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(FT3) Panasonic to reduce shutter lag in their future mirrorless cameras


The spanish website DSLRmagazine (which is well known for their very good interviews to Panasonic and Olympus) has posted a new Panasonic rumor (text translated via  google english translation):
We can confirm, from knowledgeable sources, that next Christmas will offer an interesting Panasonic technological advances aimed at enhancing the speed of operation of some models of its cameras, and more particularly those of the MicroFourThirdsMicroFourThirdsMicroFourThirdsMicroFourThirdsMicroFourThirdsMicroFourThirdsMicroFourThirdsMicroFourThirdsMicroFourThirdsMicroFourThirdsMicroFourThirdsMicroFourThirdsMicroFourThirds range.
The aforementioned technological solution would reduce the delay in the firing of which suffer these models, both Panasonic and Olympus, Samsung and Sony, and may be related more to advances in processing and buffer with the coveted completely electronic shutter that operate in their own time through the captor.
As is known, the system “Live-View” itself, typical of Micro Four Thirds system, as well as followers of the same, whether Samsung or Sony, it makes the shutter has to be open so that the sensor is active and send the image frame, but closed prior to firing, to make accurate exposure seguido. Ello act involves not only the delay and said only a noise level higher than desirable in a camera that-after all, is not reflex.
On the other hand, is not entirely clear that this progress can not be reached to apply to another model from Panasonic, such as, for example, the presumed successor to the LX3 … or any other related system.
Most likely, this new development or progression can be released at Photokina, that is after all one step away from Christmas

Thanks DSLRmagazine!

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