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(FT3) UPDATE: The 4 new Olympus MFT lenses (+ patent)


Dear readers, last week we told you that Olympus will launch at least 4 new MicroFourThirds lenses (That rumor came from very good sources).

Now we have a small update (from a different source):

The two primes should be the 12mm f/2.8 and a 50mm (f/2.0??)
The two zooms should be the 40-150mm and 70-300mm.

In the meanwhile two new Olympus patents do discloses the aperture of the 40-150mm lens + a completely new 30mm-150mm lens:

  • Zuiko Digital ED 40-150mm F3.5-4.5
  • Zuiko Digital ED 30-150mm F3.3-4.2


Deal reminder.: Very last days for the Olympus 9-18mm $100 instante rebate ($599 instead of $699): Amazon, Adorama and BH

  • Nathan

    30-150 f3.3-4.2 a nice little bump in aperture and a nice increase in zoom range…

    Realistically, this is quite a quick little lens for a zoom with this kind of range. Many of the kit 18-55s on the other guys’ cameras are f3.5-5.6, so holding the line to f4.2 at 150mm is very nice.

    If it can resolve better than the 4/3 14-150 f4-5.6, I’ll consider it a success.

  • 12/2.8: Sounds good if will be sharp wide open.
    50/2.0: Is it a joke or a macro? We need 50/1.4 for portrait work.
    Telezooms will look ugly on a Pens, and won’t be too usefull with Panny cameras without OIS.

  • Miroslav

    Nice. It shows Olympus is serious about m4/3, they will double their lens lineup – from 4 to 8. The 40-150mm will be a regular in dual lens kits. I’d like a faster 12mm than F2.8 though, but this is obviously a reaction to Sony’s wide prime for NEX. Hopefully, there won’t be Panasonic doubles of these …

  • Alfons

    Is the 30-150mm for m43 standard? That would make a nice set with 11-22mm lens for my E-3.

  • Arjan

    could be nice: the 9-18mm, 20mm 1.7 pancake and 30-150mm lens would cover most of my needs.

  • ggweci

    Wonder if the 50mm will be a pancake version? Would be a great combo with the 20mm Panny.

  • Eric

    It seems odd to be working on two nearly identical lenses, but then again, Panasonic already has a 14-42mm and a 14-45mm even though there are holes in the m4/3’s lens line up large enough to fly a jumbo jet through. So I guess it’s not unheard of. Hopefully they’re just developing both, but will only release whichever is best. Us fast prime guys will really lose it if Olympus releases a pair of near identical zooms before giving us either a 25mm/1.4 or 45mm/1.4.

  • mpgxsvcd

    All I need is a 12mm F2.5, the 20mm F1.7, a 35mm F1.4, a 55mm F1.2 with IS, an 85mm F1.8 with IS, and a 100-300mm F4.0-F5.6 with IS. And if they can’t make the fast primes with IS then I will take them without IS and I will buy an Olympus camera with IBIS.

    I would stop asking for lenses if all of those were available today.

  • RW

    12mm F2.8? I suppose that will have to do if it is sufficiently small. I had hoped for a 10 or 11mm – but c’est la vie.

  • CR102

    12/2.8 is all I want. I do hope that it’s nice and sharp.
    The patented zooms are very similar. A 30-150 with medium maximum aperture can’t be very small, so it may be coupled with a larger, heavier m4/3 camera (the much desired E-OM?) and with a nifty 12-30 f/2.8-3.5.

  • omgreo

    Please make that 50mm a f1.4 or f1.7 and in pancake form. Day 1 purchase if it is.

  • Pretty disappointing list of lenses if true.

  • iMikl

    I hope Panasonic has something more exciting to offer.

  • I think a 12mm f/2.8 sounds like a great idea. In inexpensive fast 25mm would certainly be nice, though I’m sure the 20mm/1.7 might be too stiff a competition to be worthwhile.

  • Chris

    I’d take it as a non-pancake f/2 if it’s near the quality of the ZD 50mm macro. Olympus needs to step it up on the quality front in terms of glass.

  • Inge – M.

    Only pancake for my E-P1, so i hope on 25mm F2.0 and 35mm F2.8, into next year.

  • To be honest, I dream about a m43 65/1.0 OIS lens. It would be equal with 130/2.0 on FF which is the very best solution for good looking portait.

  • YeahYeah

    I absolutely agree with mpgxsvcd!
    12/2.8? It’s a joke? Who want a F2.8 prime? We need F2, or F1.4.
    Definitively, I think only Panny can assume the future of µ4/3…

  • A.M. Paul

    I really hope the 50mm lens is a micro 43 version of the zuiko 50mm f2.0 macro lens!
    I think it would be strange if it’s not. I love the 50mm lens, but it really would be nice to have it less bulky/heavy.

  • Mario

    For those out there bashing the 12mm 2.8. Do yourselves a favour and learn something about lens design before you comment. Otherwise you don’t sound too intelligent at all. Have you considered the size of the lens? Have you got any idea how hard it is to correct for distortion at 12mm, let alone ask for it be F2.0! And finally, don’t you think if it was so easy to break the laws of physics, Panasonic wouldn’t create 12mm F2.0? They would do 12mm F1.4 too if it was possible and cost effective…

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