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(UPDATED to FT4) New Lumix cameras and camcorder presentation on April 5!


Some of our sources are telling us that Panasonic is preparing a huge event where they claim that they will show “new Lumix cameras and camcorders“. Of course we know that at least a new GF5 and a new m43 camcorder will be announced. It has to be seen if there will be something else too but I have no hope that there will be a GH3.
I think it’s Panasonic strategy to not announce too many new products on the same day. That’s why the G5 could be announced in May.

UPDATE: More sources confirmed the announcement will be made on Thursday April 5th (Japan time).

One more thing: Of course this is just my personal wish but I am still waiting for my Micro Four Thirds Lumix DMC-L1 camera to become real! That is a beauty of a camera! I know Panasonic is reading me that’s why from time to time I am writing that message :)
P.S.: You can still find some DMC-L1 cameras on eBay (Click here).

  • YeahYeah

    I totally second you for the L-1!

    • +1

    • Will


    • Pasmia

      +1 (times a billion to the 10th power)

      • Pierre


    • Miroslav

      The thing I want from L1 the most is that GN13 bounce flash.

      • Me too, the flash. I gave that camera to my sister. I doubt she uses it much.

    • LOT

      +googol :-)

      You ought to do this more often, Admin!

    • L1 ????
      – exp(exp(exp(… infinitum….)))

      Dear Admin, with all due respect, but the winter is over.
      What do you like about a black brick when there is no stove where you could use it as solid fuel?

      Nevertheless, let me take this opportunity to express my highest appreciation for your splendid work.

  • Jb

    And 12-35mm F2.8 and 35-100mm F2.8?
    will be presented one year of these?

    • Brod1er

      These lenses need to be f2. I don’t care if they are not that sharp at f2. If they are just f2.8 I think I will stick with primes.

      • Will


        Why not f1.4? No point in even pointing out reasons if they’ve escaped you thus far.

      • E-1

        I’m totally fine with 2.8, but think 2.5 would be nicer for marketing.

        • if the IQ is great then those zoomlenses will be selling alot, and yes a 2.5 would even sell more i guess.If you need a 35-100 f/2.0 then best option is to go for the FT version which is about the best telezoom lens around in terms of optical and mechanical quality.

          • Brod1er

            I want something smaller. F2 is achievable smaller than the 4/3 lenses if they drop the telecentric dogma and accept digital instead of lens corrections. high quality is still possible a la 7-14. Although maybe I am just ignorant…… ;-)

          • Ru Elpser

            The 35-100 is good but huge heavy and overrated imo

      • Bob B.

        why be whimpy….just go for the gusto… DEMAND f/0.95! :-)

    – Why do you insist on NOT providing us with the camera we want? – A Rangefinder styled ala-“DMC-L1”

    Look at NEX-7 Sale figures, people want different style! the only reason i’m not buying GH\G3\G5 cameras is because of its fugly-round shape which looks like DSLR –

    IF I WANT A DSLR TYPE CAMERA I CAN BUY DSLR, please make something different then dslr…make a rangefinder/nex-7/DMC-L1 styled camera WITH EVF!!!

    • Pasmia

      So true… Seriously, define yourselves! GX/GF is fine, but GH/G line needs its own identity. Even Nikon’s mirror-less system doesn’t look like their DSLRs!

      • Pierre


      • Esa Tuunanen

        > Even Nikon’s mirror-less system doesn’t look like their DSLRs!
        And that brick style is reason why those Nikon 1s are like some bar of soap in hand!

    • JF

      -1000 I’m totally ok with DSLR style, I don’t understand why it is such o problem…I think we need the 2 designs: DSLR like and L1 style. Style of the camera is not what is important to me, ergonomy and performances are…

      • Redkite

        If Panny change the shape of the GH3 from the current DSLR style I won’t be buying. It’s great as it is. Perhaps they could add add a power grip option as it’s a bit small for me.

  • Vivek

    Yeah, a GXR with a built in EVF. I don’t care much for the over priced L1 (did not sell much, did it?) style and such.

    Something that is really useful.

    • Brod1er

      Do you mean GX1?

      • Vivek

        Yeah, I guess. There are too many cameras with the G and X in them. Can’t keep track of which one belongs to who. :(

        • Anonymous

          To be fair to Ricoh, they started it all – they’ve been producing cameras and printers with “GX” in name for years :).

  • Ben

    +1 on an updated DMC-L1! I still have my GF1 and am waiting.

  • scooby70

    “One more thing: Of course this is just my personal wish but I am still waiting for my Micro Four Thirds Lumix DMC-L1 camera to become real! That is a beauty of a camera! I know Panasonic is reading me that’s why from time to time I am writing that message”

    Yup. That’s what I’m waiting for but if it doesn’t come soon a Nex 7 or X Pro 1 will replece my MFT kit. So many people want this that I can’t understand why Panasonic don’t make it. Even if they charged GH money for it I’m sure it’d be a sell out.

  • om-4

    compact like the LC1 might even be better. Surely Pana needs an updated LC1 to compete with G1X and X10.

  • Yun

    Reviving L1 style camera like what Oly did on OM looks promising . The idea must packed with true ground breaking technologies then this is the camera I’m waiting for . I think we are not far from it .

  • I’ll be happy with just the 12-35 and 35-100 announcement. If not April 5 then do it at NAB!

  • No one has any rumors or details or specifics about this M4/3 Camcorder that’s going to be announced. I’d love to hear a rumor or two about what it’s going to be!

    • Matthew Sonnenfeld

      I second this. Is this the AF update that we’ve been looking for or is it a consumer camcorder? I don’t want to wait another week for NAB! I’ve been holding off for too long!

  • Starred
  • MP Burke

    It is my personal wish that Panasonic bring out a GH3 with improved sensor performance and a big, high eye-point EVF and preferably, weather sealing. It would be nice if it could be acquired with a 12-35mm f2.8 lens at a not too exorbitant price. The next GH should keep the shape and control layout of the GH2.
    I don’t want anything like the DMC L1. I had a look at one of these at a camera fair recently and wasn’t impressed by its size, shape or viewfinder. In my opinion it was too big a camera for its sensor size.
    These cameras that will soon be announced (GF5 and G5) will be the mass market offerings and should be priced significantly below the EM 5, NEX 7 etc. They should not be expected to be state of the art in any way.

  • In regards to the old Panasonic DMC-L1: I have a better idea.

    Instead of creating a crappy micro 4/3 version of it, just bring back the old camera, put in one of these new sensors from Panasonic, and call it the DMC-L1 Mk II.

    Panasonic, for reasons that I don’t even understand, still make four native 4/3 mount Leica lenses, including the 14-50mm f/2.8 Leica zoom that the original L1 came with.

    So a DMC-L1 Mk II could make use of it’s old kit lens, plus those awesome 4/3 Lenses from Olympus, like the 50mm macro, and the 50-200 SWD, let alone all that SHG goodness.

    And maybe Panasonic could make some more f/1.4 primes for it.

    It would be an insult to downgrade the old L1 to a micro 4/3 toy camera.

    • Ru Elpser

      Panasonic 43 were all great lenses

  • perty

    interested in the camcorder. Any more info or ideas on that?

  • Milt

    With all respect Admin, it would be nice to have a smaller, up to date pro L1. But I would settle for a simpler and less expensive, “semi-pro” GX1 style camera with an internal EVF. Have thought of as the GXPro.

    Perhaps Panasonic can build both. They may need them – the competition of “rangefinder” style cameras with internal EVFs is going to be fierce.

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