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(FT5) UPDATED! New Voigtländer 17.5mm f/0.95 coming in May!!!


If I would have to pickup one lens (and one lens only) for my E-P1 than I would definitely pair it with the current Voigtländer 25mm f/0.95 les (here on eBay). But if that rumor turns out to be true than holy! The Australian store Mainlinephoto (Click here) “leaked” an info about an upcoming Voigtländer Nokton 17.5mm f/0.95 Micro Four Thirds lens! According to them the lens is due in May approx price $1095.

UPDATE: Actually the picture on top shows the new lens!!! As you can see there is a difference on the focusing scale between that lens and the 25mm Nokton. As noticed by our readers (thanks) there is also an extra ring. So this lens is REAL!

P.S.: Check all Nokton 25mm auctions on eBay (Click here).

Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • Awesome. This is a much needed lens for m4/3’s. Now I just wish Oly/Panny would add focus peaking to make manual focus quicker.

    • Wowser! I might sell my Panny 20/1.7 to get this beauty!

      • Admin, this is NOT the 25.0.95 in this picture. There is an extra “ring” on the lens barrel above the aperture ring, presumably so you can tell them apart in your camera bag. Have a look at this image of the Nokton 25:

        • MJr

          It also goes to infinity after 1 meter (4 ft), unlike the 25mm.

          • MJr

            Makes sense as it’s a wider angle. This lens is a WIN !
            If only they were a little easier to find here in the Netherlands.

            • admin

              Yep! This is a SUPERB lens!

              • Michael Devitt

                Voigtländer rocks! Another dedicated ultra fast prime for the MFT ;).

        • P4INKiller

          Yes, I will be getting this in the future.

          • admin

            me too! :)

    • Mr. Reeee

      OMFG! … not the camera ;-)… This would be a fantastic addition the the M4/3 stable of lenses!!
      Sign me up!!!!!

      I LOVE my Voigtländer lenses!

      @ Eric, I don’t know if you’ve used the Nokton 25mm, but it has extremely smooth and sure manual focus, whether i use the EVF or LCD. Among many other uses, I use mine for street/subway shooting and in museums.

      @DonTom, I’d be sorely tempted to part with my 20mm for this, too.

      You’re right… I’m holding my Nokton 25mm right now and that’s not the 25mm. The front lens element also appears to be more bulbous on the lens in the photo than the 25mm.

      BTW, the 75mm f1.8 and 25mm lens barrels are nearly identical, with the 75mm only 3.8mm longer than the 25mm. If Voigtländer manages to adapt the same barrel for a variety of lenses, who knows what else they’ll come up with?!!!

      • Bob B.

        LOL! I KNEW you would be all over this lens before I opened the comments!!!!! ..and it is a very cool addition..( far ahead of Kenko!) ….but I have my eyes on that Oly 75mm f/1.8…I think that may be my next lens. I need the AF…can’t trust my eyes any more!

        • Russ

          My problem with manual focus is that I need a split screen and microprism ring to be good at in a dimly lit environment, which is where I would use one of these lenses. I’d love to see that kind of focusing aid synthesized in a mirrorless camera.

          • Duarte Bruno

            I don’t understand Russ, low light is precisely the kind of environment where split screens fail the most. Micro 4/3 and a good EVF is a boon for this…
            You will never find that on a CSC because this is an optical process, but peaking will do even better and is very very easy to implement.

            • Russ

              I was always able to make good use of split screens in low light. Then again, my eyesight is beginning to decline as I get older…

              I don’t have experience with peaking, but if it works better, than I’d be happy with that.

              • mclarenf3

                From my understanding, peaking, takes the guess work out of it. It highlights (or “peaks”) the areas of the photo which are in focus.

                • mooboy

                  More accurately, it highlights the parts that are sharp. So, can’t tell if their is focus or not unless trying to focus on something with sharpish lines. For example, if focusing on someones eyes, the areas around the iris will light up etc.

                  Still, it’s awesome :)

          • Mr. Reeee

            I shoot with the Nokton 25mm in very dark conditions with my GH2. Focus using either the EVF or LCD is really quite good.

            The only problem is when it’s extremely dark and I shift the camera, it may take the EVF a few seconds to refresh the screen. As long as the camera is still, fine focus works well.

            The Nokton is a pleasure to focus.

  • Stageshadow

    Hopefully it’s a little bit smaller than the 25mm..

    • Nah, I doubt it. It actually looks a little bigger! At least the E-M5 will handle it….

      • Anonymous

        Lens in the picture is the 25mm…
        So i there is still some hope!

      • Stageshadow

        Lens in the picture is the 25mm…
        So i there is still some hope!

        • MJr

          No, it’s not. Looks like it’s actually the 17.5mm in the picture.

  • matt

    imagine nokton 12mm/17,5mm/25mm f.0,95 primes for our m4/3 babies.. I hope it will have the same cinamatic colours as the 25mm nokton… m4/3s system is getting better and better

    • 43shot

      I’m looking at mine and I don’t have that extra ring above the aperture ring. Otherwise it is identical. Love my 25mm.

  • Sneye

    Excellent. It would not be a small lens, not very useful to most, but certainly an important milestone for m4/3. Recent history teaches us to expect an AF version from Panasonic following soon after.

    • Narretz

      I think Pana had the 25mm planned as a fast standard prime before the Nokton 25mm. Especially since Pana has a tendency to build lenses for m43 that where previously available for 43 made by Olympus.

  • Holy hell, now *that* is what I’m talking about.

    I don’t think anyone can argue at this point that there’s a lot of momentum behind m4/3.

  • metalaryeh

    Looks nice!
    I hope Samyang comes out with a competitor. I might be able to afford it and their optics are great…

    • MJr

      I vote for SLR-Magic. Their 12mm F1.7 has a awesome Cinematic look.

  • KlausB

    Is it FT2 or FT3? In the title is FT3, but you mentioned in the text FT2…

    • Fan

      And now it’s FT5!

  • Admin, I warn you, another news like this and I will faint :) It’s too good to be true, but keep my fingers crossed for this news! would be excellent for m43 community!

    • Mr. Reeee

      LOL! :-)
      No kidding. This beats the OM-D announcement in my book… even if it’s fake! ;-)

      • Miroslav

        Makes E-M5 just another body :).

  • Dius

    Holy batman. I’ll have to start saving, and get myself some more ND filters if this proves true.

    • MJr

      I have to start shaving as well, it’s getting hairy.

      • jim

        It’s beyond that for me – gonna have to start a life of crime… very expencive crime :)

  • Fan

    Without exif support and automated aperture I won’t buy it. MF is enough to live with.

    • Really? exif is the deal breaker for you?

      • Fan

        No, but “exif support and automated aperture” both missing is a deal breaker for me. I want electronics and motors in the lens.

        • MJr

          Well good luck with that. The problem with AF on a F.95 lens is that it will focus on someones ear from the side, or tip of the nose from the front and such.

          • Chez Wimpy

            If AF were a problem for those reasons here, an AF 35/2 on FF would be just as bad (they aren’t).

    • Steve

      Seriously? I have never cared one bit about exif. The 25/0.95 is lovely!

  • awesome news again after the E-M5…..2012 turns out to be not that bad i as initially thought

    • Mr. Reeee

      Before or AFTER the world comes to an end? ;-)

      • I will answer that question next year :-)

  • awaler

    The Olympus 17mm F2.8 sure needs a faster (and much sharper!) companion, no doubt, and the Panny 20mm F1.7 is (though not by a wide margin) not wide and not fast enough.

    But still, to be honest I cannot fully understand your enthusiasm about the above rumour.
    Just imagine a decent 17mm F1.4 lens.
    It would be one stop slower ok, however weigh a lot less and cost a lost less.

    • metalaryeh

      Samyang 17mm f1.4!

    • if it would be reasonable compact,lets say half the lenght/price of the nokton shown here, i would prefer the 1.4

    • +1. Don’t get me wrong, Voigtlander hyper fast primes are a huge step forward for the system, but i’d rather have an AF f/1.4 lens as well, maybe similar to what they did for the leica 25mm…

    • Mr. Reeee

      Have you used the Nokton 25mm? Honestly, do yourself a favor.
      If I were forced to dump every M4/3 lens I have and keep only ONE, this would be it! (Even if it does weigh more than my GH2.)

      Yes, it’s really that good! It’s extremely versatile, from very low-light to daylight, focuses at under 7″, has beautiful color rendition, feels good in the hand and is beautifully crafted. The Leica 25mm feels like a piece of junk in comparison. (yes, I’ve used the Leica 25mm and it’s a VERY good lens)

      You should check out the two other little Nokton primes: 35mm f1.4 and 40mm f1.4.

      • pdc

        Oh boy, we’re going to go broke in 2012. Nokton 17.5/0.95, you’re mine.
        The Nokton 25/0.95 is definitely my most used lens (except when travelling light and then it is the Panny 20/1.7).

      • Michael Devitt

        Yes, Voigtländers are true jewels but is it manual focusing comfortable with the MFT system? Any NDs putting on?

        • pdc

          If you need them get 67mm ND filters and screw into front of the hood.

          • Mr. Reeee

            Nah, get a 52mm and screw the hood onto the filter. That’s what Voigtländer recommends with any sort of filter.

  • I doubt this will be f/.95- it’d be awesome if it were though :) but that would be a hefty chunk of glass. I knew they were working on a wide angle, and I’m sure it will be fast- hopefully under f/2.0.

    Also- get your pre-orders on early… if the 25mm f/.95 was any indication- it will be hard to get the lens because of demand.

    • MJr

      Why do you doubt that? It’s m4/3 you know, only a small sensor surface to fill. ;) I’d doubt a 150mm equivalent F1.8 would be done, but hey it’s happening anyway, by Olympus themselves !

  • this seems plausible, looks like 2012 is the year when Micro Four thirds comes into its own :D

  • littorio

    GOD DAM##T YES!!! That’s all I was ever dreamed about… 25mm is a bit narrow for me, such a fast 17mm is just a DREAM COME TRUE!!!!!! Thank you very much admin!

    many excused for emotions… :)

    • Philip

      This is sooo nice! I’ve been holding out for the 25mm since it’s a little long and a little big. This should be just perfect! Expensive, yes. But perfect!

  • Eric

    Would have been more exciting had this been a 50mm, but maybe that’ll come in the future.

    • Maybe Leica can make you happy with the Noctilux 50mm 0.95?

      • Narretz

        well, Voigtländer makes native m43 lenses, this is still something to consider, even if they have manual focus and aperture. Adapter makes it even more bulky.

        • Mr. Reeee

          No adaptor necessary for a native m4/3 lens.

          If you are adapting Leica or Voigtländer M mount lenses, M mount adaptor is only 9mm thick, so it adds little size/bulk.

          @ Eric… Check out the Voigtländer 50mm f1.1 lens.

          • The Voigt 1.1, Leica Nocti, and SLR Magic 50mm are all nice lenses for sure, but they are also all designed to cover full frame, which makes each and every one of them needlessly large for m4/3’s cameras. While I have fun adapting my old Pentax lenses, and even some cheaper rangefinder glass, I personally don’t want to pay $1000+ for a non-native lens.

            Plus, most all Leica M glass has one very annoying issue: close focusing distance. I love the build quality of my Voigtlander 35mm 2.5 Skopar, but I find the close focusing issue so annoying I’m going to sell it as soon as I can get in the frame of mind to deal with eBay again.

            • Mr. Reeee

              I agree about the close focus. The Nokton 25mm focuses just shy of 7″ where the Nokton 35mm f1.4 focuses at something like 30″. It’s really annoying when shooting my dinner! ;-)

    • While I’m excited about the 17mm, I agree, a 45mm or 50mm superfast portrait lens would be really nice to have for bokeh junkies (and there are tons of those). A 45mm f/0.95 would come close to creating the look we used to get from classic 85mm f/1.4 full frame portrait primes.

      Sadly, the Leica Noctilux is way out of most peoples price range, and some of the alternatives, such as the new SLR Magic Hyper 50mm/0.95 are really large lenses. I’d prefer a dedicated m4/3’s 45mm just to save a bit of bulk if nothing else. That new SLR Magic 50mm would be way out of balance on a m4/3’s body.

      • Michael Devitt

        I think ultra fast telephoto from Voigtländer is on the way too. A bokeh master :D.

  • Sneye

    Indeed. M4/3 looks more and more like a system.

  • G13RS

    WOW! The perfect street lens for M43!!! I owned the 25/0.95 in the past but this will be here to stay. I just need to be a bit lighter or at least the same weight!

  • WHOA, I stand corrected about the f/.95- that’s AMAZING.

    I’m also sure the first thing I’ll see in comments of it’s official announcement is “will this be for the NEX?” ;)

    • MJr

      Well it won’t because it probably costs twice as much to make anything .95 for aps-c. :/

  • I would prefer a 17.5/1.4 with AF from Pana or Oly. Just repleaced my 25/0.95 with a PanaLeica 25/1.4 and I’m very happy with this decision.

    • Hey, could you please share your rationale on replacing the voigtlander with the panaleica? I’m interested in hearing your thoughts.

      I would think the AF PanaLeica would be the go-to option for most users.

      • Sure.
        1.: AF with face detection. A dream to use for kid portraits.
        2.: in autoISO mode the camera can use the right shutter speed.
        3.: The Nokton was very soft in the extrem corners even at f/5.6. The PL is a way better here.
        4.: Lighter, smaller, cheaper.

        On the other hand the Nokton was super for close-ups, the PL has longer MFD. :( I’ll miss that.

        • Frederic Hew

          I have the older Summilux and the Nokton.

          Judging by my experience with both lenses, online reviews and (insufficient) comparisons between the old and new Summilux versions, the new Summilux is probably a much better choice than the Nokton. If it has the same micro contrast and color rendition as the older 4/3 version, then the Nokton is really no match to it. Even if this is not the case, it is much sharper across the frame.

          The Nokton may be a better choice when it comes to video, but that’s about it.

    • inis44

      I’m also happy with PanaLeica 25/1.4. It’s nice to see this Voightlander but without optical stabilization and only MF, that would be unusable lens for my family for GF3 :(
      Why other manufacturers don’t add switchable stabilization and AF? Is it a patent problem?

  • OlyFan

    Hmmm, 1095? No thanks. Good news for m43 though.

    • MJr

      It’s a lot of money, but not at all expensive FYI.

      • shutterwill

        +1, not expensive for a 0.95

        • metalaryeh

          That’s true. It’s not expensive for a 0.95, but unfortunately that doesn’t make it affordable. My Samyang 85mm 1.4 for 4/3 is plenty fast and sharp wide open…

          New on ebay (USA) for $270

          • MJr

            Yeah sure, 85mm is basically the same as 17.5mm anyway, and every other fast lens in the world fits m4/3 natively as well. It’s not like it’s the first 17.5mm F.95 in world or anything. In fact, why not just use the kit lens and let sensor stabilization do the work.

            • metalaryeh

              Your right. f1.4 is just not fast enough. And judging by the rest of their line up, Samyang will probably charge $1200 for a 17mm f1.4. I guess I’ll just do as you say and use the kit lens.

              The Panasonic 20mm f1.7 is being sold for $340. You don’t think someone could make a MANUAL 17mm f1.4 for $700? I’m not putting down this Nokton, it would just be nice for to have a cheaper option.

              Although I’m sure this lens will be great. There is something to be said for a lens maker producing a product that us peasants could buy.

          • Berthie Bernunsa

            There are tons of great choices in legacy glass for tele. Om 90/2, nikkor 85 1.4, etc. But we re talking 180 or something tele lenses. There is a very limited choice for bright wideangles for the crop factor for ft sensors. Even the exotic 21/2 om is ‘just’ a 42 mm barely normal lense in ft. The 17.5 is therefore among the best and most eagerly awaited and welcome lenses for the system. At an almost unmatched aperture too…

  • DeZ

    Oh, my wishes got heard! My heart stopped for a minute when I read this at first! Then I read it agin, and again…ohh…. : ))))))))))))

  • Not for me. But great for M4/3.

  • Maitani

    If that id true i will buy a m43 again, 35 f1.9 eqivalent dof that IS really something

  • sephsharp


  • Maitani

    Voigtlander rocks unbelievably

  • Richard

    The only 25mm f0.95 I’ve seen that was worth owning is a Schneider 1″ CCTV lens. $2300 new, soft-vignettes, but much better wide open sharpness than the camera lenses offered with that kind of speed, except for perhaps Leica’s Nokt. And the Schneider is 1/4 the size of most of the fast wide, fast primes out there that are designed for 35mm film sized sensor.

  • Camaman

    Wow 25 and 17.5 are egg to egg alike! You would have to label them with colored rings to tell them apart.

    One more thing… infinity after 1m mark: Does that actually mean if set to infinity objects at 2, 3, 5, etc meters will be in focus? I know it might sound silly, but I am confused at the moment so bare with me… :-)

  • Dear god, yet another great lens for m4/3! It’s very welcome!

  • Kosta

    Too bad they probably won’t make this for the Sony NEX :(

  • Anonymous

    Wow ,.. This year 2012 , will be the year of M43 system ,as the body and the GLASS is getting mature, Fuji X PRO might be great but , M 43 is running so fast ,forget about any other mirrorless system such as , nikon , pentax and Sony ,.. WE ARE GETTING STRONGER ,

    I thought for 17 F 1.2 but this is way faster

  • Mr. Reeee

    Mainline Photo, in England, says it’s just been released and they’re taking pre-orders! But there’s nothing on the Voigtländer web site.

  • Maitani

    This + om d i dont need another lens. Heck, ll buy this even for 1500… I wait for this 5 years now. A fast 35 and we re getting a super fast one. With such an aperture who needs junk like Is and af.

    Great news

  • compositor20

    For daylight f5.6 and 17.5mm lens you can have the lens focused at 3.60meters and everything from 2 meters to infinity will be in focus!!!(you need to find this once, since I dont know if those marks 8 16 and 4 have some meaning)

  • Nic Walmsley

    Far out. All these new lenses are so fantastic for the system, but it sure makes deciding what to get harder and harder. 17mm vs 25mm is a real tough one for me. And that 75mm looks like a wicked lens.

  • Olympus, repeat after me:

    Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,Focus Peaking,

    • Esa Tuunanen

      I think we might need to get that Asian “camera joshi” to say that for Olympus headquarters to hear it…

      • MJr

        I’ll spread the word through Yakuza with next weeks payout.

    • Use Japanese language, Olympus managers may not understand it :)

      • Vril_Ya

        as per Milos’s request…

    • Craig Richardson

      Peaking is one of those features that I would have thought would be standard by now. The fact that both Oly and Panasonic have been silent on the topic is very odd. Perhaps it requires more horsepower than the cameras are capable of, or maybe it is a patent issue.

      • Miroslav

        I suppose it requires sensor optimization on such a level that only Panasonic can enable it. That’s why only companies that use Sony sensors ( Ricoh, Pentax and Sony itself ) have that feature.

      • Mr. Reeee

        + 1 + more zeroes than I can count!

    • JimD

      Would you repeat that, I didn’t get it all.

    • Miroslav


  • Jed

    I think this goes back to the lens manufactures sign ups last year. I reckon they were shown om d super large viewfinder spec with great manual focussing.

  • aik

    would be great for video…now we really need a good firmware from olmypus(custom bitrate and peaking-fokus)…hackable and open. .please dear olympus ings help us :)

  • nobody

    35mm equivalent is not my cup of tea, I think I rather wait for the 12mm f1.4, when ever it may appear :)

    • Ralentizeur

      i feel exactly the opposite, 12 too wide for me, but everybody is different

  • flash

    That is fast. My Dads favorite lens for 35mm film is his Voigtländer Skopar, this would give me the same focal length. I hope the similar contrast and color.

    Maybe Cosina can make a nice mFT camera with out auto focusing allowing it to use a super sensornfor us barrel turners. I think they should make it look like a Ducati, or even that recent design exercise.

    MFTs has some real nice primes, still need a 10mm and 100mm for the quiver.

    Primes are for the enthusiast, Zooms are for novices and pros. It is more enjoyable for me to use primes. With digital primes are nice as you can crop even in the camera.

  • Jason

    Is the Nokton a good video lens?

    • Ralentizeur

      you bet, one of the best out there

      • Jason

        Does the focusing make noise?

        I’ve tried to shoot videos with the 20 mm f/1.7 and the results have not been good. I’ve also used the 50 mm f/2.0 and that is even worse than the 20 mm for video in my opinion…

        • Sim

          The focusing on the Nokton is not electronic, so it’s completely smooth and silent for video. I’ve tried the 20mm as well, and it’s terrible for video.

        • Berthie Bernunsa

          True the 20 although being a great lens is noisy as hell, so is the 50 macro. mechanical stuff like voigtlander or om, or ais nikkors or takumars are smooth and great for video

        • Mr. Reeee

          It’s a MANUAL lens!
          YOU are the motor, so it really depends on what you ate for lunch! ;-)

        • Jason

          Thank you for your input.

  • Great news!

  • MD

    I just bought the 25mm 0.95 two weeks ago…I love it, but now I want this one. Question: Do you think it makes sense to keep the 25mm?

    • Russ

      When you shoot with the 25mm, do you wish that it was just a little bit wider? If so, you should get the 17.5mm. Otherwise just enjoy your 25mm.

  • Rinaldo

    Looking carefully is possible to read, at least deduce it is written 17.5mmF0.95 just like on the 25. For me it’s not fake!! Next will be a 50mmF0.95…. :)

    • Overbastubacka

      No need for a native m43 50mm IMO. Voigtländer produces the 50mm f1.1 already. I hope they complete this magnificent set with a 12mm f1.2!

      • Rinaldo

        I had the 1.1 and sold it because it is too big for m4/3 IMO. Now I have the 50/1.5 that is small and great, but discontinued! Hope they fill the fast prime line, keeping the size compromise. And a 12/1.2 would be great indeed!!

  • Berneck

    Has there been any talk about the E-M5 having focus peaking? Or some sort of manual focus assist?

  • 2012 is going to be an expensive year… So many lenses to buy and a camera body to update.

    This lens will be added to my 25mm 0.95 which hasn’t come off my EPL-1 since I bought it in the first shipment. It will go on my OM-D…. I will also pick up the new Olympus 60mm macro, then wait patiently for Voitlander to release a portrait telephoto for micro four thirds. In the mean time I will probably settle for the Olympus 45mm.

    Yes, I would like to have ‘Focus peaking’, I find it very easy to focus the 25mm f0.95 with the electronic viewfinder when it is wide open, then I just close it down to shooting aperture. My only wish would be to see what aperture I am using in my viewfinder, but that isn’t going to happen with these beautiful lenses.

  • Farrukh

    Great addition, hope it is affordable!

  • Butt Erflie

    This announcement takes the frontseat even to the great om-d thing

  • Robbie

    Focus peaking is great but not to such an extent that it is a must. Manual focus is great on NEX not just because of peaking but also better screen (when compared to E-P1/2s.) What Olympus need to do is just change that clumsy and stupid steps in magnifying.

  • Daemonius


    And now what about 100mm f1.4 or f1.8? :)

    Theres plenty of 50mm with low F number, but there isnt any really fast telephoto lens. At least not that kind that would be suitable for m4/3s or affordable. Voigtlaender is expensive, but compared to SHG lens from Olympus, they are quite cheap. :D

  • Bidou

    Great! Finally an high end ( manual focus ) 35 mm equiv for m43.

    But did someone realise that it cost the same price as a whole fuji x100 ?

    • Camaman

      LOL! No kidding. These lenses are priced like jewelry.
      I guess that is because US men don’t have to as much fancy things to spend our monies on like women do.

      That’s why they polish some glass put it in a metal tube, tell a nice story how some poor guy polished it for hours and hours and charge you a few grand for the final product. Go take your pictures with it… :-)

      And we all know, us men can relate to polishing stuff, and appreciate polished stuff. :-)

  • Miroslav

    Wow! In one swoop they stole the limelight from E-M5. With this one, m4/3 will be very hard to beat. Maybe not the greatest number of lenses, but this number of great lenses cannot be found in any other system. Sell your 20mm F1.7 before it’s too late ;).

    Now we need focus peaking – badly.

    • Jason

      I’m thinking about selling my 20 mm now that this is coming. I wonder if the 17.5 mm has as good of magnification as the 25 mm Voigtlander?

  • ed

    Why is a 17,5 mm lens so long. Should the glass not be 17,5mm from the focal plane — .i.e, the sensor?

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