn’t see any confirmation for it. I wasn’t betting on it being an obvious inclusion, this is Olympus we’re talking about ;-)

  • “2) The Phase detection autofocus of the E-M1 is better than the E-5 with “slow lenses” like the Olympus 50mm f/2.0.”

    That IMO is an indication that PDAF and CDAF are integrated.

    “3) The grip feels good and the battery used by the E-m1 is the same as the one used by the E-M5.”

    Hehehehehe. All who hoped for about 400/600/more+ shots on a single charge… like other pro grade cameras… well, you got pwned. What is rather sad and clearly man-made failure.

    • Anonymous

      “Hehehehehe. All who hoped for about 400/600/more+ shots on a single charge… like other pro grade cameras… well, you got pwned. What is rather sad and clearly man-made failure.”

      OMG! That can’t be! Let’s all run naked in the woods screaming “shame on you Olympus!”

      Or maybe we could just get another battery?

      • > OMG! That can’t be! Let’s all run naked in the woods screaming “shame on you Olympus!”

        Wait! Let me grad my cam!

        Oh wait, let me grab few spare batteries!!

        Oh snap, I forgot to charge them!!!

        OK, next time I’ll get you for sure!!!!


        P.S. Yeah, it’s kind of not a big deal. But it definitely adds some hustle (and expenditures) to the whole experience. I have two batteries for my E-620, numbering them definitely helped organizationally (simply stickers), but still, out of box you don’t even have the possibility to see the charge level! Percentage charge indicators are literally non-existent in camera world.

        • Anonymous

          In fact we know nothing for sure yet: we’re still in the “rumoring stage”. So let’s speculate:
          * The new IC (TruePic whatever) doesn’t drain battery that much?
          * The new AF is more efficient: less hunting = less battery?
          * There’s room for 2 batteries in the grip?
          * New interface is simpler: less time lost searching for *that* feature in menu = less battery?
          * The lens hood is in fact a small solar panel (that would be revolutionary! :) ).

          Beware, troll traps are hidden in this message :D

          • Ivo

            Get a solar charger capable to run the battery charger or gee is it charging in camera like my spare xz2 which by the way is not bad since you can get spare chargers so I charge 2 at a time at night…

          • @anonymous
            Micro Four Thirds users are more energy efficient so we take more keepers in the first place and don’t spray and pray all day…

    • Anonymous

      Get some spare batteries! Even if it were a new battery with bigger capacity, you will still need spare batteries.

  • hullyjr

    For action photography at high frame rates I need to know if the EVF can refresh fast enough to supply a live image between shots. My E-M5 cannot do it.

    • Daav

      No mirrorless camera can provide that fast a refresh currently. Even with the best DSLR’s you will still get a blackout during the mirror flip. Would be nice to hope the EM1 will be better, but not holding my breath, but then I learned decades ago how to shoot sports and other action without all the modern conveniences.

    • Anonymous

      Your E-M5 can, through with a short blackout, provided you use ‘low speed’ sequential shooting.

      Continuous live-view during sequential shooting is technically not yet possible unless you look at much smaller sensors and accept substantial rolling shutter effects and the like.

      • Daav

        I would agree it is possible with low speed, but he specified high speed. But it won’t be long before such questions will no longer be asked, as technology advances. Though I guess we could all dream that it would be possible with the E-M1, that would be a big bonus. But I think for a while longer, only a dream.

  • Z

    The AF questions are:
    – How fast do FT lenses focus compared to e3/e5?
    – How fast do FT lenses focus in low light compared to e3/e5?
    – How fast is the 12-40mm compared to 12-60mm?

    • Q?

      – How fast do FT lenses focus compared to e3/e5?
      – How fast do FT lenses focus in low light compared to e3/e5?
      – How fast is the 12-40mm compared to 12-60mm?

      To be blunt the AF performance of FT lenses for anything beyond S-AF is well behind the curve ,the moans of the four thirds users would have you believe that the system excelled at this when for sure it doesn’t.Anyway look on the bright side you can always have a 12mp E-5 if you must have the best

      • Anonymous

        Beyond some of the bitter people at dpr, I’m pretty sure most past and current 4/3 users are totally aware that CAF on their cameras is behind the curve when compared to contemporary high-end canon cameras especially, but when properly configured, the E-30/3/5 at least can do very usable CAF and tracking also in difficult to predict situations, unlike any current m4/3 camera. Even if the E-M1 would merely be as good at this as those cameras, it would already be a very significant improvement over what any existing m4/3 camera can do. if they indeed combine phase and contrast based AF for this, it has the potential to provide more reliable focus tracking then any current dslr can (with the possible theoretical exception of the 70D), through how fast it will be in that remains to be seen.

      • kl

        Indeed as an old user of E-3… the c-af is nothing to writing home about even with swd lenses. If my life/shots depends on camera’s CAF performance, olympus won;t be my choice. I would be surprise if they magically fix this with the EM1….

        • I am not exactly an avid action shooter, but in the few occasions I used CAF with my E-3 it worked just fine. At one point I found myself using it with a 50/2 macro, perhaps the least capable of all 4/3 lenses in such circumstances, and still got good results. What I noticed at the time was the first couple of shots in a series were always hopelessly out of focus, but after a second or two the camera “learned” the movement and started delivering a high proportion of sharp results.

        • Ivo

          I am pretty sure coming from an e3 the part I will most likely mis is the build in flash…. Because I forgot to stick one in my bag for that once in a i need one, for the rest it is most likely faster better lighter…. Ok serious saving some cash for this lol.

  • Filippo

    Yeah I’d love to know either how the C-AF works since the EM-5 technology (and eletronic viewfinder) sucks tracking stuff.

  • I probably will try to get the E-M1 in 3 or 4 months as i already used my budget for a ticket and shoot in Jakarta end of october.

    • babaar

      Why? Are your photos not good enough with the gear you have now?

      • i am a gearhead

        • No need to be shy, Ulli.

          With the photostream as yours, the “gearhead”-ness is the right amount of eccentricity for a creative person like you. :)

          • Daav

            Wow! Just looked at Ulli’s photostream. Very nice, creative and some beautiful models.

            • thanks both of you. I dont know what babaar expects from the E-M1; revolutionary? Adverstisings use this word regularly, i dont expect such from the E-M1 or any camera at this moment. Most remarkable things for me is that mirrorless is able to get tacksharp focus with (extreme) fast lenses, something which is hard with mirror bodies(front/back focus issues etc).That was kind of revolutionary for me in some way.
              I do expect the E-M1 to be an IMPROVED E-M5 type of camera, how much i dont know yet, but since i need 2 bodies for future concepts anyway, such OMD is my 1st choice (now still using E-M5 as main photo/video machine and a Nikon J1 as wideangle B-camera)

              • I’m sure that no matter what, you will make it sing. Your work shows that the camera is just a tool, and the photography creates the image. But having a nice tool that responds well and doesn’t get in the way of creativity helps.

        • babaar

          I’m a gearhead too, but this camera just doesn’t make me want to buy it. There seems to be nothing revolutionary about it, in fact it seems like E-M5’s bigger and uglier cousin with no real improvements for most users. And the price certainly makes me look elsewhere.

          E-M1 is probably a good tool if mft sensor size is okay for you and you don’t have E-M5 for example, but it seems to offer nothing new to the game – except maybe fast focusing for old four thirds lenses, which is a feature I have absolutely no use for.

          • Anonymous

            We have to wait for an announcement, production models and some reviews by reputable testers for anything beyond speculation, but lets just for a moment assume that this user report is real and it uses a combination of CDAF and PDAF for focus tracking, regardless of what lenses you are using, and lets just for now assume the continuous focus works as well as that of an E-5 (which isn’t as good as pro DSLRs from Canikon by a fair margin, but much better then that offered by any mirrorless camera today with the possible exception of the Nikon 1s). Sensor based AF allows for tracking objects and ensuring the focus area keeps following them properly to a level that no DSLR can currently approach, and likely none will ever be able to approach without implementing comparable sensor based AF systems (which will essentially make the mirror live in its up position for much of its life, might as well just remove it).

            If that works well, it will remove one major stumbling block for m4/3 cameras, both for ‘live video recording’ and for all kinds of photography that involve fast moving subjects.

            Revolutionary? no, but almost all such devices are evolutionary, there are only a very few revolutionary cameras throughout history, the first Leica with integrated rangefinder comes to mind. The Kine Exakta comes to mind..

          • Oilymouse

            What “old” lenses are you talking about? Buying the current (as in: in shops NOW) 4/3 lineup takes much more money than getting all the m43 lenses combined (you get a lot more glass, so it makes sense). You sound as if you don’t know what we are discussing here; scroll up and read again why this is the best focusing camera on earth.

            • zork

              Why would I want to use bulky four thirds lenses with a camera that’s main selling point is its small size?

              • 1. Because I want to use the 4/3 lenses I have.
                2. Because the E-M1 is not that tiny, but actually big enough for a bit larger lenses.
                3. Because I can still put small lenses on the E-M1. I don’t have to always use big lenses.
                4. Because small camera body size was actually never my main reason for going first for 4/3, then for m4/3. I find every Pen (Don’t know about E-P5) too small for anything but a take-along body. I can’t shoot comfortably with them for extended periods. I tried the E-M5, and it wasn’t designed for my hands.

                • My comment is awaiting moderation. Why?

                  • admin

                    Because wordpress lately sucks. I am switching to Disquis in 1 month!

                    • You mean Disqus? Uh, who wants to be tracked across the Web? Disqus allows for pretty much no privacy and opens the door to online harassment and stalking across all blogs where one is active. I’ll pass.


  • Anonymous

    The 43 -> m43 adapter for use with the e-m1 will be the mmf-3 or a new one is planned?

    • Tobias Giesen

      Any of the adapters will work.

    • the mmf4 will prob be included, thats the little surprise.

      • I hope the E-M1 will have stronger bayonet screws and more durable bayonet mount than older models. I once pulled my Nikon F4 with the 80-200 f/2.8 lens swiftly out of my bag and the bayonet ripped out of the body. Yikes!

        I’m not sure we will get an MMF-4. Also, I already have an MMF-3, so why would I want another MMF-x? I’d rather have the option of choosing a free or discounted battery grip.

        • Anonymous

          Doing repairs on, and collecting classic cameras, I see this kind of issue every so often.

          Do you generally support heavy lenses with your left hand? If not, there is the root cause of the issue.

          3,4 or even 5 small and not very long screws are not going to hold on the long term when putting a lot of stress on them much of the time.

        • it seems, according to overlay comparison of both em5 and em1, that the pro body’s mount surface is wider, maybe for giving a more stable contact with a wider mount of the MMF-4 for the heavier FT lenses?

  • rrr_hhh

    So .. Was that hood the little surprise you were alluding to ?

    • Firmware for the E-M5 ?????

  • Ivo

    Admin maybe idea to group point 1/9 on the top, thank you very much, ;-)

  • Digbick

    This is gonna be an overpriced camera. The fact is it has a sensor 1/4 the size of a FF sensor, thus losing ISO performance, losing DR, losing DOF control, however it will cost the same as FF. This is ridiculous. The funny thing is that there is people willing to pay for such an overpriced camera.

    • The Real Stig

      Correct on all counts – goodbye

      • Oilymouse

        I get this image of something being shot out of the air and crashing into a speeding car.

    • “This is ridiculous.”

      Man, what a insight. Enlightenment, really. Thank you so much. Take care and do not forget to tie your shoelaces!


      I look at it like this:

      If 10000 people walked into a B&H to buy a camera, in like a week maybe 2 people will walk out with this camera. The rest will buy DSLR’s, bridge cameras or point and shoots.

      The members here do not speak for the majority. This camera WON’T sell at that price. TOO MANY better offerings from Sony, Fuji, Canon, Nikon, Panasonic and Ricoh/Pentax.

      This camera is for the “Handful” of FT lens Owners. -Mind you, NOT Future FT lens owners, UNLESS they buy them used.
      Oh, and the diehard OLympus Fanboys/girl.

      Mr ALLCAPS

      • Anonymous

        Are you still here. You must really love Olympus 4/3 and m4/3. Doesn’ t papa let you buy one, and that’s why you are so bitter?

      • Ivo

        Nothing wrong with a cheap bigmac and some complimentary fries from time to time to your limited offer happy meal,
        but somehow I prefer a nice grass fed sirloin steak a glass of nice red wine and some fresh veggies from time to time.
        Absolutely no problem to be not one of the masses, happy to be one of the few

        so happy to be able to stick with my oly decision and oly to make it possible to make my zuikos sing there song for a long time to come.
        Olympus many thanks.

        • lorenzaccio

          Yeah, sure, because a Nikon D600 is a “macdonald” camera and this Olympus is a “luxurious dinner”. Luxurious it is for sure, given the price. But D600 vs is like french fries vs. fried onions (or, in case, French wine vs. Italian wine), at the same price, but one of the two offers better IQ (and better overall versatility) for the same price.
          Indeed, a fair food comparison would be: a full menu (Nikon) vs a dietetic-light menu (Oly). As the price is the same, I still prefer the full menu…

          • lorenzaccio

            Edit: “Nikon D600 vs this Oly”…

      • Another natural poetry:

        If ten thousand folks,
        walked into a B&H,
        will E-M1 sell?

        (I thought there was just one B&H store? Or perhaps it was a genericized statement, like “a B&H-like place”. Adorama will have a fit, I think, but they’d love to keep their trademark.)

        • Anonymous

          LOL.. Great JShin, keep them coming!

          You are really lightening up this forum, which otherwise (because of some other posters) was looking rather like some Saloon in a Spaghetti Western..

        • Ivo

          Thanks J much appreciated ;-)

    • M

      I am not so stupid to take a FF body and leses with me, that would mean about 3 kg more then with mFT. DOF? It’s really overhyped. DR and ISO is not such a big difference as the FF fanboys always say.

    • Anonymous

      And the funny thing is that there are people who are not interested in this sensor size, but still hang out on a website dedicated to it…??

    • peevee

      Well, if its AF/tracking performance matches only 6D (4fps, basically, useless for sports), you are correct – it is overpriced. If it is anywhere between 7D and 1Dx (9+ fps), you are wrong – it, with 35-100/2 and 90-250/2.8, is a beautiful sports system approaching 1Dx+ $13K zooms performance at less than half the price and weight.
      Only real tests will show.

      • Oilymouse

        I predicted the obliteration of FF for sport use before, but this forum cannot cope with all the FF angst already, so I hope the E-M1 leaves something for the E-M2. Professionals will embraze the E-M1 easily (initially as a secondary system), but the fanboys will be in need a lot of therapy, my friends. Egos will be scattered.

    • Anonymous

      And why do you care? Are you planning to pay for all E-M1 we are going to buy. If so thanks!

    • Cyril

      OLYMPUS E-M1 like other M4/3 with 5 axis IBIS can take photo hand-held at 1/2 seconde..

      Unlike FF you have a better DOF control and you can really use fast prime

      ISO performance are good now ,latest M4/3 are fast,rugged and have a lot of dial…

      Need some reviews ,but i really think E-M1 is a real revolution in photography

      Thanks M4/3 corporation to always innovate and propose something different…(and thanks to haters for galvanise us).

    • Andrei

      It’s 500$ less than the 6d and 200-300$ less than the crappy dalmatian with all its spots aka D600

      • Oilymouse

        Well, D600 AF spots are at least
        nicely arranged
        in the center of the frame!

    • ever hopeful

      It is not that difficult to find data that shows the OM-D is as good as the Canon 5DII for resolution and ISO, with a higher dynamic range than most FF cameras.

  • Did you know that many comments can easily be turned into a haiku?

    This is gonna be
    an overpriced camera,
    the same as FF.


    The funny thing is
    there are people who will buy
    this great E-M1.

    We are all poets!

    • Oilymouse

      Mindful of the frame
      artistic trolls realize
      we all belong here

  • MarioZ

    Behave yourself almaric and stop calling people cunts! I expected better things from you! Oh so you meant to say aunt, huh? I say put down those thick glasses of yours and look carefully at what you are typing!

    • See my previous reply about ‘nice little oysters’ and ‘bad snatches’ :)

      This is a great day for OBS, in which our systems jumps to 50 native lenses, from the 20 they were yesterday, all of outstanding IQ. Most from the celebrated Tetsuno factory in Japan, with its micron facilities (the same that produces the celebrated endoscopes you stick in your *sses).

      Great day in which to thank comrade Riley who always believed that PDAF-on-Sensor was possible for m4/3, against the sneers of the lowly ones, who wanted apartheid between dSLR and mirrorless.

      Think of it, Olympus did the right thing, as true gentlemen (or samurai), saving from oblivion a set of lenses among the best ever made.

      Now get some gurkahs to carry them :)

      • The Real Stig

        Gurkahs? – I don’t shoot anywhere that dangerous. Sherpas will do me.


  • jimbo

    Pro Body with Pro Zoom Lens. It’s targeted at Pros, not people looking to pay $1,000 for SLR and $500 for a lens. What’s so hard to understand about the price. It’s not even pricey when you compare it against weathersealed pro body and lenses that Nikon and Canon sell. The difference of course is the sensor size, but if you can work with a m43 sensor then it’s all good.

    • I am kind of getting hoarse in repeating it.

      Oly top cameras have not a micron less *per pixel resolution* of FF systems, including Leica with the best lenses.

      Steve Huff, who is a Leica connoisseur, has demonstrated it various times by comparing samples of the two brands, with various models. If you go to his site, you can’t tell the difference between a Leica and an Olympus shot, except at v. high sensitivities.

      So ignore at your own risk (of increasing common prejudice). ‘We are men, not corporals’, as Italian comic Toto’ once famously said.

      • JWhite

        Well Amalric, you might recall ( then again you might not) that when the E-p5 was released I bitched and moaned about the lack of a EVF. I never liked the Em-5, and I like this one even less. It looks like a DSLR. I like the portability of the pen range, but want a viewfinder to go with it. Since then I put my money where my mouth is and sold some of my Olympus m4/3 gear, and purchased a X100, not the s version, just the first one. I have to say, that in good light, the files are very similar, the lens of course renders the image differently and the DOF is obviously shorter on the X100, but the resolution is not that different. A normal user would not be able to tell the difference in f5.6 shots.

        However my experience pointed out a big difference in the systems. I had to struggle to get a decent offer for my m4/3 gear, and had to struggle to get an X100 at a decent price.Used. I’m not rich, so I have to sell gear to buy gear. And I know cameras are not investments, but man, did m4/3 devalue!

        For the record I did keep one body and two lens, so m4/3 is not dead yet in my house.

        • Mr.Chainsaw

          Hm here the used lenses are pretty stable in price. Only older bodies lose worth and thats not unusual.

          • Well, the E-M1 is a good example. IF you have 4/3 lenses it does depreciate the E-M5 in one go. However if you don’t the latter is still plenty of good and it won’t depreciate fast.

            m4/3 has been at the crossroads of many technologies, some quite disruptive, so depreciation has some real causes.

            However to finance the R&D O&P had also to finance a plethora of lesser models with just some feeature variations, and a v. short shelf life. V. different from Leica or even Fuji, which *initially* had a top down approach.

            So one must simply see through the smoke and mirrors. The E-M5 will really depreciate once the substitute model shows the new PDAF-on sensor. 4/3 lenses will probably follow the opposite trend.

      • Bollox

        My ethereal friend, I tried several mirrorless cameras and always walked away disappointed. All the nonsense about “per-pixel sharpness” and other hopeless marketing came down tumbling. Prices are not very different, either. Mind you, I wish there was a small camera that gives me the same control and quality of my 135s with my exceptional (mostly manual) lenses; sadly, it’s not there yet. Sony RX1 and Leica Ms are only overpriced toys and make the “pro” Olympus look like terrific bargains.
        So far, in my book, only size tips the scale toward mirrorless; OK, they also beat large cameras if one wants to steal snapshots of people in shorts wandering Rome. But then, have you considered a proper compact? Trust me, your photos wouldn’t come out worse. You can invest the extra dosh to try and pull some of those people in shorts, too.

        • I think you underrate negative publicity which has considerably boosted my ratings at flickr.

          You also seem ill at ease with the full freedom of photography we enjoy in the street of my country.

          However, considering that you must be one of my affectionate readers, if you have objections about my content, why don’t you get in touch with J Shin, my secretary?

          She is there to help you, Mr. Bollocks.

          • Bollox

            There is no need to silk now, I actually enjoyed your pics. By the way, I know your country fairly well and I got nicked a couple of times taking pics of some yobbo, I would say there is a lot of freedom but also a bit of risk, they were really pissed off.

  • Mr D800e 14-24mm f2.8

    ”This I have to see. In practice, I for one cannot combine noise free and “fantastic” dynamic range (I assume 12+ stops) with any camera, regardless of sensor. The shadows have noise even on a D4 (which a beats a D800, no?) and S2”
    You clearly have never used the D800e, which I would genuinely described as a bespoke item. My advice to you is not to get one, as you’ll never miss what you’ve never had (and would be very costly to change systems, but in all likelihood you’ll have no choice when the µ43 system inevitably goes into oblivion, in a few years, unlike Nikon’s F mount.)

    • My advice to you
      is not to get a Nikon;
      you will have no choice.

      (Sorry, Mr. D800e; I know this is a cheap shot, taking things out of context… I actually like the images people pull out of the D800e; that sensor is a nice chunk of silicon. To bad the 1 did not come with it…)

  • Robbie

    The fact is some people just hate Olympus.
    When you look at some self-contradictory comments, it’s just ridiculous.

  • Red

    Yours sources could you tell us, new camera specs?
    Something new, details, etc….

  • Using the M-5, the M1 doesn’t interest me too much (would I own genuine 43 lenses, that of course would be different), but the 12-40 is what makes me drool! For my Sony I used the CZ 16-80, a fantastic lens and a zoom range that makes it basically unnecessary to change the lens on a normal day. If the 12-40 comes close in IQ, I’ll certainly buy one. The only contender, the Panasonic 12-35, lacks on the long end of the zoom, even if it’s only 10mm.

  • NikonKing

    What I would like to know is if it has gps.

    I really need that functionality and want the cam to put it in the raws and don’t want to waste time on doing that later myself.

    • @NikonKing: I would love to be surprised with GPS, but I suspect not. Depending on how you need your GPS, though, the Olympus Share (?) app talks to their WiFi enabled cameras, and can feed GPS info to the camera on a very rudimentary basis (not sure exactly what it does). So if you just need (and can remember to do it) occasional GPS, that could get you much of what you need.

      But I wish Olympus puts GPS in their next serious cameras.

    • BLI

      I share your wish for GPS. However, I have seen some add-on GPS modules (flash shoe) for Nikon, and have not been impressed by how they work or the battery life.

      One possible solution to this, which I think would be good (at least for me :-) ):
      * Use e.g. a Garmin Fenix Montana to log GPS position; it is a “watch” that can be strapped to your arm, can log GPS signals for 50 hours (battery life; can be charged) with high frequency (1 s?), and has a decent antenna.
      * Upload these data to your computer at your convenience. Someone has already made the necessary code to rip out the GPS data from the resulting XML file (e.g. in Python).
      * At the same time, set your camera clock to GMT, and forget about changing time zone. (Which I forget, anyway…)
      * It should be a trivial thing for Adobe (or others?) to combine the temporal data in the image files (set to GMT) with the GPS data from e.g. a Garmin watch and insert the correct GPS location into the image files.

      OK — with this solution, you gain several things:
      * you use a small GPS recorder attached to your arm with a good antenna and a long battery life. The recorder is independent of the camera.
      * you don’t have to remember to change the time zone
      * the solution should work for *any* camera that records time in the image files

      Of course, Adobe should make the necessary code available, possible in co-operation with Garmin and other makers of GPS watches (TomTom, etc.)

      Why don’t I do it? I probably could do it, but I think it is necessary that a company such as Adobe does it.

      • Great ideas. Thanks for the tip(s).

      • NikonKing

        I currently use an external gps logger and its really annoying.

        I have to bring it with me, I have to charge it, I have to make sure there is enough space for the gps positions on it, I have to download the positions and then I have to merge the information into the images.

        Sometimes I look over to the sony guys with their a77, canon guys with their 6D or many of the cheap p&s cams, which have GPS in them and I think: DAMN!

        And the GP-1 for my Nikons is really lame: huge battery drain, stupid cable, bad design.

        Therefore I really would like good GPS with the E-M1.

        • The Real Stig

          I know from phones that GPS receivers consume a lot of power – far more than WiFi. The E-M1 battery would last for far fewer shots if a GPS receiver were in use.

  • Damn Oly

    I can see that most of the Ff user feels the threat of the OBS with this up coming E-M1,

    The EVf magnifier is even bigger than the OVF on many fullframe camera except 1DX, with the exception of HUGE LCD screen,.have 1-stop better noise than E-M5,.and better DR,.a mature of system with variety of excellent lenses and now,.with with refined AF on both CDAF+PDAF would open a bigger opportunity for us to much more than just upgrade the IQ because,.The SUPERB VARIETY CHOICES OF 43 GLASS,.

    43 and M43 glass probably has the best ,of 24-70,.70-200, also best macro, best tele lens,.and its the only system who has the Triple 0.95 glass thx to VC,.

    and the most important things is ,.it would not burn our back bone,.compare to any other DSLR system

    • Damn Oly

      I believe that in one or two years,.when olympus can UNLOCK the AF-C problem on their camera, we will see the NEW NATIVE [S] HG TELE LENS . and this one would be the Trump Card compare to any other system,.because ,.the Biggest advantage of Crop sensor specially 43 sensor is on the TELE ,.when we can held handling EASILY 600mm F2.8 [FF EQUI] with just one hand

      • Oilymouse

        That’s why IBIS is such a big deal, I think. These days, OBS appears not so much as a dream but more of a masterplan.

        But what C-AF problem needs unlocking?

      • Anonymous

        “handling EASILY 600mm F2.8 [FF EQUI] with just one hand”

        Except for the small problem that it will not be equiv you forgot the second part of the crop factor effect :

        1.multiply effective focal length by two
        2.multiply effective aperture by two

        It really is that simple or put another way if you got a 300mm F2.8 FF and added a 2xTC11 the results would be the exact same as a mFT 300mm F2.8, same DOF same AOV same total light.

        Have you seen the size of the Olympus 75-300 which tops out at F6.7! a 300mm F2.8 would be large no matter what mFT allows for significantly smaller/lighter wide angle lenses not so with long telephotos .The Olympus 300mm F2.8 for FT weighs 3290g and costs £5689 that is £1500 more than the Nikon 300mm F2.8 with a TC worse still the Nikon with the TC is lighter than the Olympus

  • Scott

    I have had 3 of my fellow wedding photographers switch to m4rds this year. Seems like only the rich wanna bees are going to stick with the big oversized FF cameras. The image quality is only better if your pixel peeping and in wedding photography its about catching emotion and be spontaneous which is easier with a smaller camera.

    • Anonymous

      2 days ago | Reply

      “”I have had 3 of my fellow wedding photographers switch to m4rds this year. Seems like only the rich wanna bees are going to stick with the big oversized FF cameras. The image quality is only better if your pixel peeping and in wedding photography its about catching emotion and be spontaneous which is easier with a smaller camera.””

      There are low end in every trade the fact[ maybe] that 3 of them are switching to mFT is nothing .If you look at a business and 99% of pros are using a certain set-up including all the best in the world they are doing it because its the best tool for the job.When people are arguing that cheaper & easier what they really mean is I do not earn enough money to justify better equipment. Hence your spite “rich wannabees” when the truth is you are just a poor low end shooter envious of the big boys

  • sheepthief

    …and we still don’t know whether the screen is articulated (partially or fully).

    • The screen tilts up and down. Not fully articulated, but I guess that many will not believe that until they see the final product. I do hope that it has a wider range of tilt though then the EP5.

  • Krayzie

    Is this lens Made in Japan or China? I’m guessing China since it’s so cheap?

    • “Is this lens Made in Japan or China? I’m guessing China since it’s so cheap?”

      Many seem to think it is too expensive, but being designated a Pro lens, I would put my money on it being built in Japan, if I was a betting man. But rather then gamble on that, I’ll set my money aside to buy it when I can. In today’s world it is difficult to tell where because many companies have optical factories in locations other then Japan or China.

  • 2zzyQ

    Does PRO also mean splash- & dust-proof?

  • All the drama for losing the OVF – that is what 4/3 users are going through – all the rest is peanuts.

    It is as if they are losing their natural sight some speaking of TVs replacing real windows!

    In fact I can have some empathy because I went through with it myself. My first m4/3 was a PL1 and I had to change my habits by shooting with the LCD. But that retrained me in considering it no more than a framing device – I still had EYES to see reality – I din’t go blind, as they fear.

    Then I bought the VF-2 and it was still a different experience. I could visualise EXPOSURE beforehand – priceless.

    In fact by going m4/3, 4/3 users have all to earn, now that they lenses are safe. And yet they are still quibbling? It reminds me of all the things I was afraid to do as a boy: riding a bicycle, plunge in a pool and swim…

    Of course they have their adult pride to swallow, and there we can’t really help them after their smearing m4/3 for so long. What about a little blushing, dearies? :)

    • Amalric’s therapist

      “It reminds me of all the things I was afraid to do as a boy: riding a bicycle, plunge in a pool and swim…”

      Tell us more about your screwed-up childhood. It explains a lot.

      • Well, I am not sure what were your fears when you were three years old. But I certainly think they must have screwed a lot, since even now you cannot find a proper identity.

        But then perhaps you can clean the floors here, if you need a social role.

  • JimD

    Anyone want a fully optioned bronica gs with 3 lenses. Or even the backup with 100mm. I need enough to buy a new oly camera that will be announced about 10 Sept.

    • JimD

      But I don’t need one. I just like the look of it! If it takes pix that’s a bonus. Go for black this time.

  • JimD

    Or an E30, or E330 or an EP2 or even an EM5.

  • Hmmmmm

    I think I have an almost brand new EM-5 for sale!

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