(FT2) New E-PL1 sucessor rumors…


I received three different rumors form new and anonymous sources about a possible Olympus E-PL1 successor.

Rumor 1: “Olympus will announce the E-PL2 in a few weeks”

Rumor 2: “The new E-PL2 will have a new sensor (more than 12 Megapixels)”

Rumor 3: “Olympus will be announcing a new e-pl camera in february/march 2011. it’s not the e-pl1s, it’s more like an e-pl1x or e-pl2. it will have 6400 iso, and the body will be slightly larger. it’s definitely not the e-pl1s but i wasn’t given any more specs.”

I repeat, the info came from new unknown sources. I confess that it is hard to believe that Olympus will announce a new E-PL1 after having announced the E-PL1s in Japan. But let’s see if the new sources are right ;)

Reminder: Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • jeff

    why would it be larger?
    And why does olympus need another entry level camera when they have general flaws with the system that needs fixing with the ep1-2 brand

    namely built in evf

    • Ganec

      If it will use new Panasonic multiaspect senzor, it have to be bigger (because senzor is bigger).

      • Thats certainly not true when u have Sony NEX cameras being much smaller with larger sensors

        • Ganec

          NEX does not have image stabilization .. it cannot be compared to PEN.

          Of course it can be made smaller, I just wanted to point out that chip in GH1/GH2 is bigger than chip in G1/G2 (because of multiaspect), which may explain a little size increase

  • cocute

    Better AF and support AFC whit 4/3 lens?
    I think this fundamental to change to m4/3

  • I’m waiting for a m43 body with build-in EVF and swivel screen! I hope such body is coming soon!
    A build-in ND filter is nice too.

    • jeff

      i kinda hope they dont complicate thses cameras with a swivel screen

      it will be terrible if the camera changes shape to something like the GH2

      • Duarte Bruno

        I hope they do.

        And it will be wonderful!

      • WT21

        I agree with Jeff. If Oly wants to build a GHx type camera, I’m not going to be upset about it, but if they do that with NO EP3, then I’ll get upset.

      • tgutgu

        A GH2 like body would be the only way for Olympus to survive as a system camera manufacturer. Stuff like the E-PL-1 is a joke in this respect.

        • Esa Tuunanen

          And it would be better to get that serious body out soon and not five years from now as they’ve practically burned their bridges behind.
          But just let them leave those consumer entry-level fake mirrorboxes with oversize travel TV on back to Panasonic.

          I’m seriously considering taking part in trekking trip to Mt. Everest Base Camp in April-May and would prefer to have fully digital camera instead of half analog E-30.

          • Reza

            “At the Everest summit, the temperature can be 100°F below zero. But on a good summit day, a climber can expect around -15°F”. Would ANY digital camera work under such circumstances? I’m quite curious to know!

        • Ahem

          As a serious amateur shooting anything from MFT to APS-C to MF and LF film, my E-PL1 is my 2nd favorite camera after my LF TLR.

          Having said that, E-P3 in the same form factor as E-PL1 would be a killer camera.

      • Miroslav

        Not a Panasonic G shape, but Canon G shape ( and controls ), that’s what we’re waiting for.

  • Max

    why not a E-P2 successor first? :(

  • Marcel

    hope the EPL2 body will be the same size and the shutterspeed more than 160 with the intern flash. i dont wanna get a other UW housing.

  • Miroslav

    +new sensor

    Hard to believe E-P2 and E-PL1 successors will be announced so close to one another. I think these people talk about the same camera that was refereed to as E-P3.

    • Max

      you mean the E-P2 successor and the E-PL1 successor is actually ONE camera?

      • spam

        It seems likely that Olympus will come with a higher end mFT, something like a GH2 or E-620 class camera with built in viewfinder. They’ll also need to introduce an updated E-P2 or E-PL1, but it’s unlikely that they have the resources to get three new cameras out in a short timeframe (even though it’s mostly the packaging that differ). My guess is that they will introduce one “high end” model and one new compact model fairly soon. The compact might be a E-PL2, a EP-3 or something in between. What they call it isn’t important, but it will feature a built in flash and probably be as small as possible to compete well with NEX-5 and GF2.

      • Miroslav

        No, no. These people have confused E-P2 and E-PL1 successors. All they said here is similar to what was said about E-P2 successor: announced at the beginning of 2011, in shops in a month or two, new sensor. Bigger than E-PL1 just fits the description of E-P3, but we are yet to hear about the real improvements …

        There is no way or logic Olympus will announce two similar cameras in such a short period. Since E-PL1 proved to be such a good camera, I suppose it will be around for at least nine more months. Its price will drop to the level of E-4xx DSLRs and it will become one of the most affordable interchangeable lens cameras.

    • Miroslav

      Referred to not refereed to. Damn spell check :).

  • MikeS


    That is all.

    • +1 on that one… control dial would be an awesome (and cheap) addition :]

  • Henrik

    And still nothing about the compact… What is taking Olympus so long? They said it would be released first quarter 2011 and we havent heard _anything_ of it? Sorry if im a bit offtopic but im really interested in that camera.

    • Ross

      Why would you be hearing anything about the compact if they’re not releasing it till next year. They will tell you when they have the design ready & close to market release time. Probably an announcement in January.

      It is pretty much a given that another PEN is coming out next year, but I hope this one includes a built in EVF & with them ceasing production of the lower DSLR models, I would think this new PEN model will be a suitable replacement for that range of DSLRs.

      • Inge-M.

        A Pen answer to E-620 maybe.

    • Greg

      There can be no new product announcement before Christmas otherwise they would kill sales for their current products.

      • Miroslav

        Of course not, anything new will be announced at CES.

  • Allan

    unkown source = bullshit.

  • Lars

    lol.. this suckers who create rumors should at least say the display will have a higher resolution. would give them “some” credibility.

    because the display will change for sure.

    • Boss

      @Lars- I agree the current MFT displays are crap, the E-5 has a decent display, but that is the only one in the entire Olympus line that is decent.

      • Ganec

        There is also menu changed in E5: there are colorable icons.
        For sure it will be used also in the new models ;-)

  • Inge-M.

    Maybe a E-PL2 by EVF?
    easy not more!

  • Please guys. This is just an FT2 rumor! Take it easy!
    New sensor, more than 12 MP? LOL!

  • I do not wash myself more until Oly or do Pany will make a camera with built-in EVF and a silent shutter.

  • @ Reza

    Esa is talking about treking to the base camp level, not climbing to the summit, so conditions would be much milder.

    @ Esa

    Obviously weight and size would be a serious consideration, as well as the type of images you’d plan on capturing. Personally, I’d probably pack my E-3 (or E-5 if can) + 12-60 + a CPL. You wouldn’t have much wildlife capability, but great portrait, landscape, & pano options, plus adverse climate like cold and rain are of no concern. I’ve used my E-3 & 12-60 near freezing temps in Yosemite and it performed just fine (plus the cold helps improve noise performance! =)

    • Esa Tuunanen

      I bought E-30 in kit with 12-60mm so that would come along even with mirrorless body unless there would be equal range and quality lens available for MFT. And for longer reach I have Leica D 14-150mm which is also unequelled in MFT.

      And while Greenland’s capital had almost few shorts&t-shirt days in last month here in Finland temperature has been freezing for over three weeks with average being near 0F. Today’s 10F was almost too hot to work outside… ;)
      If polar vortex just continues being weak there would be chances for 100 continuous days of freezing temperature. That would make end of April-start of May temperatures between lower valleys’ 3 km and Base camp’s ~5km feel rather hot.
      There are local porters in that arranged “active travel” trek so with up to 15kg of things carried by them I could definitely carry some photography equipment myself.
      Also there should be chances for good sunrise/sunset and maybe night sky photos so that would be good “excuse” to buy carbon fibre tripod.

      Other “vacation” I was thinking was coming again to US Tornado Alley for stormchasing (was there in 2007 in company of two Australian) as good thunderstorm activity is very limited here in Finland regardless that last summer’s night time derecho and very “downburst heavy” mesoscale convective systems took down enough forest to compete against strongest low pressure storms of latest decades… And made local power company to clock 30000 work hours in first five weeks of repairs (normal annual is 22000 hours) as they had to completely rebuild whole power lines in worst areas:

      Would definitely also love to make longer photography vacation into Rocky Mountains area/Western US. You have there so much different places from geologically “fresh” volcanic areas to heavily eroded landscape. (one or two billion years of erosion made Finland rather flat)

  • It strikes me that IF Oly have plans to release a pro-spec EP-3 (for argument’s sake we’ll pitch that at $1000), would it not make sense for them to release a lite version – enter the EPL-2 (again, for argument’s sake, $400). That makes commercial sense to me.

  • janne303

    AF assist beam please…..

  • G_C

    my guess is that the e-pl1s is only for japan, and is a precursor for the next (international) model.

    the 6400 iso being a part of it, and who knows what else.

    but i dearly hope for a high res lcd, possible flip and af-assist

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