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(FT3) More E-P5 and E-PL6 rumor bits…


Another source just sent me in the following message:
1) The E-P5 has built-in WiFi
2) The E-Pl6 has a Premium design over the E-PL5. But it’s not physically different. It uses a few better materials and a very small amount of color on some parts of the body.

Thanks anonymous source for sending this!
P.S.: Still wondering why the E-Pl5 gets replaced by the E-PL6 with so minor differences…

Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • Farrukh

    Good to know about the built-in wifi, but I hope they have improved video as well.

    • goros

      For video purpose there is Blackmagic Pockets with micro43 mount. Oly and Panas should make new wide angle lenses for it (Blackmagic has crop x3, not x2 as rest of micro43 cameras) – 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm…

      And better IQ. Sensor from Sony is good, but race is still go on. Fuji X100s is ready (with better AF), there will be Fuji X2pro soon. Sony will produce new NEX-es, and RX200, and RX2 soon. Micro43 has catched up with APS, but only for a while. Panasonic is still behind main group.

      • biyjt

        the best mFT has not even caught up with the previous gen APS let alone the current best APS|0/%28brand%29/Nikon/%28appareil2%29/793|0/%28brand2%29/Olympus/%28appareil3%29/698|0/%28brand3%29/Nikon

        The Panasonic GH3 has almost identical IQ as the E-M5 with far better video and ergonomics.

        • in case you are a photographer: instead of watching numbers on DxO, better use the RAW compare tool on DPreview, then you will see a different story, only trust your eyes!

          • NFT

            yeah, i agree with you,trust your eyes ,fair comparison and don’t use fanboylism attitude .

        • Anonymous

          DxO is just bunk.

      • Farrukh

        I’ve been looking at the Blackmagic pocket, it could prove to be a genuine dedicated video option, however. I tend to film up close, and if there is indeed a 3x crop factor, that’ll turn my current widest lens into 42mm equiv, which frankly isn’t wide enough.

        • Timccr

          Yeah, without having any tests yet the only real problem that I can see for the Blackmagic is the lack of UWA lenses. I have been looking at S16 lenses but they are really expensive if you are buying for yourself so lets hope somebody comes up with a cheaper m43 alternative.

  • Hifinut

    “The E-Pl6 has a Premium design over the E-PL5. But it’s not physically different. It uses a few better materials and a very small amount of color on some parts of the body.”

    Typical of Olympus. So that they could charge a lot of premium price for the little premium design difference.

    • Better finish maybe with a hi-res 4:3 aspect ration rear LCD?

    • rrr_hhh

      Just get the normal one if you don’t want to pay the premium price for the same model. I can’t see why this could be a problem.

    • MarcoSartoriPhoto

      Personally I think that those more interested in those minor exterior “improvements” deserve to pay for them. Heck, you can still take pictures even if the plastic or the metal have a different quality..

      By the way: I wonder how many people whining on new cameras (both Oly and Pana) really wanted to buy those cameras and changed their mind after looking at the specs.
      Sometimes I feel many of us simply need to act as judges, but without any purpose.

      • SN

        It happens…
        When someone have too much free time and wanna show how smartasss they are,,,

        • stickytape

          How ironic.

    • WT21

      The cool thing is that the EPL5 will now get cheaper for those who want it. It’ll be good to have cheap m43 cameras available that aren’t the EPL1 or EPM1. Something with the new sensor.

  • IDK if any of us have realized, but it’s not necessary to buy a new camera every 6 months.

    If you’re still rocking the E-PL1, maybe getting the E-PL6 WOULD be worth it though, get it?

    Just my thoughts.

    • Liking your thoughts Joshua. Personally, the E-PL1 is still rocking me, so no need for me to buy another iterative model.

      • Anonymous

        Eh. Mine (EPL-1)passed the 20K photos milestone and still rocking. probably not the best, but I know all her weak sides that I can produce decent results with it, at least in many cases. I spend my money on lenses. Soon time to upgrade to OM-D though, as soon as its price start diving..

        • Yep. If the next Olympus with a built-in VF isn’t a huge step up from the E-M5, I’ll be diving into the OM-D bargain bins as well!

  • Tim

    maybe the new external VF is the reason… If they put it on the left side of the camera to make it a rangefinderstyled camera- it would be a good idea to build a new E-PL wich also accepts the new viewfinder.

    That would be a really clever thing- and all off a sudden there would be two cameras with a Vf in the upper left corner, and the option to make it smaller. The existing VF-2 and VF-3 could still be sold to the E-PM customers.

    I call it: E-P5- a new Hope :D

    • SamEzra

      Haa good one =D

    • WT21

      Well, there is likely to be a new port, so that will be one difference, but the EVF2 works fine for me. The ONLY attraction will be the new EVF will probably lock, but that’s enough reason for me to move off an EPL6 and EVF2.

      • Hopefully, the VF-2 will be backwards compatible with the E-PL6.

    • Pierre


  • rrr_hhh

    It would make more sense if the E-Pl6 was coming with WIFI too; may be that is the case.. Unless Olympus wants to keep the WIFI advantage for the E-P5 ? I hope the E-P5 will get the same flip up LCD as the E-Pl3/5 and E-M5, but I fear it may not in order to maintain the particularity of the E-P line.

    • NFT

      i think so wi-fi will already built-in all line MFT camera.

    • O

      3-axis IBIS for the lite…

      • NFT

        555 that mean X/Y and Z axis in math?
        i saw it ‘s in MOVI steady cam.

  • Mathias

    Yeah, built-in wifi makes the E-P5 worth a price higher than OM-D. NOT. I still wonder how Olympus is planning to justify the rumored E-P5 price when it doesn’t have anything I consider worthwhile over the OM-D. Same sensor, no VF, higher price than OM-D. Huh?

    • Es

      They won’t justify anything. Its Olympus.

    • sem

      The EP5 will be offered with the 17 f1.8, which is the first time Olympus has offered a camera with a lens I’d like to have for the kit. But does that justify a price at or above the EM5? No. It won’t have the viewfinder or weather sealing. If it doesn’t even have the 5 axis IS, which is the most valuable feature of the EM5 IMO, or it’s at least as valuable as the new sensor, it will be a laughable introduction.

  • Hifinut

    The E-Pl6 has a Premium design over the E-PL5. But it’s not physically different. It uses a few better materials and a very small amount of color on some parts of the body.

    Typical of Olympus. So that they can charge a premium price for the little bit of premium difference.

    • biyjt

      Well to be fair black plastic costs way more than silver plastic, it must be true Olympus told me so lol

  • Tonnkatsu

    May be because of “AP3” :)

  • There must be something wrong with the E-PL5 construction, then. Recently Canon replaced the 650D which apparently had issues with materials used in the rubber coating. Could be something of that nature.
    Another possibility is a requirement of different hardware to support the new external EVF. In any case the situation for Olympus is rather unfortunate because of the rapid devaluation of the E-PL5, which is a fine camera. I expect it to become a great bargain very soon.

    • sam

      For what it is, I found the PL5 to be too expensive. It’s a good camera for those who are already in m43 but as an entry level camera but I doubt that many are willing to pay nearly twice as much as the older GFs and pens just for the sensor.

      I wouldnt be surprised if the PL6 is just an excuse for them to lower the ridiculous prices on the PL5. Basically every competitor like sony, panasonic and samsung offers more for the same price (in ger you still pay more than 500EUR just for the standard kit).

      • Anonymous

        Lol, it ‘s sold at 500 and someone already call it ridiculous :)). Remember that it has better sensor, IBIS, tilting screen compared to GF5. The GF5 was out earlier so it has been getting cheaper for a reason. What does it offer over EPL5? Oh I don’t know may be high-resolution screen so that you can show off your photos better on the spot :)).

        Nex 5R is however a good competitor. It does offer better sensor and PDAF. The problem with NEX is that it will have bigger lens for the same range and for those who bought into MFT, that’s not too ideal.

    • Ross

      Remember how quickly the E-P2 followed after the E-P1? It’s quite possible for the E-PL6, the accessory port could be updated as well as adding WiFi.

  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    I tried some Samsung cameras, during a meet with friends. Samsung was some kind of sponsor at that event, and the main quality under light was their wifi connection.
    Upload on different apps (android), back up on computers: good for Instagrammers, in my opinion, and not so special, at least to me.
    What I noticed though, was the drain of battery, and we know that battery life is kinda short even without the use of wifi. I have always a spare battery in my pocket, still that could be something to bear in mind when using wifi. Of course I know many of us won’t complain about it, but noone so far ever mentioned this “downside”.

    • Where WiFi shines is when camera control / display apps are available. Then you can use your smartphone / tablet to remotely control the camera.

      Don’t like the battery drain? Turn off the camera’s WiFi, and your “problem” is solved.

      • MarcoSartoriPhoto

        SSP Eric, I might not be wise but I’m not ignorant: I know how to save battery life in a camera. My point is that everyone seems so excited by wifi option and probably don’t think about this downside.
        I know also that wifi can be use to pair a smartphone-tablet and control the camera, but as far as it concerns ME, I would maybe try it once, just for “fun”, but it’s not how I would normally take pictures. (I have wifi at home, I might find a free wifi in a city, I won’t find any wifi in the woods)

        • ISO 1638400

          Hey Marco, had a look through your flickr. Your landscape images are impressive. Wish I had those kind of surrounds near me. I would have to drive a fair way out of town to get away from the urban environment to get those surreal photo opportunities, which you seem to get plenty of. The E-M5 + M.Zuiko 12 f/2 combination appears to be your preferred hiking/trekking combination.

          I think Wi-Fi would be more a detriment than a benefit for you out on your trails in the woods and mountains. Your mobile phones and tablet devices probably wouldn’t connect to the network anyway out there.

          Battery life will certainly take a hit with Wi-Fi and smartphone/tablet OS based cameras. The Nikon S800c Android based compact is CIPA rated for 140 shots only— and that’s with Wi-Fi turned OFF! Battery makers and sellers are counting their money already, and everyone’s bags and pockets will be getting heavier carrying more spare batteries in future. The other solution is take less photos. This works for me but of course not an option for most.

  • Do

    Maybe they found out in market research that E-PL5’s lack of built-in WiFi puts them at a disadvantage compared to Sony and Panasonic in some target groups.

  • joe

    According to this web site Pana´s G6 will be announced end of April. Only 2 weeks left (at most) and absolutely no leaked info! There must be any rumors, mustn´t it?

    • NFT

      my feeling G6 don’t appear on this month or May,end of April is time of LF1.

  • bobthewrecker

    So this means the next OM-D will have WiFi, yay! Remote release and intervalometer FTW! Now how about built-in GPS or a GPS accessory?

  • James70094

    I was hoping the E-P5 and E-PL6 would have onsensor PDAF for 4/3 lenses. Oh well, still a dream.

    • If the E-P5 and / or E-PL6 had on-sensor PDAF, they’d gut the sales of the OM-D cameras. My suspicion is that if / when this shows up, it’ll start at the top of Oly’s line-up and work its way down to cheaper (and likely less-profitable) models later.

      • Ross

        That would make more sense as the grip option for the E-M5 makes it better balanced with larger lenses & that’s better than putting the large lenses on PEN’s anyhow.

        • ISO 1638400

          That does seem to make sense. A new AF system to take advantage of the 4/3 glass will likely be seen first on the OM-D series or the rumoured hybrid camera. Whichever it is, the grip expansion options, weathersealing and 5-axis IBIS will be a natural match for the eventual full compatability of the Olympus 4/3 lenses, for those users wanting to go down that road.

          BTW I replied to one of your posts a few days ago about the 75-300 II, but it didn’t seem to go through. Anyway, I did find your post at mu-43. I mentioned SC and I thought you might have posted there also. SC is SeriousCompacts dot com. It’s the hub/umbrella site for several camera system blogs/forums which mu-43 is also a part of.

          • Ross

            I hadn’t really stopped to notice all those forums were related. It would be nice if you could send me a private message (through so I know who you are.

            • ISO 1638400

              I’m not currently registered on any of those forums. I have just kind of lurked around (as sad as that sounds) for info and advice as many people go through the same scenarios. When I upgrade my camera and have some more things to share, I’ll probably register on a couple of the forums. I just don’t see myself as a frequent poster. But I do like to share localised info like where to buy from and deals etc. to help other users, as most forums seem to predominantly cater to North American users. Us Southern Hemisphere “strays” get by on our measly crumbs. But we’re getting by! AUD is good too, so that helps.

              • JimD

                AUD is good but AUDobe takes it all.

      • safaridon

        I wouldn’t be so sure of that PDAF and CAF on sensor is necessarily as good as many assume as compromises are involved? Take for example a similar hybrid sensor used in the Sony NEX6 and resolution was drastically reduced according to PP test ie maximum resolution with kit lens of 2225 lines compared to 2530 lines with either OM5/GH3 or even GX1? I am no expert but from reports this has to do with PDAF using up megapixels on the sensor and other factors involved. The technology of these PDAF/CAF sensors is relatively new so likely to be improved.

        • Quite right. It’s obviously not an easy thing to do. I suspect it takes a lot of onboard computing power to get right, and there are also the standardisation issues involved (what to do if only one manufacturer has hybrid AF, then other lenses will be less compatible). I’m sure Olly and Panny must be working together at some level on the issue, and they want to get it all sorted before introducing it into the market.
          I have to wonder if it will prove to be too hard to integrate, and they end up introducing yet another new standard, with limited backwards compatibility with micro four thirds!

          • true homer

            I insist pana and oly will not get on this sinking boat. Pdaf on sensor has proven to be a massive failiure on all other systems, why adapt it?

            • true homer…..I know you like to troll, but do you know why PDAF is more effective on fast moving objects than CDAF? Have a read of the Autofocus article on Wiki.
              I agree with you (groan, again), that a really effective hybrid system has yet to be implemented. But until m43 gets it sorted, well, a well calibrated DSLR with good PDAF will be superior to a m43 camera for things like birds in flight and fast sports (when things are moving rapidly towards or away from the camera).
              Another issue with CDAF is that it requires by definition a contrast, ie an edge to focus on. This means it always needs a focus AREA vs a focus POINT, so a more precise focus can be achieved with PDAF.
              I’m not saying that Olly or Panny should rush into it. I am saying that until they get it done, the format suffers in comparison to a DSLR for the above purposes, and isn’t truly the all-round system that some users seem to think it is.
              In particular, there’s no point in bringing out the fast long lenses that many people cry out for. The folk that buy those things (for several thousand dollars) are birders and sports photogs, and they will quickly see that CDAF won’t do what they want…so they won’t buy them. Panny & Olly know this, which is why we don’t have these lenses!

              • true homer

                People call it trolling because its things they dont want to hear. But trolling is unfounded stupidity based on fanboyism, things like “bigger sensor is always better” and “a camera without ibis blah blah”, I can back up everything I say.

                I still say pdaf is not the future, the hybrid versions have failed for pdaf lenses (ironically), and in fact I think the last thing olympus needs is a “me too” product. The gh3 can follow twice as fast as the gh2 according to the video posted the other day. I think if they keep on building on that itll inevitably get to the point where there will be no difference between pdaf and cdaf.

              • “Another issue with CDAF is that it requires by definition a contrast, ie an edge to focus on. This means it always needs a focus AREA vs a focus POINT, so a more precise focus can be achieved with PDAF.”

                Not only does PDAF also require an ‘edge’ to focus on, it also cares about the orientation of that edge unless the focus ‘points’ are of the cross-hair type.

      • JimD

        I want to see PDAF on the em5 replacement. But I don’t think we will see it move down to the smaller/cheaper models. Unless Oly comes out with a new set of PDAF/CDAF lenses in m43 mount.
        Having a camera that takes the 4/3 PDAF lenses is one thing. Moving the engineering to the smaller models is something that I do not see happening based on demand or cost. The appeal of an epl7 with PDAF and only 4/3 lenses is not a market place for that model. (not that there is anything wrong with “only 4/3 lenses” I have a few myself)

        • Ross

          I know a number of people have sold their SWD lenses because of the poor AF with them & I have the Sigma 150 macro lens which is similar with its USM drive. It’s frustrating watching it travel to being in focus to the last allignment movement putting it out of focus. I’m not sure I would be able to get another camera body (as I have an E-M5) with PD-AF ability (for a long time) as it might stretch the marriage friendship a little far. ;)

  • safaridon

    “The EP5 has built in YiFi”

    So if you want WiFi in a PEN you will have to move up to a EP5 and if you want YiFi and NFC (Near Field Communication) like cell phones only the GF6 has that for now?

    • digifan

      You can have WiFi in any SD-card camera. Just use one of the WiFi SD-cards. One brand is easier to setup/use than the other, but still it’s available right now if you need it. I also don’t see any use for NFC, it might be a gadget for “old” people like me (if you can’t remember you favorite settings ;-)).

  • Brian

    I’m amazed that they’d come out with an E-PL6 so quickly. My (black) E-PL5 isn’t perfect, but it’s the most fun and useful digital camera I’ve ever owned.

    I’m a late comer to the charms of the PEN’s, but its funky chunkiness also makes it the best looking so I’m not sure how ‘a few better materials’ and ‘very small amount of color will make for a new model. Wouldn’t it be better as an E-PL5X rather than E-PL6?

    And I still pine for a black 45mm/1.8.

    • digifan

      What’s stopping you to paint the 45mm black yourself.

  • true homer

    Gf6 with a bucket load of improvements=garbage
    Epl6 with 1 or 2 minor tweaks=itll be worth it

  • Miffed

    Hey Admin
    I think u are being taken for a ride with the epl6 rumour. Not going to happen just yet. How can Olympus be tooling up to update the just released EPL5 when they have been stalling the e-p5?
    The only way the ep5 will sell is if it had some new sensor (or updated sensor/processor) that would yield better results than the EM5/EPL5 and I don’t see the epl6 having the same new spec that would undermine the ep5.
    The ep5 needs a new sensor/processor to entice the G.A.S guzzlers amongst us to compensate for the lack of an EVF. This then will glow onto the updated lite and mini pens and then a totally new sensor will surface in the e-m6/pro omd.

  • Daniel

    As a happy owner of the E-P2, I’m curious what improvements the E-P5 will have.

    For sure it will have :
    – better image quality (better low ISO and improved dynamic range)
    – faster autofocus
    – more define screen
    – more define EVF

    Thats’ already a lot of improvements, however the image quality (and especially the DR) being surely the most important point for me.

    But to buy the E-P5 – if I like it – it should have one more (new) feature that none of the Olympus camera still have : focus peaking.

    The system I saw on the Nex7 is amazing. And I checked many pictures on Flickr taken with manual focus lenses on the Nex7 and they are often perfectly focused, which is not often the case of the pictures taken with Olympus or Panasonic with manual lenses.

    If the E-P5 have a focus peaking of the same quality as there is on the latest Sony Nex, I could buy the SLR Magic 25mm f0.95 and not get most of my pics correctly focused.

    In case Admin heard about that feature to be implemented on the new Olympus cameras, that would ba great news, at least for me !

  • Sqweezy

    I hope “new design” means pop-up flash added to the E-PL6. That would be a welcome improvement over its predecessor and perhaps move some towards its purchase.

  • true homer

    Admin any news on the epl7?

    • stickytape

      [FT5] The E-PL7 will be available in black, white, red and silver.

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