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(FT3) Tokina to release two MFT lenses with AF at PMA in September?


According to a new 43rumors source: “Tokina will introduce at PMA (CliQ) 2011 two autofocus lenses for the m4/3 mount. The first one will be a 17/2.0 or faster pancake. The second one will be a 8-16mm/3.5-4.5 or faster. Both lenses will feature internal focusing and a build quality similar to the excellent Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8. OIS and linear motor is under consideration as Tokina is out-sourcing, as usual, the technology to contractors. Price range is about 25% less than similar offerings from Olympus (17/2.8) and Panasonic (7-14/4.0).”

See and read the specs of the Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 on eBay or Amazon.

P.S: Thanks to the anonymous source! I owe you a beer for that ;)

Reminder: Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

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  • Heiko

    Nice idea but boring lenses. The UWW range is fittet with the 7-14 and 9-18mm and a one stop faster 17mm Pancake compared to the Zuiko…

    • Zaph

      A one stop faster pancake than the Oly 17mm, of better quality, would be welcome not boring.

    • Mike

      Well, it says f2 or faster. I might be in fantasy world, but if that means a 17mm f1.4 lens I would gladly trade my X1 for this lens and a nice smallish pro body (if there ever should be one…)

  • This would be a great way for me to get a cheaper UWA lens :D

    Hope it’s true.

  • Those would be wonderful news. No matter about the lens but about the fact itself: any new lens maker should be more than welcome to m4/3 as that’s a sign of the strength of the protocol compared to its rivals.

    Admin, how much do you trust the new source? Tokina is well known because of its zooms and macros and, as far as I know and even if the 35mm f/2.8 macro is a relative small lens, they never released a pancake nor a fast compact prime. It sounds strange to me they are releasing a pancake for a system they still don’t know as their first lens…

    • WT21

      Luis is on point completely.

      Great news to have more third parties. But a Tokina pancake is almost a contradiction in terms. I’ve used their lenses on my Canon DLSRs and they are built like tanks in a good way for DSLR shooting, but small, light lenses are not their forte.

      I’d welcome it, but it would be either the biggest and heaviest pancake you’ve ever seen, or Tokina is reinventing themselves.

  • Greg

    Great news indeed. But wouldn’t they have to enter the consortium first?

  • Miroslav

    Great! If we could add Tokina, Ricoh and Pentax to m4/3 in 2011, the big three would really have a hard time catching up …

    BTW, I like those lenses, because of 4/3 sensor 2x crop the system is thinnest in wide to normal focal lengths lenses.

  • Chris

    A new lens maker in the mft format? Jipii
    Sounds really good. And a better version of the oly 17mm is also welcome.

  • would be great if it turns into FT5 :-)

  • Ad

    Tokina joining the MFT party is of course great news. I hope they will come up with more and more interesting lenses than the ones mentioned here, there still are gaps in the MFT lens line-up. If I were Tokina, I would issue a 50mm f/1.4 OIS for instance, I guess that would sell like hotcakes.

  • Aex

    Since when has Tokina joined the MFT consortium? They weren’t even in the FT group.
    I wouldn’t even put a FT2 on this rumour, especially when it’s just one new source with no confirmation. FT3 is IMO too much optimism.

    • admin

      Hi Alex! It’s not the first rumor I do receive about Tokina. Ther eis a very fair chance that they will make lenses for different mirrorless systems!

    • Miroslav

      Since when has Cosina joined the MFT consortium? Since last September.

      They weren’t even in the FT group, but they made an exceptional lens for MFT straight away.

      Kodak and Fuji are in FT, but are doing nothing for it at the moment. Being in it doesn’t mean anything …

  • Agent00soul

    I don’t think they need to be a member of the consortium. Tokina (and others) have made lenses for all major brands for a long time, without any cooperation from said companies.

  • Alfons

    m4/3 dedicaded lenses? Sounds nice!

    Just one thing. Tokina has the focus and zoom rings working on wrong direction :P

  • Brod1er

    Great news for the reasons given. My only concern is if tokina will be tempted to make the mirrorless lenses adaptable for use on Sony &Samsung too. Not because I begrudge S&S, but because the lenses would have to be designed with a larger image circle and would not be sufficiently compact for mft.

    • Exactly my thoughts!

      But then again, we do not know where Nikon and Canon stand in this game.
      Nikon or Canon might as well decide to go even smaller with EVIL (as to have an advantage compared to Sony, and not to compete with their high end DSLRs).
      So catering to both Sony/Samsung and a potentially even smaller system would
      not make too much sense anyway.

      Maybe Tokina knows more than we do?

  • at

    This is one of the best rumors. More lens manufacturers mean more choices and reasonable price.

  • shutterwill

    Tokina did a lot of OEM for low end Nikons didn’t they?

    • shutterwill

      or was it Tamron?

      • Miroslav

        Tamron makes lenses for Sony.

    • Afaik they did one of the DX UWA zooms (I think 11-16?)

  • MikeS

    Great news. Now Oly and Panny just have to get on the ball with some more bodies…

  • safaridon

    Very good news if it proves true. Tokina is also more likely to provide m4/3 lenses as Tamron is more tied to Sony and APSC sensor.

    If Tokina can produce a quality fast wide/normal prime like 17/f2 at 25% less cost than either Pany or Oly more power to them. Would be attractive option to those that are now buying the bargain GF1s body only and as noted maybe with OIS?

  • Ryo81

    If Tokina is already working on lenses for m4/3, I wonder what is Sigma doing at the moment?

    • Michael

      Good point, if Tokina will be there, then Sigma will be next one.

  • BK


    I now have over 10 Lenes for my G2 and only one ( the Kit ) is a real mFT native lens.
    So more Native mFT choice is better : )
    Now it would be cool if Voight/Cosina would produce the equivalent of the Canon thrifty 50 , a 25 1.8 for around $150 , ah dreams : )


  • Duarte Bruno

    For Tokina to launch an 8-16mm that is just 25% cheaper than the 7-14mm Panasonic, they’ll have a pretty big wall to climb because they are going against what is probably the best (and most expensive) m43 lens available.
    IQ has to be top notch if the price difference is just 25% and they expect to sell. People buying UWA are like addicts and have little use for anything other than 7mm. Ask anyone with the 7-14 what is the FL they use the most. 1mm would be a big a disadvantage for the Tokina.

    • what may be “just 25% cheaper” for you, can make a big difference for other people who have smaller budgets. Imo, if it will be 25% cheaper, i won’t complain if the tokina is also 25% worse in quality, especially since the panasonic one seems to have reference quality.

    • Ad

      Well, for me at least that isn’t true. 7mm is too much most of the time, I mostly set my 7-14mm at 9mm or 10mm.

    • Yeah, the 7-14mm has been one of my favorite lenses since it first came out, and while it’s useful having the zoom range, I almost always shoot it at 7mm.

  • Wife

    Nice! good job, admin!

  • mapleflot

    Perhaps a Tokina 8-16 would drop the RRP of the Panny 7-14?
    Any precedent of this?

    • Well the 7-14mm has a retail price of $1100 but actually sells for a little over $800 (on Amazon and B&H) right now. I’m not sure how much more it would drop, even with a little more competition. I paid full price when it first came out and i still feel like it was worth every cent. :)

  • Tokina are known for solid build … mainly metal barrelled lenses. That would be a welcome addition to the PEN line, an inde 17/2

    but alas, they also have a bad reputation for soft lenses that flare at the slightest hint of sunshine. They will need to prove that their lenses are worth having.

    • Jonathan

      I had the Tokina 28-70 f/2.6-2,8 and I can say it was anything but soft. It was faster and sharper than the Nikon equivalent at the time, and less expensive.

      The Tokina 11-16, if you check the reviews, is a sharp devil as well. According to Ken Rockwell it is sharper than the Nikon 12-24.

      The only negative in this rumor is that, unlike Cosina/ Voigtlander, it appears at least some of the rumored Tokina m43 lenses will not be specifically designed for the mount, in which case you can count on the being too big and heavy. The fast 17 is a surprise, though, as Tokina does not currently offer such a lens (it did have a very sharp 17/3.5).

      • Jonathan

        err… If it’s a 8-16 and not 11-16 then it’s a totally new lens, probably designed for m43 after all. Very good news (in case it is true).

  • I would never buy a 8-16mm/3.5-4.5 over the oly 9-18,
    the 9-18 being half the size and cheaper

    • Why? It woud be wider and faster. How big and price is unknown. FT3 though so… hard to tell what’s true here.

      • We are not sure if it would be faster – besides it wont be as good as the panasonic, and its hard enugh to choose between panasonic and olympus already, sorry but we just dont need another wide zoom
        we need a 10mm or 8mm f2.0/f2.5 pancake/prime

  • Boyzo

    Hardly exciting offerings they should offer something like fast primes
    or fast zooms in the 12-75 range
    WA prime or zoom does not have a lot of application

  • Very good news!
    Tokina = Hoya = Pentax
    Think about it…!

    • Reverse Stream Swimmer

      Who owns Tokina?
      Hoya is the mother company of Pentax, is it also controlling the Tokina?

      If Pentax goes mirrorless, they will need lenses. some lenses branded Pentax, and some branded Tokina for use with other cameras.

      The Tokina lenses can increase the sales volume by offering their lenses in two product lines.

      Pentax market positioning could fit within the MFT, with the extra support from Hoya on the Tokina offerings.

      Tamron is in bed with Sony, but where does Sigma fit?

      • Markus

        AFAIK, Hoya is owning both Pentax and Tokina brand. And there are some Pentax lenses which are similar to Tokina designs, maybe more advanced.

        I would love to get a 17/2 or even faster.

      • Miroslav

        “Who owns Tokina?” says:

        “In recent years, Tokina has become a partner of Pentax, division of Hoya Corporation and jointly developed some lenses.”

        “Hoya Corporation is the main glass supplier for Tokina”

        Now, that is more interesting than those rumored lenses. Pentax could indeed enter m4/3 …

  • Flerk

    For sure that companies as tamron, tokina, sigma, zeiss? will do lenses for mirrorles. The evil camera market is a market that previously did not exist and it has been created with the users of slr and high-end compact. Which obviously decrease the sales of the companies that manufacture glases for other companies slrs. The question will be if they will do the lenses for m43, nex, nx, pentax, nikon or for all of them. We will see.

  • FRED

    Since Tokina is also Pentax maybee the next m4/3 will be a Pentax?????????

  • Mistral75

    The 17mm f/2 Tokina could well be based on a Pentax formula like so many Tokinas; see these patents from Pentax for µ4/3 lenses (18mm f/2.8 – 17mm f/2 – 14mm f/2.8):

  • Nathan

    Yeah, well, they still have to project a larger image circle, meaning that either their lenses will be slower or larger than micro four thirds.
    The sensor size wasn’t an accident.

    The funny thing is that many of my friends who shoot APS-C crop a lot to print, while I crop a little less. Most of the time they’re cropping, ironically, they’re removing the image area that represents the entirety of the difference between APS and 4/3.

  • McPix

    I would appreciate a fast prime from Tokina – if it’s a good one – I own the 12-24 and 100 Macro for my DSLRs and I like them.
    The Oly 17/2.8 isn’t really great and the Pana 20/1.7 is pretty expensive, so a good chance to be in for Tokina.

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