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(Downgraded from FT3 to FT2) UPDATED: Olympus E-P3 and E-PL3 to be announced on June 3? And mini Olympus model.


UPDATE: The translation from google was not correct and the webmaster from Digicam info was so kind to contact me. He also said the info is from a new source (not a trusted known source!). That’s why I downgraded the rumor form FT3 to FT2 (see the rumor classification on the bottom of the post if you don’t know what this means).

The japanese blog Digicam Info (Click here) says the new Olympus E-P3 and E-PL3 will be announced in June the 3rd. And there will be a new Olympus mini too! All three cameras will feature the same 12 Megapixel sensor and will not have any built-in viewfinder. Digicam Info was the website that posted the (correct) rumor about the E-PL1s. Anyway I would be very careful with that information. Some of my new sources are giving me “different” rumors. I am  still waiting for my trusted sources to disclose the “real” details. That Olympus will replace the E-PL2 after only 6 months(!!!) sounds a bit nonsense. And why replace it with an E-PL3 having the same sensor? Hmmm…

Digicam info also says the new Olympus mini camera will be a a mini model ideal for women! Should we expect a sort of Minox camera? (Click here to see the Minox).

As I said take all with a grain of salt!

Reminder -> Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • iHarley

    What makes a camera a women’s model? I wouldn’t mind a “mini model” to take along with me anywhere.

    • Bob B.

      ….in pink? :-)

      • SSingh

        Defintely pink.. and maybe add a folding mirror too Olympus.!!! the photographers camera maker! are you listening?

        • Bob B.

          Great idea!…with an articulating mirror everyone could check out their look before the photograph and the term compact camera will have taken on a whole new meaning!!!!!!!! This IS exciting!!!!!!

          • Miroslav

            “with an articulating mirror everyone could check out their look”

            Yeah, but it wouldn’t be mirrorless anymore :).

            • Bob B.

              hmmmmmm….you have a point?!?!?!?! LOL! Good call.

    • Just wonder if it is possible to minimize a camera body by making it like a cube, say imagine a m43 format body in a miniaturized medium-format body. Quite sure that it looks nice, have more than enough space for all the electronics and small.

  • arash

    I can’t see an E-PL3, the E-PL2 was just announced.
    I guess the good news is that at least “something” is coming soon.
    I hate waiting :/

  • Old sensor? Oh no.

  • Chris

    It could be a new sensor shared by both models.. Olympus have been pretty vocal about sticking to an upper limit of 12MP.

  • WT21

    Oly couldn’t have made a new sensor this quickly, and no one else is making a 43 sensor. It’s the old one.

    For those who might not remember, Oly was furiously rolling out new E-XXX models just a few years ago. It’s quite possible for an EPL3 after only 6 months, though it would be the height of folly to do it.

  • jeff

    olympus can literally go **** themselves with a shoe if they dont release a camera with a built in viewfinder.

    Im literally speechless if this actually happens.

    I cant explain the stupidity , that radiation must really be effecting those people.

    • 43RC

      Jeff wrote:
      >olympus can literally go **** themselves with a shoe if they dont release a camera with a built in viewfinder.
      >Im literally speechless if this actually happens.
      >I cant explain the stupidity , that radiation must really be effecting those people.

      Have you tried meditation, yoga, tai chi, etc? You need to relax. It’s only FT2.
      That was not a nice thing to say. Radiation is no joke.
      Having said that, Olympus can literally go **** themselves with a shoe if they don’t release a camera with a tilt/swivel screen!

  • Digicam info says the “MiNi” is OLYMPUS’s new line whitch is compact and has abundant color variation.

    • Mr. Reeee

      The mini-cam rumor surfaced a while back, but Olympus already has 20+ P&S model cameras. What’s the point of yet another line of dinky-cams?

      Hopefully all this is merely a rumor and Olympus proves to be A LOT smarter!

  • I don’t doubt that Olympus might be planning to introduce a smaller, more compact entry level camera to go head to head with the NEX and GF2. As for the E-P3 continuing to use the same out-dated 12mp sensor – That would be a terrible decision and I can’t believe that it’s true. Why wouldn’t they want to use the newer sensor that’s in the G3? I’m hoping that FT3 is a bit too generous for this particular rumor.


      WHY you ask bwahaha is it not obvious by now
      because Olympus SUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKSSSSSSSS now that’s why
      These rumours=sadly yet not at all surprisingly 100% true

  • Robbie

    What’s the point of releasing a new camera if it uses the same 12mp sensor?

    • stepper

      I think you guys are reading into this a bit wrong. “The two cameras will be using the same sensor” doesn’t exactly mean that they will be using the same sensor as the E-P2/PL2 cameras. I think they are going to both use the same NEW 12mp sensor.

      Besides, I tend to agree with Olympus with their decision on a 12mp cap. Anything over 12mp for an enthusiast camera is too much. Afterall, thousands of pros are perfectly happy with their 12mp D700’s,.

  • Agrivar

    The Japanese comments to the digicam article seem critical of Olympus. Most comments seem to say that Oly is crazy to release ep3 and epl3 and mini Oly pen without much significant changes. Someone also said that Oly has lost it’s way if the rumours are true.

    If Oly really does this then I’m moving to canon. I’m sick of this nonsense time and time again.

    • lorenzino

      Sorry, but I can’t see a “true” Olympus (or whatever else) user switching brand just because the next models are too similar to the model he/she already has got.

      I can see a potential new adopter deciding NOT to adopt Olympus, but not a person who is supposedly already taking pics with a camera throwing it away ’cause other cameras are not coming.

      And then you mention Canon. Maybe I am not that smart, but AFAIK they do not produce mirrorless cams, meaning that if you are on the market for this kind of (functionwise) crippled cameras Canon is not an option. At the moment Samsung and Sony are, and none of them has yet produced THE camera any serious photogs whould like to use…

      • olympus has lost its direction.. from the debacle of the 4/3 E range to now the PEN range. Moving to another brand gives more leeway on real progress.. anyway I wont move off m4/3 totally as I’ve also a GH2. It just irks me that the oly management is totally clueless.

        oh and yes.. i was really hoping for a rangefinder oly with EVF built in with hopefully the new 16mpx sensor from panasonic.. but if its just a rehash of the same old same old 12 mpx sensor with no real changes (except new art filters) then yes.. i’m moving off oly.

        • lorenzino

          I agree that Oly has not been progressing at all since the original digital Pen.
          But if you already have one, I would keep on using it, as the other brands are not being that smart either.
          The Pana GF2 is a fiasco. UI is far worse than in the GF1, and even there the sensor has not progressed since the original. GH2-G3 yes, better, but not as small as the smallest little cameras here. And the availability of anything else that is not the basic kit is none. Samsung does not have a good sensor. Sony has the worst UI ever produced, and no lenses. Are you going to buy a Leica, instead?
          I mean: I am in search for a small little camera to complement my dslr. So no GHs for me. Choice is: Pana GF series, Olys, Sonys, and Samsung smallies. Guess what: none of them is really goog as an overall choice.
          Probably I would not get an Oly now, but if I had one, I would keep on taking pics, and not worry too much about Oly’s decisions, unless, of course, Sony Pana or Samsung show something good in June, at last.
          I actually hope so, so at last I will be able to buy a mirrorless…

  • furb

    if MP stays the same, does ISO stay the same also? Obviously, the important thing is better quality overall…crossing fingers and hoping for something awesome.

  • “why replace it with an E-PL3 having the same sensor?”

    Maybe there’s some other major component (e.g. chip) that has gone EOL at its source and had to be replaced anyway. If you’re going to the trouble of redoing your main board, you might as well get a new model out of it to generate the “product news” that keeps retailers happy.

    The good news for current owners is that you don’t need to feel pressured to buy a new one! When people ask you if you’re going to “upgrade,” you just rub your chin sagely and say, “No, there’s actually no performance difference and I don’t like the way they’re cheapening some of the details on the newer models, so I’m going to stay with the classic version,” and then everyone thinks how wise and prudent you are!

  • “Digicam info also says the new Panasonic GF camera will be a a mini model ideal for women…”

    I think of myself as a regular manly-type guy, and I’d like a smaller GF as a carry-around, as long as it has a few knobs for the controls (lack of same being my only real gripe with the GF2.)

    And if it’s colorful and a bit frivolous-looking, all the better — less risk of “no photography allowed” hassle from security guards (they never bother people using point-and-shoot cameras, only “serious” ones.)

    • Inge-M

      Yeh he he :-)

    • Mr. Reeee

      It’s the flash that museums and whatnot don’t like.

      I’ve used my GH2 and 20mm quite often in museums. The articulated LCD is great, because I hold the camera at waist level (LCD on wrist) and use touch focus. I’ll even disable the focus LED if need be. It does NOT look like I’m taking photos.

  • Well at least I still feel like I’m keeping up with the E-PL1… :)

    They might as well just send out firmware updates at this point…

  • NativeFloridian

    I smell a PEN camera with the original 12mp sensor and TruePic V+ (like the E-5)…

    • TR

      You could be right there.

    • and with articulated screen

  • cairnstar

    I think the mini PEN will use the old 12mp sensor with a low price and other two use the new sensors.

  • TR

    I think there might be some sense in releasing two cameras together. Perhaps if the e-pl(x) is the ‘lite’ version of the e-p(x) then maybe they could always come out together come out together – similar technology – one with superior build and more manual controls – one cheaper and a little closer to a point and shoot. Yes e-pl3 would be a bit quick after the e-pl2, but maybe this is just ‘catching up’.

    I also think we should be a little slower to dismiss Olympus’ decisions. At first I dismissed the e-pl2 as uninteresting because I thought it was the same as the e-pl1, but actually in a few areas it had nice little improvements. In fact I just ordered one.

    What I really want to know is if it is true that the new cameras have no EVF. If there is a new PEN coming with a built in EVF then I will cancel my order for the vf2.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Too fast in dissmissing?
      Yes I know that memory of average consumer is shorter than pig’s tail but Micro Four Thirds was announced soon three years ago (Aug 2008) so there should have been plenty of time for Oly to think about reasonable product range with proper differentiation between models.

      And like WT21 said they did lot better and faster job with Four Thirds. For comparison let’s look equal period from fall 2006 to spring 2009:
      They released four models from E-400 to E-450 in lowest end segment, another four models from E-500 to E-620 in low end hobbyer segment and E-30 for enthusiasts.
      After that we’ve gotten only four iterations of the same basic product so would be hard time to diversify product range back to what it was.

  • winy

    I’m a Japanese reader and just read the original website.
    They said all 3 models, E-P3 E-PL3 and MiNi, come from Oly,
    and they imagine that Oly’s MiNi should come to compete with GF2.
    They said nothing about Pana’s new model, they just said that there are some rumors about new GF on the web and it seems to be an entree model.

  • I would be highly disappointed if these were true. But then I’d keep my E-PL2/VF2 and wish good luck to Olympus selling these. I’d prefer no camera announced at all than some marketing crap, again.

    If it’s true, I really don’t understand Olympus. They have the e-pl2, which is rather good but could be improved in many ways to reach some semi-pro level. They can use the new 16mp Panasonic sensor. They have the VF2, which is awesome. They saw the success for devices like the X100, but read the negative comments about it for not having interchangeable lens. They probably read tons of others from people horny for some rangefinder PRO PENs (like me). What the hell are they doing?

    ATM I just hope this rumor is false.

    • lorenzino

      Apparently Panasonic is not sharing its new sensors with Olympus. Even Pana has been making very questionable decisions lately, leaving highways of improvement open to the other mounts (mainly Sony).
      Oly should focus on two different camera-types: an advanced one, with top features, top IQ and excellent UI, and an entry-level one, with a body as small as possible.
      Instead, they have been iterating the same camera for 5 or 6 times, aiming exactly in-between two cathegories of photographers that have very different desires and shooting-styles.
      Main problem now is not IQ, but UI. If they solve that, with a decent camera that gives full manual control with wheels and buttons (and not menus) at least the photographers will be happy. Or otherwise they go to the small route, and then newbies upgrading from compacts will be happy.
      As for now, we have 5-6 cameras with very similar IQ (not at the top of the cathegory), not as small as they could be (in fact bigger than Sony’s Nexs), bad UI, not complete nor small lens system. The only thing that is distinguishing the Pens from the other cams is the low price, which can be considered very attractive. But they have to thank Sony and Samsung for their own mistakes that cripple their systems, if m43 still exists

      • I so much agree with you. Dear Oly, please read us =)

  • Old sensor is not a really big problem if the E-P3 can perform as good as E-5 with minimal AA filter and TruePicV+ chipset. And it also need to inherit some DNA from E-5 and E-30, like dual-dial, better (larger) grip and buttons, articulated screen, longer battery-life and uses CF card, in order to capture our attention. Built-in EVF is preferred, and if there is a top LCD panel for settings will be even better.

    • truman

      lol! just go and buy a dslr, troll. :D

      • I’ve already got E-30 and also the 14-35 SHG lens. Currently waiting for a suitable price to get E-5. Also I’m looking forward to a Pro PEN which can substitute my system, just I need a body which can interacts with me like E-30 and can focus with more accuracy on 14-35 with the help of CDAF.

        • Ahem

          Truman is right; every single “need” you listed requires a DSLR form factor body, with the exception of articulated screen.

  • SSingh

    Olympus really needs to overcome its inferiority complex and stop fiddling around with minor changes and bandaid upgrades. If they need to tear down to rebuild.. so be it. They have to come out soon with the PEN PRO and it better be PRO quality in the truest sense of the term.

    • Bob B.

      Nikon is attaching “pro” to their new interchangeable-lens, mirrorless camera system even though it will have a tiny sensor and no real professional qualities. That term is many times used just a a marketing tool to present an image to entice consumers to buy.

  • Sergey

    If the new PEN has no internal EVF, I’m going to buy a Pany.

    • TC

      buy a panny

  • agent00soul

    If they only release entry level models it’s beecause they’re missing some important technology to make more advanced models. It’s probably a new sensor or a competive af system that they’re missing.

  • dimka

    For me 12mp is ok (E-P1 user now). If new PEN offers viewfinder and very quick autofocus it will be perfect camera, as I am just a ordinary user who wants a (very) good quality for his pictures. Weatherproof shell would be a nice extra. So I hope this piece of rumor is half-correct :)

    • Ahem

      12MP is fine, but it needs better low-ISO performance than the sensor in E-PL1.

      • ISO is just a number – shoot at the ISO that has the best S/N.

        • Nathan

          Archer, are you insane? ISO is not just a number, it is a number with a meaning.
          It’s not arbitrary. If you suggest people should shoot at the ISO setting with the best signal to noise ratio, you’re suggesting that they should make all of their photographic subjects stand very still, and you’re forcing the use of tripods on them.
          Your comment is both ignorant and foolish. There are shots that can be taken with ISO 1600 that can’t be taken at ISO 400 or 800. Likewise, there are shots that can’t be taken even at ISO 6400. There are shots in between.

          If you’re shooting at 400mm EFL at f5.6, you can’t just shoot at base ISO. You have to increase it to get shutter speed above 1/800th to have a sharp image.

          • No, he’s not insane. Sensors only have one sensitivity to light. ISO values are typically obtained by essentially multiplying data values to reposition the captured data. It’s why higher ISO values are typically noisier than lower.

            • Nathan

              That’s not true at all, Thom. In between the sensor and the Analog to Digital converter , there is a variable gain amplifier. This amplifier has digital switches which switch gains. Usually, values 100,200,400,800,1600 are REAL gain settings, while the in-between values are mathematically extrapolated from the next lower gain step.
              So, 540 ISO would actually be 400 mathematically multiplied by a factor.

              • Nathan

                I feel I should clarify-

                While it’s true the SENSOR has only one sensitivity rating per supply voltage, after the sensor is an amplifier with variable gain. This is needed because to push values mathematically becomes impossible because if you multiply a bunch of small numbers by 2 or 4 to get larger numbers, you get out a set of numbers with ever-larger gaps. This is because between 0 and 15 there are only 16 values, whereas between 0 and 255 there are 256 values. If you take a sensor and add gain in the ANALOG domain, you’ll recover MORE information than you would if you had taken an underexposed sensor, convert it and multiply the readings by some number. No amount of DSP can overcome the fact that large numbers have greater information than small numbers. Any number multiplied by 2 must be even- this means that all your odd numbers have been lost. If you instead use a variable gain amplifier on the CMOS sensor, you can increase the color space resolution, where simply mathematical multiplication can never produce numbers without your multiplier as a factor.

                (I work on DSP and ADC systems for a living. I know Thom has experience with camera systems, but he may not have understood the value of proper gain in the analog domain prior to conversion)

  • Jeroen

    All of this complaining. I bought a E-PL1 in November and it was and it still is a very nice camera that takes great pictures. Newer models of Olympus (or any other brand) are nice, but that doesn’t change my E-PL1.

    Stop complaining and just shoot great pictures with your (old) Olympus camera. You don’t need the newest body every year. I will keep this body for a few years and invest in lenses. After a few years i will see what Olympus will have on the market.

    • Michael

      I agree.

    • you’re right Jeroen, I think the more you shoot with your camera, the less you feel the need to have a new one.

      • fta


        They should put that on every camera website :)

        “the more you shoot with your camera, the less you feel the need to have a new one”

        100% true!!

        And the second mantra should be, “lenses before newer cameras”

        I actually know of two acquaintances that are on their 3rd or 4th camera with the same kit lens, and they have probably shot less than 100 actual useful photos between each new camera. Sheesh!! It’s like an addiction :)

        • lol fta…100 shots only, but i can imagine for some its easy to focus more on the hardware rather then the purpose of using it actually…at times i am one of them too (like now! hehehe..)

  • Hey Admin,
    you told us that you have great rumors that the m43 crowd will love and now you come out whith this horror scenario?
    Although I am happy with 12 MP, but it HAS to be a new sensor. In this times you cannot stick to a 3 years old sensor…
    A new pen has to be good to close the gap to panasonic. A mediocre Pen would even widen the gap because than people think this is the best Oly can offer…

    • admin

      Hey hey hey wait! I said this one is NOT from my sources! I have slightly different info about the two cameras!!! I am working to write some FT4 or FT5 rumor as soon as possible!

      • “slightly”

        Hopefully a big slightly ;)

        • admin

          I hope it too :)

          • admin

            Oh, and the webmaster sent me an email to say it’s from a new source. I will downgrade the rumor to FT2

            • 43RC

              FT2, everyone can relax again, and wait for FT4-5 rumor from admin.
              Personally I had no problem with the FT2 rumor (12MP, no EVF – swivel screen more likely!)
              12MP is ok if it’s a completely redesigned 12MP (similar to X100)
              Otherwise, new 16MP is very good too.

              • I belive the ft2 rumor talks about the same old 12mp sensor, which olympus uses since 2009

            • Don’t get me wrong Admin.
              I also appreciate rumors beside FT4 and FT5.
              They result in nice discussions and almost heart attacks^^

              • “They result in nice discussions and almost heart attacks^^”

            • dimka

              Admin, frankly, I do not understand you now. You tell us you check and overcheck rumours you get. We know you’ve got a lot of them now, waiting for confirmations they are reliable enough. You tell us nothing for several days, asking to wait. But at the same time you are quick to publish some piece of rumour from some japanese site (I know it is respected, but still), translating it with and giving quite frightening FT3, when downgrading it with a lot of “buts”. Quite confusing in my opinion.
              This is just my impression. Still I like you site very much!!! Thank you for your job! :)

              • Several days you say dimka? How about this being the 3rd day since these latest developments started appearing. Hello?

    • Nathan

      I’d be fine with 12mp as long as the sensor has been refined to get more of the circuitry out of the light path, enlarging the optical area of each pixel.

  • The PL1 and I have exactly the same feelings :) We’ll stay together for a long time yet…

    Oly might want to milk the cow in various ways but it’s not really advancing the system.

    However the 12/2 probably implies some more expensive and performing camera in the future. As a guess I’d say either July or before Christmas.

    When and if Oly delivers an ILS with the same ergonomics and durability of the X-100, I’ll spring more money for it. Sick and tired of sending money down the drain for models that last 6 months, and then are dumped.

    BTW it’s also damaging for the environment, all this waste of circuit boards with heavy metals in it. It’s a pity that the house that made ever lasting OM cameras is now down to a reckless consumerism.

    • Mk7

      Well don’t dump them, then. There are recycling centers that take digital cameras (where I live, anyway). They tear down and sell/recycle useful bits and properly dispose of the rest.

      • Cosumerism is also wasting a lot of money for cameras that are essentially the same, just to have the latest styiling.

        I bet no one is really able to upgrade oneself as a photographer in a mere 6 months. People who think that a revamped camera will make them better photographers are self-delusional.

        They might as well buy an improved cheeseburger :)

    • Mr. Reeee

      I recycle “useless” gear with eBay and craigslist. I also give things to friends and family if upgrade-itis gets the best of me and I get too lazy to sell.

      I find this rumor rather dubious. It would be a huge mistake for Oly to release yet another round of point updates, especially given the GF2 and G3. Like them o not, at least Panasonic is pushing the envelope and doing more than cosmetic tweaking (EP2 and EPL2) and marginal function updates.

    • Then don’t dump your camera. Just because a new one comes out doesn’t mean the old one stops working. Heck, I’m still using an E-300!

  • Miroslav

    Maybe those two are only lightly refreshed models, E-P2s and E-PL2s.

    • Ganec

      IMHO if they will include some revolutional technologies, like elektronic shutter (if it will be possible with old senzor), multiexposure functionality as Sony did (HDR for DR increase, noise lowering), or something completely new => it may be worth enough to buy it also with old senzor

  • DonTom

    New cheeseburger? Now, there’s a rumour I can afford! FT5 I hope, it’s lunchtime over here……

  • Tom

    I really hope thats a fake rumour…
    Nobody needs that kind of camera. Lets hope Olympus really makes some further improvements, like better sensor, maybe in-body EVF and so on…

    • admin

      I hope it too!!!

  • I hope that the supposed 12mp sensor will be the new design.
    Because every time when a new sensor appears, it gets optimized to compensate
    for the smaller pixels. but what if you do it without increasing the nr of pixels, look at the nikon D3; it didn’t have a competing mp nr when looking at Canon, but the current processing technology made it a great sensor with huge DR and extreme low noise.I am no techno wizard but it seems simple, just keep one IQ parameter fixed, in order to increase the others.

    • Tom

      if this is the rumored Olympus Designed Sensor, then this upgrade would be, well not amazing, because of the lack of an integrated EVF, but it would be nice.
      But i really think this would be rather the same old sensor we’re all tired of :/
      I really hope the E-P3 has an integrated EVF.

      Would be logical:

      E-P: classic design + EVF in RF look
      E-PLite: rather modern design, without EVF
      E-P-whatever: mini design for women :-D

      sounds like a plan!

    • Jaap

      Ulli: I agree, there is not much use in going from 12mp to 16mp. I’d rather have a sensor that will perform better at other things, like ISO noise. Which especially for a m4/3 sensor will be a big plus.

    • Mr. Reeee


    • Ulli,Jaap: Absolutely! this topic really deserves a big article with some real sensor engineer to confirm our assumptions once forever :)

  • safaridon

    If this rumor is true then the most likely prediction would be a new EP3 with similar construction, a reissued EPL2 only with new 12mp sensor, and possibly a new smaller compact.

    If Oly is not using the Pany new 16mp sensor from the G3 it is either because Pany is not sharing or cannot supply Oly for now or Oly has elected to go a different route with new sensor based on their requests.

    I think that Pany is planning a similar sensor move ie putting the good G3 sensor and better JPEG proceessing engine into the GF2 without delay.

  • Who knows? Could Oly use a higher pixel sensor and downrate it with pixel binning or real multi aspect? What do you think? I’d rather like it.

    However, let’s not hide that Oly is facing not only competition by Sony (better sensor) but also by Panny (faster AF) so what we are expecting is a new standard of excellency – not P&S replacements.

    • Panasonic is shooting themselves in the foot by not sharing more technology with Olympus. m4/3’s is doing quite well when considered as a family: Panasonic + Olympus are selling more EVIL cameras than Sony, but without Olympus m4/3’s market share looks almost irrelevant. By not selling the newer sensors to Olympus, and I can’t believe that Oly doesn’t want a new sensor, they cut down their own numbers, and increase their own costs, not to mention putting their partner at a disadvantage in the marketplace.

      Now, the a new sensor also implies a new processor because I imagine that the two are tightly coupled. But they have the resources to do it, so I don’t see it as a huge problem.

  • mahler

    This downgraded rumor would just confirm Olympus’ prevalent product stragegy: infinitesimal, incremental product upgrades, experiments (sometimes to the worse: EPL-2) with the user interface, no significant progress and innovation except the usual stuff to keep alive.

  • enthusia

    I wouldn’t doubt the next line of cameras to be 12mp since Olympus said that they will not participate in the mega pixel war and concentrate more on image quality.

  • safaridon

    If this rumor is true, I would predict a new EP3, a EPL2S with new 12mp sensor, and possibly a new mini model from Oly.

    If Oly is using a new 12mp sensor and not new 16mp one from G3 or Oly requested new design to their specifications. I think it is very likely that Pany is going a similar sensor change route putting the new better G3 processor and JPEG engine processor from G3 into the GF2 as soon as possible.

    Admin – What happened to the part of the original rumor that Pany was going to release another small m4/3 model much like the GF2? I really doubt any downgraded model rather an upgraded model of the same with new sensor processor and maybe a new collapsing kit lens?

    I am not surprised to see no G3 like model from Oly at this time given the poorer sales they have had from their 43 models and still relatively low volume of the G and GH series from Pany? After all Oly has been very successful with their EPL models in Japan,

  • JeremyT

    I really don’t understand why people are so insistent on a permanently attached EVF. I really love the detachable version on the EP2, my only complaint is that I lose the hot shoe, so if they’d just design a model with two shoes I’d be happy.

    And I see no reason that the PL3 would necessarily replace the PL2. It could go along with it. But the naming would be really odd if they did so – having the E-PL1/2/3 and the E-P3 doesn’t make much sense to me. The E-P2 replacement either needs a higher number PL name or some other way to differentiate itself.

    The “same sensor” bit is the worrying part, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s actually true even if this specific rumor is false in other ways.

    • “I really don’t understand why people are so insistent on a permanently attached EVF.”

      1. I have a E-P1, so I can’t use the VF-2.
      2. The VF-2 is quite expensive
      3. The VF-2 is quite big
      4. The VF-2 blocks the Hot-Shoe.
      5. The VF-2 destroys the retro-Look of the Pen.

      • Then.. G3… built in EVP, no larger than GF2 and much cheaper than epl2 + VF2…

        • The panasonics don’t have an anti-shock function.
          The mechanical shutter of the mirrorless cameras going down and up again result in heavy oscillations on tripods.
          I can definitly see the difference in sharpness between my G1 and my Pen with anti-shock /silent mode /shutter-pre-activation (however it is called in english menu).
          For most people it doesn’t matter, for my macros (see Panasonics are not usable.
          If Panasonic fixes this minor problem I would think about the G3.

      • All this, plus VF-2 also keeps falling off in my bag and it’s already scratched my screen bezel. Why on earth didn’t they put a locking ring on it?! Oh right, better if it falls off than breaks in half. Still, I have it on all the time and the tilting eyepiece is perfect for candid shots, which won’t be possible any more with a built-in one. So I’m thinking – if there will be an E-P2 successor with built-in EVF and it won’t be a completely new design, then it will also have the accessory port, so hopefully it still will be possible to use the VF-2.

        • and G3 does not provide in-body IS

      • Xah


      • mahler

        No 5. is no big deal. Retro-look is just a look, nothing else. It is the least important thing,way after IQ, ergonomics, and performance.

    • Mr. Reeee

      Permanent EVF vs. Overpriced add-ons?

      For one, flexibility and one LESS thing to BUY, think about, pack, forget, carry, juggle, drop, break or lose.

      If Olympus adds a range of cameras with a built-in EVF, why not call it the EV line. Calling it EP-something would make differentiating their already nearly indistinguishable cameras next to impossible. ;-)

      • JeremyT

        There are a few legit complaints about the VF2, but they’re almost all implementation specific. There’s no locking ring (mine’s *never* fallen off but I understand the desire for this), you lose the hot shoe (my biggest and only serious complaint), there’s no eye detection (minor but would be nice). Every one of those could be addressed in a next-gen removable EVF.

        And of course, the tilt of the VF2 is absolutely marvelous in some circumstances. Would a built-in unit provide this as well?

        I still don’t see the downside to a detachable unit, if a better version was created to address the VF2’s shortcomings. I know that some people think they’ll exclusively use the EVF and don’t value the ability to detach it (I used to think this, at first, but over time I’ve realized there are a lot of situations where I can leave the VF2 behind), but there’s really nothing necessarily lost by having the *ability* to detach it.

        • Esa Tuunanen

          No amount of engineering can address external detachable viewfinder being bulky protrusion compared to fixed one.
          And tilting EVF was done first time at least decade ago by Minolta… whose seven years old A2 still beats ergonomy and controls of all these mirrorless EVF bodies by big margin.

          • spam

            I agree with your view on detachable vs fixed viewfinders, but I prefer the GH2-design over A2. Not all aspects, but overall I’d say GH2 (and GH1/G1/G2) are at least as good or better.

        • mahler

          Except that it can detach accidentally and unintentionally, it can be lost, and you might forget it home, when you actually need it.

          No, build-in EVF is the preferable solution.

        • Ross

          I would like it if it was a permanent built in version of the VF-2. As Esa Tuunanen mentioned Minolta did it earlier, why not do it now, leaving the hot shoe with accessaory port free for a flash or other devices? Having a tilting screen Is one thing, but to have a tilting EVF is also something to be desired.

          Unfortunately, making all these susgested requests only adds to the disappointment when the product is finally announced.

      • Inge-M

        No, the will not be a Pen by name EV:-)

        • Ross

          Then call it a PEVx. :D

  • kaine

    If Olympus get this next M43 move wrong I really think its time they were bought out. Before they become well known as a complete joke of a camera company and the 43 optical line becomes known as legacy glass.

    • There’s no potential buyer for Olympus’ camera division, and they wouldn’t sell the optics side, as they still make lenses for microscopes and other medical and industrial imaging products.

  • olympus is a very good lens maker.. maybe it should change direction and become a 3rd party lens maker for m4/3, NEX, Samsung.. i.e. all the mirrorless cameras. Maybe they can make more profit then repackaging camera after camera.. This is an area they still seem to have expertise in..

    Let other focused companies make the cameras..

    • To hell with profits. I like Olympus cameras!

    • Ross

      Except the other manufacturers don’t get the JPEGs out of their cameras as good as Olympus.

  • MiCoGa

    I just bought the E-PL2 (and love it), last month, but….. olympus is going to release an e-pl3?????!!!!!

    what the bloody hell is olympus doing!!!!!!!?????

    • Inge-M

      OK,…. but we hope E-PL3 be better,
      so E-PL2 not be bad…..yah the i think ;-)

    • mahler

      If they change their bloody control design, it would be worth the upgrade. Now you would still get a fair amount of cash for an almost new EPL-2.

  • Gman

    Maybe they’re fixing the “red grid” problem that people complained about with the E-PL2. Like what Sigma did when they released the DP1s, fixing the same problem with the DP1.

  • ISO is some kind of jpeg only thing. In raw there is not a big difference between high ISO and underexposed low ISO with exposure control in the software. Maybe things have changed lately, I tested it with the e520 some years ago.

  • I received my new E-PL3 in the mail today and it is everything I expected. I will use it with my Panasonic 20mm f1.7 and take some great pictures. I also have an XZ-1 and now I have most of the bases covered — from 40mm to 112mm I can composed most any photo I want.

    I have had Canon DSLRs in the past and I have decided for my style of casual play the pocketable cameras are more to my liking. I guess if you wanted to blow a picture up to 32 by 20 the Canon would do a better job, but I get some very sharp pictures with what I have. I get the feeling that some of the people who write in are not photographers at all — they just read reviews and try to talk the talk to try to impress themselves with all their knowledge. Pixel counters and naysayers have nothing to do with taking good photos.

    I have an old Olympus c-50zoom that is about 10 years old and I keep it in the
    glove compartment of my car. It is only 5 mps and has an f2.8 lens and 3x zoom, but it still takes some nice photos. I have published a few picture books and I try to concentrate on my composition — not the equipment.

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