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(FT3) Panasonic GH3 coming with external battery grip?


The current Panasonic GH2 with the chinese Ownuser battery grip.

The GH3 battery grip:
The latest rumor I got says that the upcoming new Panasonic GH3 will (finally!) have an external battery grip. We long waited for this for the current Panasonic GH2 but all we got was the chinese Ownuser battery grip you see here on top. I have no details about the battery grip specs but I have been told it’s weather sealed like the camera.

Currently I have some FT5 (80-99% reliability) and FT3 (40-60% reliability) rumors about the GH3:
FT5: Coming late August (early September), similar GH2 design, weather sealed, no global shutter, major improvements in AF speed and EVF quality, GH3X kit with 12-35mm X lens.
FT3: 15.5 mega-pixel sensor, Iso 160-12800 (extends to 80-51200), 6.7fps, 3.2″ inch LCD with 1050k-dots, EVF with 2.06 mega-dots, double SDXC slots, in-camera GPS.

Will the GH3 become as popular as the Olympus E-M5? I hope so, would be nice to have two top high end m43 models!

New E-m5 and new lens (pre)orders:
E-M5 at Amazon, Adorama, B&H, Jessops, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France, Amazon Japan and Digitalrev.
Olympus 75mm lens at Amazon, Adorama, BHphoto, Amazon Germany and Amazon UK.
Panasonic 12-35mm X lens at Amazon, BHphoto, Adorama, Amazon Germany, Amazon UK, Amazon Japan and Digitalrev.

Reminder -> Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • Bob B.

    Been a long time coming!!!!

  • Bronica

    IBIS would be fine… All other specs look very good!

    • Miroslav


      But no chance…

    • Bob B.

      As a still photographer the OM-D is the top right now for me. I do not see this camera besting that.
      As video the GH-3 will be the best unit, like the GH2 is now.
      End of story.

      • kesztio

        The just tilting (and not swiveling) LCD is a definitely no-no for me. A non-swiveled screen is simply out of question.

        Moreover, I had the chance to keep an E–M5 in my hand for a couple of minutes. The tilting solution is extremely backward: you should think twice before tilting the screen unless you are a real expert in handling the tilting mechanism.

        • Gabi

          You get used to this very soon! Nonetheless, I would also have preferred a swivel screen. You can’t have it all, and the fantastic IBIS is more valuable for me.

        • I agree with the tilting handling not being ideal, but i can live with it, already made some nice candid shots with it in the train.

        • JF

          I’m a E-M5 owner coming from GH1:
          For me after the first trials it’s very easy to tilt the tilting screen. However what I don’t like is that the screen is not protected when carrying the camera like whith GH1…I don’t like to take too much care of the camera so I bought adhesive plastic protection which decrease a bit the quality of the screen…

        • @ kesttio, @Gabi,Ulli and JF

          I think Olympus are saving a full tilt and swivel for the E-7 and maybe an even higher end Olympus micro four thirds camera…

          The screen in the E-M5 is workable for most shots as it has a high viewing angle,but no good for self portraits, self video shooting and protecting the screen….

          • kesztio

            Also not good when using a tripod in portrait mode. A quite common situation…

            • Ross

              That’s not much of an issue as the screen is still pretty good off axis (not as warm looking). At least it isn’t as silly as the cameras that articulate from a piveting point at the bottom edge of the camera.

            • Mundstrøm

              in TOTAL agreement. I’m using a G2 and I’ll never go back to fixed or tilt.

              If the GH3 doesn’t have a swivelscreen I’m just not going to update my camera until either Oly or Panny make a new one with swivel.

        • Ross

          To add the articulating screen, the camera would have needed to be at least 10-12mm wider (to use a 3″ screen) & that would have made it as wide as the film OM bodies. It would seem that was something Olympus didn’t want & they went with the next best thing instead. The tilting screen is actually better for discreet street shooting from the waist though & althoufg the EVF sensor can be triggered in that situation, it is still easy to turn off when needed (without going into the menus). The fully articulating screen is a little vulnerable sticking out the side of the camera.

        • Bob B.

          I really NEVER use the tilt screen. Once in a blue moon. I am a viewfinder exclusive still photographer. I just don’t get the monkey shine thing in daylight…can’t see a damn thing.. but I know other people have other needs.
          Outside in bright light I exclusively use the viewfinder for review, menu, etc. It is one on the joys of mirrorless…I am not able to do that with my DSLR. Gotta have a Hoodman for anything critical there! LOL!

          • Neonart

            I think that the the tilt vs swivel thing is just another thing people need to say they dislike about the EM5 to convince themselves they don’t want one. After using an E3, E5, and G2, and now an EM5, I can say it makes no difference. In fact, I’ve used the tilt-up for discrete shooting way more than I ever did on the other 3 because the screen sticking out the side. Also looking back at photos, (and in agreement with Bob) the vast majority of my favorite shots were taken through the viewfinder. But I may be wrong and the swivel screen may be the ultimate deciding factor in buying a camera. Who knows…?

  • cal

    I think gh3 will still focus on video capability. On the spec for photo, I don’t see the excitement. If the kit cam comes with the 2.8 zoom, I think it will be quite hard for general user to take it. Imagine 2k+ for a set… user will have a choice to go for APS-C brothers. Good luck pana… ;)

  • the GH3 needs lots more creative options (photo and video) and built in wireless flash control….

  • FIRST!

    Iso 160-12800 (extends to 80-51200) and 15.5 MP?

    Sounds great to me!
    Well, on GH1 we had Native ISO 100-1600 (in Video you could not use 3200) and extended to 3200 (which real was 125 to about 4000).

    GH2 had 160-3200 native and to 12800 extended (Software-Push?).

    So, when GH3 has 160-12800 native, this is great, i hope better Qualitity in 12800.
    And 51’200 can be also usefull.

    Normally 3200 is okay for me, but where i live, in Dietikon, Switzerland, near Zurich, my Street is not so bright at night, so you need ISo 3200 and F2.0 at 1/50.
    So i could shorten the Time to 1/800 with ISO 51’200… WOW.

    I know it will be very Noisy… but when 51’200 is so noisy like 12800 on GH2, this would be great!

    • cybervand

      the max you sould have at night Unless you take picture of extremly fast people or objects is 1/100

      • kai

        If you’re shooting 60fps, minimum shutter speed should 1/125, so that breaks your rule right there.

        Meanwhile, if you’re shooting with the intention of slowing your footage down with something like Twixtor, it makes sense to shoot at the fastest useable shutter so you’re not left with blur post-slowmotion.

  • Rob

    Sounds like general expected updated to me. The dual SD card slots would surprise me though.

    As long as it has great video like the GH2, I think it will do well. I’d prefer it a bit lighter over the GH2 too.

    Not going to buy it, as I’m happy with OMD and IBIS, but it’s good to get another m4/3 flagship, that benefits everyone (are you listening OMD haters?) and encourages more third party lenses.

  • ght

    I think a lot of the people eagerly awaiting the GH3 are primarily interested in video. If the hacked GH2 provides better video than the new GH3 they’re going to be sorely disappointed. None of the rumors talk about improved video- and to best the GH2 in terms of video the improvements would have to be significant, not marginal. I do like the idea of a kit with the 12-35. How much do you think the savings will be on the lens? If the rumor about the D600 price being around $1,500 turns out to be true it’s going to prove to be disruptive for everyone.

    • io


      I fear that the best that GH3 can give us will be a price drop in the GH2.

      • SteveO

        D600 at $1500 will upset the apple cart for all manufacturers, fine by me. OMD price drop to $850 or so and maybe some creative kit bundles might appear (although the best, with a Panasonic 25mm could never happen).

        The GH3 price would have to come in lower as well ($900-1000?), and the 12-35mm as a kit lens would have to be well under the $1300 MSRP to sell units. The GH1/GH2 at $1500 on intro with the 14-150 was a stretch.

        Weathersealing is a requirement now that the OM-D has shown the way in a $1000 body, same for an accessory grip. Like the 3.2″ LCD idea and am surprised other mfrs haven’t gone here or larger given everyone’s used to 3.5″+ on smart phones. Improved JPEG colors would be nice as well.

        • Esa Tuunanen

          > Like the 3.2″ LCD idea and am surprised other mfrs haven’t gone here or larger
          And as result have even shittier ergonomy unless camera is the size of enthusiast DSLR.
          You want some travel TV or movie theater screen or what because it sure isn’t photographic tool!

          Overall the most comfortable camera I’ve had (and/or seen) is KonicaMinolta Dimage A2 and its comfort and efficiency of user interface has nothing to do with display size.

        • D600 at ANY price won’t upset anything for me unless they also were able to make it a lot smaller than previous “nostalgia format” Nikons — which they won’t.

          I sold all my Nikon gear because I just plain got tired of lugging such a big, heavy kit around. With my Micro 4/3 cameras I may be taking a slight hit in image quality, but the improved mobility really helps with PICTURE quality (which is more important, after all!)

          • Mr. Reeee

            I never bought into DSLRs because of the size. Ridiculous. Every time I convinced myself to get one, I’d always walk away after actually trying them. The GH2 is almost exactly the same size as an FM2, but not quite as wide.

            I have several Nikon lenses (20mm, 60mm and 105mm macros, 300mm, 35-135mm and my trusty old FM2) and the D600, on paper, sounds great and I really could be tempted…. but if it’s the same size as a D800 or even a D7000… no way!

            Nostalgia format… LOL!!! I love it! :-)

            • Gjim

              Based on the leaked pic of the D600 it looks quite a bit smaller than the D800 to me. I was impressed with how small it looks given it has a full frame sensor. But of course it won’t be smaller than a micro four thirds camera. If a combination of size and quality is your primary concern m43 is hard to beat.

            • Bob B.

              Don’t get me wrong….I love EVERYTHING MFT….BUT…..when I need serious bokeh…I go to my FF and a super fast AF lens…MFT ain’t touching that. (with the newer primes and the Voigt .95 it is better…but not at the FF level. Also, I just purchased a 5DMarkIII.. The files coming out of that camera are sooooooo incredible…I really don’t care how big it is. Truly. Do I use FF all the time. No. Why?…because it is so bulky. …but when I make the effort for images that I feel are that important to me…I am never sorry.

  • Miroslav

    Nice specs, but nothing too exciting. An evolution of GH2.

    • Evolution is a good thing. The GH2 already works really well (the GH1 still does too, for that matter). I prefer to see them making sensible upgrades rather than branching off in some completely different direction that might excite the rumorists but not work out so well in practice (e.g. F*ji.)

      I am doing most of my still shooting now with an E-M 5 because of its better tonal range, but the GH2 is still a faster-responding, better-performing camera in just about every other way. If they match the E-M 5’s image and build quality while keeping their other advantages, they’ll have a winner, especially for people who are equally interested in video and stills.

      • Mr. Reeee

        The GH2 is damn good as is. Let’s hope they don’t mess it up and stick to enhancement and fine tuning rather than a complete renovation. For me, the ergonomics, fully articulated screen and multi-aspect sensor are a big part of what make it successful.

        I tried an EM5 and while it’s really very nice on many levels, I found that the ergonomics and menu system (especially) fall short. The whole nostalgia cam thing, at the expense of out-of-the-box good handling, leaves me cold. I wish they had found an elegant way (unlike the big, cheesy screw-on EP3 grip) to have a replaceable grip ON the camera. I’m not into strap-ons… ;-)

        I had no problem adjusting to the anti-personnel strap lugs, BTW. ;-)

      • Miroslav

        Mostly agree, but I just don’t like those Canon style improvements :).

        One stop improvement of ISO performance and a bit better DR would be good for starters, but I expected global shutter. Focus peaking would be nice as well, but that will be the last feature to be disclosed.

        IBIS on Panasonic is a dream.

        Concerning GH2, I don’t deny it’s already a top camera, with excellent performance and good ergonomics and I certainly did not expect that to change, but a little bit more features under the hood of GH3 would be more than welcome.

  • io

    Any details about video specs?

    • Yes,
      it will have
      720p and 1080p and you can choose 24P, 25P, 30P, 50P, 60P in all Versions and all Resolutions.

      In Video-Mode you can go to ISO 12’800 in QUality like 3200 on GH2.

      • io

        60P in 1080 is interesting, but 28mbps (AVCHD2.0) is too low, I think. Also, an intraframe profile is a must; the hacked GH2 is almost capable to do that.

        • Esa Tuunanen

          GH2’s 30p benefits from bitrate hacks up to ~40Mbps which is also max video bitrate for same 30p in Bluray so for 60p at least that 40Mbps should supported officially as highest quality mode…
          And through use of some other better container format that shitty AVCHD mess.
          (anyone know someone who wants or needs to burn video directly to Bluray?)

          Intraframe mode would be usefull for only very serious videographers doing some heavier editing.
          Interframe compression causes noticeably lower quality only when forced to compress video too heavily (like forced by AVCHD) but it can still compress video to lot smaller size with similar quality because of consecutive frames containing lots of duplicate data.

    • @io
      yes I believe the GH3 will have video

  • matt

    well panasonic you will have to bring way more than improved ISO/better screen and EVF..

    there´s only video that holds me on the panasonic side.. if olympus will bring at photokina a successor witch has clean HDMI out for video, IBIS and 1080/50p I´ll definitely buy it .. panasonic is getting on canon route.. which announces 10 cameras with no major improvement …

    Make it rock.. or suck my ….

    • io


      I also have my hopes on Oly. The O-MD is interesting, but 30fps only, and the low bitrate are a no-no for me. I’ll keep my hacked GH1 meanwhile…

      Oly and Nikon have no videocamera segment to protect. I do not expect too much from Canon/Pana than small upgrades.

      Anyway, today I would purchase a GH2.

  • Ad

    Looks like they’re on the right track. Would prefer in-body image stabilization, other than that an improved GH2 like described is just fine with me, provided noise at low-ISO is decreased.

  • Confused m43 owner

    Why doesn’t Panasonic want to have in-body image stabilization? Does anyone know?

  • Yun

    I almost certain to say this ( GH3 ) is not the very highend camera mean by Pana if the specs are right . No revolutionary sensor !
    I suspect the incoming GH3 is more on Video than Still . Let’s see if my guess is right .

  • Tulio

    Similar design to GH2? holy crap, stop the fake pentaprism bump. NEX7 / Fuji X-Pro1 are the way to go.

    • Nikku

      The “fake” hump houses the viewfinder. Personally I prefer it in the middle, not the side (I like having the scene centered over the lens axis, which was the entire raison d’etre for SLRs to begin with-a WYSIWYG view).

      • Mr. Reeee

        +a zillion
        I bet the fake SLR-era pentaprism on the EM5 is much better. ;-)

        Lens centered over the lens. It’ simple and intuitive. A direct line of sight. Think binoculars or a rifle scope or bow and arrow.

        • Esa Tuunanen

          If binoculars were designed that way they would be squarish boxes with eyepieces sinked flat into corners and you nose would hit the middle of that box when trying to look into eyepieces!
          Film era was for photography same as horse wagon era for personal transportation before car revolutionized it and it’s time to stop using those Roman empire age designs!

          Fake SLR design only makes looking into viewfinder harder and also makes camera block more other eye’s fov.

          Slim cramming into corner makes viewfinder’s optics smaller (same OLED EVF looks better in Sony A77 than NEX-7 because of that) so neither is that best.
          But there doesn’t have to be such extension of body after lens mount.
          Lens mount was put symmetrically into center of body (and viewfinder followed because above lens was easiest place to put it) only because there needed to be space for roll of film on both sides. Now it’s time to shrink that wart so that you can look into viewfinder without nose hitting into body.
          Moving lens mount near edge would also give more space for sturdier grip without fingers getting crammed between it and lens if you want to keep grip’s protrusion minimal.

          KonicaMinolta Dimage A2’s ergonomics kicks lousy butts of every single mirrorless and below enthusiast level DSLR yet body’s width is still 7mm smaller than in GH2.
          What are you so afraid in letting go from design limits of analog mechanical era?
          Afraid of realizing all those old cameras were far from best ergonomics?
          Because there sure aren’t any logical reasons!

          • Mr. Reeee

            You’re always carping about ergonomics, so you should be aware that phsical alignments are important. The height of your desk, chair, monitor and keyboard all in relation to and promoting good posture.

            The eye/VF/lens in vertical/physical alignment is simple, direct and natural. Simpler is almost always better.

            Having used film rangefinders, SLRs, P&S camera and being a pretty good shot with rifle, pistol and blowgun (yeah, at one time the pigeons behind my building on the Lower East Side had reason to FEAR!… ;-)) that arrangement works better for me. It’s a physical thing.

            I certainly have no problem with a viewfinder on the left, right or center, or looking down at waist level like a Hasselblad or a Rollei dual-lens, nor does my preference mean that what anyone else prefers is backward thinking or flawed in some way. Whatever you like is fine by me. This isn’t like religion where non-believers should be killed. Or is it… :-P

      • Anonytrackball

        WYSIWYG. Was the primary reason. Being over the lens just happened, as it was the most practical in design and build terms for a WYSIWYG in a purely mechanical environment.

    • Bart

      Its not a ‘fake pentaprism hump’, its the housing for IBIS and the viewfinder

      • Mr. Reeee

        Not unlike the GH2’s housing for the EVF, pop-up flash, hot shoe and stereo microphones, eh? Or hump, if you prefer. ;-)

        Just poking a little fun at all the people who would incessantly rag on the GH2, G3, etc. be cause of their “humps”. Now that “hump” is on the other foot, as it were, it’s an entirely different story. ;-)

        • dau

          It also favours people (like me) who use their left eye to shoot

  • moomin

    If it doesnt do better in the stills dept then its a no sale. GH2s video is great enough but as a really great hybrid it falls short when taking stills.

    If they deliver decent photo performance (like the OMD) then I may be tempted.

    As it stands Im stuck with using my Nex 5n for stills and GH2 for video…Id like to have just one camera really.

  • Neo

    Just to clarify…Ownuser is a Taiwanese company!

  • nxp3

    Is that how it’s suppose to look? Cause it look like a rock and a toaster had sex and shit out that thing. It’s hideous. Seriously, panasonic should hire some new designers. I know looks aren’t everything, but they don’t have to try real hard making their camera ugly.

    • MichaelKJ

      Are you referring to the camera or the grip? The grip is a third part one that you can get for the GH2.

  • I wouldn’t worry too much. The GH2 inherited the basic body from the very G1 which was introduced in 2008. So I think we can expect the GH2 to sport a new design, although for continuity I expect it to be derived from the current form. I also wouldn’t call the GH2 “ugly,” but it certainly isn’t anything special to look at. I’d call it functional rather than historicist (E-M5) or minimalist (NEX-7).

    • Mr. Reeee


  • tolly

    dear admin..

    could you pls bring a little bit order in that compekte OFF THREAD STUFF

  • How much can Panasonic improve the engine? I wish Panasonic could output something similar to the E-M5, it would be perfect!

  • reverse stream swimmer

    Will the GH3 have an electronic first curtain shutter?

    Global shutter isn’t necessary, since the jello effect is mimimized with a fast sampling sensor. E-M5 already does 240 fps I think.

  • safaridon

    I think the GH3 body will be based on the same body as that depicted for the coming G5 given the fact that G3 was an all new body only a year ago. The differences will be be one with weather sealing, magnesium metal body, and higher video specs. The G5 will come with the compact X lens while the GH3 will come with 12-35X lens. I can’t see why the GH3 given the projected specs would not be seen as an excellent still tool as obviously an improved sensor is indicated and given the lens specification. To me the looks of the projected G5 body look definitely better although it lacks a second top control wheel.

    As for a tilting screen I side with those saying a full swivel screen is far superior especially when protecting the LCD. However we should not be surprised by this move given the dozens of Oly commentors on this forum proclaiming that Olys tilt concept to be better (but likely cheaper to build). I think the extra 0.2 inch will all be in LCD width for a 16:9 screen with no increase in height. The G5 model may retain the swivel screen and the GH3 the wider tilt screen.

    Why are we still seeing no more specs or leaked information on the G5 which will be released in July?

    • MichaelKJ

      Swivel screen is almost a certainty for the GH3 given its popularity for video.

    • While there is something to the notion that the GH3 will share a basic body type with the upcoming G5, I think that the differences between the new models will be more pronounced than between earlier GH and G cameras.

      The system is more established with a larger customer base, so I’ll bet that Panasonic will seek to differentiate the various lines more. They’ll do that with specifications as well as the body design. The GH2 doesn’t really feel like a top of the line model in the same way that the E-M5 or NEX-7 do and I think Panasonic will change this.

      As to the tilting versus fully articulated screen, both have their advantages. Perhaps we’ll see a new type of design, like Sony uses in their A77, which combines the benefits of both. I don’t think there will be a 16:9 aspect ratio screen as that aspect ratio is not suited for displaying 4:3 stills.

      Overall, I believe the GH3 will be a more high end camera than its predecessors were. Bundled with the X12-35/2.8, I wouldn’t be surprised at a 1999,- Euro/Dollar price.

  • Gekopaca

    Seeing these specs, I can wait for the GH4 with my good old GH13!

  • Pana needs renew the design of the GH-series. The G1/GH1 looked too conservative and the GH2 aint any better. Building on the G3 design is a good idea.
    Tried the OLy EM-5: Looks much better in real life compared to photos – but for me it is too small for usability. The additional grip must be an improvement bringing it to the same size and weight as Fuji X-pro1….
    BTW: I re-invested in a dSLR system. Size and bulk is double compared to m43, but IQ and usability is far better. For some photo a smaller camera is better, may stay in m43 but the new level of high end compacts (Sony RX100) is very interesting. The bulk and weight of m43 may be unnessecary……

  • Leo

    Admin: Panasonic GF5 + X 12-35mm F/2.8 preview on mobile01

  • BillM

    ISO 80, dual SD slots, cheaper grip option and throw in a 1/8000 shutter and this could put some pressure on the E-M5, but that’s what we want, because competitive pressure almost always makes things better quicker. Olympus has amazing colors out of camera but Panasonic seems to have struggled in this area, would love to see them improve in this area as well.

  • T3

    I will never understand why some people complain about the looks of a camera.

    It’s like whining, “There’s a stain on this hammer!” or “I don’t like the color of grips on this wrench”.

    • Mike

      Of course pure aesthetics isn’t important criteria for using a tool such as a camera. But if we take that further, pure design style really isn’t important to the use of anything. But imagine how boring the world would be if this attitude was wholly adopted. Take automotive design for example, imagine all cars styled like a GM from the 80’s or early 90s. Those cars would be easy to produce, affordably priced and would get us around but who would want to buy one?

      I definitely appreciate pleasing aesthetics along with fine engineering and practical design in any instrument I plan to use.

      This Panasonic may be engineered well, time will tell, but it sure doesn’t get raise my pulse. The Oly OM-D does.

  • matt

    Admin, I still have a strong feeling these are specs for upcoming GX2 and not GH3 , I can imagine GX2 with these specs at late august and GH3 at late september….because this is not a high end camera.. it´s only upgrade… could you ask your surces ?

  • kev

    Nice to see that the pixel count hasn’t risen I imagine this could mean better noise performance and even sharper images. even just that would make me want to buy this cam

  • The Master

    I would like to see a GH3 with the same oversized sensor-for those of us that still like 3-2 ratios. NO built in grip, ala OMD, but with straplugs in the right place and no buttons where your thumb rests. Same swivel screen, as I tend to shoot much more verticle than horizontal, so the one on the OMD is next to worthless for me. And lastly, the rubber eye piece needs to go away, far far away. Needs to be hard plactic, or metal, so I’m not tearing it off just because I want to carry it on a neck strap. These are simple, common sense things, that when they are left off of cameras in the first place, tend to make me crabby and want lash out at the people that
    forgot them. I mean come on, weve been at this digital camera thing, for over a dozen years, it’s time to get shit right

    • Bart

      Hmm yes, I’m sure especially people wearing glasses will love a hard plastic or metal eye-cup, as they really love things that they have to press against their glasses that are also bound to scratch those glasses…

      Whatever you did to tear off the eye-cup while wearing the camera on a neck strap is what YOU should be looking into. I have over 2 dozen cameras, some of them more then half a century old, many of them seeing a lot of use, and I NEVER EVER managed to rip off an eye-cup in the way you describe. Many of those even have detachable rubber eye-cups that are MUCH MUCH MUCH easier to take off then it is to rip off the one on an E-M5, or GH2 for that matter.

      Last but not least, learn to hold a camera properly and those strap lugs are a total non-issue. Yes, they do force you to hold the camera properly, ‘taking away your choice to not hold it properly’.

      • The Master

        Holy shit Bart, it sounds like you know everything, I could probably just follow your directions, for the rest of my life and everything would be perfect, right. Fuhhh. You have got to be one morons from DPR.

        • bart

          Maybe go back to your own post? You act as if you know everything and camera makers are totally stupid, while evidently you did not consider why for example the eye-cup on virtually every camera is made of rubber.

          • The Master

            Well, I’ve been around longer than most of the people making cameras these days and owned and used enough, on a daily basis, that I feel like I do know better than them.

            I guess I took it for granted that people knew what I meant, when I said metal or plastic eye piece. I was talking about cameras, like F3, FM2, etc., where the eye piece is metal, with a little rubber screw in diopter, that could withstand sliding back and fourth against your clothing on a neck strap, all day long, without getting torn off.

            • Bart

              “Well, I’ve been around longer than most of the people making cameras these days”

              And how do you know that?

              “and owned and used enough, on a daily basis, that I feel like I do know better than them.”

              So, which camera brand do you own? Where can I buy them to verify that you do know better then them? because if you do, you must undoubtedly be very successful in selling your much better informed designs.

              Suggesting what you’d like to see in a new camera is one thing. Acting like an arrogant *ss and acting as if all camera makers that don’t agree with you are totally stupid however is a totally different thing.

              • The Master

                Acting like an arrogant ass, sounds about right right for me, but it’s mostly, because I’ve been waiting around for a dozen or so years for someone to make something similar in size and shape to a OM1, FM2 and watched in mild annoyance sometimes, not so mild at other times as the makers hit all around the mark . If you think I’m wrong in waiting for such a body, then explain the run away success of the OMD. I could have told them ten years ago, that was what people were waiting for.

  • Can we get some odds on…



    I want the video I shoot to be the best quality possible. When I create a film I don’t use AF… Keep it. It is fast enough. Give me some in body stabilization and give me a fraction of what I get hacked. 44mbs?

    • Bart

      Lumix and IBIS? extremely unlikely.

  • Atle

    If the 12-35X comes as a kit, will theese kit-lenses be sold cheaper on ebay? (cheaper than the “retail” 12-35)

    • MichaelKJ

      The 12-50 kit lens for the E-M5 is selling for $300-$375 on eBay versus $500 at B&H, so there will probably be some sold at a discount. Of course, buying this way means no warranty.

    • Mr. Reeee

      I doubt it. The 12-35mm is a premium lens. It hardly qualifies as your typical crappy kit lens. It’s the same as the 14-140mm. I wanted to get that lens with my GH2, not the 14-42mm.

    • Mike

      No way is the 12-35 f2.8 X going to be offered as a kit lens. It’s a premium lens. The 14-42 X could make a decent kit lens option.

  • sqweezy

    Good to hear the 12-35 f/2.8 will be available as the kit lens. A nice premium lens for a premium camera! Will there be an option for 35-100 f/2.8 by then too?

    Any word on pricing? I am hoping the kit will be within my budget of $2000. Any more than that and I will have to rethink this whole thing…

    Any guesses on kit price?

  • TGIF

    How do you guys think of GH2 design?

    LUMIX.. fullHD.. L.. Could I paint out those things?

    • Mr. Reeee

      Black electrical tape worked for me.

  • S

    1. 1080p 60p + 720p at 120p would be nice
    2. swivel screen]
    3. higher quality evf + lcd
    4. larger, stronger, metal body
    5. panasonic made battery grip (not chinese)
    6. more color profiles (flat profile)
    7. better lowlight at all iso settings
    8. more dynamic range
    9. audio input

    This would be great for me. Does this seem reasonable or probable?

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