(FT3) High End OM camera coming within the next 6 months? E-M5 price drop this winter.


The special Olympus adapter patent (via Egami).

Two (anonymous) sources sent me the same short and precise message. The High End digital OM camera is already in the final testing phase. And one of the sources wrote that the actual Olympus E-M5 will get a price drop this winter because of the new E-Mx camera. I hope trusted sources are reading this and can confirm (or deny) the rumor soon. Meantime thanks to the two new sources for sending me this! Hope you can share us some more bits about the cam soon!

I have no specs yet but as I told you back in January Olympus managers said that they are focusing on the viewfinder technology. So this camera may be able to use both electronic and optical viewfinders but in a different way than the Fuji X PRO 1. It may will use a special adapter with built-in mirror instead. We already have seen some patents regarding this from Olympus and Sony NEX adapter (Click here) and even better the Leica Visoflex (here on eBay) prove that this is a realizable goal. But that’s just pure speculation for now.

Have an idea…may you write here what you would expect form a High End OM camera? What should it have? Will than put a poll on that!

Check the E-M5 in Stock status: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

Here is the chronological ordered list of all OM film cameras ever made by Olympus. Click on the names to see them on eBay (ordered by first announced camera): M-1, OM-1, OM-1 MD, OM-1N, OM-2, OM-2N, OM-2S/SP, OM-3, OM-3Ti, OM-4, OM-4T/Ti black and chrome, OM-10, OM-20 (OM-G), OM-30(OM-F), OM-40 (OM-PC), OM-77AF (OM-707), OM-88 (OM-101), OM-2000.

Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • adriaantie

    APS-C size sensor.

    • edee

      why would it have an APSC sensor the E-M5 is already as good as the D800 LOL

      • Paul

        E-M5 has a really good sensor, but it’s not match for a 135 format sensor in D800. Don’t fool yourself.

        • edee

          @Paul , have you heard of humour lol

          • for the high end O-MD
            1.custom gradient maps
            2. custom aspect ratios
            3. more grainy black and white options (colours)
            4. built in time lapse
            5. slow mo options in video
            6. better performance of the art filters in video mode
            7. more options in multiple exposure mode ie blending modes and ability to use image stored on internal memory or 2nd SD card
            8. built in wi-fi
            9. wireless remote control for photo and video
            10. something like the Fuzel/Diptic app available on the iphone
            11. more filters like on Pixlr-o-matic
            12. apps for the E-M7
            14.Dual SD card slots
            15. Full tilt and swivel LCD screen
            16. Built in ND filter
            17. In-camera battery charging via USB
            18. Panoramic stitching processing within camera

            • Steve H

              My wish list:

              – Support for PDAF lenses
              – Built in wi-fi and wireless remote control
              – Tilt and swivel screen
              – higher bit rate for video
              – overcranking and undercranking frame rate options for video
              – variable aspect ratios
              – dual sd card slots and the ability to record to each at the same time, i.e. taking raw photos while recording video.

      • confused

        … aaaaannnd you’re dumb.

    • Olympius

      full-frame sensor.

      • Lars Beduhn

        *yawn* you guys are kiddies… with toys!

        I want AT LEAST a Medium Format sensor with 44x33mm!!!


        • Will

          Hahahahahahaha Large Format Sensor

          • Lars Beduhn

            Still kindergarten.

            I want a Pro OM with a sensor AT LEAST the size of Hubble’s!

          • The Other Chris

            I want a 4″ x 5″ Aptina sensor with on-chip phase detection, but it better be able to fit in my pocket… and it had damn well better be less than $1000 with an f/0.95 pancake lens.

            • Anonytrackball

              Including lens hood!

    • Spunjji

      Less trolling.

    • mister_roboto

      Going from APS-C to 4/3 is a marginal boost- and barely worth changing an entire set line up of lens mounts.

      there are other companies who make APS-C mirrorless cameras- perhaps you should go to their comments instead of these.

    • Anonytrackball


    • Booe

      No way, crop 2 is Olympus’ religion

  • needs to have spot metering linked to spot focus as a minimum, autofocus on 100% of the screen/frame would be nice too…

    • I’ve never read all the specs on the M5 but I sure would have thought it would have these already. What it really needs is a built in flash, swivel screen and improved transition between the screen and EVF. These are the main reasons I didn’t buy the M5 even though I like a lot of the other things about it.

      • Geoff

        Mark, one needs to be careful using the title M5 as Leica gets touchy about such things, let’s not forget the Original Olympus M-1 changed to OM-1 as Leica had claimed the ‘M’ nomenclature for it’s camera range, God forbid (for that read Barnack) that they do it again.

  • Olympius

    A high-end “OM” type camera? What could it do that the E-M5 does not?

    There’s no way there can be an optical finder on a micro 4/3 camera, for a whole bunch of techy reasons I won’t go into. But they could have a super-hi-res EVF, that would make sense. And a higher resolution sensor — maybe 20 or even 24mp.

    But what would such a thing cost? $1500 to $1700 USD body only?

    If anything, I could see a low-end, non-weather sealed “OM” to compete with the G5, but something more expensive and advanced than the E-M5?

    Well, we will be anxiously awaiting more information…

    – Olympius

    • Mr. Reeee

      A $200 lens hood. ;-)

      • mister_roboto

        Hardware. Olympus has always stated that the E-M5 is not a “pro” camera. What they mean by Pro: long lasting mechanical life with a special maintenance schedule.

    • freddy

      Agree, I also believe there wont by a higher end model, more likely, a less expensive one, probably not weather sealed.
      Makes more sense.
      They cant keep up with demand, and they are releasing a new one to compete with their own product?
      Don’t think so.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      You want to lower performance of sensor and aperture where diffraction starts blurring image?

      Only place they should add pixels is outside 4:3 frame for true non FOV cropping multiaspect ratio ability like in Panasonic GHs.

    • JimD

      An optical viewfinder is possible it may not be ttl but a single window with mirror to the eye viewer is easy. Then add a waterbubble lens to give magnification to match the lens fl data for correct FOV.
      License the system to the rangefinder mob and make a fortune out of Leica.

  • Marck

    The target should not be to have an OVF, we already have very good EVFs (like the one of my E-M5). The REAL target should be to implement PDAF in a 4/3-m4/3 adapter (maybe with a traslucent mirror?) for all those old but wonderful 4/3 lenses.

    No need for everything else IMHO.

    • BLI

      + 1 — this is much more important than OVF. Would allow for use of 43 lenses + give faster C-AF. They should also have more battery capacity in the basic camera. And avoid the smallest butons, etc.

    • OllieS

      Disagree, I much prefer ovf’s. evfs have a long way to go before they can fool my eyes

    • Jens

      Do we need a mirror for that? The 650D and others have some phase detection on the sensor integrated. That might be the way to go, would it? EVF is fine, otherwise get a hefty DSLR… :-)

    • Jens

      Do we really need a mirror for that?! Other cameras, e.g. 650D, have some limitid phase detection on the sensor integrated, that’s the way to ge, isn’t it?

    • bonzo

      Word! Your shooting will be hardly limited by the current EVF. The quality could be better… No doubt about it. But right now it is sufficient. PDAF is a different story since C-AF isnt really useful right now. Plus there is a lot of good glass for 4/3…

      • Booe

        If you need to use a lot of good 4/3 glass, why wouldn’t you want an updated 4/3 DSLR (perhaps, with optional EVF)?

  • edee

    @youdidntdidyou I don’t know why you care the shit images in your galleries could be taken with the lowest end compact around. Here are some tips to try out, focus correctly, frame the subject correctly, expose properly. You are lucky that your white trash customers are easy pleased. Just in case others think i am being mean here are some examples of the crap this fool charges people for, Jesus do you not have a conscience. You should be reported to trading standards

    • BLI

      @ edee — if you don’t have anything more interesting to say than personal attacs, please spare us.

    • @edee
      perhaps you can show us how it’s done???? or perhaps not!
      flickr 1. wedding couple number booked from Spain – your suggested exposure
      flickr 2. groom is a graphic designer into his photography and looked at many others before booking me –
      flickr 3. our top package – your suggested exposure or you not brave enough to slow synch?
      flickr 4. a natural shot sooc you should try it sometime – the couple have booked me since for their 2nd bigger wedding service abroad next year
      flickr 5. the couple have already said they love this photo and the wedding couple are based quite a distance away…
      flickr 6. what exposure do you suggest into this moving car? youn have probably never come out of pattern/multi metering or used exposure compensation…
      flickr 7. the wedding couple loved this shot, are you scared to blow out backgrounds for composition??

      ALL the wedding couples in the above photos have middle class jobs hardly “white trash”, which shots are in correctly focused or framed??

      perhaps you can show us how it’s done???? or perhaps not with your lame photos are you all talk…..

      • “…flickr 7. the wedding couple loved this shot, are you scared to blow out backgrounds for composition?…”

        Well, composition – or better said the lack of it – is exactly what I would criticise in the pics linked to by edee. But what do I know? I’m just a hobbyist and maybe this is a special, artistic approach?

        • TomR

          I love shots 6 and 7 – thanks edee for bringing them to my attention.

        • littlemt

          wow. Almost every picture I see in the flickr account I would have deleted.
          But if your customers are happy with these horid images, thats all that matters.

          • PDAF. Better focus tracking. Wider bracketing options.

          • @little mt
            my many discerning clients are very happy with my work, are yours?????

            • ramrod

              Why would his clients be happy with your pictures? :-P
              Many of your “discerning clients” look like carnies, who smell of cabbage. :-D

              • @ramrod
                “carnies” is a RACIST term… is that the best you can do?

        • rubits

          edee is an idiot, you shouldn’t listen to him or side with him. His first comment here, “why would it have an APSC sensor the E-M5 is already as good as the D800 LOL,” sort of screwed his credibility before it could stand. If you’re going to criticize, make it constructive, don’t be dicks.

          • edee

            @rubits the D800 comment was a joke hence the “lol” at the end of it. The photos linked to and hundreds more in his gallery are dreadful it is pretty hard to find a good one, but I am sure if you hunt deep enough monkeys and typewriters lol

      • edee

        I am not a wedding photographer and neither are you lol . I am not a chef but it is pretty easy to tell if a meal is crap, just like your photos

        • Shad

          @edee I wouldn’t word it so strongly but I agree with you. If I were to bring wedding photos back to the studio like those, I would be fired on the spot…

          I do get the whole artistic side but basics are basics, the composition is pretty bad. I wouldn’t be happy if I were the bride, but this just shows a LOT of people don’t know better.

          Iv seen worst though. He probably doesn’t charge much so it balances out.

    • @edee I don’t suppose you would happen to be an unemployed wedding photographer by any chance? Show us your fabulous body of work. I’m sure everyone will be happy to judge your work in the same gracious spirit with which you have chosen to judge others.

      • edee

        The photos in his gallery are almost universally crap look at them the BS pats on the back because the guy uses a mFT camera do not change the fact that they are dreadful

        • @edee
          flickr has a easy to use commenting system, shame you are too effing stupid to use it.

    • Spunjji

      I don’t feel like being polite, edee. Fuck off. Nobody will miss you.

      • :)

      • edee

        Look through his photos and if you think they are good ,you are as messed up as him or maybe you are him lol

    • JimD

      Fool. Yes edee you.

  • TheEye

    The E-MX must have a body big enough to be comfortably held by adult hands. It should have an integrated vertical grip. The viewfinder eyepiece should have a ROUND eyecup fit for a HUMAN eyesocket. The eyepiece should not stick out far. Backlighted buttons! Don’t need art filters and scene modes. Want hyperfocal focus mode. 4/3 lens AF compatibility is a must. Want fast and accurate center AF. ISO 100 setting and dedicated ISO button.

    • BLI

      Backlighted buttons? So when you lie there aiming at the grizzly 30 yards away and want to change ISO, you suddenly light up like a Christmas tree? :-).

      • TheEye

        What’s that bear doing behind me? :-O

        • Anonymous

          Hello, sailor! That is not a bear, wink wink ;)

          • TheEye

            You would know, wouldn’t you? :-P

      • BLI

        Of course, the focus beeping can be turned off, so it may be possible to do so with the back-lit buttons, too …

        • TheEye

          I forgot to mention a 1/250 or shorter synch speed without having to resort to FP mode. I may want to fill-flash that sneaky grizzly! :-P

    • Esa Tuunanen

      No integrated vertical grip because that would make it even bigger than 4/3 DSLRs.
      And round eyecup has to have bigger diameter than height of rectangular eyecup conforming to edges of image so that could as well be accessory. (like various eyecups of higher end DSLRs)

      That hyperfocal focus distance would definitely be usefull for night landscapes and sky.
      (also showing of focus distance in EVF if it’s possible)

    • JimD

      It must NOT have an X in the name.

      • This will not have X in name, X is a number.
        I think Olympus do the same now so E-P1 come, E-P2 come straight back.
        So maybe a E-M6 come in september. ;-)

    • JimD

      I think an integrated grip is not the way to go. It restricts the market (me out for one). An add on grip is better for flexibility.
      The viewfinder needs to be extendible and tiltable to 90 degrees for low level and tripod portrait use.

  • harrtew

    The one worry I have is that the E-M5 is coming in at £999 { which get you into some pretty well specced DSLR cameras}how much would the charge for a “pro” model. There is talk of both Canon and Nikon bringing out cheap FF cameras with image quality far better than mFT

  • st3v4nt

    If this rumor true I really don’t understand what the strategy Olympus have in their sleeve. Do they want to kill the OM-D success? Why on earth would anyone called the hybrid OVF/EVF better than EVF….? People buy XPro 1 definitely not because of their OVF/EVF hybrid but do to the range finder style and IQ …..unless this new camera have something truly new in term of IQ and AF sensor, I find hard to justify people that purchase it.

  • chronocommando

    Shutter speed faster than 1/4000
    ISO less than 100

  • shooter

    Built in flash & swivel screen like the G5.

  • OllieS

    Great news – I read high end to mean compatability with 43 lenses. OVF would be a bonus… could this finally be the camera to bridge the systems?

  • Christian

    I doubt the credibility of this rumor. However, the only reason for launching a new pro-mFT would be improved compatibility with FT-lenses, so I keep my fingers crossed for it to be true.

    • Schwarz

      I don’t doubt the credibility of this rumour. Last week a salesperson in my local camera shop told me another high end Olympus 4/3 would be coming out within the next couple of months and the price of the OM-D would drop. This info apparently came from an Olympus rep. My guess is the UK offer of a free case up until end of July is to cover differential and a price drop may be along in August.

    • Martin

      The other reason for launching a pro-mFT could be to offer best-in-class viewfinder magnification. While the E-M5’s viewfinder offers a considerably larger picture than most of its APS-C DSLR competitors, it still falls short when compared to Panasonic’s EVF offers, be it in the GH2 or even the much cheaper G3. An Olympus pro-mFT could cure this issue by bettering Panasonic’s viewfinder magnification -and thereby also that of typical full-frame DSLRs- by a fair margin. This would certainly change the rules of the game, as it would provide framing capabilities beyond those offered by any existing OVF.

      • Esa Tuunanen

        Sony A77’s EVF is the one to beat. (despite of same display element NEX-7’s EVF is worser because of its tiny optics)
        Actually even closely same size EVF would be excellent.

  • This upper tier model would make little sense w/out the 4/3 compatibility.
    Indeed, @ canonwatch you can already see the specs of a Canon FF below 2000 $.
    To respond Oly needs to have absolutely the best sensor, and the best resolution.
    If the camera can have smaller lenses than it can compete, but say, like the X Pro 1 it cannot go higher than 1500 $.

    So smaller wt part optical viewfinder and adapter – the patent – might make sense.

    • rubits

      almaric canon mirrorless the thing to beat? you’re kidding me right? tech-sploitation is all canon knows how to do. it will sell to canon fanatics and wealthy hobbyists who want the brand. The only justification for buying it would be full lens support of canon’s lenses and previous investment in those lenses.

      • rubits

        owe… sorry i thought you were referring to their mirrorless which i was uninformed on. That last comment stands though, as it is an accurate depiction of what their mirrorless will be. As for their entry level ff, I could care less. If it was a ff mirrorless though, i’d be singing a different tune.

    • JimD

      Cheap entry level FF cameras from canon and Nikon will do more to damage their own APSC sales than anything else.

  • Ricardo Cordeiro

    I think it isn’t realistic to wish for a bigger sensor since Olympus has a big commitment to m43, and the system is already too solid regarding lenses to part to another format.

    What I wish is all what the current OM-D has plus:
    – multi aspect sensor (like the one in the high-end panasonics)
    – more megapixels mantaining the current OM-D performance regarding ISO and DR
    – some sort of hybrid viewfinder
    – not much bigger/heavier than the current OM-D
    – silent shutter (very important on a camera of this type)

    • Ricardo Cordeiro

      And one more thing I forgot:
      – focus peaking or any other way to confortably use manual focus legacy lenses

  • 1. System features.
    1) Hybrid phase-detected/conrast-detected AF.
    2) 14 bit/color representation for photo.
    3) Wireless control from Android devices (WiFi and desirably Blutooth 3.0).
    4) External GPS unit support, or better GPS sensor (for using GIS software).
    5) USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt.
    6) Electronic shutter (like on G5) would be desirable.
    Most of these features (except Blutooth 3.0) are available on some Nikon cameras (and even on Samsung compacts) – nothing unique for High End.

    2. Decent video implementation: 1)1080@24p/30p/50p/60p;
    2)CLEAN RAW video via HDMI;
    3) headset/microphone sockets;
    4) timecode.
    Again nothing extraordinary from the hardware side (don’t dream about 4:2:2/12 bit).

    7. Dream: open interface for the third-party Apps (e.g. distortion control of the third-party lens manufacturers, user interfaces etc.), but it won’t happen without a legal pressure on manufacturers.

    • PPS Forgot to mention in the System features:

      7) ISO below 100 (not for the low noise but for the correct exposure of the long shots).
      8) Shooter speeds above 1/4000.
      9) Wireless flash control unit.

      • To Video:
        6) Full manual control.

    • Ditto:

      1. System features.
      1) Hybrid phase-detected/conrast-detected AF.
      2) 14 bit/color representation for photo.
      3) Wireless control from [iPhone &] Android devices (WiFi and desirably Blutooth 3.0).
      4) External GPS unit support, or better GPS sensor (for using GIS software).
      5) USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt.

      oh, and 6) sports: professional level focus tracking

      #1 is mandatory.
      #2-6 — extremely desirable/essential.

  • Well…
    Shutter speeds up to 1/8000, another step in the C-AF area – although I’m rather happy with what I can do with my E-M5 right now – full compatibility with the FT lenses (he said hopefully), ISO 50 would be nice – and compatibility with the HLD 6.

    • PPPS
      10) Fully-articulated screen – damn important feature for me (!)

      • Bart

        I actually dislike fully articulating displays. I quite realize they do have a few advantages, especially for video and ‘portrait orientation’ (and self portraits), but are a pita for waist level use and are way less robust mechanically.

        • + 100

          • @Bart
            1. Full articulation is not just about the self-portraits but rather for the full composition control in the situations where you are constrained in space. Picture like this:
            (shot from extended hands, vertical framing, ~2.5 m height) could not be made with OM-D, and there are many like that.
            2. It is always possible to make a robust full articulated screen – just have a look at the recent models from Samsung.

            • Bart

              The swivel mechanism is inherently less robust then a tilt mechanism.

              The viewing angle of an oled screen like the one on the e-m5 negates much of the need for a fully articulating screen but I agree that a fully articulating screen has advantages in some situations (you’ll notice I mentioned more then just self portraits).

              • @Bart.
                1. I would formulate it is more difficult to make it robust, but possible (look at this:
                http://www.dpreview.com/articles/4755461255/samsung-nx20-first-impressions ). I use my G2’s (not the best example of robustness) screen very extensively and so far had no problems. Perhaps the conceptual problem is water proof with full articulation (and perhaps that’s why rumors say water-proof GH3 will have tilt only).
                2. Sure tilt can substitute full-articulation in many situations, but far from all – and it is sufficient reason to want it.

                • bart

                  No, it is less robust because:
                  – single point where it is attached
                  – more complex construction

                  Any material improvement you can make to a fully articulated screen can usually also be made to a tilt only screen.

                  I have a G2 and an E-3, so I am rather familiar with articulating screens, both functionally and with regards to their construction.

              • PS Can give you examples when full articulation is necessary also in the horizontal (not only portrait) mode.

                • Christian

                  Water resistance is obviously no problem, as we can see from Olympus E-5.

                  • I meant that it is probably more difficult to implement water resistance on the full-articulated than on the tilt screens. And this might be a reason why GH3 supposed to have only tilt.

        • Christian

          No, the swivel mechanism is much better for two reasons:
          1) It can be used to protect the display from damage or staining.
          2) It can be used for taking pictures in vertical format.

          • Yes, I do need full articulation.

  • Henrik

    – better grip
    – side-hinging monitor
    – fully integrated flash
    – removable view finder

    • TheEye

      I agree on a better grip. I’m actually in favor of an inbuilt vertical grip, which makes for a a more rigid body. I’ve never taken the grip of my E-620, and any body smaller than that is too small for me to comfortably hold.

      The side-hinging mirror can be useful (especially she shooting in the studio, and when shooting verticals), but I’d prefer the simpler and more durable flip-down version that doesn’t become a liability in the field.

      I’m also not in favor of an inbuilt flash. It won’t be high enough to clear a larger lens. Also, if the flash breaks, the camera has to go in for repair. I always carry an external strobe anyway. But yes, I see why some want the convenience of an inbuilt flash.

      A removable and possibly tiltable VF would be great.

  • Full auto focus speed for the FT lenses
    and maybe ISO less than 100 would be good.

  • napalm

    hmmm high-end model but same E-M5 sensor? smells like an “E-5 like” model to me…

  • Dr No

    The only thing that is really missing for me is a GPS.
    A better grip and an inbuilt flash would be great too of course.
    Swivel screen? Sure, but is not necessary.

    IMO the current EM5 is almost the perfect camera but I’ll wait for the GH3 before I decide

  • Narretz

    A high-end camera should have an even better image quality – dynamic range + outstanding performance over the whole ISO-range.

    And of course it should work well with the 43 lenses … the lenses are the biggest step to being pro.

  • adriaantie

    No Noise form IBIS, beter dept of field, 60 frames per second, better buttons etc etc etc…….

    • Well that’s what I meant by superior sensor and resolution. 4/3 lenses can provide that if there is a PDAF device.

      We have seen in test comparisons that the OM-D is already very close to FF in terms of SNR, so to use pro lenses would be the last step. It can be done: the X Pro1 shows that it can compete with FF.

      I think a mix of fast zooms and small primes would be unbeatable. The problem of course is to find a *reliable* hybrid AF. I am not sure that PDAF on sensor is precise enough, but I could be wrong.

      The patent here shows instead a mechanical solution, with the added bonus of partial optical display. So it could work as a head up display.

    • Bart

      For those who actually require more then a tiny tiny tiny fraction of a picture to be in focus, a bit more DOF is actually better.

      You are stupidly single-mindedly obsessed by shallow DOF, and should go buy a full-frame system because of that.

      • Who are you answering to? I never mentioned that Oly needed a 135mm sensor.

        What I mentioned is that smaller format cameras must soon compete with cheaper FF cameras, so that they need all the resolution they can muster, both from the lenses and the sensors.

        By the tests of the OM-D I am quite convinced it can be done, and so that the size and flexibilty advantage will be maintained.

        BTW I am among those who chose deliberately m4/3 because it has *more* DOF, so don’t put words in my mouth.

        • Bart

          To Adriaantje of course. The post would have been indented one more level if it had been a reply to your post. Additionally, Adriaantje has a long standing reputation of being obsessed with shallow DOF, I don’t think the same is true for you :-)

          I am not sure I totally agree with your take on the Canikon ‘low end’ full frame cameras. From what I can tell, what Nikon is going to do is actually very close to the previous generation of ‘high end’ full frame cameras, so a lot closer to D3 or D700 performance then to D800 performance. Now, that will be a slight step up from what the E-M5 does, but by far not as dramatic as the ‘full frame moniker’ seems to suggest. Doing otherwise would mean they are shooting their own foot with regards to higher end full frame cameras.

          It definitely will be competition, but more in the sense of providing a different size/weight/build quality/image quality compromise, and not something being totally superior.

          • Harte

            @bart , the rumours about the low end Nikon FF say 24mp ,the Sony 24mp FF used in the likes of the A900 A850 and even on the D3X obviously it had better electronics etc but it is no slouch and easily outdoes our mFT models. It is APS that could be on the firing line.

    • JimD

      I missed that, what was the middle etc?

  • Ross

    It’s easy to dream & wish for the world, but remember how everybody dreamt up all those fantastical ideas to be in the E5 & were bitterly disappointed & then came all the dummy spitting. Let’s not go there again.

    I think some control buttons, functions & specs from the E5 mixed with the E-M5 features & specs, along with its capability to work with all 4/3’s lenses (PD-AF), would result in a wonderful camera. Maybe they might add some other new tech, but don’t wish for the impossible.

  • I see a mirror in the diagram. Why bother ???

    • Reto


  • Fabrizio

    1- work on a real professional viewfinder.
    2- work on native 100 ISO (50 if possible) for cleaner image AND for use large f-aperture to skip a one of the few limitation of the system: the big depth of field. (also other tweaks on DR and hig ISO would be welcome seen the 600-700 euro more that i’ll have to put for it).
    3- a shutter speed up to 1/8000 for the same reason above.
    4- improved focus tracking.
    5- Zuiko, give us top quality (weather-sealed) 25mm f1.2 or 17mm f1.4 (1.2 if you can) please. We all know you are capable of it.
    6- improved battery life.
    7- however stay in compact body…
    8- …but with button little bigger and better, to be faster in critical uses.
    This would be THE ultimate camera for serious street photography and photojournalism. THE ultimate camera to carry around you everywhere… but this is only my opinion.

  • Reto

    Fully articulating lcd screen PLEASE!

  • Reto

    Fully articulating lcd screen PLEASE! I use my GH1 professionally in the studio (for work) and I wouldn’t want a camera that doesn’t have it.

  • Yun

    With this rumour , even convince me that the much much anticipated very very highend camera from Pana may become a reality . Let’s see who will come first ? 2012 to 2013 , all Pro cameras ?
    With the new X Fujifilm cameras still hang in my shopping list , it really depend on Oly & Pana if they are capable to deliver something consider a PRO .

  • Chris K

    1) Working C-AF. Beat the Canon 7D.
    2) LCD review independent of the EVF
    3) Viewfinder blackout times at least as good as your average DSLR
    4) ISO 100. Preferably ISO 50.
    5) 1/8000sec
    6) Focus peaking
    7) Compatibility with the HLD-6, or a gripped body compatible with the vertical grip portion

    If they can do #1-3 I can sell my 7D and 100-400, and I’ll happily buy it, despite having a brand new EM5 in my bag. If they can do all seven I’ll do so without grumbling. :)

  • Alex

    Why don’t you all buy film cameras

    • TheEye

      I don’t have to buy film cameras, because I still have them. And with a modern emulsion, image quality of those “film holders” is always up to date!

  • PDAF. 1/8000. Better focus tracking. Wider bracketing options.

    And bullshit-seeking anti-troll missiles built into the hump.

  • Camaman

    LOOOOL at all of you!
    It will be PRO Cause it will have built in grip and will look like a small D4 it will have “pro” designation in the name and maybe be compatible with some upcoming PDAF 43 lens mount adapter!

    Thats all!

  • Olympus said before that O-M5 wasn’t a PRO camera and one of the reasons being the fact it wasn’t as reliable as a PRO camera should be, like the number of pics you could take, for example.

    As it seems that they are not going to upgrade the PRO DSLR cameras, this camera may have a more DSLR-like body. But I don’t know how they can put a mirror without affecting the m4/3 flange distance, so it will be interesting to find out.

    I would like it to have a better video, lower ISO, is it possible to have those digital ND filter?

    • Bart

      I wonder, why does it seem like Olympus isn’t going to release a new E-x (pro level DSLR) anymore? The E-5 is about 1 1/2 years old, and that is a very short life-cycle for a pro level camera. If a replacement appears this year, it would still be early.

      • Boooo!

        Can they afford not to?

        Imagine the E-7 coming out late next year. By that time, the sensor in it will have been a year and a half old, likely used even in their low-end PEN cameras.

        Time is essential, and I’ve heard from a lot of fellow Oly 4/3 users that they’re switching systems if nothing new comes out at Photokina.

        If it comes out this year, then it’s 2 years after the E-5, which was a lukewarm upgrade over the E-3, with the same sensor that has been used since 2008. Flagships are supposed to be trendsetters and use the best available sensors at the moment (at least with other companies); essentially, an E-7 that hypothetically comes out this year replaces four-year-old technology. An E-7 that comes out in late 2013 becomes obscure old news.

        • Bart

          Late 2013 would be too late indeed. My point was that not having a replacement after say a year and a half is not surprising and no indication that no replacement will appear at all.

          Technically, all an E-5 replacement has to do is provide what the E-M5 provides in sensor, IBIS and processing, but in an E-3 alike body, since the only real reason for releasing it would be to bridge the time until Olympus actually has the products in place to provide a real m4/3 alternative (including the ability to make good use of all 4/3 glass).

          I don’t think Olympus has any intention to even try to compete with something like the 5Dmk2 with a 4/3 camera anymore, that would require investments that would seriously hurt the focus on m4/3 I’d think, hence I don’t expect any groundbreaking new technology beyond what was introduced with the E-M5. Also, I believe the actual hardware for a new E-x actually pre-dates the E-M5 (tho they might not have been able to fit all new things from it into the E-M5).

  • Those who are asking for larger format must be kidding . it would not make ANY sense at Olympus at this point to change sensor size. The OMD is successful because of the size of the camera AND its lenses. NOBODY wants bigger lenses which would make lenses useless on another camera

    what a more serious body than the EM5 needs :
    Custom modes on the dials instead of all silly amateurish scene modes
    a better EVF if possible at least higher magnification
    focus peaking for manual focus lenses
    USB 3.0 connection
    NO flash
    higher quality shutter less noisy and with higher shutter count
    better finish of the eyepiece , a sore point of all Olympus cameras
    a real selection of weather sealed lenses !!! having an entry zoom and a macro lens does not cut it !

    • LisergicSyn


      Looking at the new/next bodies in MFT (OMD and soon GH3) what really lacks is a decent amount of WR proof lenses.

      I mean, having the pana 20mm/25mm and the oly 45mm could be a good start. In this field Pentax sets the direction.

      • Ash


        Any new camera will be made to fit the m4/3 lens lineup which means an m4/3 sensor size.

        As far as the shutter goes, a fully functional electronic shutter would be a killer feature like the G5.

    • Dr No

      “Custom modes on the dials instead of all silly amateurish scene modes”


      My pet hate. The gazilion scene modes and “artistic” filters are the most useless thing ever. I hate that they get such prominence on buttons and wheels. I like to have one wheel for shutter, one for aperture and something easy for ISO changes, all with Auto options. The multi functional rocker/lever on the G5 seems to be a good idea.

  • Even if the Oly EVF is the best of current alternatives according to “Serious compacts”, there is plenty room for improvement here. A hybrid EVF/OvF like Fuji? I’d prefer a mch improved EVF – no need to switch…. :-)
    Then we have ergonomy and usability. Some of you always say that is not as important – but this is really important for those who use the camera for their living. Adjust the size so that the optional grips are not deemed as essential by all reviwers!
    That would make a slightly larger camera, same size as with grip 1?
    Then we have the form factor. Must Oly always think retro? Why not think BETTER instead. Not being limited to how cameras used 40-50 years ago.
    There will not be a larger sensor:
    – Would compromize size and weight
    – Another sens line-up a must Oly already made 4/3 lenses, then m4/3
    *** Oly has something up their sleeve we do not know that we need!?***

    • Esa Tuunanen

      For once I agree with you in everything.

      Any kind TTL (Thought The Lens) optical viewfinder image would basically force body to be DSLR instead of mirrorless and that’s going back to history, not forward.

      And ergonomics/controls are usefull also without that earning work part.
      Photography should be fun and allow concentrating to environment/situation instead of how to keep camera in hand so that buttons aren’t pressed accidentally without bending and twisting of fingers to unnatural positions or trying to remember where that particular setting is in god damn on screen menu hell of Playstation Portable nowadays hyped as advanced camera.
      I don’t have time for toying with those masochistic fashion games when thunderstorm is going past at 100km/h. And neither has anyone else in similar situations or when photographing animals or faster events than drying of paint.
      Even people get annoyed if you have to start reading manual for changing self-timer delay from 2s to 10s while all it should take is half second more after choosing self-timer. (cough… Panasonic, erm…)
      High end DSLR’s more substantial grip than pinky thin and all those properly space controls used for changing settings with front and rear dials aren’t accidents but results of decades long experimentation.

      And designs of film era cameras came from limitations and requirements of that analog mechanical tech so returning to those is precisely only trying to drive forward while looking backwards!
      If Minolta was still around in photography they might have made mirrorless body design I would be perfectly happy with by using Dimage A2 as starting point instead of mongrel of game console and travel TV.

  • awaler

    Dear admin,
    why this FT3 rumor in the news section?

    • Riley

      good question…

  • bli

    I’m pretty sure that *if* there is a pro version this year, it will have the same sensor as that of the E-M5 maybe except for improved A/D, possibly support 43 lenses in a better way, probably better battery capacity (2 E-M5 batteries?), perhaps two SD cards, faster bandwidth to SD cards, and in general be more durable/slightly larger. I have previously suggested a radio signal based flash controller (because it is more flexible than light based); at that time someone claimed it was impossible be ause of the hazzle to get it past regulations in every country. Since then, Canon has proved it is possible. With a radio transmitter in the camera, I wouldn’t need a built in flash.

    But then again, I am perfectly happy with the E-M5 even with its tiny quirks (it is of course not perfect, but almost :-) ).

  • Riley

    the date says 2010 ?

  • David

    With that mirror box in the diagram, I’m going to put my money in the idea that this might be the E5 replacement. I know that Oly is trying to cut cost and focus solely on their m4/3 line, but there still are 4/3 users dying for an upgrade

    • Bart

      Maybe you are right, but I don’t think so.

      According to a number of sources close to Olympus, the E-5 replacement already exists (and is a ‘classic’ 4/3 camera) but is currently unannounced, and according to those same sources, technically the E-M5 is a spin-off of that replacement (IBIS, sensor, processing).

      A lower end model OM-D (no weather sealing, plastic body, possibly single dial) and an E-5 replacement before the end of this year, followed by a high-end OM-D PRO somewhere late next year, sounds like a logical approach from a marketing, cost and technology point of view.

      • Boooo!

        Hmm… Any more info?

        • Bart

          Not much, but it does seem to be in line with somewhat persistent rumors of select people testing a new and yet unreleased E system camera.

          Also, it is in line with statements from Olympus saying that they are concentrating on m4/3, but that 4/3 is not dead (yet), and it seems to make sense because technology isn’t entirely there yet in a way that is both affordable and a good enough full replacement of the E-x models.

          • Boooo!

            The only thing I know is that Wong and McGillicuddy hinted towards the E-7; the latter one more directly, in the form of showing a very big box and saying he can’t yet talk about the E-7, if such a camera even exists.

            Hopefully it comes out at Photokina. The lack of substantial leaks means the E-7 won’t be released, comes out next year, or comes out this year with plenty of new goodies that warrant more secrecy. We had leaks about the E-5 because it wasn’t anything special, so I’m hoping it’s the third scenario… I would really like an upgrade to one of my E-3’s, as well as an excuse to purchase a new SHG lens. The money is slowly being saved and kept away from the wife (LOL?), so if the E-7 looks like an E-3, she’ll never notice. Hopefully.

  • Ross

    At the very least, please, please, please let there be 23.976, 25, 50 and 59.97 frames per second at 1080p in video mode. That image stabiliser is too good not to have solid video functionality.

    Full, physical IBIS functionality with third party and manual lenses would be VERY welcome as well.

    • Ross

      Hi Ross. Just out of interest, where abouts are you located (keep it general) as I’m near Sydney (Australia)?

  • Chris

    I don’t care about size but I do want a mirrorless system for pro use. I shoot high school band portraits and it is much easier to shoot in studio 2000 shots a day with live view on long days.
    I need the 4/3 format just for the ratio for printing 8×10 and wallets. Having the camera’s iso rate at 100 or below is importanat to me for stobe,and also need a portait grip and ac adapter. I still can’t believe this list has not shown up on a mirroless camera’s yet.

    • Bart

      For those prints you need a 4:3 aspect ratio. The 4/3 format is about size of the medium (actually, about the 4/3″ size of commonly used video tubes), and the 4/3 system is about size of the medium as well as the lens mount, flange distance, and also happens to include the 4:3 aspect ratio.

      You can easily crop the output of any camera to comply with the 4:3 aspect ratio, most cameras can even do this for you (usually only for their jpeg output) and provide you with a 4:3 aspect ratio live-view.

      Hence I’m not so sure that you need the 4/3 format really.

  • Pete

    Why do you want a 24x36mm sensor? To buy lenses as bad as Nikon ?

  • I personally hope, contrary to many, that the Pro Olympus will be a no frills camera, a bit like a Leica or a Fuji.

    We are in a downturn and mindless people continue to ask for fancy stuff, as if money didn’t matter.

    What I find interesting in the leak is that the E-M5 must have its price decreased so soon.

    That proves that there is not much room for cameras over 1000 $ which are not professional.

    So it will be another uphill battle to sell this Oly pro camera. That is why I mentioned FF cameras. They are now going below 2000 $ so Pro cropped formats and FF are heading for a clash, around 1500 $ in a near future.

    m4/3 has the size advantage, FF the DOF one. Make your choices, but don’t think that the market is going to take any format, at any price. Oly discovered it early enough with the E-5, which is a good camera, but with no sales comparable to the Canon 5 Mk.II. Although the price is almost in the same range.

    m4/3 has a better advantage than 4/3, but It cannot sell at the same premium price of FF yet, by the ordinary standards.

    In the top tier Oly faces the same price conundrum of the X Pro 1. That is why I say better a Spartan camera with excellent IQ (and AF) than a list of features for geeks. Sony went the other way, but Oly should define even better its identity if it wants sales at top prices.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      > m4/3 has a better advantage than 4/3, but It cannot sell at the same premium price of FF yet, by the ordinary standards.
      35mm sensor’s manufacturing costs are propably around 10x of just APS-C sensor so unless makers want to sacrifice awfully lots of profit margin or remove features prices of FF bodies can’t definitely decrease that much as those of smaller sensor bodies when it comes time to see what cameras can be sold at profit.

      And higher price also needs proper maximized controls and ergonomics…
      Which doesn’t happen with designs of World War 2 era, which sells to retroists at any price.

      E-5’s problem was 2008 sensor and not really having that much new compared to E-3 or competition. (like 720p video vs 1080p in others)
      Also couple years ago Olympus reps screwed up with comments which basically took away interest of new people to 4/3 DSLR system while PEN only mirrorless strategy left very little upgrade path so E-5’s highish price wasn’t only reason.

      • I am not sure about who mentioned 1500 $ as the target price of the new ‘cheap’ FF. It must have been Thom, who has good insider knowledge.

        So you see,FF and m4/3 are heading for a clash around that line. Perhaps not now, perhaps in a couple of years.

        OTH Terada or some other manager let know that they had a modular camera prototype, but that the problem was that it was too expensive to build.

        Finally you have the price of the Fuji X Pro 1 as a reference. I am not sure that the latter are cheaper to build, although they have smaller sensors.

        The concepts of the two formats are quite different but in the long run the prices will be the same. That makes for interesting considerations, and everybody should become aware of the consequences of their choices.

        I personally find myself very well in m4/3 but I predict that there will be a lot of heart searching.

        If the above is true Oly will have to be v. careful for the choice of the right price, both for the OM-x, and the E-x. One might also replace the other, and that is also a big question.

        Again if the leak is true and the E-M5 falls in price this Winter, it gives you an idea if the price range that m4/3 can ask for.

  • Shanti

    @admin any E7 rumours for those of us who want something to hold and use tele lens on..or has Oly totally phased out the 43 line

  • imants

    Why is Ollie making a camera for the ladies of the night?

  • cL

    Nobody here reads Japanese? Even the simple katakana phonetic translation of English words shown in the patent?

    The legend on the front part (red) of the patent diagram says “4/3 lens.”
    The middle part (blue) says “adapter.”
    The back part (orange) says “micro 4/3 body.”

    As another has pointed out, the patent is dated 2010/2008.

    What’s interesting about this is, the AF Units section is below the mirror (124 in the diagram), which is the basic PDAF AF units we’ve always seen.

    Next to eye piece of the OVF is a small sensor (136 in the diagram), which suggests it’s the approach similar to Sony’s AF design, with a secondary dedicated AF sensor without lifting the mirror.

    A patent filing means such proposal has been made so competitors can’t steal the concept, but it has no guarantee it’ll ever be in production, especially when the patent is from 2010…, and we haven’t seen anything yet….

    I do hope for an E-7 or better, an E-7xx to replace my E-620…. Unless they put an OVF in the Pro OM-D model. I just came back from a photographic trip, LiveView is useless under bright sun. In the night, when I was hoping to get a moon-rise, but the moon wasn’t yet up, so the night was pitch black, the sensor-based LiveView is completely black with noise. Since EVF uses the same info as LiveView, that means EVF/LiveView is completely useless for long exposure shots. Not that matters for 4/3 size sensor, because it cannot shoot anything more than 5″ without showing artifacts, but it’s still nice to have (low light is still FF’s realm I am afraid to say, though I love my 4/3 camera with good light). That’s the same criticism for Sony NEX-7’s EVF. It’s completely useless not only under low light (too much noise), but also under bright sun (color production washed-out/inaccurate). For pros, that’s a deal breaker. OVF is still needed. I do hope for a bigger OVF though. E-620’s OVF is too small, which means under moderate light, EVF actually has an advantage. Since I don’t always shoot at “just the right amount of light”, so I still see a use of OVF.

  • bousozoku

    Your chronological order is incorrect. Z.B., the OM-10 came out about the same time as the OM-2.

  • Ellen

    I’d like it to have a larger sensor as well as better low light and tracking.I’d like this to be able to do everything that my Nikon DSLR can do.

  • Miroslav

    Waiting for G5 competitor from Oly at G5 price, don’t need high end camera…

  • believer

    1. Size: 20% Larger (like E-M5 +Grip HLD-6)for better usabality
    2. Larger Battery for 800 Shots
    3. MySets should be included on the left steering wheeel (analog Canon 5D MK3)
    4. AE Bracketing: Higher Spread +/-8 (analog Canon 5D MK3)

  • plz

    E-7 E-7 E-7 E-7 E-7 E-7 E-7 E-7 E-7 E-7 E-7 E-7 E-7

  • Ruhayat

    Why bother with an E-x anymore, when the Pentax K-5 already offers practically whatever Olympus might be able to offer – small size, weathersealing, great JPEG images straight off camera – AND uses an APS-C sensor to boot? It’s been said before and remains true: the K-5 is what an E-2 should have been.

    I say Olympus should just focus its resources on being the big fish in a small pond, and then increasing the size of that pond. Bring on the weather-sealed Pen to kill off the new Canon wannabe!

  • I have a feeling this will be the E-7 (4/3 not m4/3) since Olympus had confirmed a successor to the E-5 months and months ago. I think this was around the same time that the XZ-2 was confirmed to be in development. I’m trying to remember but, it seemed like the E-5 successor would be along the technology of the E-M5 (EVF, etc.).

    I could be wrong, but I’m just going on what was confirmed by Olympus already… and makes sense.

  • Z

    – ISO 100
    – Higher max shutter speed
    – Larger Battery
    – Further Improved (larger/faster) EVF
    – A professional kit zoom (ideal=12-60mm)
    – WiFi, Tethering
    – 720p 120fps (artistic options here)
    – focus peaking (dislike zooming)
    – Integrated flash NOT needed (it is a pro camera)
    – No noise from IS

  • Brigitte Zaczek

    I would expect of an OM-D Pro version a satisfying AF solution in collaboration with the fabulous Zuiko Pro lenses, especially the 300/2.8. I would feel deveived as a Olympus customer since 1972, if I was left alone with this expensive “glass menagerie” without a camera of comparable quality.

  • RM

    1. professional level shutter (more actuations)
    2. in camera video editing (mainly to shorten clips)
    3. higher quality video output/120+ fps
    4. gps (but not attached to flash mount)
    5. better low light auto-focus (closer to D4)
    6. 104k iso
    7. iso 100/built in ND filters if possible
    8. oversized sensor like the gh2

  • BillM

    Low ISO of 50-80, shutter 1/8000, better battery life, easier thumb button to start AF

  • built in time lapse
    built in wi-fi
    wireless remote control
    Full tilt and swivel LCD screen
    In-camera battery charging via USB
    Panoramic stitching processing within camera
    higher quality video
    full-frame sensor :-D

  • – focus peaking!!
    – better EVF (more pixel)
    – rangefinder-design like NEX7, EVF at the side (no LCD nose smearing)
    – ISO 100
    – more video options / better video
    – (same EM5 sensor)

  • Any camera cannot be “all things to all men”.
    As it currently stands, the E-M5 is an excellent camera that can be used by Pros.
    It doesn’t need to change from its mirror-less design.
    It is already dust proof and splash proof.
    It has twin well positioned dials for aperture and shutter speed.
    It can be set up with a huge number of function key settings for quick function access.
    It can capture multiple exposures
    It can accommodate multiple aspect ratios
    It doesn’t need to be bigger or smaller. In fact, it is the most versatile camera such that, very quickly, it can change from being small and discreet to having a handgrip added for extra-large hands or balancing a larger lens or adding an extra battery for more power or even converting to a portrait configuration handgrip complete with dial, shutter release and extra function buttons.
    It doesn’t need extra scene or art modes that a pro would probably not use.
    The EVF and LCD allow exceptional and fast manual adjustment of exposure and focus.
    The current performance of the single autofocus with the MFT lenses is spectacular.
    After a couple of months of use of my E-M5 for my landscape, portraiture, macro and street photography in preference to my E-5, my list of things that could be changed or added to improve the Pro capabilities is not very large but includes:
    1. ISO 100 and 1/8000sec as Per E-5 to increase the exposure range, which is currently too small (2 stops less than E-5) especially with the new very fast MFT lenses being released.
    2. Improved eye-cup to shut out more external light.
    3. Fully tilting LCD screen as per E-5 to get the same versatility in both landscape and portrait mode and also help protect the LCD screen when not in use.
    4. Add the tether (Control) mode that the E-5 has when used with Olympus Studio 2 software or introduce some specific Olympus tether software.
    5. Make the Bracketing selection under a function button a switch on/switch off system. Currently your custom bracketing mode is only selected while you have the function button pressed.
    6. A remote cable connection mounted separately to avoid having to break the dust and splash proof shield by opening the side panel to connect the cable. If not then at least flip the panel so that it opens with the hinge at the top to avoid rain dripping in. If all else fails then wifi control.

  • Be able to do the only thing the EM-5 can’t do. Be able to shoot fast motion sports (well I’ve done it, it’s just tricky). So it should be able to shoot 9FPS (or faster) in continuous autofocus. Plus spot metering where the focus point is just clutch.

  • I pay a quick visit everyday a few websites and sites to read articles, except this website provides quality based articles.

  • lkm51

    Hi… the rumors correct 1/2 whereby OMD secretly drop its price..

    will it be another 1/2 correct with new model out

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