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(FT3) Panasonic rumored to further streamline the portfolio down to GX and GH line only


The new GX9 and the GH5 (via CameraSize).

I just got this info from a reliable source:

What I heard so far is that Pana will further streamline the portfolio. Essentially there will remain the GX and the GH line only. For GH it will be discussed that you can buy software keys to enable different features for video or photo but hardware will remain the same

It’s not clear if that’s just an ongoing discussion at Panasonic or if that decision has been already taken. But it makes sense to me that Panasonic reduces the number of different cameras. Nowadays you only make money with high end products. It makes more sense to keep the production of older generation GX and GH cameras and sell them as entry level models.

What I don’t like is the “software key” strategy…

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