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(FT5) Confirmed: Olympus announcement on March 2. But no m43 products :(


UPDATE: We got many confirmations that there will be an Olympus announcement on March 2th. That’s why we upgraded the rumor from “FT3” to “FT5”. They also confirmed that there will be no new Micro Four Thirds product but just some kind of new compact cameras.

If you know something more about the announcement or can deny/confirm it feel free to drop us an anonymous message using the contact form on the right sidebar. Thanks!

Reminder: Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • Jorgen

    March 2, smart move if they want to get totally snowed over by Ipad 2 coverage…

  • Sjoerd

    Never expected Olympus to launch the Ipad 2..

  • GreyOwl

    Icam 2?

  • Boring stuff upcoming…

  • Nathan

    I don’t think the iPad 2 will detract at all from any Olympus imaging announcement.
    The reason is that unlike the media of 20 years ago, current media is in print on the internet. Announcement timing is not nearly as critical as it was in the Age of Television because the media will remain available for those interested parties and does not have to battle for time with the other announcements in other business areas.
    Sure, for a week or so, tech sites will buzz over one and not the other, but Olympus’ core business is not directed from those sites. Actually, considering how few Olympus advertisements are seen in print, I’m not entirely sure where most of their customers DO come from.

    If they do something really interesting, the sites that talk about cameras will continue to talk about CAMERAS and not the iPad.

  • I think we’re looking at the pro lenses, and knowing Olympus, an Osbourne* for the pro-mFT.

    • Boss

      I agree, it’s gotta be the lenses. Olympus knows everyone wants better lenses. In fact, Olympus hasn’t even come out with a single good MFT lens. It’s time for some serious lenses…

      • Jules

        You consider the 9-18 not a good lens?

        • Robbie

          Yeah I agree
          9-18mm is one good lens, considering its IQ, price and SIZE
          Satisfied user though 7-14mm by Panny still gives me some desire

  • Reza

    Am I the only one waiting for the Pentax mirrorless? Admin do you have any other info on NC-1?

  • Maybe they’ve taken the lens from the XZ-1, shoved it forward and stuck an m43 sensor behind it. As long as they styled it to look older than George Clooney they would sell more than they could make. A new LC-1 effectively. Now THAT would be a nice camera.

  • CML
    • Ganec

      If it will be “bigger chip ultrazoom” (chip from XZ1,LX5) it may be great.

  • MikeS

    Maybe it’ll have a Thunderbolt port.

    And a touchscreen.

    Or maybe they’ll announce a new Olympus store on 5th Ave.

  • Matsuoka

    I think it would be a EPL3 with same sensor

  • Frank

    I vote that you stop all the (FT1-5) garbage. You are rarely spot on, especially when it comes to real rumors. Being wrong most of the time not only destroys your credibility, it also is quite annoying. This is a rumor site. Just mention the rumor and use different adverbs to define the quality of the rumor. Oh yeah, then you would have to learn English well enough to define “adverb”.

    • George

      FYI Frank
      there wasn’t a single rumor with FT5 tag, that hasn’t come true :)
      And about your insult on “learn English” thing, maybe you can take off your head from your a**hole and realize that only 1/20 people’s living on earth mother language is English. At least admin knows a language other then his main one.
      I wonder how many can you speak ??

      Take me instead, when i write or type i make lots of mistakes but at least i can write, speak and read other languages. Besides my mother language i can speak English, Italian, German, Spanish and limited Russian and French. So next time when you are trying to insult other people, first take a good long look at mirror.

      • canard

        English sminglish – it’s an international site with people from a lot of countries, so deal with it, eh? (That’s my Canadian English contribution).

        Do agree with you, though, about the rumor grading system being complete nonsense. It’s not that the admin shouldn’t give his own gut feeling about how credible a rumor is or isn’t, but the idea that that can be transformed meaningfully into what is objective measures is laughable and misleading.

        Look at all the SPECIFIC FT5 rumors that get something EXACTLY correct – they’re usually 1-3 days ahead of something being announced and/or shipping. Working in a retail shop, we’ve often gotten advanced advertising or display samples, if not an actual shipment, of the product by the time admin here gets these “rumors.” Review sites will have received their prototypes or early release models to preview/review by then.

        Really, what the admin are really publishing here they’re not rumors, they’re leaks. Panasonic, Oly, Sony, whoever actually WANT this information leaked a few days before a release or announcement to up the buzz. Anything that’s a real genuine “rumor,” about future technology in a specific implementation (rather than just trolling out tired old patents that are in the public domain anyway) you’re not really getting.

        If you wanna know about things a couple days in advance and feel cool, like we used to be the only ones who worked in photo stores, this site is great. If you actually want to know real information about future developments way down the line, go get a degree in optical or electrical engineering and learn Japanese and go to work for one of these companies, but you will sign major major non-disclosures and if you talk to people like 43rumors and the info gets traced back to you you’ll be out of a really good job.

        • Paulus


        • admin

          Yeah my english sucks. I speak 3 languages perfectly but I had never english at school. + I am writing most of the content on my iPhone and in hurry between coffea breaks or late at night.

          I would love to find someone that can help me but until today I didn’t find anyone that I can trust and that knows how to deal with news.

          This website started 2 years ago. I never thought so many of you would visit me. And that’s also the problem. There is now a demand for professionality I can’t 100% satisfy because after all it’s a personal and unperfect blog.

          There are so many things I would love to make better on 43rumors. But I am really on an the extreme limit with time and energy. I should invite you to visit me and see how I work. You would think I am crazy (or maybe you already think that)

        • Ross

          Also, English is only made up of Latin, French, German etc., becoming a bastardised combination of all the above languages over time. I can say this being an English/Australian & I speak no other language. So, anyone with multilingual skills is to be applauded.

      • How’s your Spanish Frank?

        I think you meant “it is also quite annoying”, or even, “Also, it is quite annoying” as opposed to “it ALSO is quite annoying”. Perhaps you never learned English well enough to know in what order the words are commonly written. Which is sad given that English is your first language.

        It’s always a mistake to cast the first stone Frank. Always a mistake.

    • CKDexterHaven

      It wouldn’t hurt to have some metrics on past rumor rankings and their eventual outcomes. Just saying.

      • admin

        Good idea!

    • Paulus

      Dear Frank!
      Minus 1 !!! (-1)
      Admin is doing a very good job! is an ideal for many tech-freaks and often is the first with breaking news.
      You have no reason to be so smug and intolerant!
      I feel certain that 43rumor-members are not interested to dumb this website down in this way!
      You can score with bringing forward objective arguments – not with personal attacks and contingent immunization.
      Your excellent English should not be an obstacle.
      Best regards

      • Luke

        +1 for the -1 for Frank. Special aside to Frank or any other detractors…… if you don’t like the job that the admin does here, don’t let the door hit yer ass on the way out. Was that English clear enough for you?

    • WT21



      Never understand people’s tirades against rumor sites.

      It’s a RUMOR site — mindless diversion.

      • admin

        +1 :)

        • You know, this is for fun. It’s (largely) a community of people who care about these cameras. And it gives me one place to stay relatively current instead of checking lots of sites. I don’t recall paying a subscription fee, so I don’t think Admin really owes me anything. And the side benefit is that Panasonic and Olympus may be reading too, and they may care what we want, although “built-in EVF” apparently does not translate into Japanese. As a diversion, I find this site very enjoyable, and I frankly enjoy many of Admin’s usages and malapropisms. That’s +5 to you Admin.

          • admin

            Hi lawyer in Sattle with a camera :)
            Thanks for your nice words. You can eliminate the word “may” because Panaosnic and Olympus are certainly following us much more than you can imagine! And yes, they are learning quite a lot from our polls and your comments.


          • Mr. Reeee

            +1 Agreed!

            This is an enjoyable site (even with the cranks) and I really appreciate Admin’s efforts, especially that he does it all in a non-native language! As a language challenged American, multi-lingual people always impress.

            Personally, I like the rumor rankings. They’re fun to follow and they really set this site apart from rumor sites (I’ve followed Macintosh rumors for years) in that Admin doesn’t simply toss them up to see what sticks or doesn’t, like testing spaghetti. I like that he commits to them.

            Admin, it would be nice if we could edit comments after posting to fix spelling, remove bone-headed remarks, etc..

            Thanks for all your efforts!!!

            • admin

              The edit comment feature will be added soon!

    • admin

      Ok frank. I upgraded the rumor FT5. See you on Wednesday after the Oly announcement if you have the balls to show up on 43rumors again ;)

      • twoomy

        I’m on your side, admin! Keep up the great work, I love stopping by this site! Your rating system is very helpful and I’m sure most of us are happy you have it. I know I am!

    • MikeS

      Hey Frank, I vote that you stop reinforcing the stereotype that we native English speakers are a bunch of ethnocentric douches.

      Admin, the work you do is very much appreciated.

      • Luke

        a native English speaker who doesn’t care about spelling and grammar and syntax errors at camera rumor sites

        p.s. – keep up the great work Admin

    • cL


    • admin

      Frank where are you now? :)

  • George

    I think it can be a new cam.

    They move a dial button from right to left side of the body… and they will say

    “here you go fanbois…. our new cam…. now go praise it at”

    • Yes, and of course PEN style, because it is a so well known mythos, which everybody was sad that it wasn’t available throughout so many years. Don’t forget the slight increase in LCD resolution and the even more Olympus-like colors. Add to the the 14-42mm MK III kit lens which will be even more collapsible, and will have a metal mount. There could be slight increase in flash guide number (at the expense of battery life) and of course a new battery to compensate that. This, togehter wiht 15 new art filters (including live guide), will be the most complete m4/3 package from Olympus in the best and most retro styled plastic body they ever released.

      • WT21

        Man, the natives are getting vicious!

  • Gino

    Don’t we have Olympus road map for lenses with Spring 2011 schedules already?
    March 2 qualifies for spring at FT5 level for me :)

  • David

    Of course no 4/3 lenses, Olympus thinks 4/3 is shit!

  • FourThirds + M:robe? New Dye Sub Printer?

  • RT

    Frank = Wank. er

  • Bu

    One day I’ll wake up, come to this site and read “FT5, Olympus to announce professional M43 body in 6 hours!” – that will be a good day. Till then, I suppose I’ll just have to be patient.

  • Paulus

    Perhaps you just have to await the “Ides of March”.

  • Nathan

    Admin- Don’t listen to the naysayers. You’re doing a good job. Sure, your grammar in English isn’t perfect, but you also have almost no competitors people can go running off to, and this isn’t a big money-maker for you, so do what you can, we just hang out here when we don’t have photos to shoot anyway.

    I’ve been coming here for almost 2 years. Other than the modular camera (which is probably delayed nearly indefinitely) rumors, every other thing with FT5 on it has come true, as well as a few FT3 and FT4s.

    On topic, Olympus seems to like to produce hundreds of models of compact camera for nearly no effing reason, so I’d say that because the last announcement from them was more compacts, this time it’ll be…..MORE COMPACTS!

    • Mr. Reeee

      It’s amazing how many compact models Olympus has. (Thom Hogan counted 22 recently.) WTF? We really need more compacts with minuscule 14MP sensors so we can all post pictures of our cats on FaceBook!

      I have an Olympus 1030SW tough camera I use for snorkeling and other outdoorsy endeavors that’s been great fun to use. When will we get an all-weather M4/3 camera? I don’t care who makes it! Nikon would clean up with a M4/3 Nikonos with a 12-50mm bright zoom that could also be used with conventional lenses!

      It would be great if Oly diversified their M4/3 offerings a bit. Why they don’t see fit to actually discontinue older models (EP1, EPL1), offer one with a built-in EVF and actually announce their mythical “pro” M4/3 camera is mystifying.

  • Marq



  • Kevin

    I can’t believe that there are people bashing the admin or the website. I would never tolerate these douchebags on this website if I were the admin

  • Robbie

    Sigh…When will there be some ground-breaking m43 products from Olympus?

  • For the record, Frank’s grammar sucks almost as badly as his attitude.

  • Miroslav

    I’m not a native English speaker and can perfectly understand admin’s English, so I don’t see why that would be a problem for someone who’s been speaking the language for the whole life. Yeah one can confuse discounted for discontinued, but read it once more and you’ll get it :). Go learn some Italian Frank, make a daily updated blog about cameras in it and then complain about this one.

    So, stop bashing admin and the website. The guy’s been saving us a lot of money. Imagine going to a shop and buying a Panasonic G2 only to find out that a new G3 has been announced a week later. This way we know the G3 will be shown sometime in March and have a choice of waiting for it or for a discount on discontinued G2 :).

  • Olymfan pus (or was it the other way ’round)

    Greetings everyone. I’m here to express my support for admin and all he/she does. And also to gripe about not hearing any news on the much anticipated Oly E-P5.

  • Алексей

    Лично я жду от Olympus E-7, это-обновленный во всех отношениях Е-1, пусть он будет с электронным видоискателем,это не принципиально, но однозначно стандарта 4/3, а не микро 4/3, потому, что мне нужен нормальный ф.аппарат, который удобно держать в руках-а не миниатюрное чудо технического прогресса, даже не смотря на то, что в частности OM-D E5 делает хорошие фото, но не так уж, он делает все фото притемненными, с ним хорошо снимать ночные сюжеты.

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