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(FT3) The rumors summary…or what’s coming next!


Why not copy the L1 design to create a "rangefinder" styled MFT camera?

What is going to happen now that the Olympus E-PL1 has been unveiled? 43rumors is working to catch some news about future Panasonic and Olympus cameras. If you read the worlwide Micro-FourThirds forums you will notice how everybody is wishing a rangefinder-styled compact camera. Many of you want the EVF built-in in the body and not external. Let’s see if Panasonic will satisfy the request!
Latest rumors are telling us that Panasonic will at least announce one new MFT camera. Some rumors we recieved do say two are coming (even better!). At the moment it seems very unlikely to see the Panasonic GH1 replacement.
Fact is the Panasonic G1 is discontinued in Japan and totally deleted from some official Panasonic websites (like here in Canada).
We are almost certain Panasonic will show some of the pre-announced lenses at PMA (Feb 21-23).

And what about Olmypus?
We are still waiting to get news about the E-3 replacement which will probably be annouced at the end of February or earyl March. And we really hope Olympus will enjoy us all with the release of new lenses!

Exciting times!
Stay tuned on 43rumors!

P.S: The Panasonic GH1 keeps dropping at amazon…now $1,219.95!

  • Carlo

    Yeah, an L1 styled m43 camera is the one I have always wished for!
    But I guess that the “non canonical” construction is not well seen by marketing people. I guess this was the reason to have the G1/GH1 styled as an SLR…

  • Duarte Bruno

    Exciting times?
    Sorry but I can’t see anything but boring times when there is almost no prospect of a new upper m43 model in sight.

  • All i want from Panasonic : take the LX3, and please, pleeeeeaase put a m43 sensor in it. That’s it.

    A m43 sensor with a great fixed lens would be a killer camera for me. And for the compact category too.

    I know, the LX3 is not a “do it all”. No long zoom, no viewfinder (even if you can add an optical VF if you want one, as me). But this is the point : do something really well instead of doing a lot of average things, as the Canon G9-10-11 (i have one of these, like it, but it’s not a superstar at anything).

    So… I’m waiting eagerly foar the LX4, and hoping they will be able to cram a M43 in there. :)

  • Ahmad

    I agree 100% with Michael, I’m waiting for LX4 and I wish if it will show-up with M43 sensor and AVCHD 720p video capabilities :) no more no less for me.

  • Steve

    I think we have to be realistic about form factor vs. included features.

    They can’t make a LX3 sized camera (with collapsing lens) with a M 4/3 sensor, the glass would be much larger (look at the 14-45 zoom.)

    They can’t make a new GF1 body with integrated high resolution EVF, the EVF is too big.

    They can make a re-styled G1 though with a built-in EVF that would have a L1 shape, I think that would be very interesting. Overall size would not be too much different than existing G1, but protrusions could be streamlined. Pack in GF1 level video, and there is the G2.

    It will sell great at existing G1 MSRP, and sits alongside but does not replace or supercede GF1 or GH1. I am not sure Panasonic will target E-PL1 price range, given that they have problems with inventory even now (though I guess it has more to do with glass than bodies.)

  • I agree with Steve about the form factor, but looking at a Sigma DP2, i think they we’re not so far. Interface is crappy, electronic/speed is so-so… But a revisited DP2 by Panasonic would be interesting! If Leica can make the X1, i think that Pana can do something similar…

    If ever they could make something like the LX4, but just a little bit bigger, i’m in. The G7-G9-G10-G11 are way bigger than the LX3, this proves there is a market for something between the LX3 and something bigger, like a rangefinder. I know the GF1 is not far from this, but a fixed lens would allow for a cheaper/simpler camera. I own a G9 + a DSLR, and i’m looking for something simpler/lighter than the SLR, but with better IQ than the G9/10/11. Managing lenses during a trip is something of a chore, and shooting in the street with a SLR is everything but discrete.

    Well, we’re just daydreaming, but it’s an interesting discussion!

  • divide

    “At the moment it seems very unlikely to see the Panasonic GH1 replacement”

    Why do you think there won’t be a replacement for the high-end GH1 ? I think a lot of people is waiting for a GH2, me included ! Specially to have some improvements in video recording, as GH1’s codec/bitrate is weak in 1080p.

  • Steve

    Michael, I would LOVE something along the lines of a Panasonic DP2 or DP1 with a fixed wide/normal lens and M 4/3 sensor, similar in size to the Sigmas. 28mm is what I prefer, and I could be happy with a fixed 28mm lens (vs. M 4/3 body.)

    It would really have to be faster than the Sigma though, somewhere around f/2 to f/2.4 would be A-OK with me.

    I think it is more likely we get a more traditional LX3 revision, with new and improved 1/1.8″ sensor.

  • Thom
  • Theoretical

    Steve, I like your thinking about a DP2 killer.

    What about putting an M43 sensor and a modified 20 mm pancake into an LX4? The actual lens is tiny, it’s the motors and support that make it “big”.

    40 mm equiv. 1.7 with a big sensor. Yes, please.

  • fuujin

    [off topic]
    GH1 body only available in UK

  • Don

    I fully agree with Steve in regards of the format for new G2 and the L1 shape modified with raised EVF in the middle is very practical and would be attractive. One only has to look at the back of the LC1 or L1 to see that a large high definition EVF and large screen simply would not fit. With the HD video it would be priced a little higher than the existing G1 and would expect either zoom of new 28/2.8 as kit lens.

    If there are two m4/3 models then I would project it will be modified GF1 with small 0.3-0.4″ EVF replacing the flash which may be removeable hot shoe type maybe run on camera battery. I doubt that Pany would introduce the real mini L1 if they are already likely to provide a new body for G1.

    If there is only one new m4/3 model then it will be the mini rangefinder with smaller high def EVF and GH1 will be left uncahnged except for new lens choises. Ie 3 lines: GF, GH, and GL.

    A smaller model much like the XI would be very attractive like Micheal says with fixed 28mm lens. W/O a EVF it would be same size and I think use of OLED screen would make such a model that more practical. This is still a possibility as one rumor from someone to 43rumors talking of the new LX3 mentioned it would be a small metal body rangefinder with EVF but thought the lens was 20/1.7 which is m4/3 format? No question it could be much smaller if using fixed lens as no large dia lens flange. They could make it like just like the X1 only with raised small EVF in center, or alternatively make wider and put EVF to far left cornern and LCD bottom hinged. However this model would essentially be a replacement for the LX3 and I don’t think Pany would be wise to do that.

    Another possibility is the second model being referred to is the new LX with new 1.3 BLCMOS sensor Pany has been developing to match expected competion from existing Canon, and rumored soon Sony and Samsung to enter this popular segment. I agree that Pany will keep this as impossible for m4/3 to match this smaller sensor size bodies.

    As for GH2 it is almost universally projected to not come till this fall but with many revolutionary features definetely high end starting with 1080/60/50P HD and electronic shutter and new sensor and fast zoom lens..

  • Jason

    Just give me a reinforced fiberglass body with the Panasonic chip, screen etc…. And through in the 20mm f/1.7, all for $599.

  • Don

    Jason you might just get your wish come PMA. An earlier rumor of model to replace the LX3 said small rectangular shape, price $600 and they thought the lens was 20/1.7.? Don’t know if it would be much cheaper to produce a flangeless version of 20mm lens which is in short supply as it is but it would certainly sell and $600 seems a little high for a LX3 sensor sized camera to compete well with the likes of E-PL1.

  • Baroufas

    I dont need a new body. I need lenses. Pancakes and fast ones. Small lenses that fit a small body like the GF1 and GH1. That will make a difference in my photography. While a new body will surely be better this line of cameras needs better and higher quality choices when it comes to lenses. And they can NOT be a huge honking piece of glass! I might as well grab a regular DSLR then and head out.

  • PeterS

    I agree, a m43 sensor in an LX3 is the way to go for that in-between market. Look at the Contax T2 film camera. Very compact, a 38mm F2.8 lens for a full-frame sensor (aka film).

  • drj

    just to mention that, like others, I do appreciate the LC1 / L1 designs (I happen to own both) but it is also my conviction that both of these cameras were introduced whilst Panasonic was working hand in hand with Leica ; as a matter of fact, both of these designs are slightly modified Leica ones. This is not any longer the case ; look at all the cameras Panasonic has been introducing for four years and you’ll be convinced that they are just not taking that direction.

  • Jorge

    I would like to say that with Canon 550d Panasonic is in trouble if doesn’t upgrades GH1 (at least on the video side)

  • Gabriel

    I’m agree with Baroufas, we need lenses, and for me, especialy wide angle. Due to the 2x crops factor, any standard lenses put on it became a tele. There is a lack of wide angle (like 24 or 28mm at 2/8). I’m waiting for the 14mm from pana. Currently, i’m using a compact with a 28 équiv at f2/8 and in the present market, there is no DSLR or µ4/3 that i really want to buy, because there is no lens to put on it, except some bulky and heavy f2/8 28~80 FF equiv zoom ;(

  • OMOlympus

    I noticed that Zone 10 are hinting about a Micro 4/3s E330 style body – ie with the EVF off to the left, which would fit the bill. They are usually not far off the mark. Not sure whether that would come in Panasonic guise, or Olympus.

  • BobLed

    Why people want OLED displays? In bright daylight, LCD is better than OLED.

  • Chris

    I agree with the wide-angle lenses complaint. I’d also like to see faster lenses, to mirror my 35mm set-up I currently have in terms of focal lengths and depth of field control.

    At the very least, I’d like to see a 12 or 14mm lens at f/1.4 or f/2, a 25mm lens at f/1.2 or f/1.4, and a 42mm lens at f/1.2 or f/1.4.

    I’ve read that the whole move to micro 4/3 was supposed to bring faster wideangles, but I haven’t seen anything faster than the Panasonic 20mm f/1.7 with nothing under an f/2.8 or f/3.5 on the horizon.

    I’d really like to make the jump to making this my digital system (I still shoot film), but like I said I’d like faster lenses.

  • Milt

    My ambitions are relatively modest. I would like a more fully realized GF1, with the sensor from the GH1, and an improved EVF. Am waiting for that.

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