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(FT4) 12-35mm coming in June. And the 35-100mm will arrive later (August/September).


Trusted sources told us that while the 12-35mm X lens from Panasonic will be announced within the next weeks the 35-100mm X lens will be released along the GH3 in late August/early September. I don’t know the reason why Panasonic is splitting up the lens release. Just my guess: looking at the past delivery problems of Panasonic they may choose to release only one lens first to avoid major delivery problems. The problem is particularly evident in USA where many lenses are still not availabel in decent quantity. The 20mm pancake (Click here) and the 25mm Leica (Click here) only got back in Stock in these days (and I guess they will again go out of Stock soon again).


  • bidou

    There is two rubber ring, maybe (HOPEFULLY) there will be a way to zoom without the powerzoom button ?

    I assume they will do, because if it’s really a pro grade video lens, it needs to be follow focus compatible.

    • Bob B.

      If this lens is like my 45-175mm X lens it will have power zoom and zoom “by wire”. Not nearly as desirable as a mechanical zoom. (but my 45-175mm is so small its amazing, so I can live with the power zoom). It is just less positive in the hand. On an expensive fast zoom lens for this still photographer I would expect a mechanical zoom. I personally will not be buying this lens. I am going to stick with my fast-aperture primes and pick up one of the Oly 75mm f/1.8 lenses if the reviews are favorable.

      • it should be, wasn’t they saying that it would be top glass just like 12mm f/2?

        • Esa Tuunanen

          Except for high premium price that 12mm isn’t really premium optics for prime.

    • Alex

      mmm i think that is the mokup photo, maybe the final product will be different.

      • Mr. Reeee

        I hope all those nasty stickers will be removable on the final lens. It looks like a Windows laptop. ;-)

        The 12-35mm would be much more interesting than the 35-100mm, certainly as a general purpose walkabout lens. I have a bunch of manual primes that cover that range already (35mm, 50mm, 60mm macro, 75mm, 105mm macro), so it would have to be exceptional for me to stop using any of those.

        Hopefully we’ll be able to use manual zoom instead of the power zoom. AND Panasonic will have resolved all the P-zoom problems they had with the 14-42mm and 45-175mm. Paying to beta test ain’t much fun. ;-)

  • ljmac

    Mechanical zoom would have added a lot of bulk to the lens (and some extra expense too) – power zoom only allows it to be smaller (like the tiny 14-42X), which I think more than makes up for any lack in zoom ‘feel’.

    • Bob B.

      The 14-42mm X is really small in size and small on sharpness as well. Its a gimmick lens. If I need to travel light I just put on the 12mm or the 20mm, that are faster-aperture and sharper.

  • raw

    do we already know if those are going to be f2 or f2.8 lenses?

    • admin


  • Mar

    Looking at that photo, there is no way it’s a f2.8 lens

    • Why not? The front element looks just wide enough.

  • popo

    i think F2.5

  • Just a guess: Tamron is going to announce a fast(ish) standard zoom before Photokina for half the price and Panasonic wants to be there first. Otherwise both lenses would be released together, in September.

  • ckwin

    can’t wait to see the image quality.

    • Jon S

      I wish this was true about Tamron, but my guess is that any lenses they issue will be ones that are suitable for a wide variety of mirrorless mounts (not least given their close affiliation with Sony). Therefore, I’d be amazed if they launch a standard zoom that starts much wider than 16 or 17mm – great for NEX etc but of marginal interest to m43.

  • Mizu

    Panasonic has serious problems with their supply chain since a while. And it’s not new to us and them. Why can’t they fix it?

    • Fan

      I guess building bigger/new factories is not easy and not done quickly. They also don’t want to overproduce I guess.

  • D

    The mockup, at least, has a mechanical zoom rather than power zoom. Note the focal length numbers on the barrel. Those wouldn’t be present if it had a power zoom mechanism.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      That ring isn’t automatic guarantee of mechanical zoom because it could be “fly by wire” type ring.

  • It looks like the Zoom ring slides forward to do PZ (like the olympus).. The Focal length numbers are then covered but instead it shows on the Display of the camera.

    • Lily

      I hope you’re right; the Olympus is a joy to use. I tried out the 14-42X at CP+ and was exceedingly underwhelmed.

  • TGIF

    The picture has no zoom botton though. Caz it’s just proto-type?
    Another my Q is that it this lens fixed-length? Thanks :)

    • Agrivar

      Don’t you know what 12-35 means? It’s a zoom. Not a prime. Are u a noob?

      • Anonymous

        Are you stupid? He asked if the lens has internal zooming. The answer to that is yes.

        • Charlie

          All right, children ….. no need for name calling.

        • Agrivar

          are you his son?

      • he asked if it was a fixed length not fixed focal length you noob…. Sorry I can’t say that word and not laugh, ah kids these days

      • he asked if it was a fixed length not fixed focal length you noob…. Sorry I can’t say that word and not laugh, ah kids these days.

      • TGIF

        Ooh.. Sorry everybody. I think way of my asking was not good.

        @ Anonymous&Xsvpro
        Yeah, That’s my Q. Thanks a lot!

  • Yun

    35-100 F2.8 ? Sorry not for me .
    I’ll go for the incoming zuiko 75mm F1.8 .
    It’s waste of time after a long wait .
    Disappointment !

    • Jorginho

      If you have a Panny cam you’ll miss stabilsation, so I’ll opt for the 12-35 if it is really good, weathersealed and not too expensive.

  • But I hope finnaly the lenses will not have these red letters, looks really cheap…

    • @Agrivar should watch who you call stupid my friend, he asked if it was a fixed length not fixed focal length you noob…. Sorry I can’t say that word and not laugh, ah kids these days.

    • Jorginho

      wrong thread

  • Both zooms are intersting additions providing they are better than previuos X-zooms. About the GH3: Will this be the “very high end” Pana people has talked about? I guess it will lean towards video. Judging from earlier rumors it will not have a multi-aspect sensor like the GH2. For us who mainly do still will there be another Pana? More Pana camera rumors – please!

  • mpgxsvcd

    The 35-100mm will be the kit zoom for the GH3.

    • Possibly, if the GH3 turns out to be medium format.

      • :)

      • +1 :-)

      • Media Markt, Germany’s biggest consumer electronics retailer, is selling G3 with solely 45-200mm as a kit lens ;-)
        I’ve tried to shoot for a day with this combo, and it was fun.
        If the price for GH3 + 35-100mm would be affordable, I for example would pre-order it a.s.a.p.

    • Godot

      The 35-100 as *the* kit zoom for the GH3? That would be strange. Assuming we’re just speculating about this, the 12-35 makes far more sense, and at least once Panasonic has released a lens on its own before making it the main kit lens for a new body (the 14mm pancake was released a few months before showing up as the kit lens for the GF2).

      I’m going to guess that the 35-100 will be *a* kit zoom for the GH3, but not the only one.

      • Justin

        The earlier release of the 12-35 will allow Pana to get the distribution channels right and meet initial demand before bundling the lens in an expensive kit with the GH3. ~$2000

  • aljudy

    I can’t see 35-100 a kit lens. Kit lenses are typically wider.

  • alexander

    why not 12-100 ??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mr. Reeee

      If it comes with a tripod mount and detachable wheels for easy transport, then, yes, why not! ;-)

      • Chez Wimpy

        Hey, Tokina managed a 24-200 for FF. Not constant aperture, but it doesn’t take much effort to carry!

    • MikeH

      Probably because they already make a 14-140 lens and because it would be very large at constant F2.8 or faster throughout all focal lengths.

  • Zo

    Why is Panasonic creating the Oly SHG focal lengths? 7-14, 12-35, 35-100 and we only get primes from Olympus?

    So, in 4/3, Oly left us high and dry on primes, and now with m4/3, no Zuiko fast zooms to speak of….this just seems just so illogical.

    • Boooo!

      Because 7-14, 14-35 and 35-100 (plus others) are already made by Olympus. The only thing left is to find out a way to use them on m4/3 bodies.

      • Mr. Reeee

        Like buying a 4/3 to M4/3 lens adaptor for $150?

    • Well, the logic is certainly in place (“one beautiful system” etc – wink wink). In the meantime you can use the 14-54 II. It’s almost as fast as the Panasonic short zoom and more affordable too.

    • Likely because they did not want to step on each other’s toes. Neither can afford to compete head on like that right now. And quite frankly, I’d rather see this than both companies making zooms at the same time.

      Oly may also want to best panasonic w/ f/2 zooms again.. and that is a very niche and expensive product.

  • The real question will be how much will this thing cost. I’m in favor of the 35-100 over the 75, but if it’s close to $2k or something… I’ll suck it up for the prime for now.

  • yo

    selling off my gear. waiting for 12-35x.

    • Viktor

      Me to :-/

  • Nelson

    I am fine with one concentrate on quality zoom and one on prime, instead of countless standard kit zooms we got from both company

  • Oh dear, we made a lens and showed a picture of it at f2.8. Now we have tested it and it aint.
    I think its f3.5 note the way the focal range has been photoshopped to a power zoom logo and its the wrong radius.

    • MJr

      ‘you on crack ?

      • The word ‘power ois’ are the wrong radius for their position on the lens, they are an addon. They are covering something up.

    • Godot

      They had to test it to find out it isn’t f2.8? Isn’t this something that would known from early in the design phase?

      Have they ever even said it would be f2.8 or any specific aperture at all?

      I wouldn’t be surprised to see these two lenses with different apertures. Something like f2.8 for the shorter one, f3.5 for the longer one. f3.5 is still pretty good for the 35-100. Not exactly mindblowing, but it would keep the weight and price under control.

      BTW, I don’t think that’s ‘shopped. Looks like a mockup with the words Power OIS physically pasted on.

  • MK

    is the 35-100 weather sealed?

  • I wonder if 35-100’s the barrel extends just like the Olympus 50-200 and if it has (or at least accepts) a tripod collar.

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