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(FT2) UPDATED -> Ricoh with APS-C sensor

UPDATE: One of our source told us: “The new camera will not have a proprietary bayonet mount, and to say that it will have an APS-C sensor is, well, not the whole truth. At least the size and the optional viewfinder are correct.

* APS-C sensor
* Interchangeable optics with proprietary bayonet mount
* Mirror Loose house with live-view
* Not so much larger than the GR-D cameras
* The same operation / control that the GR-D
* Electronic viewfinder accessory shoe for optional

“… a unique new compact camera in the premium class. Ricoh is a long time in development the forefront of compact cameras with very high quality. This new camera is no exception, it has both functions and properties that make it unique in the market. “

source: fotosidan

  • drj

    unfortunately, none of the first three «guesses» is entirely correct and most are entirely wrong about the soon to be unveiled Ricoh approach. All this refers to old-fashioned solutions.

  • Martin

    I’ll just repeat my take on the topic already stated under another rumor piece:
    The camera WILL have an APS-C sensor but YOU will actually decide whether the whole sensor is going to be used or just a crop of it, by choosing the lens to be attached. E.g., if you opt for the rumored zoom, you are going to use just a crop, if you choose the prime, you can use the whole sensor area. But again, it’s just my speculation..

  • fjf

    If it does not have a proprietary mount then it must share a mount with what other camera firm? My hunch is for micro 4/3s but I don;t know if Ricoh are part of this consortia.
    Using an established mount makes a lot of sense as the prospective camera owner than has immediate access to a lens range or may already own appropriate lenses.
    The size of the zoom suggests a smaller sensor, the size of the prime suggests APS-C. Is it possible there are two mounts on a sliding lens board so the user has the choice of the zoom on a sensor crop or the prime in a micro 4/3 mount on the full sensor?

  • PPL

    I agree with Martin !

  • Catastrophile

    am waiting for the 10th (rumored date of announcenmt) and my gut feeling is that many are in for a disappointment. if it is true that use of whole sensor is only possible with the prime, i already know what is the disapointment. you can use the zoom but cropped and one rumor has the zoom same as their compact zoom (5.1-15.3mm) if the pixel density is low, say 12MP for APS-C cropping to the size of 1/1.7″ sensor will give you a slightly bigger then web size image (something like 1333×1000 pixels), if the density is higher it will be bad for image quality when u use the prime and still not a satisfactory size when you use the zoom. I believe they will simply use the current sony 12MP APS-C sensor. If they can’t produce zooms that can cover APS sensor their best solution would be to get third party mfr’s (eg Tamron) to make zooms for their mount, this will take ages before it is something you can go to your camera store and buy.

  • Two sensors – a smaller one and a larger one – switched if needed? Quite strange it would be though.

  • yortuk

    Clearly the lenses will each come with their own integrated sensor! Why not? Sensors are cheap, and it would allow a more precise relationship between the sensor and lens elements, and no dust contamination!

  • Mel

    An integrated sensor housing would make lenses too big, as well as possibly too delicate for normal usage.

    I’m curious about the wholesale pricing difference between 4/3 sensors and the 12MP APS-C sensor Sony sells to Nikon for the D90/D5000, etc. Why? Because that Ricoh rep from a week or so ago mentioned (on dpreview?)the Sony sensor from the D90.

    And because I wonder if in order to keep the camera size small Ricoh is going to utilize proven and affordable APS-C chips but combine them with significantly smaller lenses *with significantly smaller image circles* (unless you wanted to use an adapter with existing [and much larger] lenses from other brands). I think this would be a truly weird thing to do, but it _would_ yield a tiny camera with small lenses that also might, because of crop-factor, deliver a small 28mm-equivalent camera/prime combo that is, say, only 8MP.

    I really don’t think this is what they’d do, but if they did it would be because they chose to access a high-quality, proven and affordable 2-year-old sensor design from Sony, a company which continues to offer very competitive sensor designs to the market. And possibly by doing so you could use a range of existing (and much larger) lenses with an adapter — just like the 4/3 bodies can — with the added benefit of using the rest of the sensor!

    Like I said, I don’t think this is what they’re doing, but since everyone else is speculating…. :)

  • Stroncis

    why not just leave just lens with sensors and attachable viewfinder :) it’s not practical and sensors aren’t that cheap to include in lens and keep affordable lens. i would better propose exchangeable sensor cams. but this from sci-fi area, let’s return to consumer reality.

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