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(FT3) Panasonic GX2 coming in mid November?


In a bit surprising move Panasonic could announce the “GH3 only” at Photokina and according to one source the GX2 may be scheduled for a mid November release. I have no info about the new GX2 features yet. Recent Panasonic patents disclosed that image of a compact m43 body with integrated viewfinder (de facto like the long rumored Micro Four Thirds version of theLumix DMC-L1 camera). The same patent described the camera having an in body sensor stabilization too. But as usual with patents they may are just here to protect a technology and not to release a real product. Anyway, the good news is that Panasonic engineers are actually thinking on it :)

UPDATE: In an interview made by Amateur Photographer Panasonic itself said that: “We will define more clearly what GH and GX means this year, so consumers have a better idea of what their characteristics are.

Question to you guys. How should the GX2 be? Message to sources: Please define the release period as official announcement or official availability…Thanks! :)

The Sony NEX-7 (Click here) and the Fuji X PRO 1 (Click here) are for now the only mirrorless cameras with such a rangefinder styled design.
The DMC-L1 eBay (Click here).
The DMC-LC1 on eBay (Click here).

Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • I think the GX2 will be quite similar to the existing GX1. There is no indication that Panasonic is adding EVFs to the GF and GX lines.

    The G and GH lines have EVFs built in, the rest do not.

    Looking at other companies’ mirrorless cameras, most of them do not have EVFs built in.

    With this in mind, I think it would be strange if Panasonic adds built in EVFs to three out of four camera lines (G, GH, GX, GF), like the author suggests. Sounds more likely that half of them don’t come with EVFs (GX, GF) as before.

    Quite a lot of people are happy using the LCD as viewfinder only.

  • @admin
    any word on apps/android coming to micro four thirds seeing Nikon and Sony are rumoured to be announcing android for some of their forthcoming cameras at Photokina….

    • admin

      Nope. But Panasonic said that they are interested in doing that!

      • Who wants all that junk cluttering their cameras? Don’t people have their electronic leashes, I mean phones, for that annoying crap?

        • Just because it can be turned into a mess by an end user over-bloating with tons of apps does not mean it cannot be useful and practical.

          Furthermore, this falls perfectly well into the “if you don’t need it, don’t use it” category. No cameras should force you to install anything. It should not mess with the interface either.

      • Anonymous

        It’s on the cards, but they want to see how the other cameras with wifi go – the DMC-SZ5 for example.

        There is already an app available for it.

    • Don Pope

      “Quite a lot of people are happy using the LCD as viewfinder only”

      But that’s just current owners, who bought the camera because a viewfinder wasn’t important to them.
      I think there are many more people who would consider these cameras if they had an EVF.

  • aqasem

    if GX2 will come with
    – IBIS
    – Enhanced video 1080p/60f
    – Bundled with new prime 14mm/f2

    • Don’t expect that prime lens but the other things you posted would be awesome.

      I was going to spring for a GX1 with some of the money I’m making of this summer internship but even if the GX2 gets the improved screen and some of the tweaks made to the G5, I’d probably still get it. That said, a built-in EVF and IBIS (somehow doubt it) would be perfect. Hopefully they can fix the shutter vibration issue with the 14-42 PZ. In fact Electronic shutter would probably completely eliminate the issue.

    • peter

      but the older 14mm f2.5 is still one of the sharpest and best m43 lenses!

      • Currently rated as one of the biggest bargain too.

      • ashwaniman

        With a barrel distortion of 6%

  • askb

    I hope it will be much in the line of GF1 and GX1, but with a more quiet shutter (it’s noisy as hell), no touch screen (if touch screen, make it more like the ones on smart phones – the GX1 is sort of muddy) and better buttons with the option to lock buttons.

    I sold my GX1 after a few months because I didn’t like how it handled and were in use. IQ was more than good enough.

  • Duarte Bruno

    Panasonic and IBIS shouldn’t be used in the same sentence…

    • Pavlo

      Like this one: no IBIS in Panasonic cameras! Ever!
      Kidding :)

      • Gadge

        Ha, nice!

  • Urban Ninja

    I was about to buy a GH2 last week until someone told me to wait for photokina.. I am seriously hoping the GH3 is announced with a release date of sooner rather than later.

    Better low light Performance
    Better EVF
    Better LCD

    Anything else would be a bonus.. Any idea what sort of price the GH3 (body only) would be?


  • Stevey

    GX2 should be a G5 without evf.

  • ArKersaint

    Panasonic has been qite innovative on lenses : 20 pancake, 14-42 collapsible, tiny retro 14, incredible 7-14, 12-35/2, very good in ergonomy and tactile screens, but somewhat too short minded on bodies…
    They just need to provide a nice body externally designed for photographers : not too small, flat enough for m43 tendancy and of course… with evf in the left corner!
    Add jpeg on par with Oly and they have a clear undisputed winner !

    • Mike

      Or buy an OM-D.

  • John H

    G5 grib on GX2, please

    Giving more room in body for…?

    • Pavlo

      Though it could be handy, it’s hard to style so it wouldn’t look like some sort of tumor…

      • It would look a lot like the G5. And if that’s the look/ergonomics you’re going for there’s another good alternative out there: ….the G5.

        In fact the grip on the GX1 is perfect. The problem with the GX1 is that it’s very shock-prone, as is documented in the user review here.. I had the exact same experience. Great compact camera with the x-lens. But keep it on a leash at all times.

        The Essence of Cinema

        • John H

          G5 looks good and I believe it has good ergonomics. I do especially like the idea of the bigger grib, because the lens is sticking out there in the front anyway adding to the needed depth dimension of any case/bag, hence there is no reason to not use the space for something useful, for this reason the grib for better ergonomics and also as added bonus more space in body for bigger battery as Dummy00001 mentions or something else.

          I do however appreciate the smaller size of GX1 and also the more slim look, due to mainly the strip off of the hump and the articulated screen.

          For me to prefer GX2 with G5 grib instead of G5, it would however need to also have in-body EVF.

          As regards the look, G5 competes nicely against DSLRs, whereas GX2 designed with G5 grib and EVF could compete brilliantly against the NEX-7 design with on par size and more “rounded” look in classic black or modern colors.

    • > Giving more room in body for…?

      Larger battery.

  • Farrukh

    With IBIS, for me, this would be icing on a cake :)

    • roger48

      Why do so many people seem obsessed with IBIS? Why would it be any better than in lens stabilisation. Canikon do not use IBIS although Sony do. Just puzzled.

      • John H

        IBIS useful for prime lenses without lens stabilization, e.g. 25mm f1.4 or 75mm f1.8

      • Pavlo

        The most common reason: any legacy or whatever lenses without OIS + IBIS = less blur

      • Camaman

        Stabilized lens trend and internal AF motors trend was implemented by Canikon to justfy increasing the prices on their lenses.
        If it were the russians who built cameras today, the body would have a mktora and stabilisation.
        The less motors and electronics the less things to go wrong in the field.

        But all that translates in less sales, because of less need for backups almost no revenue from service on broken gear…
        Same as car industry… Or any western philosophy business for that matter.

      • Esa Tuunanen

        > Why do so many people seem obsessed with IBIS?
        Why are you so obsessed with keeping stabilization in lens?

        Maybe to hide that Canikon is still dragging in film era in many things when it comes to innovation…

        • Some of us don’t give a damn about stabilization either way. ;-)

          • Mark

            Many of us DO.

          • It is useful, albeit not always. I am aware that my opinion is not shared by everyone here, but I find it overrated. To me, IBIS vs OIS vs none at all is not a worry.
            I also believe that it is often misused, as in systematically on.

          • Bob B.

            Panasonic will never release a body with stabilization. They made their system choice years ago. It will be offered in some lenses and that is that.(Kind of like expecting and IBIS DSLR camera from Canon…ain’t gonna happen). If you want IBIS you need an Olympus camera.
            I wish it was not true…but it is what it is.

            • Miroslav

              Sometimes companies change their policies, take Sony/memory stick or Olympus/Fuji/XD card. They just need customers reminding them all the time they’re wrong.

        • cheaper lenses

      • Esa Tuunanen

        And no in lens IS can do this:
        Even with wide angles earth’s rotation starts to show after dozen-two dozen seconds so ability to use minute or two exposure before stars turn to trails would help lot.

      • Miroslav

        Because manufacturers who don’t have IBIS do not put IS in all their lenses. I don’t care how is IS implemented as long as it’s present.

  • beautemps

    m43 producers need a competitor to NEX-7. And as Panasonic and Olympus don’t coordinate their strategies that much, both will offer such a viewfinder model.
    The GX-Line fits best for it, same for the E-P line.

    And Pana will be, as allways, first! :-)

  • Same with others, I believe GX2 will be G3 without EVF and flip screen. It will have G3 sensor (which looks like a GH2 sensor with the multi aspect feature disabled) and G3 higher resolution LCD screen.

    What I really hope to get is the new silent electronic shutter to be more discrete on street! I also wish to have the “lever” for better manual control. There can be lots of improvement to the GX1.

  • > Question to you guys. How should the GX2 be?

    I haven’t seen the GX1, so I can only judge by the spec sheet.

    To be frank, I’m not very keen on the “premium” cameras – when there is nothing to substantiate the premium-ness but price. (And do not give me the “build quality” stuff. Small cameras for small lenses are fine in plastic – I do not have the “feels cheap” problems.)

    For me to consider the GX2, at the MSRP of GX1 it would have to have a good EVF and tilt (at least) LCD. And good hand grip with good ergonomics for one hand operations (no silly movie record buttons under thumbs). That means potentially less external controls – less buttons BUT two dials – and more powerful touch interface.

    • Incessant Troll

      the marketing department of each and every single manufacturer would agree to disagree with you. premium is a figment of their imagination and a justification for charging 800-900 for a prime lens, not including a lens hood that costs them $1(but charging $80 for it), and telling us that it is made of metal when that specific material is cheaper than plastic unless the metal is platinum or gold

      • Esa Tuunanen

        You forgot them charging basically enthusiast DSLR’s price from camera which is just plain P&S compact like in case of Nikon 1.

        • Nikon 1 is a wonder to me. Strange niche, yet they seem to sell quite well.

          I expected an other Pentax-Q fiasco, even if Nikon is a fashionable name. I mean, even if its “Nikon” their compact cameras aren’t selling that well..

  • ED

    Does that mean we wont have any gh3 info until photokina??? or there will still be leaks b4 that?

    • admin

      Did you miss the rumored GH3 spec list I posted weeks ago???

      • ED

        U mean from the Asian source which was like FT1??

  • Narretz

    I also assumed that the GX2 would be more of a serious photographer’s tool, so EVF would be a must. The GH3 would be a video monster withvery good stills as a bonus.
    They could share the same sensor …
    However, if Pana isn’t either changing the sensor or adding an EVF then I don’t see a reason why they would introduce the GX2.

    • Pavlo

      There is an EVF. Though optional attached instead of built-in.

    • For me, it is clear that the GX line fills a hole in the lineup. Some people prefer a small camera that still has some “pro” features like a hotshoe, PASM-dial, more direct buttons, etc. They go for the GF1, GX1, and in the future, probably the GX2.

      The GF2, GF3 and GF5 on the other hand, cater for people who want the smallest possible camera, without much dials or buttons.

      For me personally, I would rather have the G3/G5 than the GX1, since I like the EVF, the good grip, and the articulated LCD. But I’ve seen a lot of people preferring the more “retro”, classic shape of the GX1, so there is certainly a large market for it.

  • r

    External controls like the gf1 +some grip
    Apps (time lapse, triggering, iOS and Android Phone remote-operation
    flip-out swivel screen
    “rangefinder-like” (gf1,nex7..)

    GH –> Video and Pros
    GX –> Me! (and a lot of you)
    gf –> P&S Upgarder
    G –> ???

    • Pavlo

      G → me (built-in EVF is cheaper then attached one)

    • Miroslav

      +1 for all the specs

  • pete

    interesting comment from the article

    “That’s why we are concentrating on quality products and improving our range. We already have lenses from 14mm to 300mm, and we’ve already introduced nine camera bodies, but now we will make faster lenses and more compact pancakes. ”

    faster lenses and pancakes. sounds good to me.

  • Yun

    Admin , Is this also known as GL previously ?
    Or the VVHC fr Pana is GX2 ?
    Whatever it is , only a revolutionary sensor that will make me submit to any of new pana products fr now on .

  • avds

    I’d like GX2 to include a range finder styled EVF and GPS as well as full swivel touch screen. I wouldn’t mind if all of those things were more advanced than ones on the G5, so it would be a differently styled upmarket variant.

  • Andrew


    Headphone jack.
    Battery Grip.
    Video-base camera grip (XLR inputs)
    Ability to toggle ISO while recording.
    Ability to toggle white balance while recording (No, not AWB).
    CF Card format.

  • The EVF in G3 and G5 is moved to the left(!), and it’s good that it is not exactly in the corner, since it’s aligned with the lens optical axis. The major beneifit of the Panasonic GF- and GX Lumix is their compact size. In the future, I would be happy if Panasonic would add a possibility of wirelessly connected external monitors (or viewfinders) and tethering.

    • Booe

      Why in hell should it be “aligned” with optical axis? That is not a parallax optical VF. Move away from the film legacy…

  • agachart

    android camera!!! can you explain about tech inside.
    os can managed all camera devices (image sensor,processor and other controller)?????

  • Yun

    Still a revolutionary sensor is priority . Otherwise Pana will be likely outperform by Oly & Sony in the race .
    Bring back the ISO 100 or add ISO 80 if possible !
    18 megapixels will be even nice .

    • The Master

      Yup, without an improved sensor, at least as good as the Sony, I’ll be keeping my money a while longer.

  • nik

    IBIS and articulating lcd is a must.

  • hercules

    they better start giving us what we want, gonna jump ship to rx100 if not.

  • EVF
    iOS and Android Phone remote-operation
    focus peeping
    tilting screen
    better noise performance at higher ISO’s

  • Biggstr

    Only five weeks away from Photokina 2012 and no leaked photos of the new Olympus offerings? Olympus appears to be holding everything under very close wraps this round.

  • safaridon

    I think a November release of the GX2 is a given as one year from when the GX1 was introduced. I hope it is like the shown patent model with EVF but at minimum a GX1 with upgraded LCD and new processor more likely?

    I really think Pany missed an opportunity with their Olympics advertisements not once even showing their cameras? What an inept promotional and wasted money and opportunity to showcase their m43 products and compact cameras.

  • Horacio

    Just found this in my inbox.

    Up to $450 in rebates.

    75mm is not an option :(

    • safaridon

      How about posting on the right rumor? What does Oly discounts have to do with this GX2 rumor?

  • GH3 waiter

    Sorry gh3 not suppose to be released this mont or mid septembre ??? :S

  • hiplnsdrftr

    They need to make the shutters a lot more quiet. I try using for street shooting and every time I try taking a discreet shot its like I just set off a small bomb.

  • pdc

    GX1 came up short for enthusiasts – no swivel LCD, no integrated EVF – otherwise a fine camera which is selling well.

    If the deficiencies are no remedied in the GX2, Panasonic need to announce the GL1, and incorporate swivel LCD, integrated EVF, weatherproofed body, and external controls to include ISO, shutter speed, and a way to modify C1/2/3 custom settings quickly (a function trigger like the G5?).

    As many are saying the enthusiast marketplace is where MILC should be targeted, and we want good IQ with good DR and positive control over shooting functions – not to say a cheap entry level MILC can’t make them money (think Rebel).

    • safaridon

      Yes the GX1 was doing very well in both US and Japan in recent months even outselling the more expensive EM5 since recent price reductions. However current drop in sales in Japan and US may be indication of a lack of supply as gearing up production for the GX2 model?

      Pany has indicated that they will continue to produce and market the G3 and G5 as separate models and if an EVF is included in the body of the GX2 then I would expect they would also continue production of the popular GX1 as a lower price alternative model for those not needing a EVF?

      My bets there will be an upgraded GX2 followed by the GL1 with EVF later.
      This also was hinted at by Pany saying their would be a new higher end model coming and rumored on this site.

  • Booe

    Good. Get rid of that idiotic SLR bump and place finder where it should be. This makes m43 attractive to me.

    • Are you left- or right-eyed?

      • John H

        I was just struck by an idea.

        It’s my understanding that in-body EVF placed in left corner is not comfortable for left-eyed photographers, and vice versa.

        If GX2 was provided with a G5 grib, the release button etc. would/could be moved forward.

        An idea for Panasonic could then be to design the body with place for one modular body part in each corner, almost identical in size etc.:
        – EVF unit
        – Flash unit

        This way they could produce GX2 cameras for both right-eyed and left-eyed customers with almost the same production process and hence cost efficiently with economies of scale.

        Though depending on it’s actually feasible when you get into the details :)

        • Booe

          The main difficulty is in sales, not in production. Small stores would surely order only right-handed version of camera.

          • Who is talking about right-handed? I’m right-handed and left-eyed.

      • Booe

        I don’t get it. Left-corner VF is inconvenient for left eye, while central hump is inconvenient for BOTH, unless you rotate camera in vertical position.
        John H is right – detachable viewfinders are the way to go.

        • A central VF is only uncomfortable to those with huge beaks. Of course, when camera bodies become ridiculously small, such as the E-M5’s, that the small body size become difficult for left-eyed shooters, who may end up with their thumb in their right eye. :-P

          A left-corner VF is great for right-eyed people shooting with a standard focal lenght and both eyes wide open (presuming the VF has a magnification factor of 1.0).

          A detachable VF may work under some shooting conditions, but makes little sense for normal, both-handed, one-eyed shooting.

          I generally prefer the VF in the line of sight with the lens. That may be in the center of the camera body, or, often offset towards the left.

  • jessica

    rumors are for an major upgrade in the EVF on the gh3. I have been waiting patiently for a reason to upgrade from my gf1/gh1 combo. I have played with GH2, GX1, OMD, NEX5n and NEX7 and the only one which captures my interest is the NEX7. The feel of using the NEX7 body, the grip, the EVF, the focus peeking, the 3 dials, button placement are all perfect for me. The OMD is a distant 2nd for me (will wait for omd em6). I am really hoping the GX2 or GH3 is a NEX7-like design (side viewfinder, built in flash and shoe, at least 2 dials, bigger built-in grip). I have my fingers crossed.

  • zuzullo

    Add: Articulated LCD and ship me one!

  • Bryan

    If GX2 comes with IBIS and focus peaking, this camera will be in my list.

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