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(FT3) Is the new GH2 video feature nothing else than “Progressive Segmentes Frame” recording?

As you know Panasonic announced a “new video mode which is suitable for editing video recorded at high bit rate (24Mbps)“. But what does it mean exactly? Sources from the German website Slashcam said that this is nothing else than a 1080/25p signal recorded as 1080/50i with 24Mbit/s. If you want you can easily convert that 50i video in 25p. De facto this means you can now record 1080/50p in 24Mbit/s. That “trick” is called “Progressive Segmentes Frame” recording.

P.S.: The GH2+14-140mm price recently dropped down to $1299 at Amazon (Click here). More price checks at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

Reminder: A new GH2 firmware update is coming in December. There are many new features and fixes:

  • – New video mode which is suitable for editing video recorded at high bit rate (24Mbps)
  • – New functional option with Power Zoom Lens ([DISP FOCAL LENGTH (Display of Focal Length)], [STEP ZOOM], [ZOOM RESUME], [ZOOM SPEED] and [ZOOM RING*])
  • – Full area enlargement of AF area setting
  • – Improvement in the speed of consecutive shooting when shot with auto bracket
  • – Increased number of recordable images in consecutive shooting
  • – [EX.TELE CONV. (Extra Tele Conversion)] can be set ON/OFF separately in photo or video recording
  • – More accurate light adjustment of built-in flash
  • – Improvement in the AF performance in video recording
  • – Synchronization of alarm volume for low battery with [BEEP VOLUME]
  • – New [HALF-PRESS RELEASE] function
  • – Improved NR (Noise Reduction) in high sensitivity shooting
  • – ON/OFF control of the touch-screen

Reminder -> Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • Sorry Panasonic / Slashcam but I am still slightly none the wiser! If it is 25p in a 50i stream, that is promising because with the camera set to a 25p sensor mode, Vitaliy just has to switch the encoder to progressive and we have our 1080/25p AVCHD.

    • gl

      Actually if it were 25 PSF, then you don’t need a hack – you can just drop this on a 25p timeline and it just works.

      You can think of PsF as ‘wrapping’ a progressive stream in an interlaced file.

  • spam

    The GH2 sensor do 1080p50 (60) and is downsampled to interlaced mode because of AVCHD. Maybe they’ll add a progressive mode at 50/60Hz.

    • Duarte Bruno

      What’s the real probability of that?

      • spam

        Difficult to say, the new AVCHD standard opens for non-interlaced at higher frequencies and Panasonic FZ150 already support it (but the new GX-1 do not).

  • On off control of touch screen, can I get that for my GF2 !!!!!

  • mpgxsvcd

    1080i psf is NOT 1080p @ 50 fps. It is simply 1080p @ 25 or 30 fps. Admin please make this correction. The artical you posted is very misleading.

    • Jim

      +1 you are still only capturing a distinct 25 samples per second – not 50!

      • Ed Andrade

        Yes exactly: 1080i60/50 of wrapped progressive footage can be conformed into 1080p30/25, not 60/50p.
        Also, if they say the new mode is “suitable for editing”, I don’t even think it has to do with progressive at all, it sounds more like it’s a kind of iframe codec (which I would love but that would make the SD cards very inneficient) or a kind of H.264 compression, which all the modern NLEs can handle easily these days.
        If it was only about the progressive scan, I think it would marketed something like “suitable for web delivery or suitable for action” something like that, in MHO…

  • rutrem

    …ok,but Gh2 is not only a video camera.I already like the video files Gh2 can capture,so i look forward much more on noise reduction,improved auto bracket,more images in consecutive shooting. I would like much more a focus picking area for manual lenses. the fullscreen magnification is ok,but slows down the composition.

    • MJr

      Sounds like a GH3 =D

  • Anonymous

    Dear Panasonic,
    Firmware will not persuade me to upgrade from my GH1. I won’t be tempted until the GH3 arrives. Kind regards

  • gl

    As they say, they’re speculating. The way Panny phrased it, I think there’s a good chance all it actually is is an MP4 container option for the existing H264 24p, because maybe that imports better into some NLEs. 25p (wrapped or not) isn’t ‘easier to edit’ than any other fps & if they really were adding something significant like a new frame rate they would’ve made a bigger deal of it.

    • MJr

      Well we know what it can do hacked, so why would they not at least make it *real* 24Mbps. But yea any company is strange that way sometimes, holding back for no good reason. Mostly just to sell more next-gen bodies. There’s still hope they’ll make a big thing out of it after the release if it really is something cool.

  • gl

    … and/or it could also just be a lower GOP option which would be faster to edit.

    • MJr

      Maybe 100% keyframes video like the Canon 1DX has.

      They talk about that in this video here at some point:

    • Mr. Reeee

      Pardon my ignorance, but what exactly does GOP, in this context, mean?

      • Voldenuit

        IIRC, GOP refers to the number of frames between I frames, including the first I frame. So a GOP1 video would have nothing but I frames (keyframes). The more P and B frames you have between I frames, the more work the PC has to do to render said frames when editing, and the less accurate the output when you’re splicing and editing.

        • Duarte Bruno

          Pretty much so.
          GOP1 is just like MJPEG where there is absolutely no motion estimation, because it’s like saving an animation made of JPEG pictures. That’s why it is so inefficient when it comes to encoding (no encoding of the inherent highly redundancy of video) but so friendly when it comes to editing.

      • Duarte Bruno

        GOP = Group of Pictures.
        A group of independent frames (which usually translates into one that starts with a Keyframe and ends with another).
        Typically MPEG4 is such a sequence:
        I BB P BB P BB P BB I BB P (…)
        This is GOP 12 (the count of frames between independent frames)

        K/I frame = Keyframe or Intraframe. A frame that is fully encoded on it’s own.

        P frame = Predicted frame. A frame that is made by encoding the changes that happened when you look forward from the latest I or P frame.

        B frame = bidirectional frame. A frame that is encoded by encoding the changes that happened when you look forward since the last I, P or B frame or that will happen when you look backward from the next I, P or B frame.

        To sum it up:
        K/I – independent frames.
        P – predicted forward from K/I or P.
        B – bidirectionally predicted from the adjacent K/I/P/B frames.

  • Oitszek

    Global shutter is the way

  • The price is $1,499.00 on

    • Andy

      Yeaahh I don’t understand why the poster insist in a price drop, this is probably a guy who list a camera for that price in the amazon market place and the author wrongly assume a price drop, this is really unprofessional in my opinion

      • Lucas

        The price did drop but it went back up. They were selling at B&H for $899 for the 14-42 and $1299 for the 14-140 but now they’re back to $999 and $1499. The body only was selling for $750 directly from Panasonic as a special offer for their Facebook fans. The link for that special offer is still available on the Lumix Facebook page.

  • Even if this is indeed what the new mode is, it will be excellent news to many GH2 shooters in Europe, who have been crying out for 25p. Progressive segmented frame is available as an output mode on many professional Panasonic cameras, as a way to transmit progressive frames through HD-SDI. It uses an interlaced stream, but can be rebuilt into the true progressive frames.

  • Canon already has thrown down the 4K up yours with their concept camera. The Panasonic GH3 better have 4K or else I am jumping ship.

    Up yours Panny-Panty-Man. Don’t pull an Olympus.

    • leu

      Jump ship. 4K on that canon is also binded to 1080p so why spend 20K for a beefed up GH2 right before the GH3 release? Canon reached the ‘industry standard’ with the C300 not their new cine DSLRs, and the C300, despite using a 4K sensor array, outputs 1080P. Also, Panasonic made a great cam, but they did not make the GH series as revolutionary as it has been. People will be sticking with the GH cams because of VK and the testers, at least it’s the reason why I’m investing in any future GH cameras, and why i’m [staying] onboard.

  • I thought the recently-released GX1 includes the new film mode of MP4 which Panasonic markets as suitable for editing – so maybe this GH2 firmware update similarly adds the MP4 format?…

  • at

    The high bit-rate AVCHD-Intra hack is still much attractive to me. Of course, a new hack on new firmware is much welcome.

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