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(FT3) Is the new Panasonic MFT camera the new “G9” with top plate LCD?


I got this info from a new source. And therefore it’s yet not 100% reliable. But this is what he told me:

New Lumix g9 will be a less expensive GH5 for still shooters but retain the 4k 60p. It will also Feature a separate top plate lcd like Canon. It is aimed at photo journalists that need to be light yet capture high quality b-roll in addition to stills.

The specs known so far are:

-80 MP shooting mode (by stitching together multiple pics)
– It can stitch together 6 pics and create 1 GB files
– 60 pic frame burst
– Large buffer with no slow down

– available after Christmas

Our sources toldus the camera will be unveiled on November 8. And you really have to follow 43rumors to not miss any rumors about that camera:
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