(FT3) GH3 with global shutter? (+ more rumor tidbits)


Image on top shows the current GH2 (will be replaced within one year!)

A couple of weeks ago Panasonic officially confirmed that they are working on two new cameras, the GF PRO camera and the GH3.
Yesterday a trusted source told us that Panasonic is working very hard on a new sensor generation with global shutter. He cannot confirm if the GH3 will have that sensor but told me that Panasonic GH3 feature roadmap included the global shutter sensor. The GH3 will be here within 1 year.
There will be also a new high resolution EVF with much higher refresh rate (no surprise here). He will give me more tidbits as soon as he get more info.

One more thing: I know for sure the GF pro (Panasonic L1 styled?) will come within 2011! I will soon post some details about the GF camera! Stay tuned on 43rumors!

P.S.: Around the world wide web people is starting to get (fake?) info about a possible cease of the GH2 production..like here on the GH2 vimeo group. Check the GH2 availability and price at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

Reminder -> Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • Doffer

    A higher resolution screen would be really neat as well, I find the current one lacking just a bit in some situations.

  • Global electronic shutter could mean that they can get rid of the mechanical shutter altogether. That would surely save costs, make the camera operation less audible. Also, the camera would contain less moving parts, and be more solid.

    • admin


      • Jim

        It also means, no shutter life limmits (I do alot of timelaps and it eats shutters)… Silent opperation too… it also can mean 1/10,000 sec shuter speeds with a similar flash sync should they decide to!

        I wonder if there will be any detrimental effects to DR/Noise? Lets hope pannasonic manage to sort out any issues and deliver a sensor that is up there with the best in IQ!

    • Michael

      well the camera would have no moving parts at all when the shutter is removed..
      should be an awesome video camera (the gh2 is already pretty amazing) if it really gets global shutter -> no rolling shutter / no jello effect anymore : )

      • Agent00soul

        The aperture and focusing still need to move.

        • Digifan

          Yeah but that’s in the lens not the body.

      • LGO

        This is fantastic news Admin. I had long expected Panasonic to be the first to release the global shutter and am thrilled to hear this.

        Absolutely quiet shutter (instead of the horrible shutter sound from the current GH2), faster frame rates, faster shutter speed, faster flash synch speed, much improved video (1080p 60 and even 1080p 120) , no more jello in video, possibly multiple ETC crop-factor ratio from the sensor so a pancake prime can cover multiple focal length. Bring it on Panasonic!

        • Frederick Hew

          i think the frame rate is currently limited by the data transfer speed, not the shutter mechanism. eliminating the shutter is not enough, just by itself.

          • Renato M.

            1080p60 or at least 720p120 may be limited because of data transfer but it is also because of the sensor readout frequency as well, I think it’s more the later because there are several cameras with higher transfer rate, that should not be such a limitation.

            Anyway, I would love to have that. Right now they are using 17-23mbps, I think that for the GH series they should make it higher so you could be able to have higher fps in video mode and more fps in continuous shooting. I think that they should go for that even if it means more expensive memory cards or even dual cards.

            For me the video feats are very important. Of course I don’t want some bad quality pictures, but that’s not the case, so global shutter and variable frame rates are deal breakers between Panasonic and better quality pictures like Canon or Nikon.

            Right now I’m just waiting for a camera that has these kind of feats like global shutter and 120fps. I thought that Sony would be able to pull that out, but so far, Panasonic seems to be closer.

    • tutejszy

      It also means implementing global shutter into really big 4/3 sensor. This doesn’t come at no cost. If it wasn’t implemented to this day, it means this is difficult = costly! I wouldn’t say global shutter is cheap. Alas, I am still excited to hear these news :)

      It does mean also one important thig: flash syncro at up to 1/4000s !!!

      • MJr

        Difficult to design maybe. The technology wasn’t there yet, but that doesn’t mean parts and production will be too. Although ofcourse, anything revolutionary will be expensive at first, just so the market doesn’t crash ;)

      • zune

        Why not more fast speed so 1/4000s the is not mechanism so will make restiction. I think we look 1/16000s or 1/32000s and maybe more by global shutter use in camera.
        But a flash suncro on 1/4000s more an need most.

    • wat

      my GF1 shutter died on vacation in copenhagen last week (i’m from the US). I can really get behind the addition of global shutter! It was really disheartening to lose photo memories of that part of the trip… BTW it’s a $300 repair from Panasonic.

  • Thats excellent news, any news about the *reworked* lens?

    • admin

      I got some news but I am trying to figure out if those will be announced within 2011 or in 2012 only!

      • Admin, any news on bright standard zoom for m43?

        • Michael

          buy a olympus 12-60mm
          focus is really fast with the ep3..

          • Do you have a link to any reports like this?

            EDIT : Nvm – saw previous rumor…

      • Steve

        I hope they release an HD version of the 100-300mm lens like the one shown at a Japanese trade show before the 100-300mm was released.

  • c_man

    FAO: Admin

    What is the chances of the”GF PRO” having a articulated LCD? If it doesn’t have it, I will go for the G3. If it does…I can wait to see prices of the “PRO”..

    Thanks very much.

    • Laura

      Yes, I’d like to know this too. Facing the same decision.

    • Bimbo

      Same here.

    • GF line doesn’t have the flip LCD. I think GF PRO talks started when many happy GF1 users were disdained at the simplifications of GF2 and GF3 and voiced their wish for “uncut” small camera, targeted at the pros.

      Chances of GF PRO having a flip LCD are pretty slim. After all, all other Pannay series – G, GH – already have it.

      • c_man

        A G3 minus the EVF would be my perfect camera. Hence the original question.

        • d_man


          A smaller body and smaller price ($500 body?)

    • c_man


    • Swejk

      Panasonic L1 was articulated – LCD?

  • 2221312

    so what is a global shutter?

  • Narretz

    I still think it will be very facepalm worthy if Panasonic calls it the GF Pro or something … the GF series is now the entry model, so move on to another naming convention. GL if you want.
    But I guess they are so fixed to have F,G,H that they will rather call it GF4 than something sensible.

    • Mr. Reeee

      How about GP?

      GF = Consumer
      G = Enthusiast
      GH = Multi-media
      GP = Pro

      • Narretz

        Yeah, but GP would imply that the camera has basically all the features the other cameras have too – at least from a marketing viewpoint. And that won’t be the case, e.g. articulated screen. and I bet the GH series will always have the best sensor. Although I hope the “GL” gets the GH2 sensor / or an update of it.

  • Zoeff

    The new maximum shutter speed that a global shutter brings would be awesome… HOWEVER….

    This usually means that about half of the sensor area is dedicated to storing the electrons before they are being read one by one. This would reduce the dynamic range EVEN MORE as the actual pixel well will get even smaller. :(

    • Isn’t this problem usually solved by having backlit sensors? I.e., having the electronics behind the sensor units. This is normally done with smaller sensors, I believe.

    • Mr. Reeee

      How about LONGER shutter speeds?

      How about LOWER ISO? I’ll take 25 or even 64. This push up, up and up at the expense of low ISO isn’t great.

      The global shutter thing sounds interesting. A silent shutter would be nice, if nothing else.

      • Jim

        Definatly if they made the E-P3 with ISO 25, 50, 100 instead of 3200, 6400, 12,800 It would have made a lot more sense… and produced a camera that is very usable accross every part of the range… I would also welcome the better low ISO noise too!

        • i would agree with such low iso as 25 or 64 if it was really the base value, not some pseudo setting for less grain at the expense of narrower DR. But for now i still need buy a strong ND filter for sessions in bright light.

      • Couldn’t agree more would love to have slower iso options.

  • As I understand, the GF pro surely won’t have global shutter. In this case the upgrade will be just on design level.

  • ArKersaint

    Nice to see this FT3 rumor bringing us back to good old time where Panasonic and Olympus’s rithm was beating in years !

    Nice also to see tremendous (r)evolution presently incurring under our eyes :
    – Fast CDAF
    – Fairly enhanced jpeg from Panasonic
    – Prices downsized (I think especially about G3 and 25 / 1.4)
    – Now global shutter and pro oriented products

    Looks like we have been making right choice despite lot of complains !

    Many thanks Admin for your fantastic work

  • Brod1er

    Incremental improvements in sensor performance and AF aren’t enough to lure me into a new camera. Global shutter is the key feature that will make me upgrade. It has so many possibilities. Surely its possible tp expose pixels for varying times to enable optimum S/N performance ? Ie bright areas expose briefly to avoid burnout, whilst dark areas get a longer exposure – this should increase DR.

    • Maciek

      Global shutter wont give varying time, you need a lets say 40 area shutter ;)

      • Anonymous

        You need shutter speeds for every single pixel, unless you want “lines” of different exposure through your image. You’d need a shutter gradient plus a real-time evaluation of the sensor data, something I dare say impossible in the near future. Higher bitrate or e.g. multiple exposure (for example 10 1/100 without significant delay(->global shutter) to add/stack/combine whatever afterwars) are way easier to pull of and work with one single global shutter.

      • Gasper

        Depends on the redout (shutter) speed if it’s fast than you can have multiple shutter reads in a given shutter time and you would preserve higlights and turn up shadows (as in HDR)

  • TZ20

    Guys, at P&S 2011 event a press officer from Panny told me no global shutter for GH3, so either Sony is pushing hard or they menaged to overcame picture quality w/global shutter issues.

    I don’t know what to do!
    Will we see a black 12/2.0 or should I just buy it now, please? ;)

    note for Panny spies here:

    – pls give us exposure compensation feature on iAUTO mode, just like on our LX3s!
    – pls copyright/owner menu option
    – pls audio note (.wav)
    – BIGGEST PLS, make two NR options (luminance, chrominace)
    – pls CINE, OLYMPUS color preset

  • bobn2

    at this rate they will have a new model every 20 minutes.

    • nutspot

      Oh no not ‘bobn2’. The barrel has been well and truly scraped. This guy is seriously deranged. I had hoped he’d been locked up.

  • Steve

    For a Global shutter I’ll believe it when I see it. I remember the same rumors before the GH2 was announced.

  • Hiplnsdrftr

    If GF pro has articulated screen then it’s not “pro”… Maybe G Fake pro?
    In any case I thought G2/gh2 have articulated screens… I think that’s enough to satisfy the articulated screen junkies.

    • spanky

      Is that the new definition of a ‘pro’ body – whether it has an articulated screen of not? There’s some rumor that the new Nikon D4 might come with an articulated screen. Guess pros will stay away from it… That’s just silly. The E-5 has an articulated screen, and it’s most definitely a ‘pro’ body.

      Plenty of other qualities that make a body suitable for pro use: higher flash sync, weather sealed body, durability, dual card slots, easily accessible controls, etc. We’ll find out soon enough what Panasonic’s idea of a ‘pro’ body might be. I’m guessing they won’t quite get it, but I hope they do. Still wish they’d come out with IBIS for their camera bodies.

  • Andyoz

    I am really interested in what this Panasonic GF Pro is going to look like. If it has a really nice design like the L1/LC1 with an EVF i would seriously consider it. Even if it doesnt have an EVF, and is improved version of GF1 with manual controls and maybe the G3 sensor it will still be a great product.
    I had been thinking about an E-P3 but this model could interest me.

    I cant wait to see some early photos or for the specs to be released.

  • These are crazy news, especially that the GF Pro will come before Christmas. Can’t wait to learn more about its specs and ones of the probable Pen Pro.

    What’s sure is that I won’t be buying anything (but lenses) before both being officially announced.

  • Juan B

    Global shutter; I’ll believe it when I see it…the same rumor preceded the gh2. It was a long wait for nothing…

  • Bob B.

    OK…I must have missed something in the photography world.
    Global Shutter=Digital Shutter or Electronic Shutter??????
    Why is it called “Global”?????????? HUH?
    Does Global refer to “all” of the pixels turning on and turning off?
    Sounds strange.

    • GreyOwl

      Google has the answer, see Bimbo above.

      • Bob B.

        LOL!!! see Bimbo for info…somehow…that is sooooooooo funny…
        I had already Googled that…but I am not finding a clear-cut description/definition for global shutter. The info I am reading is somewhat confusing to me…so maybe I am the bimbo? :-)

    • SteveO
      • Bob B.

        Thanks for the help. That info did help…but I still don’t have a total grasp of the technical aspects of what is going on. Also there appears to be different ways to implement a global shutter. It certainly isn’t as cut and dried as a mechanical shutter. (although there are different ways to skin that cat too…focal plane, leaf or cental mechanical shutters) .
        This site can actually be useful tool instead of just being a bunch of camera junkies drooling for the next treat!!!!! :-)

    • Dave_In_MI

      Unless my research has gone awry, “global shutter” refers to a sensor (usually CCD) that reads the entire surface of the sensor at once and compiles that data into an image. Low-cost CMOS sensors usually use a “rolling shutter”, meaning that they scan the sensor one line at a time to compose the image. This can cause issues with fast moving objects or panning. I didn’t think they were this close to making low-cost Global CMOS sensors. T’would be nice.

  • MP Burke

    Global shutter sounds like an interesting feature if it can be implemented without there being any drawbacks. I use a medium format camera with leaf shutter (giving flash sync at up to 1/500 sec) and once you have that facility cameras without it will sometimes seem deficient. A quieter shutter would also be very welcome and make the cameras more discrete.
    I had set myself a target of waiting three years (since last May) to see what is the best new m43 camera before upgrading. It is possible that a camera with global shutter next year could make me change my mind. However, as with Mr. Reeee and others, I would really like to see improvements to the DR, even if this meant having a minimum ISO of around 50.

    • Bob B.

      The Dynamic Range issue is totally bypassed by Panasonic and Olympus (please don’t talk to me about jpegs)…smaller, cuter, touchscreens, blah..blah…blah…have all been more important.
      I have been waiting for a few things to improve since I bought my GF1 to buy another MFT body.
      The focusing issue has improved…but the mechanical controls are disappearing along with a viewfinder in some of the offerings…which I have no interest in buying.
      Focusing needed improving that seems to be taken care of by both P & O.
      More primes here and on the way is great too!
      If you want a pro MFT camera to start to really pull customers from the other side (DSLR users)..not the cell phone photographers…then the dynamic range of the sensor has to improve…. and so will market share.

      • MP Burke

        I don’t think that an improvement in the DR will require a quantum leap forward in sensor performance. According to DxO mark, the G3 is at about 10.5 EV at about 150 ISO and the GH2 sensor gives around 11.3 EV at around 160 ISO. If they could get to about 12.5EV, albeit at e.g. 80 ISO, this should provide a tangible improvement in DR for outdoor photography, compared to the G1, G2, GF1 etc.
        In a way, having the high IQ, low ISO setting ties in with the idea of having the small format and high quality prime lenses. In my 35mm days I would have expected to have to shoot at f5.6 or f8 to get the best lens performance. With the mft prime lenses, performance may be close to optimum at f2.8 or f4, so use of low ISO values hand held will often be quite feasible in good outdoor light.

        • Bob B.

          Well said. I didn’t actually know the DR numerical values (10.5, 11.3 etc.), I just know that my highlights blow out pretty easily..I always have my camera set at (at least) -1/3 exposure value. I did not know that there was that there was almost one stop improvement with the GH2.
          Now is that in the raw files not the jpegs. (It makes me crazy when people use the words image quality and jpeg in the same sentence).

  • Mocha

    It’s a trade off. No shutter means cost lower on mechanism parts but need a much larger cache to deal with large memory within a single shot. So, cost may not be lower and should lead to more power consumption. The conclusion is it might only be used on high end product rather than the entry level to enjoy this.
    Hope my assumption is wrong.

  • Per

    I agree with many asking for improved Dynamic Range. Both brands have now improved focusing speed a lot. Panasonic has improved high ISO quality. Next on the agenda should be DR! Olympus has claimed the 12 Mp is enough, but the new sensor shows no improvement in DR.
    Looking forward to a Panasonic G-whatever as long as it has a built-in veiwfinder. Lack of that is a show-stopper for me after 2 years with E-P1. Actually I will pick up a G3 later this week, but I can use two houses…

    Now that we see a couple of primes coming we should raise the bar and ask for a 100mm 2,0 or 2,8. Canon has a very handy 200/2,8 with excellent quality. Something similar m43 would be nice!

    • You took the words right out of my mouth, Per. I could really use those primes you mention. Even if Panasonic would only release your least ambitious lens, the 100mm f/2.8, I’d be very happy. I would prefer Panasonic, as that lens would likely be stabilized. If it were an M.Zuiko I’d have to switch to using an Olympus body in order to get stabilization. That’s not a problem, but it would limit my choices of bodies in the future.

      As to improving DR, wouldn’t a global shutter help? Perhaps it’s possible to read pixels at different times: the bright areas of the frame a little earlier than the dark portions of the photo.

      • Mr. Reeee

        Since both Panasonic and Olympus seem to be aiming squarely at increasing user/marketshare with mass-appeal bodies like the EPL3/EPM1 and GF3, I doubt prime telephotos, even with OIS, will have much appeal for that group.

        For us, yes, but not for P&S upgrader Joe Snapshot who thinks zoom, zoom and more zoom. We’ll probably be “stuck” with manual lenses. The Voigtländer 75mm f1.8 Heliar Classic (Leica M mount) looks very appealing, at a not insane price, $715. It’s only a few mm longer than the 25mm Nokton.

        I’m using a Pentax SMC Takumar 105mm f2.8 which is a really fine lens. Even with the M42 to M4/3 adaptor it’s quite compact. The 135mm f2.5, for under $200, looks very appealing, also.

        • Per

          Wishful thinking is for free….. maybe one day there will be a m43 tele prime! I have an old Leica Elmar I use until then. Very good quality on images, but I am a bit lazy and prefer autofocus.

    • Bob B.

      I agree. I have these panasonic lenses: 7-14mm, 20mm, 45mm macro and the original 14-45mm. All these lenses are very acceptably sharp. (I will unload the 14-45mm if I can get a decent 14mm prime….may do the new Oly 12mm…but the Pany 14mm is kind of disappointing). I owned the Pany 45-200….but I was disappointed in the speed, contrast and sharpness so I sold it..hoping to buy the Pany100-300 ….but the reviews on that lens are really lackluster. Don’t get me wrong…I think both of those telephoto zooms are acceptable especially at the prices they are being offered at. ….but at this point in time…I think MFT as a whole is REALLY week in the autofocus telephoto area. We could use a couple of primes of varying focal length or a low-fixed-f stop “quality” zoom preferably with IS as I own a GF1 and will most likely buy another Panasonic body when there is significant improvement.

      • Narretz

        It’s probably because telephoto lenses tend to be quite big and cumbersome, and that would really defeat the reason of small bodies + small lenses (compared to APS-C and Full Frame). Although I agree that definitely a bigger prime than 45mm is needed.

        • Bob B.

          yes….there is the size thing…that is certainly a valid point…the whole appeal of MFT is its small size and portability..but it would be nice to have the option….with quality optics.

    • TenSpeed

      Sigma has a couple of nice lenses that might fit the bill, the 105/2.8 macro and 150/2.8 macro. They’ve been rumored to be creating an m4/3 lineup of lenses, so perhaps we’re in luck. I had an older 105/2.8 years ago, and it was fantastic. The new versions include IS (or, in Sigma-speak, OS).

      • That’s an intelligent answer to a difficult qsuieton xxx

  • Chris

    Kind of makes you feel out dated with a new GH3 coming out. Well At least the Lenses will still work on the new camera.

    I wonder if it be in stock lol???

  • Brod1er

    Bjorn, I was suggesting the same principle although Anonymous didn’t think it was feasible ( see above).
    Maybe it could work by taking a “pre-exposure” to identify the differing exposures required across the frame followed by the real exposure with some bright areas exposed for less time. Similar to HDR except with only one exposure. It would also be possible to set digital graduated filters of different effects which reduce exposure for skies etc. Cokin and Lee should be worried?!

    • Anonymous

      changing exposure time per pixel sounds like it would just cause new kinds of artefacts – but doing two or more readouts of the whole frame, at different exposure lengths (eg. 1/4th, 1/2 of the full time) sounds like a very nice idea – enabling exposure bracketing on video or perhaps HDR video.

    • I fear you are probably right, Mr. Reeee. I am still hopeful that brighter telephoto lenses (primes and/or zooms) will appear eventually, alongside cameras aimed at the pro/semi-pro market. Until then, like you say, I’ll have to rely on manual focus primes. I’ll definitely have a look at the ones on your list. What’s your success rate like manually focusing these lenses wide open on moving subjects (like a performance)?

    • Frederick Hew

      very interesting. it should be quite easy to analyze highlights and shadow during image preview and come up with exposure values.

  • Brod1er: sorry I didn’t see your suggestion above. Gasper’s suggestion of “multiple shutter reads in a given shutter time” is very intriguing. The camera’s processor could then combine the individual reads in such a way as to preserve extra highlight and shadow detail. I wouldn’t be surprised if Panasonic manages to take advantage of the global shutter to extend high sensitivity as well as dynamic range.

    • zune

      Bjørn Utpott, Yes i think also the to.

  • Michael Meissner

    While I imagine a rolling shutter will eventually come out in all of the lines, I wonder if it will first be seen in the AF-100 follow-on, rather than the G-H3? In general for features people will pay for, you want it in the high end product first with higher margines. Then some time later, the stuff trickles down.

  • sam

    i like this, i like better an announcement of 40 x 30 mm sensor that takes 645 lenses with an adapter to use m4/3 lenses and a sensor that downsamples for less than 40x30mm crop…

    its taking a while to get a gf1 mk II out it better be good and it better have built in EVF, trust me if marketing cripple it to try and forse an upsale to GH3 it will backfire, put GH3 spec in a GF body and you will sell shit loads. Ignore this and prepare for inevitable negative PR.

    I’m not interested in Olympus cameras.

  • Brod1er

    Michael Meissner has prompted me to realise that there are two issues here mainly depending on whether you are mainly into video or stills. Global shutter (ie reading all photosites simultaneously) matters for video to avoid the jello effect. Mechanical “shutterless” matters to stills shooters for quietness, high FPS etc. The latter is already used for video but has not been possible for full res stills. I think the former will be previewed on the next AGFxxx, the latter on the GH3.

    • Michael Meissner

      Since I tend to think that in general Olympus approaches the world from a still photography point of view and Panasonic from a video, I’m not sure I would expect a silent shutter from Panasonic first. I was thinking of global shutter entirely for the video rolling shutter problem.

      However, I just had this wacky idea. As I understand it, the general problem with global shutter is the amount of time to do the readout of all of the pixels so that the pixels aren’t changing as you read them. If you had several sensors, and something to change which sensor gets the light, you could read one sensor while exposing with a second. However, this would add to the cost, since you would need to double or triple up the sensors, and it probably would make the camera physically larger. In something like the AF-100, this is not an issue, but it may be an issue for the G-H3.

      Rather than multiple sensors, perhaps the solution is something like microlenses that can turn black while the readout is done.

  • Max

    There won’t be a global shutter coming from Panasonic soon. Definitely not in the GH-3. Big buck Sony, Red, and most likely the next iteration of Canons will not have Global shutters. There would be atleast an AF-110 with Global shutter before a GH-3. The main consumers of the GH-X don’t even know rolling shutter is an issue.

  • Hey guys,

    what to you think about this old news from cmosis about the development of a 12mpx aps-c sensor with global shutter? They talk also about a a multiple sempling mode:

    […] One of the unique features of CMV12000 is the novel pixel structure, which combines pipelined global shutter operation with correlated double sampling (CDS). This technique, pioneered by CMOSIS, yields an unprecedented low noise level below 13 e- and a full well charge of 13,500 electrons. […]

    All press release at http://www.cmosis.com/news/press_releases/2010/towerjazzs_advanced_cis_technology_powers_cmosis_new_300_frames_per_second_

  • global shutter ≡ reliability as well as… no shutter shake. Great for macro and telephoto photography. Sweet.

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