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(FT3) More E-P2 out of production reports…


I got that message from a dutch dealer (Thanks!):

Our Olympus account manager told us that the Olympus E-P2 is out of production. We see a price fall in the XXX now. You can buy a EP-2 for 399 euros now.
The replacement will be announced in about two weeks. There will be a 2nd camera announced. So there will be 3 camera’s in the new line up.
E-PL2, EP3 and a new camera. I’m not sure if it will be placed in between or above these camera’s.
I hope above offcourse.

Check those links for more E-P2 deals: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.


  • leendert

    “The replacement will be announced in about two weeks.”

    Oh, perhaps on my birthday! ;-)

    • No. It’s gonna be on mine ! I asked first !

  • Sergey

    I’m so excited about the PRO…

  • JoJo

    Does that imply the EP-3 will NOT have a VF (i.e just a straight replacement for EP-2)?

    • AndyOz


      I am hoping that the E-P3 will be positioned upwards from the existing E-P2 to be the flagship model with built-in EVF. But thats just my hope.

      It seems like styling and feature wise that the E-PL2 got pretty close to the E-P2. It would seem to be pretty silly to release an E-P3 which is only an improvement over an E-PL2 with one extra control wheel and a more metallic finish (even if the main chassis is plastic). But this is Olympus we are talking about – who knows what will happen.

      Admin still hasnt clarified whether his sources are saying if the E-P3 will have a built-in EVF or not. So its all speculation. If they end up having three Pen models none of which have an EVF – then I dont think Olympus has a very good product strategy team! That would lose them alot of potential customers.

      • > then I dont think Olympus has a very good product strategy team!

        Don’t say it. The corporation which employs me has product strategy integrated into marketing…

  • AndyOz

    Hi Admin

    Any more rumors/hints/confirmations about whether Oly will be releasing a model with built-in EVF? I sure hope so.

  • Willeh

    I wonder if I should buy the E-P2 or wait?
    I bought the E-p1 for 350€ 1 month ago, but now I really want EVF as I will be using new zooms lens.

    So just buy zoom lens now and wait for E-p3 (how much will it cost)? or get E-P2 now and maybe if I’m lucky I can sell Ep1.

  • Thomas

    the best compromise would be the e-p3 to be with very good quality 12 mpixel sensor and improved focus speed (but clearly not at e-5 level…) and a new mini body to compete against gf3 and nex c3 (for the cash flow)


    • leendert

      + 1

      IQ of Panasonic G3 is good for me.
      Only one wish:improve the DR at low ISO’s (1 stop better please)!

      • MJ

        Yes that is one thing i hope will (and should be) be included with the ‘pro’ tag. Proper dynamic range. But we’ll have to wait even longer for the reviews :(

      • > improve the DR

        No. No. No. Clipped highlights IMO became signature feature of m43.

        P.S. :(

    • AndyOz

      Hi Thomas
      Sounds like a good lineup. It will be interesting to see what they call them all – in particular the new mini body (if that does eventuate).

      E-P? maybe E-PM1 with M for Mini or even move away from the E-P reference and just call it “Pen Mini”.

      I reckon that they have stuffed up the naming with E-P and E-PL lines. They sound too similar. It probably would have been better to have more numbers like Oly DSLR lines (and like Nikon and Canon) with an order of magnitude between each numeric reference for each line. Howabout:
      E-P3 the flagship Pen line
      E-P20 E-PL2 mid range camera line
      E-P200 entry level mini/compact line

      Any other thoughts

      • Do

        “Olympus Trip” would be a nice name. Although it was historically the name of a fullframe camera while the Pen was half frame, it would fit good to a very small camera in my opinion.
        But i guess they will rather give the new camera an E-P(M?) number so people don’t get confused since there is also the Four Thirds E-system.

        • AndyOz

          The Trip.

          I had forgotten about that one. Actually that could be a good one. Would it be the “Olympus Pen Trip” – Nah it sounds a bit long. The “E-P Trip” possibly. I dont think the Trip name has quite that much sway with alot of younger people.

          Its get confusing because they call the E-P cameras the Pen line but they still get an E-Pxx reference. Perhaps they should have called them:
          Pen 3 (E-P3)
          Pen 30 (E-PL2 replacement)
          Pen 300 (new mini Pen)

          • leendert

            I hope the ep3 is not the real Pro (because the price gap between the epl2 and the ep3).

            And I want the ep3, but dont want to spend more then 1000 euro for a camera)
            and because it must be a good upgrade for e5*0 and e6*0 users.
            E30 and e3 users can upgrade to the E5 and wait for the real Pro Pen.

            E-Pro (above 1000 euro)
            E-P3 (around 800 euro)
            EPL2 (around 500 euro)
            E-Mini (around 300 euro)

            • AndyOz

              I agree that there will prob end up being 4 lines of Pen cameras. All I am hoping for is a model with built in EVF.

              My thoughts are 4 lines
              E-P? : with EVF DSLR style – most ‘Pro’ model.
              E-P3 : with EVF rangefinder style – enthusiasts model
              E-PL2 : no EVF – mid range model
              E-PMini : no EVF – as small as possible for P&S upgraders (i reckon they will have to leave out IBIS to make it as small as possible. I hope they dont but wouldnt be surprised)

              If the E-P3 ends up being a slightly warmed up E-P2 with a better sensor then whats the point of that. When they update the sensor in the E-PL2 to produce the E-PL3 in a few months then there will be two very similar models, as there are currently.

              • leendert


                The ep3 must be the upgrade for E5*0 and E6*0 users (builtt-in EVF required!).

                I’m happy when the Ep3 is a Ep2 with:
                – built-in EVF
                – new sensor (hopefully a 12mp sensor with better DR then Panasonic G3 in low ISO (100-400), but the G3 sensor is OK.
                – new processor (TruePic V+)
                – fast AF

                • AndyOz

                  Sounds good to me.

                • Martin

                  >The ep3 must be the upgrade for E5*0 and E6*0 users

                  If it was to be an upgrade for E5*0 and E6*0 users, it would have to focus with (legacy) FT lenses just as well, if not better. I strongly doubt that at this stage.

          • Nathan

            Whatever, so long as they never use Pen 15.

  • John

    Hey admin,
    thanks for all the cool rumors you’Ve been posting!

  • MJ

    Wow that is some drop. And great to hear him say ‘2 weeks’. I see no reason for him to lie, if anything he’d say 10 weeks just so he can keep selling the cameras a little longer ;).

    Only one shop that has the new price already (NL). You can see the list here, with that huge drop in a nice graphic at the bottom:

    • leendert
      • MJ

        You’re right, Tweakers lacks behind a bit and doesn’t include all the shops.

        Plus with the 180 bucks on accessory cashback, that means cheap EVF :)

        Not for me tho, don’t really like the e-p2’s control and operation at all.

      • if they offered a kit with the 17mm for tht money, i might get tempted to get a 2nd e-p2!

        • AndyOz

          I agree that sounds like a great deal. I just wish they would put the black 17mm with their cameras as a kit. I dont see the point of the silver colored 17mm – it only matches the silver bodies. In my opinion the black E-P2 with the silver 17mm lens doesnt look right.

          • i think they had a limited edition e-p2 kit bundled with the black 17mm…a while go since i saw it somehere on the net

  • Fishfishfish

    A more still-picture orientated EP-3 with similar IQ to G3, with IBIS. Tempting…. Built-in EVF is not as important as I though. People can buy one if they really need it.

  • Mar

    I don’t think seperate evf is bad as it cuts the price a lot and when you upgrade, you can use old one on a new camera. This is very convenient for smaller and cheaper models. High end model should have built in one, but only if it fits the design (i.e. bigger pro model).

    • i agree,actually they could design a pen model with removable built-in flash module, which can be replaced with an evf module. this way the form could stay true to pen formfactor.

  • O/T

    German Colorfoto magazine added to their test the new chart Dead Leaves targeted at measuring how good camera system preserves texture details.

    43 relevance: at ISO 100, E-5 has highest score ;)

    Thread on DPR:

    Dead Leaves chart, third picture in the gallery here:

    Excerpt from the test results at ISO 100 and ISO 6400:

    P.S. And even some research already took place into the Dead Leaves:

    • rik

      Also, here’s what I posted in another thread on DPR:

      ISO100: image quality; JPEG resolution; JPEG DL (“dead leaf”) resolution/texture (ranked by IQ):

      – Nikon D3x: 55.5; 1764; 1102
      – Canon 5DII: 54.5; 1670; 1588
      – Canon 600D/T3i: 54.5; 1574; 1165
      – Olympus E-5: 54.0; 1465; 1327
      – Nikon D5100: 53.0; 1486; 1025
      – Nikon D3s: 52.5; 1215; 895
      – Olympus E-PL1: 51.5; 1536; 988
      – Pentax K5: 51.5; 1343; 1026
      – Nikon D700: 50.5; 1233; 848
      – Nikon D7000: 48.5; 1413; 934
      – Nikon D300s: 47.5; 1271; 772
      – Samsung NX10: 46.5; 1326; 952
      – Panasonic GH2: 46.0; 1551; 1061
      – Canon 1D MKIV: 45.5; 1387; 1084
      – Canon 7D: 43.0; 1469; 1097
      – Sony A850: 41.5; 2108; 797
      – Sony NEX-3: 41.0; 1354; 939
      – Sony NEX-5: 39.5; 1361; 861

      Conclusion #1: At base ISO, the Olympus cameras don’t give up anything in technical IQ to their DSLR competitors, and are superior in resolution to all but the highest-end full-frame DSLRs. And with with the oft-praised Oly skintone and color rendition…

  • Simon

    I’m mentally prepared to see Olympus blow the opportunities, again: by introducing a tweaked E-PL2 (= E-P3) with thumb drive and Panasonic G3 sensor feat. 1080i video (in motionjpeg format only, of course), and a stripped down, knobless super compact GF2 competitor. No, not irony, I only try to be realistic.

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