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(FT3) Panasonic 7-28mm wide angle lens coming???


We know around four lenses are expected to be shown by Panasonic at Photokina. One is the tele prime lens, another one is the long awaited 35-100mm X zoom. A source sent us some info about another wide angle zoom. The rumor hasn’t been confirmed by trusted sources but I hope they are reading this post and can confirm the validity of it :)

This rumor comes via one of my trusted sources. He knows for sure (so he says) that Panasonic has a 7-28mm prototype lens. But he doesn’t know yet if this is the wide angle zoom lens that is coming in one month from now right before the Photokina show. In Full Frame terms this is a 14-56mm lens. A quite weird range but perfect for wide angle shooter.

Now we have to find out the info about the fourth lens…

Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct


  • B2

    Isn’t it 14-56mm Admin instead of 14-36mm?

    • admin

      Corrected! :)

      • David

        Wasn’t sure where to provide this so I replied here. There is the Rokinon fisheye m43 lens on sale at for $239 now. Rokinon FE75MFT-S – 7.5mm F3.5 UMC Fisheye Lens for Micro Four Thirds (Silver)
        At ; posted 3 hours ago
        •Use $60 off Coupon PhotoPro60 •FREE SHIPPING

        • Duarte Bruno

          There are Contact and Share Rumor buttons on the right panel in this site.
          That’s what most people use.

  • Aeys

    for 7-28mm, it will be 14-56mm (35equiv) which if it is true, it will be one of the range that photographer will love to have. (depends on a lot more factors: F-stop, lens size/weight, price, sharpness, etc.)

    I think the range is too good to be true

    • Peppone

      yes! too good to be true!!

      • Stevey

        Typo ? 7-18 seems more likely….

      • Coco

        Agreed, Panasonic are not world leaders in optical design.

  • Hmm, that’s quite the range. Even a 7-14 mm 2x zoom would work for me. I hope it won’t be another fair weather lens with f/5.6 max at the long end…

    • MJr

      Well good news, a 7-14mm F4 is here already !

      • It’s high time for a new version! ;-)

        • E-1

          Why? Mine works excellent.

        • It’s only been out for 3.5 years, and it’s one of the best lenses available for m4/3. There is essentially nothing that needs to be changed on the 7-14.

          • Vastloper

            Well, I would never mind if it was faster or if quality and price is about the same but you get this extended range. As long as it still is compact.

            It really depends on the details, zoom range alone doesn’t let me decide if I want it or not.

          • theDA

            filter threads

          • twoomy

            I love the existing 7-14mm, but it could be just a wee bit sharper. And of course with filter threads, but at that ultra-wide angle, I understand why it’s like this (similar to the Nikon 14-24mm).

            I’d much rather see an updated Oly 9-18mm — not as wide, takes filters, but the Oly lens could use improved sharpness, especially in the corners.

          • ey20

            Actually, it really needs to be released in some random shade of “silver”. No one here likes black lenses, so … uh, oh, wait a minute… :)

            Or maybe it just needs better strap lugs. Yeah, that’s it.

          • I mostly agree (See my reply above where I stated that I was being cynical). I am however not a fan of the spherical front element, which prohibits the use of a protective filter. Considering that I shoot a lot around sand and seawater spray, an unprotected front element is not to my liking.

            Also, for me, a 9 or 10 mm to 14 mm zoom would do just fine. Such a lens could be fast and relatively small. A 10-50 would be an ideal all-arounder for me.

          • Sqweezy

            Here’s what the next version could be:
            7-14mm range (or perhaps 6-12mm), with constant f/2.8, power O.I.S, and weather sealed! It would be the next iteration of the X line and complement the 12-35mm and 35-100mm perfectly!
            From there, all that’s missing is the next version of 100-300mm with f/2.8!

  • Guest

    Wow that is fucking crazy. There is no way that they can make that lens and still have good F-stop and sharpness.

    7mm is too hard to make.

    If they _DO_ make this lens.. it will be at least $3000

    A more realistic lens would be 12-35mm f2.8

    Oh wait, they’ve already made that!

    • I’m hoping for a 10-50 f/2.0-2.8. Not gonna happen!

    • twoomy

      I agree… that range (ultra wide angle to 28mm) is fucking nuts. Sounds like a fantasy or it sounds really really big or like it’s compromised image quality.

  • physica

    If it’s equiv. to FF’s 16-35 , then the lens should be 7-18 is it? 7-28 is equiv. to 14-56mm….. =口=….

  • 7-28 f/4-5.6 would be interesting. Big question is price..


    • m9-18 it fights with

      So we should expect $699 (according to B&H) and 2-3 pixels CA on Olympus bodies.

      @Admin any news on 35-100X price and delievery?

  • Me v

    Yeah, right… Also to be announced is a 3,5mm-90mm f0.8! :)

  • Weird? It’s much more than that. A lens like this would be either huge or very low quality with need of massive software corrections. It may be enough for amateur video though. Perhaps what your source has seen is an early prototype using a whole new technology (liquid lenses?).

  • Farrukh

    Now THIS is a lens I would buy!

    • Vastloper

      Even if it’s f12, manual focus, costs $8000, is 8 feet long and 2 feet diameter and the focal range starts at 5 miles?

    • +1

  • Peter

    If it sounds to good to be true……..

    Isn’t this a lens for a small sensor camera?

  • Duarte Bruno

    @admin : You keep forgetting that there is a 40-150mm coming from Panasonic!

  • CuriousBenjamin

    Interesting. I think it would cannibalise 7-14 sales. 7-28 has a much more useful FL so most will prefer that. If its going to be cheaper than 7-14, then it will for sure eat up the sales of 7-14. If its more expensive, it becomes a more of a specialist lens for advanced users. Considering they just made 12-35 (which itself is quite expensive), I doubt if this lens will ever see the light of the day. I think for high quality lens, each company (Pana and Oly) will not overlap the FL as far as possible.

  • Henrik

    7-28 is way too extreme. It will be too bulky, too expensive, too dark, too bad, too unstabilized, too un-befilterable, whatever.

    As usual, Pana’s on the wrong track, very reliably so. Pana, please try to spell:

    p. r. i. m. e.

    And now:

    9. m. m. p. r. i. m. e.

    Once you got it, we learn “9 mm prime stabilized”. But there’s way to go.

    • spam

      7-28 would be an extremely versatile lens covering wide angle to normal/shortish portrait. IMO Pansonic need more good quality zooms now that entry level is pretty well covered. Primes are nice, but they are starting to get a pretty good selection and primes are a niche market.

      I’d like to see the 20mm F1.7 upgraded with faster focus, but except for that I hope they continue to launch good quality zoomlenses. 12-35 and 35-100 is a start, but they also need a wider range normal zoom and a good quality telezoom. The 7-14 is one of the better mFT-lenses and takes care of the wide angle segment.

    • its ft3, before anyone can even accuse Panasonic of working on the wrong track.

    • pfeddeh

      +1 for the 9mm prime. But please do not make it stabilized but rather as small as possible.

    • twoomy

      Forget about this crazy rumor lens for a second. Pany’s on the wrong track by starting to release high-end zooms? Non-sense! Between Pany and Oly, we have high-end primes coming out our arse for m43! We need more high-end zooms! (Not low-grade kit zooms — I think we have all we need there.)

      A high-end normal zoom (12-35), a high-end tele (35-100), and a high-end ultra-wide (7-14 replacement?) and you have the “trinity” to compete with Nikon.

  • leonedolci

    if 7-28mm was real, I would jump back to M43 right away.

    I am in searching for a UW to mid-range zoom for my trekking trip. with that 7-28, I finally settle on one lens.

  • ulli

    maybe with ceramic lenses?

    • will

      …another joke: do you speak of transparent Ceramic Lenses;-)))???

      • ulli

        not a joke,i was just commenting on the expected big size,ceramic lenses,becasue of higher refractive index, could decrease size around 20 %

  • Miroslav

    Strange. I think 28mm has to be a typo. Although, Panasonic has surprised in the past ( the only sub F2 pancake, pancake 3x zoom,… ), so why not again?

    • Miroslav

      Or maybe it’s a lens for Pentax Q :D ?

  • Camaman

    18 or 21mm sound more rasonable on the long end.
    This one sounds to goot to be true and remain bright and sharp as we would like a landscape lens to be.

  • Gw

    Could it just be a revised 7-14 and the rumor accidentally merged the actual and equivalent focal lengths 7-14 eq 14-28 somehow became 7-28?!

    • twoomy

      That’s a pretty good theory!

      • Fred

        I thought exactly the same. I think thats what is going to be released is a cheaper, variable aperture, of the 7-14mm.

    • Chez Wimpy

      You are exactly right. A “28mm” ending point makes no sense starting from 7mm (people would be happy with 25mm since that gets you “14-50,” where every extra mm is a quality war with these specifications). The 28 is a misread of the 14mm equivalence. I am still seriously considering the original 7-14 for the EM5, but it would take better IQ, or at least a lower price, to get me excited for its replacement.

  • Cristián

    ::::::::: 7-28mm :::::::::::

    YES!!! PLEAEAEAEASE and with a filter thread (for grads, etc.)!!!!

  • I could probably do most of my travel photography with a 12-24/3.5 pancake.

  • YeahYeah

    Come on! It’s obviously a typo and source meant 7-18, eq. 14-36, which seems much more reasonable. A nice upgrade to the current 7-14. Will it be OIS and will they keep the F/4 aperture all across the range? That’s the question.

    • I LOVE my 7-14mm and a 7-28mm would ONLY be a good upgrade from the 7-14mm if it were optically superior. It’s doubtful.

      The 7-14mm was one of the main reasons I bought into the M4/3 system! The other two reasons? The GH2 and Voigtländer Nokton 25mm f0.95.

  • rds

    A new wide zoom wouldn’t surprise me but it’s not going to be 7-28mm, even a layman can see that’s unrealistic.

  • jamez

    If a 7-28 were to be released and be optically good enough it would be amazing!
    It will be THE reason to buy a m43 camera for me and many other dslr users.
    I’ll just have to be sharp enough, fast enough and compact enough!

    A 4x zoom isnt that unusual!
    Just look at the Sony RX100 with 10.4-37.1mm lens (3.5x). And its sensor isnt that much smaller than m43. Still, camera WITH lens is only 213grams.

  • Jorginho

    So nice we know it is not going to happen.

  • Very interesting street photo range! But, as many above points out, questions about speed, bulk, weight, IQ and price remains to be answered.
    Looking at new types of competition (Sony RX100) I would like a m43 compact zoom with high IQ,. Pana did the X kit zoom, but that has lower IQ than other m43 kit zooms. So much for the X factor….
    I will by a RX100 and am not sure about my future in mirrorless. The rumored NEX-6 looks a very strong alternative – as would a similar Oly/Pana. To that a neat HQ zoom. The 12-35 is a bit big and expensive, but great.

  • Not quite sure why there’s this emphasis on releasing lenses similar to what is already out there. Sure, having an ultra-wide to normal lens would be nice, but we already have a 7mm zoom. And the 45-150 before that…um, we’ve got the slow telephoto zoom covered. What we don’t have is any fast long glass. At all. How about a 150 f/2.5 or a 200mm f/2.8? These would be great to add to the system natively, and right now, I have to rely on adapted manual focus lenses for these lengths when I need some speed.

    • johnny Pink

      Perfectly aggree with jordan S. , so many wide angle zoom already available and not a single fast lens ( 200 2.8/4.0 ) , the m43 should be the king of tele because of its 2x crop factor.

  • avds

    A good 7-28 would probably be huge and immensely expensive. I’m sure it’s a typo and maybe a 7-18 was meant. But range is pretty much nothing without more specs any way, such as brightness, size and price. Oh, and color, of course, since Olympus habit of releasing silver-only lenses caused so much stir lately :)

  • What a strange range…

  • David

    If they built that lens, and the build quality and image quality were good, I would switch to m4/3. I’d also be happy with 7-18mm .

    I don’t think it’s that strange a range. It’s atypical, but not strange. I like to shoot wide angle, and normal. This lens would give me both. Every other zoom doesn’t start wide enough, or goes so long that size/IQ are compromised. If they could make this lens about the size of the current 12-35mm, which admittedly seems unlikely, I would be totally sold.

  • Eric

    How hard can it be to make a 9 or 10mm prime? I just want a good, sharp f3.5 or f4 prime lens. I don’t want to pay $700+ for a wide angle zoom when all I want is a prime!

    • pfeddeh


    • BOBAK


    • CedricL

      +1 again
      But f2.8

  • When I saw the title I said: oohhh … lensgasm … But it is of course an impossible lens :-(

  • They should just do a 12-24 f4 or 16-35 f2.8 equivalent instead of such a weird focal length. I’m actually guessing the long end is 28 equivalent and they made a typo maybe? So it’s actually a 7-14? That would seem to make more sense.

  • Jedd

    Existing 7-14mm is an excellent lens.
    I’d only change it for an ultra wide prime – 7mm or 8mm.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t believe a second this focl range…

  • awaler

    7-28 sounds like utter nonsense.
    How can this be FT3, dear admin?

    • admin

      Ask my source not me :)

    • admin

      I remember when I posted the rumor about the E-P2 coming 6 months after the E-P1 release. So many told me I was an Idiot :) And than it came for real…sometimes non sense rumor do become true.

      • awaler

        Of course you can find lots of examples for strangely timed product releases, so strange that it is hard to believe they were done.

        But please give us an example of a fourfold zoom in the wideangle range going as wide as 14mm (full frame equiv fov). Even the Lumix LX5 lens (24-90 mm equiv) is miles away.

  • Frank

    Count me in for that lens. Would buy it immediately. But i would be in for any UWL.

  • I would totally get that if f-stop was ok, that means at least f/4 for the whole range. But it is not going to happen. I agree with others that there might be a typo, 7-18 seems much more plausible. Even that sounds almost too good…

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