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(FT3) Some low end OMD specs…


According to one source the new low end OMD model will be priced below the new Olympus E-P5. It will have:
– Same shape as the E-M5
– Same 16MP sensor
– EVF with lower resolution EVF (compared to the 2.3 from the OMD)
– 2 axis stabilization
– no weather sealing


The source was keen to say that he is not 100% sure about the specs but that’s the official he got from “his sources”. This doens’t sound like a spectacular camera (LOL). I hope the rumor tunrs out to be not entirely true! If it’s true than the Panasonic GX7 will definitely kill the new OMD sales!

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Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • andrew


    By the time they release it, the OMD will be at half price anyway…

  • So it’s like the current OMD but without weather sealing and with the old 2 axis IS. Why should that be much worse than the GX7? Is the GX7 expected to be weather sealed or to have a 5 axis IS???

    • admin

      GX7 has a new high resolution buil-tin EVF and new 18MP sensor.

      • chronocommando

        only rumors ;-)

        • admin

          GX7 is sure thing!

          • grzybu

            If this is new Panasonic sensor then I’m not so sure it will be any better than current Sony sensor used in latest Olympus cameras.
            But, maybe Panasonic finally made sensor with good DR?

            • gabriel

              It will probably be the GH3 sensor. The Fuji-Panasonic deal is too recent to give Panasonic time to develop a new 4/3 version and the other “light filtering technology” was said to be released in devices in 2014.

          • aa

            that is the beauty of M43 we r always thinking of ways to redesign n repackage n remarket the same product over n over again but with a twist. So we get to change “new” products all the time. that makes me so proud.

        • kiki

          not rumors, it’s already FT5

      • But I doubt the 18 MP Panasonic sensor will make any difference with the 16 MP sensor on the current OM-D. And the high resolution EVF is still to be seen if it’s any better than the one on the OM-D. On a side by side comparison (source: Luminous Landscape), the OM-D was said to have the best EVF even when compared to the high resolution ones in Sony NEX cameras. The one in GH3 is also worse.

        So in the end I think that the low end OM-D will be in the same league as the GX7, except that the VF is in the center while the GX7 will have it on the side (and tiltable).

  • Dukratus

    I don’t actually understand the hype about weather sealing on the E-M5 seeing the setup only works if you pair it with equally weather sealed lenses and to be honest there aren’t that many….

    • indeed too few sealed lenses released sofar.But the moment you use the 12-50 or 60mm macro, protection against dust and moisture should be excellent, so not a hype.

      • Dukratus

        Well to be honest, 2 or 3 lenses in a system with such a huge lens lineup is far from justifying the hype, we’re talking about what? 10% of the lenses with weather sealing? Once again it’s a hype in my honest opinion.

        • I wonder how many percent of Canon’s or Nikon’s lens line-up is sealed.

    • I laugh every time there is a request for a weather sealed pancake … consider the rain on the front element!

      or is everyone chasing a Dust/Sand-proof lens?

  • chronocommando

    Does it make sense? For me not.

    That would be the fifth camera that Olympus squeezes out of the OMD sensor. Come on it is enough.

    • E-1

      Agreed! We don’t want Olympus to become Panasonic, with the 4yr old GH2 sensor in the new G6.

      • MdB

        No Olympus would NEVER do that…



        Nah, only Panasonic use sensors for a couple of years ;)

        • OMega

          While at the time Olympus were tied into what Panasonic gave them.

          • MdB

            Sure ‘tied’ in were they? Yeah well if they got themselves in such a situation they have nobody to blame but themselves.

            • ProShooter

              You’re an idiot and you have nobody to blame but yourself.

          • Mr. Reeee

            Don’t blame Panasonic, the suits and yakuza were simply trying to maximize their take… errrr, I mean “PROFITS”.

      • MdB

        And for what it’s worth the GH2 was released in Sep 2010 and the G6 in Apr 2013 – around 2.5 years.

        Cameras thus far that have seen this sensor:


        Wow, big list

        • pizza4D

          What sensor does the GX1 have?

          • Me

            Same as G3.

        • true homer

          Its even smaller, the gf6 uses the gx1 sensor.
          Dont bother, as you can see most people here will do anything to discredit panasonic. E-1 didnt even do a quick Google ssearch before he posted the sensor was 4 years old (twice as much as it actually is). And of course its panasonics fault they used the same sensor for all those years despite them being on record saying they didnt want to use 16mp sensors of multi aspect sensors. How long did olympus sang the 12mp is enough mantra? And as usual, lacking any intelligent argument to reply, you were called an idiot for pointing out what is basically facts. Its become the MO of this site.
          Olympus will use this sensor for at least 4 more models, people here will surely blame panny for it

          • this Panasonic vs Olympus thing within the MFT user community is prob one of siliest phenomena I have seen the last years on internet. And I always see the same persons defending their fav choice against the other.

            • About as silly as people arguing and fighting over skin colors when they’re all on the same planet. (And yes, I agree with you, it’s so silly!)

        • E-1

          You are right.

    • Ross

      It sounds like an equivalent (within reason) to the E-PL5 with the VF-3 inbuilt. It will suit some people with a limited budget.

    • Anonymous

      Makes perfect sense to me – the new sensor will come on the OM-D ‘Pro’, not the OM-D ‘Lite’. Why undermine the EM-5 by releasing a better specced sensor in the budget model? It’s also confusing for consumers if the entry model has worse IBIS but better sensor.
      It makes much more sense to launch a new sensor in the top-of-the-line model and then filter it down through the range as they get refreshed.
      This allows them to price-gouge those people who MUST have the latest sensor – since the margins are much higher on top-end items than the budget/entry level.

  • Anonymous

    Price lower than the E-P5? For gods sake, that’s already a stripped down E-M5 (non-weathersealed body without EVF) yet priced at a stratospheric $1000 without a kit lens. Olympus need look no further than the full featured G6 intro-priced at $750 (sure to quickly fall) with kit lens to see their competition. They’re also now being challenged by Fuji, whose clearly going after their popular E-PL5 and even the E-P5 with the attractive X-M1 priced between them at $799 with kit lens.

    Olympus needs to return to a formula of a tiered range of full-featured bodies: slightly larger “pro” camera that can handle all their lenses easily without an add-on grip, a mid-level camera (the E-M series) and a very complete $750 entry level body much as the E-620 was to their 4/3’s line. This formula has worked for Canikon for years, time it arrived in mFT. For the entry level, simply match the G6 (built-in flash please) but include the E-M5 sensor and IBIS and price it to match. Leave weathersealing to E-M’s and above.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Panasonic has been doing this with their M4/3 camera line-up. It works pretty well, with logical divisions between lines and body styles.

      Oly seems to distribute features a bit randomly, although they’ve gotten a little better recently. Still, they need at least one modern DSLR style body with a built-in EVF and good ergonomics.

  • It’s either new sensor with PDAF or old one or and this one are different cameras.
    AFAIC 2 axis stabilization in big body = no buy

    • Me

      > AFAIC 2 axis stabilization in big body = no buy

      Why? Only because there’s a 5-axis stabiliser now, 2-axis is no longer of any use? Come on, 2-axis was good enough for many years and still is. Or would you also never buy a Pentax camera only because it still relies on 2-axis stabilization?

      There was a time when your steady hand was the only stabiliser. And guess what, people could make great photos even then…

      • Why?

        If I was to upgrade from my E-PL1, I’d either buy small E-PL5 with 2 axis IS or bigger E-P5 ( or E-M5 ) with 5 axis IS. I don’t see the point of E-M5 sized m4/3 camera with 2 axis IS. Unless it’s under 500 EUR, but I don’t see that coming from Oly.

        As for Pentax DSLRs, new Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 makes them very interesting, but I guess new Sony A mount generation will be even more – partly because of 5 axis IBIS.

  • E-1

    In all of this, I’ve bought a 330 EUR E-PL5 from eBay (Taiwan).

    “If it’s true than the Panasonic GX7 will definitely kill the new OMD sales!”

    But for sure a camera existing as rumors and no price will “definitely kill” another camera existing as rumors with no price.

  • Yun

    Let me analysis for GX7 .
    Current OMD sensor achieved 12.3 EV in DR
    Current GX1 only at 10.3 EV
    So the new GX7 need to acheive anything bigger than 13 EV in order to fully defeat this OMD sensor .
    Hmm.. not bad for GX7 but I expect more .
    To have Fuji tech in it would be marvelous .

    • Me

      > Current OMD sensor achieved 12.3 EV in DR

      No, it doesn’t. Never ever quote DXO’s DR for print resolution; that value is absolute nonsense! DR of OMD sensor is 11.8.

  • Jacko

    This rumor can´t be true. What for people need a new model of OMD worse than the former one? It can’t be true, otherwise Olympus ran utterly mad.

    • The that Olympus come by an camera under E-P5 and an over E-PL5 by an EVF is naturally right.

  • john

    The more I read these rumors about the em-5 the more I think Olympus is about to screw everything up for good. The EM-5 is such a nice camera, make it better with phase detection and slightly larger to have bigger buttons and it’s Ok.
    Why a lower end OM-D? Doesn’t make sense at all to me with the EP-5 now just released.
    One thing looks sure: EM-5 will never get a firmware update enabling focus peaking.

    • Mr. Reeee

      It makes perfect sense to have a lower end body with a built-in EVF.
      See Panasonic GH & G series. Or Nikon, or Canon.

    • Anonymous

      because the EP-x are not lower end OM-x….

      is that so confusing? two lines of cameras, one with EVF and dslr styled cameras, the other without. And the best tech of Olympus, such as 5 axis Ibis, gets into the top of each line.

      For the ones that are more city people, more or less concern with style, wnt nice pictures to go along their food blog for example, there is the Pen line, with different prices.
      For the ones that are more into traveling/trecking, or “serious” photography (macro, “can’t do without an EVF”, sports/actions in the future with good CDAF), there is the OM-D line.

      In both line you have different price for different wallet, and different price strategy. And their best sensor in every cam, so you only have to choose between body style and features, no compromise on IQ

      I am quite happy with that division I have to say.

      Does the Pen line need weather sealing? probably not. And they probably identify the target audience of the top end Pen to be ready to shed quite a bit more money to get something “exclusive”.

      • Ross

        I totally agree with your thinking here too. It may not be a big seller but will add to the choice for buyers. It would probably be good if it could still take the HLD-6 though & some present E-M5 users might see it as a good second camera for the kit (but might be a little disappointing without the 5 axis IS).

      • true homer

        Actually it is confusing. Imagine being someone whos just getting into this ilc thing and try to explain olys line up to him. You got the stripped epm, ok, the point anr shooter natural upgrade…but wait! There’s the epl, also a base camera for the ps upgrader, with a few more buttons but a few mm bigger. Then theres the em1, an slr style camera for more serious upgraders and its positioned below the em5, a weather sealed, view findered, 5 axis wonderland. But by now the em5 has over a year out and the em1 cost roughly about the same soooo why the em1 again?…it doesnt stop there! Above all of that we have a view finderless non weathersealed camera, but it has 1/8000 of a sec and a tiny tiny flash.
        Ooh! And I forgot to mention, they all have the exact same sensor with the exact same image quality.

        • The lineup isn’t confusing, but the pricing is.

          EPm2 – most basic and compact
          EPl5 – tilting lcd and more controls
          EP5 – builtin flash, better ibis/build, faster shutter, etc., but a couple hundred $ more than it ought to be

          This rumored camera – basic model w/ EVF; shoud be $800 or less maybe?
          EM5 – weather sealed, better ibis, etc.
          “Pro” OMD – top of the line

          The 2 lower PENs and the EM5 are/were priced reasonably but the EP5 not so much. Hopefully Olympus gets it right with the new bodie.

        • “Ooh! And I forgot to mention, they all have the exact same sensor”

          The em5 was the first one to get the 16mp sensor. It was only natural other bodies after it get it and it wouldn’t make sense to make an intermediate one between the old 12mp and 16mp to put in lower models. Maybe the Ep5 could’ve had a better sensor for the price but wouldn’t make much sense either as a newer one with more MPs while the em5 and the 16mp is less than 18 months old seems too soon.

          Nothing wrong with reusing the same sensor. Nikon’s current APS-C bodies all have the same 24mp sensor and Canon put the same 18mp sensor on 8 bodies so far staring with the 7d. Don’t see you complaining about that.

          • true homer

            the canon 18mp sensor was exclusive to the 7d for quite a while before jumping to the still upper tier 60d, and THEN it was later on put on the lower end bodies. Now that all the lower ends have it they have a new one on the 70D, and possibly a new 24mp version for the 7D. Same thing happened in nikon land, actually nikon has 2 24mp sensors that people think is the same one, and still the upper tier D7100 has the 24mp sensor but it doesnt have a optical low pass filter on it.
            Thats a very different thing than releasing 5 cameras within one year and they all have the exact same IQ, from the lowest body to the most expensive, and using numbers of axis in ibis to differentiate between them.

            • true homer

              ooh! and the 7d body is leaps and bounds different than the SL1, how far appart is the epm2 from the ep5? 2 or 3 buttons, a faster shutter and wifi?

  • Bruce

    I think competing at the low end would be a mistake for Olympus.
    I would like to see them capitalise on weather sealing and make this a standard feature for all Olympus bodies, lenses and accessories.
    Position the brand as the ultimate in small, durable, adventure cameras – with IQ to rival the bulky SLRs.

    • Martin

      …and then go bankrupt. Look at the sales figures! Nobody is making a fortune on high-end models. The entry-level ones are the cash cows, the others are primarily image products necessary for selling the economy models in volumes.

      • Bruce

        If weather sealing was a standard inclusion in the production line on all the M43 bodies and lenses (so not a separate production run), how much would it really add to the cost of these products?
        The material costs to weather seal would be small and any additional labour should also be small if made a standard feature.
        The E-PM and E-PL could still be sold at a low price while improving their quality reputation.
        The improved value to additional cost ratio should be positive.
        Bankrupt from weather sealing? I don’t think so.

  • Sunny

    I think such a camera only makes sense as a real price-cutter. You can´t sell it well for 800/900 euros while really attractive competitors like NEX6 and G6 are sold for less.

    PL5 is at 600 euros now. So a LOwM-D should not cost more than 700 with kit lens.

  • om43

    To echo most everyone else, this just doesn’t make any sense. Olympus already has the low end of the spectrum cornered, so why would they make another OM-D for that category? You never go full retard.

  • Scoob

    It makes perfectly sense to have two EP/EPL line cameras and two OMD line cameras to cater wider audience. There are many people would prefer to have built in EVF but find the current OMD offering quite expensive.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. the point is what are those two models in the OMD family. We all agree here that they should the current EM5 and the Pro (i.e. higher spec) but most people are skeptical on the “lower” OMD. And I agree with that. Just because it is “cheap” for Oly to build, that doesn’t mean they should build it, hoping somebody will eventually buy it..

  • Narretz

    Who the hell will buy this? People will get annooyed with Oly that they have to choose between an EP-5 with 5-axis IBIS, but without EVF and a OMD lite with EVF, but only 2-axis IBIS. Oly’s product family is all over the place again if this is true. So I hope it’s not. Oly had a real good idea with the EM-5, but the rumours sound extremely strange.

    admin, can you fix the login? I only get error “undefined”

    • Ross

      Someone who would buy this or the E-PL5.

      • Narretz

        That is probably true.

        i was too focussed on the fact that Oly still ignores all the enthusiasts who want a rf-like, ep-5-like camera with built in vf. But it’s okay, the money is with the lower specced cameras because of the volume.

  • dunsun

    Well if it is the very same shape and same buttons like an original OMD than I will not purchase it. OMD is ergonomically the worst camera I have ever had a chance to work with.

    • Jølster

      I must agree with you Sir. The OMD has nasty ergonomics. I did super-disapointed first time I held it.

      Okey, its got a GRIP! Fine. But Ive never held a camera that needs the grip attached to fit my hand (psmyhandisnormal).

  • Do

    The E-PL5 is quite popular, so why Olympus shouldn’t put it together with a VF-3 in a OM-like body? I wouldn’t buy it, instead I’m waiting for the E-M5 going down in price, but I’m sure there are enough people interested in a camera that will be similar to the G6, although with slightly worse EVF an buttons, therefore with a better sensor and at least 2 axis IBIS.
    And to all the people in fear of a entry level OM, I can reassure you: Nobody will be forced to buy it.

    • Anonymous

      I have some news you. If this rumor is true the Em5 WILL NOT go down in price, at,least not until Feb \ march 2014.

      that’s clear from this strategy, if -again -it’s true..

      • Do

        As I understood it, there will be a new entry level as well as a new pro model, just the mid-range E-M5 won’t be renewed. Many owners of the E-M5 will sell it though because of pro gear aquisitation syndrome. At least the used ones should fall in price. Also, I expect the the E-M5 and the entry level Om to be priced similar, since the last one will probably have some new features that will level out the missing weather sealing and 5-axis IBIS for some buyers (eg WiFi, built-in flash, focus peaking, better video, low ISO).

        • Do

          P.S. I remember when I bought my E-PL1 with the VF-2 it was just 100 Euros cheaper than the E-P2 +VF2 set.

  • Admin, this is rather confusing. How many Olympus cameras are going to be announced it September?

    From what I gather there are three possible new models:
    1. Low end OM-D (E-M5 with no weather sealing or “5 axis” stabilization)
    2. Mid range OM-D (E-M5 successor with new EVF and new AF system)
    3. High end m4/3-FT hybrid

    (I have a feeling there is some deliberate disinformation)

    It seems rather ambitious on Oly’s part to announce all three models at the same time. IMO #3 will definitely come and maybe #1 too. #2 will be revealed six months later. I think it will be a good idea to sort the different rumors out.

    • Don Pope

      From what I’ve read on this site, there will only be two new cameras:
      – One is a higher end version with a larger grip and a few tweaks.
      – The other is a lower level version without weather sealing or 5-axis IS.
      Neither of them is a successor to the EM-5.
      No definitive info on whether the high end version will support PDAF or 4/3 lenses.

      • The next E-M5 will be out next year. Can we expect a new sony sensor for OMD pro and the successor to E-M5? What do you think guys?

    • CaverDave

      For this year only two cameras are still coming . They are:
      1. OMD above the E-M5
      2. E-Series which is most likely the hybrid camera.

      The OMD below the E-M5 might be a camera release early next year.


  • Per

    Can we please leave from these toy cameras for a while and focus on the real camera of this year? Admin, what about the E7 specs?

    • true homer

      Jajajajajajajajajajaja….e7…ooh that cracks me up…

  • daws

    OMD has 1.4 Mpix EVF, not 2.3 as You wrote

  • 2.3 million EVF on the OMD ???

    This site needs some serious fact checking . the EVF of the OMD is 1.44 not 2.3 !!

    • I think Admin mean 2.3 on new OM-D, so will have EVF as VF4.

  • onlyme

    I do not care if it “only” has 2 axis image stabilisation as long as it works properly without the double image blur problem. I’ve been waiting for a PEN with a built in EVF and reliable IBIS for ages. The OMD sensor is enough for me.

  • so the guts of a PM2/PL5 in the body of an EM5 (minus weather seal) … if the price is right that should compete with the G6 once the EM5 is discontinued but with a significantly better sensor

    I’ll have one in white please!

  • gerry-g

    I don’t think what is described in this article even deserves a FT3! It’s just an unsupported rumor!

  • Tim F

    If the new viewfinder is on par with the vf-2. I would consider the low end om-d as a second body for the e-p3 for those rare cases were I need a build in viewfinder ;-)

    I think a e-pl5 with build in viewfinder makes perfect sense.

  • MdB

    So lets get this straight, it’s ‘shaped’ like an OM-D yet doesn’t have any of the good features of the current OM-D? So they took the WORST bit of the OM-D and threw away all the good bits? Yeah seems like it’s going to be a winner! :P

    • Ross

      Not everybody has money to spare (or thinks like you) & will appreciate it. I remember a call for a cheaper version OM-D when it came out last year & now they will be getting it. Olympus doesn’t have to produce just what you want but what will sell to many & that’s why Oly & all the other camera makers have several levels of camera models with pricing to match.

      • adaptor-or-die

        exactly right, to point to their past, the OM1, OM2 etc. were groundbreaking pro 35mm cameras, but they were expensive and required photo knowledge to use, they were directed to prosumer users. The Cheaper made OM10 was simpler, made cheaper while looking the same and it used the same lenses. It was sold in many more numbers than the better single digit OMs … this is true with any system. Why forum readers here can’t suss that out themselves, they feel it much better to bitch and moan I guess, cray-zee Olympus, what will they do next? !!

        • true homer

          Thats not the point, the point is that when this becomes available itll probably go for like what? 700$? 800$? And by then how much are new omds gonna be? 750?

  • bm

    And once again, people will rush out and buy a 5% improved camera. Their photography will not improve. They will post shots online that look just as good as a Canon powershot and claim they are superior to every other camera made, their money will be spent, the ceo’s will be living large. The cycle of consumerism continues again…and again…and again.

  • ever hopeful

    Yes, theyw anted a cheaper version of the OM-D last year when it was over £200 more expensive. Now the OM-D has dropped in price, I fail to see where the ‘low end’ OM-D will fit. The person who wil be happy with 2-axis IBIS will probably be happy with the more compact PEN series sans-VF.
    So unless Olympus have done a lot of market research they could be building a cmaera just for the sake of having two complete but parallel ranges: the PEN without VF and the OM-D with VF.

    • This is so easy, all new camera need WIFI. :-P

  • Rich

    Fool’s thinking. Who is going to buy it? EM5 was over priced anyway, increase production and discount will sell well.

  • It makes sense to repackage a cheaper version of the EM5. To me, the biggest feeling of quality though is the outside. The EM5 is surprisingly heavy to most people because of it’s durable magnesium shell. I would have thought this would be one of the first things to go, and replace with plastic in order to cut the cost a bit, and reduce the premium feel.

    Weather sealing is not a particular selling point at the moment with the complete lack of weatherproof lenses, there is only one professional lens (the macro) that is weather sealed. The 12-50mm is just a bundle kit do it all lens and not particularly special when it comes to image quality. So taking out weather sealing wouldn’t bother me if I was looking for a replacement (if my EM5 died for example).

    However as the EM5 is over a year old now and dropped in price (more so second hand) I don’t see what the appeal is in this new model. It really has to be a bit cheap. Once again Olympus’ model and pricing strategy baffles me. But at least I can rest assured I picked the right model at the right time by getting the EM5 new. If I was waiting for its replacement I’d be a bit pissed at this news.

  • I am not impressed but I understand, and agree with tom.

    Oly produces cameras in batches, so the E-M5 might disappear (but not for me). It is introducing a lower model, at the same or slightly lower price, and then it will charge an atrocious price for the upper OM-D. So the whole price structure keeps lifting up.

    But since there is really no new sensor they won’t have me at that game If I *need* any additional stuff I’ll play the lagging technology game to fight their consumerist ploy.

  • Betiko

    Admin, this rumor don’t match the specification of previous rumor (for E-M1). Which one is true??? Do you expect E-M1 and Low End OMD to be different models and to be released at once?

    • admin

      the previous rumors was from an external sources. I cannot say yet which one (if one) is correct. have to wait for feedback from top sources. Like I got it for the GX7

      • Betiko


  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    These new OMDs are not so appealing to me.. I hope the “PRO” model has some more tweaks, not only 4/3 lenses compatibility. I suspect I’ll be working at Venice movie awards with a single m43 body..

  • Renato S.

    I don’t really understand why.

    Actually, the only possible reason is if the OM-D sucessor will be a PRO camera.

  • Pro photo

    A pro OMD is ridiculous. No pro would use a camera with such a tiny sensor. 43 is for point and shoot or people who think that they are pro in their dreams.

    • What makes a camera “pro” anyway? Certainly not the demographic using it. Those designations are merely marketing blurb designed to trap poor souls in cognitive dissonance.

    • Daniel

      Comments like this always make me cringe. You don’t think “pros” are using m4/3? I’ve got two words for you: Alex Majoli. One of the most talented and hardest working photographers alive today, not to mention the current president of Magnum Photos. From Paris fashion week to conflict in the Middle East, he has used 4/3 and M4/3 cameras, most recently the E-M5.

      Some cameras are built better than others. Some cameras have larger sensors than others. But the only thing that makes a camera “pro” is if you are out using it, whatever make it model it may be, to make work that’s worth a damn.

      • MarcoSartoriPhoto


    • MarcoSartoriPhoto

      That’s why I put the word PRO between brackets. Call it new OMD, it doesn’t matter that much.. Anyway, it’s easier to me to walk around for hours with Em5 and a bunch of primes in a small bag, instead of a big DSLR and a rucksack filled with big heavy glass. It depends on what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. In any case, what matters are the photos.

    • ProShooter

      Well, I make plenty of money with selling shots made with my OMD…

      • true homer

        Then what was the point of your comment?

        • C.C.

          You should be referring to Pro photo, not ProShooter.

          • true homer

            I am

    • Jacko

      Keep thinking like that and u’ll need a pro physio for your lumbago before being 55…

    • Sigma82

      Yup, the bigger, the better! You must be a real pro!

    • Milt

      Photo Pro: Why people go on the 4/3rds site and trash the sensor size is a puzzle to me. Does it give them attention? Does it make them feel better or superior? To each his or her own. So relax and leave us alone to take photographs. Take some yourself.

  • safaridon

    My guess is Oly will produce a lower prices model and a higher priced pro model. The EP5 proved you don’t need all that space for the 5 axis IBIS so doubt they would delete that. However I can see dropping the weatherproofing and dropping the provision for attaching another EVF on top, ie just a simple hotshoe and this would permit redesign for a lower EVF hump in the middle and easier portability. Those that want all the features of existing EM5 and more with higher res EVF, etc. will go to the higher priced pro model.

    • Ross

      The accessories port would be the last thing they would want to leave off. That would be so crazy & just wouldn’t happen as that is a means for further sales for them.

  • Matt

    What’s the point of this camera? They can strip the weatherproofing and even the 5-axis IBIS, which is easy to do, but taking the trouble to design a new but lower-resolution EVF is silly.

    This E-M1 will have a hard time competing with Olympus’ own E-PL5. This E-M1, with the same looks as the E-M5, will only make the great E-M5 look cheap. The E-M5 has a distinctive shape and is an easy recognizable leader in MILC. Olympus should maintain that image and only release higher-spec’ed OMD models after it, not cheap look-likes.

  • aborb james

    Since when did the omd have a 2.4m dot evf? Lolololol!

  • Bruce

    The 4/3 pro camera is the “E-5”.
    The OM-D was released as the “E-M5” (obviously, “M” standing for “Micro”).
    I don’t think this was a coincidence.
    Weather sealed with all the goodies (5 axis IBIS, the best 4/3 sensor, very good EVF, magnesium body…), this WAS meant to be the pro version for micro 4/3 users.

    While I don’t like the idea of a budget OM-D, there is currently more room in the market for a budget OM-D than there is for an OM-D above the already highly speced E-M5.

    Yes… on sensor PDAF would be a level above, and it is likely coming for the E-M5 replacement, but it is also likely that that sensor would be installled across the range as is the current Olympus policy – so on sensor PDAF my not be an exclusively “pro” feature?

    Once again, this leaves little room above the E-M5 and its replacement, suggesting a lower spec OM-D is more likely.

    • @Bruce
      re: OM-D above the already highly specked E-M5

      There is plenty of room features to include: better ergonomics, back lit buttons with different configurations, new flash system, GPS like tough2, wi-fi, improved video controls, downloadable artfilters and photostory, improved multiple exposure mode, improved continuous autofocus, better battery life,full tilt and swivel LCD,larger better EVF as well as PDAF…

  • Why, oh why do we need a low end E-Md/OMD??????? What we really need dear Olympus is way better continues tracking autofocus for moving subjects, especially sports! Last year I made a radical move to sell all Canon dslr gear. Making my living with photography this wasn’t an easy decision. But the results counts and each brand/camera has it advantages and disadvantages. So far for 80% the OMD/E-M5 can do the job very well! Except for certain sports the C-AF is a real pain. So instead of bring again another (sub)body on the market we need a new sensor with better phase + contrast AF.

    • Ross

      Probably because not everyone has a truck load of Canon DSLRs to sell. Get real & understand there are those that want to upgrade from a point & shoot to something with a built in EVF or others that want a cheaper OM-D as a second camera. They can’t afford the E-M5 & but want something similar but cheaper. THAT’S WHY WE NEED A LOW END OM-D!

  • PannyBoom

    i hope the EM5 is not discontinued.

    the EM-1 is the low end, EM-5 min range, EM-6 high end.

  • Eric

    Low end OMD? What’s the point? There is a E-PL5 already.

    • Ross

      The point is; it doesn’t have an in built EVF & a low end OM-D is a good alternative to the E-PL5.

  • Milt

    Admin, you said

    “GX7 has a new high resolution buil-tin EVF and new 18MP sensor.”

    What can you tell us about this sensor?

    Thank you.

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