(FT3) Olympus announcement on Wednesday?


Good Morning!

Let’s start this week with the first good news. I still have no confirmation from top sources but it is likely that Olympus will have a product announcement on Wednesday (August 22th at 6-7 am London time). As I told you before this shouldn’t be a camera announcement but more likely a 60mm macro and accessory release. I still don’t know if the crazy little 15mm lens will also be announced on that day. Because a source told us the “New cheap olympus M43 body on his way and goes along with the cheap f8 lens“. This means it could be announced the same day of the E-PM2 (around mid September). But as I said I still have no super reliable confirmation of that. So stay tuned!

P.S: Panasonic announcement is likely scheduled for mid September too!

  • uiti

    Good Morning Admin!
    Is Pen with 15mm F1.8 kit good stratedy?, I worry that people who dont have knowledge about camera, will misunderstand M4/3 capability.
    I’m waiting the 60mm macro!

    • Llamaman

      It’s an f/8 lens not f/1.8 !

      • Tropical Yeti

        What if 1.8 got lost in translation, and became 1:8, while info was going mouth to mouth from source to admin?

        • Stevey

          Fixed f/1.8 won’t be any use in bright light and will require an nd filter.

          • Anonymous

            I think you’d need more than one ND.

          • spam

            15mm f1.8 would make a lot more sense than a 15mm F8 though, but would of course require AF and variable aperture.

      • uiti

        Thanks for your correcting to my miswriting.

    • dg

      It used to be the cheapest lens you could get was a 50mm f1.8. That was the standard kit lens. Now we have an f8 piece of crap. What a huge step backwards.

  • Stevey

    How’s the ft3 12-60 rumor doing ? ft4 yet ? f/2.8-4 ? :-)

  • Samgun

    Uiti, there is no 15mm 1.8 planned. If rumours are true, it’s an F8.0 lens. Great in daylight, not so great indoors or at night.

    Secondly, who cares who takes your camera seriously? Unless you are a professional and it could cost you clients, adopt what works for your needs. If being taken seriously is your biggest need… Bad luck, every camera is being laughed at by someone – Canon is for soccermoms, Nikon for wannabes, Leica for posers, Olympus for hipsters, Panasonic for boring people, Sony for gadget freaks, Fuji for rich hipsters, Pentax for Volvo drivers.

    The only thing that really holds true is that people manage to take great shots with all those cameras, or not. Even an EP1 or five year old Digital Rebel can capture a wonderful view. If they don’t take you seriously, force themto by taking great pictures.

    • Mymaco

      “Pentax is for Volvo drivers” Man, this made my day!!! :D

  • Yun

    No quite interest in this macro lens as we already have Leica DG Elmarit .
    The 14mm + Macro converter is enough for me currently , outputs can be stunning if you get the right lighting .
    I prefer to invest in long tele prime lens such as 150mm & 300mm with huge aperature such as the 75mm or the summilux ( most welcome ).
    Any ideas when Pana or Oly can deliver such lenses ?

    • @Samgun

      + 100.

      We are constantly delaing with a bunch of lamers who think they can buy better photography with the latest outfit.

      Weird that they are never able to show the improvements :)

      • Anonymous


        Have an E-1, 620 & P2, but E-1 with HG is my weapon of choice, may not have the resolution of the other two but on handling beats them hands down and still gives superb images (Please Oly, will you put the 16M + plus 5 axis in it for me), the E-P2 does win on convenience though.

    • uiti

      @Samgun, Just I don’t want a novice to be disappointed with M4/3.

      • Panasonic’s 3D lens did not kill m43’s reputation. Enough said.

  • nicwalmsley

    Moment of truth Olympus. The E-PM1 was a hidden gem. Same sensor and image processing engine as the E-P3, half the price. The E-PM2 can carry the E-M5 sensor…. Will it?

  • Jakob

    I just hope Panasonic would come out with some stabilized primes, suited for video. I like the 12-35mm but it’s not fast enough for me. I can’t use these fine Oly lenses on my GH2 because I’m shooting mainly handheld video.

    What about
    12 mm 2.0, O.I.S
    25 mm 1.4, O.I.S
    45 mm 1.7, O.I.S

  • SF

    Why do they put such a bad, unsharp Macro shot on their advertisement?
    Hello Olympus, ask me for pictures please ;)

    • Bob B.

      Good point…the “Grasshopper” shot is NOT helping their plight????? It communicates nothing to a perspective buyer. Truly amazing. ( I am sure it is a GREAT lens though).

      I also have to laugh at the copy “Long Awaited”. um…Keep waiting, everyone.. …LOL! Um…Olympus…um…75mm f/1.8 …um…ship to US…um…you announced the lens here in May????? Hello…Olympus…..click…(call disconnected).

      • Mr. Reeee

        That shitty grasshopper shot says shitty lens. “Trust me” doesn’t work so well. It’s not great because Oly salesdudes say so or you’re old enough to remember the storied history Zuiko lenses of the past. You can only judge based on what you can see. What on earth were they thinking using an image as poor as that.

        Usually you’ll see sample pix in ads that you’d be lucky to produce if you were good enough to do so. I could do better drunk on a windy day shooting handheld with my Nikon 105mm AI-S lens.

        • Bob B.

          Please don’t hold back…really…just say what you REALLY feel!!!! LOL!

          • Mr. Reeee

            Restraint is my middle name. ;-)

        • I’m sure that grasshopper pic, hosted at photobucket, is just a screen shot of the recently released iApp and scaled down.

          I haven’t seen the app but I’m also sure that it’ll look a lot better on the tab/pad, especially when you pinch zoom.

          Just my two cents.

          • Mr. Reeee

            On my iPad 3 that grasshopper still looks pretty bad.

            • Hmm… I take your work for it (and that you’ve got the app).

              Lets hope this 60mm Macro performs much better!

            • Bob B.

              It’s BAD. Glad I have the Pany/Leica 45mm. Very convenient lens. When I have to get close or shoot a product…it never disappoints me.

  • JF

    Olympus will announce the long awaited 14-300 mm f6.3-9.7 It is expected to be under 1000$ ! Additional lens hood for 100$ only !

    • T-L

      Who cares about parameters, the most important is: Will it be available in silver color? ;)

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