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(FT3) Will the new E-PL5 bring us some “viewfinder” surprise???


A nice Olympus RC picture taken by

Olympus toke inspiration from the past PEN film cameras and from the OMD tradition to create the digital PEN and the digital OMD cameras. What’s still “Missing” is a classic “rangefinder” styled (not a real rangefinder!) digital camera. Something like a 35 RC (here on eBay) in modern version. I know Olympus is working on such a kind of camera but I am not sure yet when this is coming. Now I got a news via one single good source that sent me this text: “Although the EP3 is set to be discontinued, updates to the EPL range should include some sort of viewfinder. Not sure of any further details yet.

Now if the rumor he sent me is correct this could mean that:
1) There is some sort of new external viewfinder for the E-PL range
2) There is an integrated viewfinder

I hope the source can soon unveil us more about the new E-PL5…meantime thanks for the message!!! At first glance you may would think that this is not going to happen, at least not on a E-PL named camera but at that point I remind you this: Eighth months ago the Russian website Onfoto (Click here) published a new interview with Toshiyuki Terada (Product Planning, Olympus Imaging Corporation, Japan). He said that “A built-in viewfinder is not exclusive for the OM-D line. Future PEN camera can have built-in viewfinder maintaining the current form factor.

So you see, everything is possible! I would be happy to see such a model! We would have three clearly differentiated m43 cameras from Olympus. A cheap E-M model. Ana advanced PEN with integrated viewfinder for those willing to spend a bit more. And than the E-M5. Makes sense to me!

E-PL5 with integrated EVF and E-M5 sensor. Would you consider to buy this?

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P.S.: Check out the Olympus RC film cameras on eBay.

Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • Gekopaca

    Yes yes yes but pleeeeease : no “artistic” filters!!!

    • Ross

      Sorry, but you’re still going to get them anyhow.

      • mahler

        But they should not clutter the program dial.

    • Pedro del Río

      Nobody forces you to use them.

      • JF

        +1 I have E-M5 and have no idea how to use them, I just don’t care !

      • Vlad

        Yet they take space on the mode dial. I’d rather have a custom setting there.

        • You can customise the E-M5 till there’s no tomorrow, you goose!

          • Vlad

            Goose? Sorry, didn’t get that one, my english apparently isn’t that good. Read what I wrote again.

      • I don’t want to have to see the “Art/Scene” settig each time I look at the mode dial. I’d prefer just PASM, which means more than enough options.

  • grmlfz

    No E-P5… Sad news.

    • I suspect the E-P# has not been discontinued, but it will not arrive at the same time as the upcoming E-PM# and E-PL# models. Instead I think it might just be having an in built EVF implanted and will arrive some time later.

    • MJr

      No news is no proof of anything.

      • Just speculation! And it isn’t far fetched: The E-P3 is the top of the line PEN. It would be a suitable candidate for rangefinder style EVF.

        If the next Pen Light and Pen Mini will continue without an EVF, then the update would be less intensive (reach market sooner).

        E-P5 would compete with NEX-7, E-PL5 with NEX-5, and E-PM5 with NEX-3.

        No proof of course, however it is congruous with the rumor of no new E-P# and a new PEN with EVF.

    • Aren’t we spoiled a little bit, already?

  • A digital version of the Olympus Trip would be perfect for me :-)

  • Timbo Tas

    Well the Sony Nex 7 was a success…Olympus can see that people do want a viewfinder.
    Personally I would buy it if they release it with an inbuilt viewfinder.

    • nicwalmsley


  • Miroslav

    “E-PL5 with integrated EVF and E-M5 sensor. Would you condier to buy this?”

    I am waiting for such camera. VF and better sensor are the most important features missing from PEN range. It’s about time Olympus made such camera.

  • Michal

    What I would love to get is a sensor like in the Fuji x-pro 1… without the low pass filter…Have you guys seen the quality ? EXTREMELY sharp pictures with excellent performance at high ISO (in which OM-D is not so bad in fact)…
    I have been with Olympus since the E-1 but now I seriously consider changing the system…I guess I will wait till Photokina and see if there is any hope for Olympus…

  • Absolutely No ! Coz I have E-M5 already Ha ha ha…

    • So?
      EM-5 is more than just a built in EVF over EP series.

  • antz

    We want M4/3 version of X-Pro 1 from Olympus! xDDD

  • Yun

    Yes , a build in viewfinder is the most welcome .
    NEX 7 is a success , I agree .
    Damn , just brought the LVF2 for my GX .

  • nik

    no articulate screen no buy

    • Jens


    • You want a screen that talks? ;-)

    • Dannecus

      For me, drop the screen completely, articulate the built in view finder!

      VF-2 with the ability to articulate up is great on the current Pens. I use the VF-2 for composing and menu setting, the rear screen is a bit of a waste of space, especially in daylight. It would be a shame to move to a fixed view finder. I’d still buy one though.

      • An articulated VF won’t do you any good when holding the camera high above your head or low to the ground.

  • Would be nice, but I still think that dropping the E-Px line is regretful. It’s a modern-classic design which deserves a built-in viewfinder just like the original Pen F had one. The E-PL industrial character is not as appealing and might be a bit too small for comfortable handling.

  • will

    how shall it work? due to the bigger 5-dimension Image stab. there is no place for a kind of “integrated” evf?? due to other constructive restrictiions it only could be one of these solutions:
    – the Sony nex 7 way = an E.M5 without the “prism” on top, but w/out 5 axis is
    – the former way with a new additional EVF
    – the fuji way with a much bigger body at all
    – the Canon x-pro way with a kind of tunnel view

    an E-M5 rival with smaller dimensions and the Leica-Messsucher EVF would cannibalize the E-M5 itself and would make no sense..

    actually the E-M5 seems to be state of the art, considering all possibilities..

    • Miroslav

      1. most probable – Olympus copied Sony design with E-PL3, why wouldn’t they do it again a year later?
      2. possible, but stupid and impractical
      3. unlikely because E-PL line should be smaller than E-M5
      4. not possible, because of interchangeable lenses

  • Dario

    “We would have three clearly differentiated m43 cameras from Olympus. A cheap E-M model. Ana advanced PEN with integrated viewfinder for those willing to spend a bit more. And than the E-M5. Makes sense to me!”

    I actually like the 5 camera approach:
    1: Small and cheap (like GF5, no hot shoe and as small as possible)
    2: Small and flexible (like E-PL3 with articulated screen, hot shoe, accessory port and external VF)
    3: Small and powerful (like E-P3/GX1 but with a built-in VF, rangefinder like and a NEX7 competitor)
    4: Powerful for photo (E-M5)
    5: Powerful for Video (GH2)

    My 2 cents

    • Dario

      Just to add to this:
      1 and 2: *mainly* targeted at people coming from compact cameras;
      3 and 4: targeted at photo enthusiasts;
      5: targeted at video enthusiasts who also like photo (or something like that).

      And maybe there should be a 6th category: Professional M43? Olympus will probably take care of that one eventually…

      PS: regarding E-P3/GX1 I would gladly swap the integrated flash for a built-in VF

    • Miroslav

      My take:
      1. E-PM2: smallest possible, entry level – GF5 shape/size
      2. E-PL5: rangefinder shaped, enthusiasts’ model – NEX-7 shape/size
      3. E-M6: DSLR shaped, enthusiasts’ model – G5 shape/size
      4. E-S7: larger semi pro body, suitable for handling 4/3 lenses, excellent in both photo and video – E30 shape/a bit smaller size

      Nothing else needed…

      • Dannecus

        Nails it.

      • > Nothing else needed…

        Too risky business-wise. There would be relatively large price gap between the #1 and #2. Or #1 would have to have relatively high price point. E.g. GF5 kit started at 700€ – while NEX-F3 at 600€ and E-PM1 at 550€.

        IOW, you need extra model between #1 and #2 – and you end up with pretty much the same line-up as in the grandparent comment.

      • Too many levels IMHO.

        1. E-PL5 (E-PL3 with flash) – $600
        2. E-P5 (a wider E-P3 with a left hand side viewfinder and tilt screen) – $900
        3. E-M6 (E-M5 with on-board PDAF and a robust shutter) – $1200

        Oly should abandon the very low end and concentrate on competent cameras. I know they won’t dare. Just my opinion.

  • AG

    I won’t buy any compact camera with only an electronic viewfinder till manufaturers integrate the extraordinary french one made by Microled that surpasse human eye.

    • I really don’t understand this beginning EVF pixel race. It’s no TV I use for viewing movies. It’s just a tool for composing a picture. I want it faster, I want it to not smear – but I definitely don’t need a 5MP EVF that would just increase the price of the camera without improving the usability in any way.

  • avds

    It would look a little irrational if the EPL included a built in viewfinder when the EP is discontinued because a EPL+VF is more of a camera than a EP. I’m sure if the EP is dropped, any hope of Olympus rolling out an RF-style camera will vanish. That said I’d be thrilled with such a move but would only buy the thing if it also featured the EM sensor and had a grip similar to EPL2 or EP3.

  • dau

    What besides looks would distinguish this camera from the em5? I would also like a built in flash, a distinct shortcoming of the em5 and other pens imo…

    • Dannecus

      My Pen has built in flash, but I would happily trade the space taken by the flash for a built in EVF. Never use the flash anyway, just a comfort blanket to know it is there.

      • Boooo!

        You can’t strobe properly without a master flash ;)

    • avds

      Weather sealing and expandability.

  • P4INKiller

    Like olympus, I too get my inspiration from toking.

    • Stevey

      I toke “inspiration” because I have a medical prescription for a condition… can’t remember what that condition is… where are the cookies ? Wait, what were we talking about ? Oh yeah, Olympus, really cool man.

      • Ross

        You keep toking them then. ;)

  • Alexander

    A N D Flash (& Wi Fi) – come on Olympus !!!
    And pls 12-60mm short lens :-)

  • Marco

    Yessssss, please!

    This is the ‘Holy Grail’ that m4/3 has teased since the beginning (ie; GF1),the return of the classic compact 70’s rangefinder, but in modern digital form with an EVF in the CORNER.

    I waited & watched for signs of this to be realized. I was excited by the technology in the EM-5, but the OM-1 body style never made want to buy into m4/3 (even though I have/love an original film OM-2 in black)

    So here I continue to wait, money in hand, using a combination of a DSLR (for lens interchangeability) & a Fuji X100 (for compactness) still waiting for a m4/3 body designer to kick the marketing team out of their office & finally release the ‘photographer’s camera’ that they always intended to.

    *My guess is that they’ll re-release another iteraton of the same old, same old body…

  • Luke

    I finally quit waiting for this camera and dumped m43…..if they finally release the camera I was waiting for, I’ll be pissed.

    • Ross

      Nevermind. I just ‘took a dump’ while I waited for my E-M5, now I feel nice & comfortable to enjoy my camera. ;)

  • Love to have some kind of the Fuji rangefinder at a Pen.

  • scooby70

    The rangefinder type form has been talked about so much I simply can not understand why Olympus and Panasonic seem to be deaf to the calls for it. It seems to me like astoundingly incompetent marketing not to offer at least an upmarket niche product.

    Sony seem to have heard, but they seem deaf to the calls for a compact fast standard prime as there’s no 30/35mm f1.4/1.8 in their line up.

  • om-4

    Maybe Oly can cook up a version of the Pana LC1 with 1inch sensor 12-45/2.0-3.5 in order to fill the Fuji X10/Canon G1X.

    But no one has done a affordable square sensor yet. Forget the M moronchrom. A square sensor utilizing the full image circle of m43/43 would be cool. Oly have done 4×4 and 6×6 cameras in the past this would put them in the lead of a new category.

    Throw in wifi/bluethooth/GPS, the works and the InstaHip crowd will have a real camera to shoot square instead of afterthought. With over 80 million users there is bound to be a percentage that will jump on such a camera.

    But a digital RC/RD with fixed 17/1.4 and superfast autofocus (wink @ Fuji) would be cool, though. E-Rx whatever.

  • JF

    No, because I have E-M5…

  • Actually my current m43 equipment is for sale…. Owning also a FF DSLR, the EM-5 is too much of the same, just smaller. My second camera need to be more different to the DSLR form factor. It should be for different photography and be different in it’s way of working.
    An EPxx similar in design as the 35RC above or even more like the Contax G1/2 which was an ILC. Not rangefinder but with EVF. Yes that would be something! But EVF’s has developed very little….. Ther is the high resolution Sony which is too contrasty, the Panasonic thing that does not understand color. And the Epson for Oly and Leica which is the best. Fuji has the hybrid with Panasonic level of EVF and OVF that could be brighter among other things.

  • Biggstr

    Disappointed to hear that the E-P3 might be discontinued. I prefer the PEN form factor (including the VF-2 style articulated viewfinder). I’m not a fan of squishing my nose against the LCD in a DSLR style camera, so I’ve been holding off buying the OMD until I see what the next PEN offerings will bring. My ideal would be OMD sensor capabilities in a PEN-style body with a tilting LCD, which involves getting rid of the centrally located integral viewfinder. The price point would also have to change. Not surprised if the E-P3 isn’t selling. The E-P3 price is currently much too close to the OMD. Given the relative capabilities of the E-P3 and OMD, the pricing doesn’t make sense.

    • metalaryeh

      An E-p3 with side evf would be awesome. In my opinion the ep-x range look much classier than the e-pl range. People have different taste though…

  • Henry

    I bet my left testicle that there won’t be a VF on the next E-PL camera.

    • avds

      Yeah, looks unlikely, so I’ll bet your left testicle too! (Sorry, mine is reserved for Pana GX2)

  • “Will the new E-PL5 bring us some “viewfinder” surprise???”

    In the immortal words of Olympus management, “Maybe, maybe not.” :-P

  • Wait, you people are getting too fixated on nostalgic “form factors” imitating cameras of the past, without actually providing any significant differences.

    What you are asking for is simply the guts of an E-M 5 with the viewfinder stuck on the left end instead of near the center. Why would Olympus make two cameras so functionally similar, and which would have to be sold at the same price (since their content is exactly the same)? Yes, a few nostalgists (like myself) would buy such a camera, but the overall marketplace is not so silly.

    Besides, weren’t we told that the reason the E-M 5 has a “hump” was not to imitate the pentaprism hump of the OM-1, but because they needed the space for the image stabilization sensors? So if they make a camera without the hump, where are the sensors going to go?

    • Biggstr

      I didn’t mention IBIS in my comments about the E-P3 because I coming to believe that the technology is overrated. I’d settle for a PEN with the OMD sensor, tracking, autofocus speed, tilting screen, etc.

      At one time I thought image stabilization might help overcome my heavy finger on the shutter button at any speed. I kept it on all of the time. After study, I’ve come to understand it slows down focus and introduces significant latency. Technical reviews are also focusing on the problem of sympathetic vibrations from the shutter (intensity varies by camera model and brand)that throw off imaging stabilization whether in the lens or the camera when in the 100 to 160 second exposure range. So, the prevailing wisdom seems to be to keep IBIS off until you need it, and you need it only when you would otherwise take a tripod shot but you don’t have a tripod with you. I’d settle for the current IBIS in future PEN models.

    • OM-1-ishness was definately important for Oly when they developed the EM-5 which REALLY has a nostalgic form factor!
      Modern DSLR are very different to how the OM-1, Spotmatic, FM,139 etc looked during 60’s and 70’s.
      Everyone who has used a DSLR must have experienced being focused ( :-) ) on something happening and making photos. When you put down the camera you realise something even more interesting just happened that was outside the frame in the veiwfinder. But you missed that.
      Here the Leica formfactor comes in. The viewfinder shows also what is outside the frame. It is also more easy to have split vision (most of us have two eyes) and record what happens while you are making your photos.
      DSLR formfactor has its optimal use and the RF-style formfactor has its, different, optimal use.
      Design is about function and beauty. The retro obsession is for those who have no new ideas (= Oly). Pana GF1 and GX1 are great, contemporary designs! Really like those. Very nice to use and look beautiful too. Absolutely the best m43 design so far.

      • I’d rather have the great new ideas INSIDE the camera – and thyt’s what Oly provides. I bought the E-M5 despite it’s retro design and not because of it. It’s just an amzing piece of technology, made by photographers for photographers. Not just the sister of a toaster.

  • Didn’t olympus say they weren’t going to make pens with built in evf. I mean why would they, they’ll just tank the omd sales.

  • Biggstr

    Apologies for making so many inputs. But form factor is at least 50% or more of the game.

    The pixel and IQ wars are (should) be over, and Olympus and Panasonic have solved the focus disparity between PDAF and CDAF. The latest patch of cameras from the major contenders are all capable of award winning IQ and photos that surpass the film era. The only remaining difference: How does the camera feel in the hand and in the field?

    I started serious photography in 1971 with a Pentax SLR and quickly moved to a Nikon system. Before that I had used Argus, SpeedGraphic, and twin-lens Rolleiflex cameras. Along the way, I picked up a medium format Mamiya twin lens reflex system. In 2001 I saw the handwriting on the wall and ditched my Nikon and Mamiya systems for a $1,995 Nikon D100. I moved on to the D200, D60, and then D5000. Then, last August, I saw the handwriting on the wall and ditched the Nikon system for an Olympus-based MFT system to take advantage of “live view”, integrated video, and a much lighter weight system. I now own three E-P2s, a PL3, and a PM1 and the standard kit of MFT lenses. My favorite camera since 1962 is the E-P2. Why? The weight, quality build, IQ, and button placement … ergonomics. I’m disappointed in the PL3 and hated the D5000 in spite of the articulated LCDs due to the awkward button placement. I surprised how much I like the PM1 in spite of the lack of external buttons due to how quickly I can “set” the camera via the menu system.

    Now, about the OMD. The design of the classical SLR is awkward; the design of the ODM follows this tradition. The viewfinder is where it is on the SLR because of the light path for the mirror/prism. The viewfinder is where it is on the OMD because … I don’t know. No mirror? no prism?

    Bottom line: Yes, camera companies can make the same camera with the same IQ and technologies in different form factors (size, button placement, EVF placment) to suit different tastes with respect to ergonomics. Indeed, if the IQ is adequate, that is all that the latest crop of cameras offer from the the different camera companies.

    Will we pay for that difference? I believe so. Give me a classical PEN with the technological advancements of the OMD and I will own that some day. Restrict them to the pseudo-SLR (a.k.a. OMD) and I may pass. Maybe I’ll buy another E-P2.

    • AMVR

      AT LAST !!! thanks god I’m not the only one out there that thinks like this!

      To all those who discard a RF-looking PEN because they assume it only responds to nostalgia fans you’re wrong. I belong to this generation I didn’t shoot rangefinders during the 70s I wasn’t even alive back then (besides I learned on a SLR, so no childhood memories either). The RF form factor is attractive due to it’s functionality. Centered view finders are awkward because humans usually have noses, this in itself is a hassle but more so in digital cameras with LCDs. Corner evf’s allow the screen to remain smudge-free and the photographer can use both eyes to see the real world.

      Also, everyone who defends the hump in the E-M5 because of IBIS, FYI the hump DOES NOT house the SENSOR IBIS, it houses the EVF IBIS, yes, the OMD offers two simultaneous IS systems, one for sensor & one for EVF, go try it yourself if you have an EM5, there’s a function for this. The EVF is stabilized by its own IBIS located on the hump, so no, the hump has nothing to do with 5 axis IBIS and is not necessary for Oly to have a RF-style model. So yes, Oly did stylize the EM5 to please and attract the nostalgic enthusiast, but a RF-style Pen would actually fulfill M43 motto more faithfully in form and function

      • Ross

        “Also, everyone who defends the hump in the E-M5 because of IBIS, FYI the hump DOES NOT house the SENSOR IBIS, it houses the EVF IBIS, yes, the OMD offers two simultaneous IS systems, one for sensor & one for EVF, go try it yourself if you have an EM5, there’s a function for this. The EVF is stabilized by its own IBIS located on the hump, so no, the hump has nothing to do with 5 axis IBIS and is not necessary for Oly to have a RF-style model.”

        I think you are confusing the options in the menu for the above. We have the option to use the IBIS when half pressing the shutter so that it ‘appears’ as a stabilised image in the viewfinder (which doesn’t move) & that is useful for MF with OM lenses etc. using ‘magnified view’, otherwise the IS only operates at the full press of the shutter button when the shutter is opened. The actual gyro sensors for the different movements of the camera have to go somewhere. I’ve seen an inside photo of the top plate & they don’t appear to be part of that, but probably lower in the body but still protruding into that space. That is my guess anyhow.

        • bart

          There is no need for separate IBIS for the EVF, sensor IS will automatically stabilize the EVF when it is active. An OVF used with IBIS equiped camera would need its own IS but not so for an EVF equiped one.

          • Ross

            I think your reply should’ve been for AMVR because I think my comment shows there is no such thing as IBIS for the EVF, just the effect (of in body image stabilastion) seen in it (& on the screen) when activated to operate when half pressing the shutter button (in the Menu it is cog.C & the last option “Half Way Rls With IS”)

        • Ross

          I need to add to the following, “We have the option to use the IBIS when half pressing the shutter so that it ‘appears’ as a stabilised image in the viewfinder (which doesn’t move) & that is useful for MF with OM lenses etc. using ‘magnified view’, otherwise the IS only operates at the full press of the shutter button when the shutter is opened.” This is only possible when the Menu is set at cog D, LV Close Up Mode is set to ‘mode 2’ which is; “when the shutter button is pressed halfway, auto focus will work while in the enlarged live view.” & to elaborate, when using MF, it won’t AF, but will operate the IS so the enlarged view in both the display screen or EVF is seen steady making MF easy to see with the steady view to adjust the focus accurately.

  • David

    There have been so many rumors about integrated viewfinders, but I waited three years and nothing happend… If it only was true…

    • Full Beam

      “”” What David said

  • Integrated EVF on the left is the only way I’ll consider buying a Pen. VF-2/3 sacrifices the hot shoe and compromises the size advantage.

    Give it the same landscape grip as the E-M5 so the size can be scalable to accommodate 4/3s lenses. Exactly same screen as E-M5: tilting touch screen. I have tilt screen on my 330/C5050; I like it better than the other option.

    Not holding my breath though. One thing that I’m in agreement on with other posters: two, and only two, Pens in the line. High end with touch screen and lots of bells/whistles, and Pen-mini, which sacrifices the bells and whistles for compact size and low price.

    It actually wouldn’t surprise me if the Pen-mini costs less than the new XZ-2. It could make for an interesting camera line-up after Photokina.

    • Pierre


  • Agree with what has been said about the EP-x being a modern design classic. I have a hard time believing Olympus will bury this design definately.


  • explorer76

    E-PL5 with E-M5 sensor is what I am looking for. The superior IQ of E-M5 with smaller and cheaper body of the E-PL series. The built-in EVF would be a welcome bonus if it does not increase the size and cost. I am holding on to both m43 and NEX systems right now. m43 has the lenses, NEX has the sensor in a small and affordable body. Waiting for the day when one of these systems has both :)

  • Charles

    If they just bring nothing else than an E-P3 in it’s current state with the new E-M5 sensor, I would buy it in a heartbeat. I feel the E-P3 is the perfect PEN, compact and fun to shoot with; what the E-P1 should have been but never was.

    • I agree but with two additions.
      A built-in viewfinder (it could be the one in the EVF-2) on the left.
      Available in silver or black and with (here we go again) black versions of the prime lenses.
      Then I will have my cocoa and go to bed happy.

  • miles

    I personally feel that Olympus should trim the fats and cut unprofitable range and concentrate on the profitable ones, and limit it to 4 simple range

    PEN – consolidate all and have only 1 PEN – i feel that the best would be the E-PL … since it is the volume seller. Keep it PEN shape, add built in EVF, keep the plastics (to keep cost down), use Sony 16mp sensor.

    OM-D – On top of E-M5, add a lower cost model, maybe call it E-M50 (similar to the naming convention previously, e.g. OM1, OM10, OM2, OM20, etc).. non weather sealed, plastic instead of magnesium alloy, lower buffer, etc..

    new RC – maybe call it E-RC1 … simple no fuss m4/3 camera without EVF (can be added using existing VF2/3) .. this will replace the E-PM1

    E series – convert it from 4/3 to m4/3 to streamline manufacturing process and lower manufacturing cost of lens, accessories while making them compatible with the rest of the range. So the E7 should be a professional range topping the E-M5 … but in m4/3. With 15fps buffer, 16mp sensor, 5 axis IS, weather sealed, 1 million shutter count tested, and maybe using Truepic VII processor, built in 4GB SSD flash memory as buffer as well as emergency storage.

    Then, improve the lens line up by adding some HG or SHG m4/3 weather sealed lens.

  • japb

    EPL2 is very close to PEN film camera designs, with a grip.

    Sony sensor on EPL2 like body + EVF will be a winner.

    • fishtank

      E-PL2 is also the best looking Oly M43 body IMHO!

  • Esa Tuunanen

    How about you showing some ability to fresh thinking?

    There’s precisely zero technical reason for DSLR’s lensmount/viewfinder being almost centered causing nose hitting to body/display.
    It’s there only because of people like you not willing to let go off film era dogmas and insisting using same old World War II era based designs.
    Without need for space of film they could have as well ended body next to lens mount resulting design with more easily viewable viewfinder. Olympus tried to move to that direction in E-1 but that just wasn’t good enough for you analog era retroists.

    And now even without limits of mirror and that stuff you still keep insisting using same old flawed retro SLR design or piece of plank ergonomics rangefinder design.

    Too bad digital cameras stopped being tools of forward looking enthusiasts and became commodities of every old fart. Best 2003-2004 era fixed lens prosumers have lot more innovative form factors than any digital camera since then.

    • Bart

      Moving the SLR viewfinder away from the center was also possible in film days, as was demonstrated by the Olympus PEN F. I think there is a bit more to it then ‘film legacy’…

  • fishtank

    Will be a “yes” if Oly brings back the E-PL2 form & build-in flash for E-PL5. Will be a big “YES” if Oly also introduces a compact 25mm f2.0 or f1.7 with high IQ.

  • Hubertus Bigend

    I would consider to buy such an E-PL5, if and only if Olympus finally either achieves full contrast-AF compatibility for FT lenses or offers a fully functional phase-detection AF adapter.

    As long as neither is there, I still prefer the E-30 with FT glass for the more serious stuff and my cheap NEX as a lightweight alternative, because APS-C makes more out of my old Minolta glass.

    An MFT body with FT compatibility, though, could make me sacrifice the NEX for the sake of having just about everything I need in one system, even though it wouldn’t be as much fun to use the Minolta stuff there.

  • Rui

    All I would like, was the aspect of the GX1, wich I love, with a built in EVF, that would be hitting the jackpot in my opinion. Don’t care if it was Olympus or Panasonic. I would buy it in a blink of an eye. Maybe with the E-PL 5 or maybe a possible GX2?

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