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(FT3) Four new m43 lenses from Panasonic?


Image on top shows the 35-100mm X zoom prototype lens.

Trusted sources told me that Panasonic will show many new lenses in September at Photokina. It’s still not confirmed but the total number could be of four lenses. One is the long awaited 35-100mm X lens. Than we will have an tele prime lens similar to the [shoplink 31284]Olympus 75mm f/1.8[/shoplink]. I also heard about a new wide angle zoom. The fourth lens specs are still unknown.

For the record, Olympus will also announce at least two new lenses. Makes a total of six lenses (minimum). But another very important question is when those lenses will be available. Hope these are not mostly prototypes that will than be available in 2013 only! May sources can also share me some info about that question. Thanks!

The 12-35mm X zoom is in Stock in many stores: Check at [shopcountry 31225].
And first Europeans tores are finally shipping the Olympus 75mmm lens: [shopcountry 31284]

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