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(FT3) More LX8 specs and details!


The soon to be announced LX8 will have a built-in evf like the current LF1 you see on the picture above.

This is an info I got via a new source. Hope trusted sources can confirm it soon. meantime thanks to the guy who sent me the info! let’s hope everything he shares here is correct because it would be quite amazing! He says:

– Lens will be a 24 – 90 f2 – f2.8
– Will be 3% larger than the LX7
– Will have a swivel touch screen with touch to focus and capture features
– Updated processing engine enhancing JPEG output
– EVF built in, no hotshoe
– Automatic Lenscap
– built-in 3 stop ND filter

Really sounds great!

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Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
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FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct


    Specs sound good! Hopefully they’ll make it a serious video camera and include a mic input, although it seems doubtful given they chose to remove the hotshoe.

    Looks like it won’t be competing with the RX100 M3 on size though. A different camera for a slightly different niche.

  • Strough

    Interesting. Auto lens-cap and Nd are great features, but if there’s a tilt-swivel articulating screen as well then that’s really fantastic.

    I fear the “3% larger” means lx7-size + a protrusion, but maybe that was inevitable with a built-in evf.

    Depending on actual size I might actually consider this after all, despite the price. Still waiting on more info on the Fuji X30, though..

  • Viezevure

    Could be a good point and shoot if the price is good. Should be around 350 dollars if it want to compete with the mighty RX100.

    • AndersN

      Yeah, it’ll be hard to compete with a two year old camera with a 28-100(eq)/1.8-4.9 lens. 4.9 is greater than 2.8. It’s obvious.

    • Surab

      So, then RX100 II and III are no competition to the RX100? I doubt that.

  • Yun

    Everything looks in order except one thing . What about megapixels ?
    10 megapixels seen not good enough as RX100 have 20.0 megapixels .
    12 to16 megapixels reserve for mFT so how Pana going to address it .

    • peevee

      If it is 1″ sensor, it is unlikely they are going to produce a new sensor for their own camera (they did not in LX7, using Sony’s like everybody else), especially now when they sold off their factory. So they are probably going to use either 18 mpix Aptina, 20 mpix Sony or 20.9 mpix Samsung.

      • Surab

        If that 4K rumor is true than I guess they will use the Aptina 18 MP sensor. That would mean less crop for 4K.

        • Turbofrog

          Hopefully not. The Aptina sensors as used in the Nikon V3 are much worse than Sony’s…

          • Surab

            I also hope for the Sony which seems to be much better.

        • JN

          I hope they use Sony’s sensor – which can do 4K, too.

          • Surab

            I was just thinking about the 4K crop which would be the less, if they use the Aptina. But I would also prefer the Sony sensor.

        • peevee

          The best crop is probably if they use the old 10mpix sensor from J1/V1/S1. It was also a little bit bigger and better than the latter 14 mpix one, don’t know about the new 18 mpix one.

  • Dummy00001

    The only bit missing is the weather-sealing. Pana, add that and you have 100% winner.

    But I can already see that it would really cost $800 to pack it all into an LX7 body.

    • Surab

      It will definitely cost that much.

  • steve37

    price of LX8 inc. EVF ~= price of LX7 + price of external EVF

    I would prefer to get rid of the EVF and pay about 500.

  • Surab

    Swivel screen sounds great! But is that even possible with an EVF and LX7 size?
    PS: Please call LX9. :P

  • swivel screen too!? OK, this is good news indeed! However this leads me to believe they are discontinuing the “G” series completely :(

    • Surab

      Let’s hope not. That is together with the GM line, my favorite.

      • Well, the lack of a G7 this year has me worried – I was gonna buy that

        • Surab

          I was looking forward to that camera as well, but they didn’t release it…. I am waiting for this LX8 and if it does not convince I will get the G6 (still a fine and quite affordable camera).

          • Well the LX is not an interchangeable lens camera like the G/GX/GM/GH series cameras unfortunately, so still a no-go for me. But if they put a swivel-screen on the next GX I might consider it. I have a friend who just got a G6 and it’s a really decent camera – it has the old GH2 sensor but the new hardware/engine is getting great results. Only thing I didn’t like was an inability to change the focus peaking color, it was hard to find where to turn off the focus assist “zoomed view” when taking pics (I didn’t find it after playing aground for 15 minutes) and of course ever since the G2 they’ve stopped putting a physical focus-mode dial on the G cameras, which is a bit annoying.

            • Surab

              I thought you can change peaking color (but no bummer for me as I like that cyan. :D). That zoomed view can definitely be turned off.

              I know that the LX8 is not a direct competition. But it would serve me well enough (except for tele) for several years and then I could come back to consider the new stuff then (when I find that I really miss the tele or need more shallow DOF). ;)

              Hope, you find your camera! :D

  • 2345t3t45t

    it will not be a f2.0 lens you moron…..

  • peevee

    Sounds too good to be true.

  • Joe

    The most interesting thing for me are the evf specs. It should be at least as good as the one of the RX100 III to be useful and not such a tiny thing the LF1 has.

  • Utti

    Hi, LX8 sounds good, but I’d have a more general question: where do all these pieces of info come from (in this site), any links or other ways of checking the plausibility? I can get it, that sources wants to remain anonymous, but where do they get their info? I eg. found no info with google about LX8 specs, which wouldn’t lead here into 43rumors or other similar… But maybe it’s just enough, if history tells us that these infos tend to be correct (and of course, considering they are _rumors_, not scientific facts).

    I hope the 4K means also enhanced slow motion capabilities (200 fps in more than 640×360 pix and even slower, of course with lower resolution), which is a very unique feat… Shutter speed ought to be also manual, as it is in the normal video settings

    Also the superb macro of 1 cm focus distance shouldn’t be taken out.

    How about time lapse? That was a kind of toy, ‘a demo version’ = very limited, with no technical or other reason than “just” business. Max. 60 pictures and min. 1 min shooting interval is quite ridiculous.. and max. 15 seconds of exposure time in 1 min s. interval, when it has nearly 30 seconds to rest…

  • Peter

    I hope it will have filter threads and a battery that can be charged in camera with micro USB (like the RX100, though I’ve heard people say only the supplied Sony charger will work which defeats the point).

    Not likely to see this, but I’d love the zoom to be mechanical on the lens, not the regular rocker around the shutter button. And a rotary dial for +/- 3EV compensation would be nice as well.

    There’s still plenty to improve on the RX100 IMO :-)

  • Sunny

    Sounds like an Oly XZ-2 with evf. Nothing spectecular.

    • Turbofrog

      The XZ-2 has a 1″ sensor?

      • Tron

        And 4K?? … So sad, that old dog Sunny just won’t hunt.

    • ageha

      The Oly XZ-2 sucks.

  • Mr 4K

    I really hope that this rumor is correct……..

  • L Zapata

    It’s not 24-90 2.8. It’s more like 24-90 f/8. For it to be 2.8 equivalent it would need to be f/0.95. And that would be a $10,000 camera!

    • AndersN

      Well, actually it’ll be 8.9-33.3/2.0-2.8.

    • rpm40


    • Debunk

      Sssshhh don’t debunk the marketing myths.

  • Tron

    This would be a good one to make with both fixed lens/1″ sensor and another iteration with m4/3 sensor and mount (a new model that hangs between the GM1 and GX7).

    • Guest

      Utti take a rest please

      • Utti

        Oh u replied Tron accidentally, I’m not him? ;P Surely I have quite many requirements/questions, but actually not so many (if u compare others), I just use many words.. And valid points, I’d say.. None of my points would mean more expensive camera, just maybe less good business, if no one wants to buy any other camera, as this could easily have it “all”.

  • Droogie

    Swivel touch screen? EVF? Sounds like the perfect travel camera. Sign me up.

  • safaridon

    The part I like best of these new rumors is that of a swivel screen which for video is much better than a tilt up screen. I think Tron is on to something that there will also be a new model coming like this one between the GM1 and GX7 with 4/3 sensor and mount in the works. The only way for this to remain small would be to use the popup EVF concept ala RX100III. I think the rumor that the LX8 only 3% larger is because of the swivel screen not small LF1 fixed EVF. That makes a lot of sense and no need to try and compete with the bulkier traditional DSLR shape any more except for continuation of the GH4. line. Now the likely dropping of the G lines comes more into perspective and why maybe Pany was even thinking of dropping the GX7 as this new model would be much smaller but with similar specs. However I think Pany does still need some more affordable lines so may continue the GF series or a cheaper plastic version of the GM1.

    • rpm40

      I’m expecting a fixed EVF- Sony’s EVF is unique and may have a slight size benefit, but it is also complex. Also, if this camera is to be announced fairly soon I would think it’s too far along in the process now to take cues from the rx100iii.

      • Surab

        Good points. Actually, I think I might prefer the durability of a fixed a EVF, butI also haven’t handled the Mk3 yet.

      • safaridon

        I am hoping it will use the same 0.39″ 3.2MP EVF noted in the FZ1000 specs.
        While the RX100iii has just surfaced I think most manufactures have spies to know what their competition have in the works long before it arrives. My speculation that it would be e popup EVF is purely based on whether or not they wanted the new model is GM2 to be between the GM1 and GX7 in size as the LX6 already is almost same size as GM1 except for depth with lens retracted.

  • Nate Estep

    Any word on wi-fi capabilities? I rely heavily on an Eye-Fi card in my LX5. At minimum, Eye-Fi support via delayed power-off to the SD card would be appreciated, to eliminate the need to leave power on in order to complete the transmission process to my mobile device after shooting. I know some cameras do this, but don’t know how prevalent it is.

    • It probably has the same as previous Lumix cameras, basically full control over WiFi.

  • My biggest question, is it a Fuji-Panasonic partnership type of sensor or the same 1″ BSI from Sony?

  • yosemite

    Admin, sorry but I gotta say I’m shocked that you are not even mentioning the 1-inch sensor which would have arguably been the most important feature of the LX-8.

    Also, hardly any mention in the comments. Guys what is going on here?

    • AndersN

      The 1-inch sensor is old news. That’s why.

  • rpm40

    I’m really just hoping for a G1Xii competitor with a more modern sensor. I imagine the 1″ f2.8 and 1.5″ f3.9 will give pretty comparable DOF control (yes, limited, I know, but just enough for some nice separation for head and shoulders portraits at 90mm-ish).
    G1Xii, rx100iii, now the LX(8?)…they’re really giving us some interesting choices lately!

    • Bollox

      Don’t worry about the sensor, it’s only those dxomark fools. I have never had a photo ruined by those “old fashioned” sensors.

  • Ash

    I know a lot of people are questioning whether the LX8 rumours belong on a website called “43rumors”. I can assure you it does.

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