(FT3) Four new m43 lenses from Panasonic?


Image on top shows the 35-100mm X zoom prototype lens.

Trusted sources told me that Panasonic will show many new lenses in September at Photokina. It’s still not confirmed but the total number could be of four lenses. One is the long awaited 35-100mm X lens. Than we will have an tele prime lens similar to the Olympus 75mm f/1.8. I also heard about a new wide angle zoom. The fourth lens specs are still unknown.

For the record, Olympus will also announce at least two new lenses. Makes a total of six lenses (minimum). But another very important question is when those lenses will be available. Hope these are not mostly prototypes that will than be available in 2013 only! May sources can also share me some info about that question. Thanks!

The 12-35mm X zoom is in Stock in many stores: Check at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.
And first Europeans tores are finally shipping the Olympus 75mmm lens: Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay

  • Me v

    What about another slow standard zoom? We could do with some more!

    • mpgxsvcd

      You are going to see a lot of X-Zooms in the near future because they are adding the toggle switch to the new cameras. Like the 7-14mm F4.0 x, 45-200mm x, and possibly a new 14-140mm x lens.

      • Conrad

        You mean power zoom (PZ). This is not the same as X.

    • Duarte Bruno

      Sure! Probably @admin forgot about the 40-150mm F4-5.6 Panny.
      A lens which is most welcome in my bag.

  • Henrik

    It has been beyond me why Panoly churn out new cameras and don’t widen the lens offers with the same panache; esp. Panasonic.

    Panasonic should bring great stabilized primes. Instead they will bring ever-new stabilized default zooms, probably one non-stab prime and maybe another fisheye or 3D lens, because that’s what the market longs for. Still we don’t have any super wide prime, less so a stabilized one, and it will stay like that. (FT4)

    • Fast primes are not going to be stabilized, I am afraid.

      Between some lackluster kit zooms, Panasonic did provide the 1.4/25, the 12-35 and soon the 35-100. I would not be such a hard audience.
      Kudos to Olympus for their 12, 45 and 75 primes.

      • Esa Tuunanen

        > Fast primes are not going to be stabilized, I am afraid.
        When you look at it no one has made really fast stabilized lens.

        Maybe with good reason.
        If you look problem from lens design point there’s this hard inconvenient fact that the faster the lens is the more accurately everything has to be made from optical elements to their mechanical positioning to keep aberrations corrected well enough.
        So having one “wobbling” element might simply make those about impossible.

        People should really get over the silly notion that stabilization can be only in lens and put pressure on Panasonic to start offering also IBIS at least in higher end bodies.
        It doesn’t exclude in lens IS (maybe we should call it ILIS?) so that could be still used in lenses where it works better.

        • Walter Freeman

          The fastest optically stabilized lenses I know of are Canon and Nikon’s 200mm f/2 lenses. If you want faster than that you’ve got to use IBIS.

          • roger48

            Try using a tripod!

          • Chez Wimpy

            The fastest is actually the Sony NEX 50/1.8 IS

            • Leads me to wonder how problematic large elements really are for OIS.

  • Anonymous

    The Panasonic teleprime will be weathersealed? any idea?

  • Guest

    New wide angle zoom? I’m guessing an IS version of the 7-14mm

    …but I’m hoping for an f2.8 version xD

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Wouldn’t it be just easier if Panasonic got over their silly notion that stabilization can be only in lens?

      • MikeH

        Or maybe Olympus could get over the silly notion that IS can only be in body and make some IS lenses.

        • Steve

          What would be the point of that? Each lens is more expensive then. Body stabilization is the way to go, works on all lenses.

  • ulli

    Will the Panasonic teleprime be weathersealed?

  • A wild guess:

    PanaLeica 65/2 (expensive, but not as much as the 75)
    Panasonic 17/1.7 ($400 pancake)
    Panasonic 10-20/4-5.6 (affordable)
    Olympus 50-200/4-6.3 ($650, weather sealed)

    And of course the 35-100/2.8 and 60/2.8 macro.

    The range of m4/3 optics has become stupefying. Obvious omissions are hard to find except in the long telephoto territory.

    • Guest

      8.5-17.5mm f2.8!!!!!!!!

      Or 10-20mm f2.8..

    • Miroslav

      My picks ( not hopes ):

      1. “PanaLeica 65/2”
      2. Panasonic 7-14 mm F4 OIS
      3. Panasonic 35-100 mm F2.8 OIS
      4. Panasonic 12 or 17mm F1.8, mockup
      5. Olympus 25 mm F2, small
      6. Olympus ~ 40-150mm, smaller kit tele zoom for PENs

      Also missing from m4/3 is a ~14-100mm lens. I guess it’ll come with some video orientated Panasonic, but not GH3.

      • Llamaman

        The ~14-100 is already covered by the 14-140 that shipped with some GH2 kits. It doesn’t really need an update and I can’t see them duplicating the range with a new lens unless they make an X powerzoom version for the GH3.

        • Miroslav

          Nikon and Canon have 18-135 mm lenses and nobody says they’re not needed because there are 18-200 mm lenses for those systems.

      • Duarte Bruno

        Olympus already has a 40-150mm…

        • Miroslav

          Maybe they’ll make a smaller kit tele zoom, like Panasonic did.

    • YES I want

      Pancake (or not) equivalent of Oly 9-18mm.

      So YES to 10-20mm!! AFFORDABLE is key.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      > The range of m4/3 optics has become stupefying.
      They sure have done marvellous job in making me loose count of how many standard kit wide and tele zooms there have been despite of system being so young compared to others!

      Well, at least I can still remember bodies released by Panasonic.

  • wayne wong

    Leica 70mm f/2
    20mm f/1.7 II HD

  • Yun

    Any chance to have long telephoto prime lens with huge aperature ?
    Such 150mm F2 or F2.8 .
    I realize the 75mm F1.8 is not long enough but is fine .
    Would be great if Oly or Pana to come out such long focal lens .
    Wide angle wise , will be great if can come out a 12mm F1.4 .
    This should in my shopping list .
    Leica branded please !

  • Thomas

    Call me dumb, but I would also be pleased with a 14-140 II f/4 O.I.S. PowerZoom as well.

    • ulli

      I think such zoom would probabably be very expensive and big when having a constant f4

      • +10 And people bitch about the size and weight of the current 14-140mm! A constant f4 would probably be a monster.

        I can hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth already! ;-)

    • A 12-50 F4 would be more appropriate if you want that constant aperture. It would be a good “kit” lens to come out with the GH3. It would be on par to Canon’s 5D’s kitted with 24-105 F4’s.

  • How about a 300mm F4 ??

    • Achim

      That’s what I’d like to see too. Or even one with f/2.8 But obviously it’s not going to happen. Pana’s perception of what a tele lens is strange to say the least…..

    • ulli

      A 300 mm f4 would be interesting for me too, especially if it performs stellar wideopen.

      • Anders


  • Camaman

    what is this weather sealing in Panasonic lenses people are talking about?
    Is that the little O-ring on the lens mount?

    hahahaha! just glue an Oring on your camera body lens mount ant there!

  • st3v4nt

    And how many lens will be updated or another version of the already released lens?
    another 14-42 whatever lens perhaps?

  • Dannecus

    Hopefully Oly will finally replace the aged 17mm with something sharper and F1.7 or better. If not the same thing from Pana would be fine.

    I’m not sure there is room for an Oly 25mm F2, when we already have 20mm F1.7 and 25mm F1.4. It would have to be super sharp and tiny to sell against those two with brighter apertures.

  • aqasem

    17mm f/2.0 HD pancake lense weather sealed as well :D

  • give me my Leica

    I have 8; 12, 25; 45; 75; 14-150, will buy 35-100X on the first day.
    I have three bodies: 2 Panasonic, 1 Olympus

    So Panny:

    – give me optical masterpiece 12mm f/1.4 lens; filter 58; can be expensive if the edges deliever/are sharp. CA on the same level as Leica 25 DG.
    No kidding distorsion (like in 12-35X@12), PLEASE.

    – give me 100-150mm f/2.8 macro POIS; AF limiter switch, weather sealed, no astigmastism, try your best on CA correction, silent IS, silent AF.

    – give me 17mm f/1.7 pancake; 20/1.7 size or bigger; silent focus, price competive to Canon 22mm f/2 STM

    – give me 10mm f/4 pancake; 20/1.7 size; silent focus

    – give me 6-12X zoom f/2.8; price: please don’t kill me :)

    – talk to Olympus to solve compatibility issue – CA removal. Now you have two reasons: Nex and EOS-M.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      > – give me optical masterpiece 12mm f/1.4 lens
      Only kind wide angle prime (besides Samyang fisheye I have) I have any interest in would be indeed that actually optically good super fast lens for night time sky photography.
      With 12mm F2.8 available from 4/3 12-60mm only one stop faster and optically worser but still expensive 12mm m.Zuiko just isn’t interesting.
      (at least 12mm SLR-magic is honestly fast lens and not just half way there)

  • Apparently M4/3 Xmas is on the horizon, here’s my list for Panny Claus and Oly the Elf…

    10mm f2.8… like my fabulous old Nikon 20mm f2.8 AI-S!

    400mm f3.5 or f4

    A really good 2x Teleconverter! PLEASE! Then I could use it with ALL my lenses, even the adapted ones!

    Yes, I would actually BUY these!

  • Llamaman

    Sounds to me like;

    1. A new 7-14 (probably adding IS)
    2. A 75/1.something (I hope they add IS or make it cheaper than Oly – otherwise what’s the point?)
    3. The 35-100 (we know this already)
    4. I assume this is the previously-leaked 45-150 that replaces the 45-200. Presumably this’ll be offered as the second lens in dual lens kits for the G5 and maybe GH3.

    I hope (4) is not the 45-150 though. Another prime would be nice – even if it’s just a refresh of the 20/1.7 to add IS or improve the AF.

  • guesser

    MY guess:


    next version of 14-42
    next version of 45-175
    next version of 100-300 (like 45-175)
    next version of 14-140 (like 45-175)
    next version of 7-14 (like 45-175)
    Pana-Leica long prime like 65mm f/2

    60/2.8 macro

    But I want:
    11mm f/2.5
    17mm f/1.2 or f/1.4
    100mm f/2.8 macro
    150mm f/2.8
    14-54mm f/2.8-3.5 micro43
    50-200 f/2.8-3.5 micro43
    90-250 f/4
    400 f/5.6 colapsable

  • twoomy

    New wide-angle zoom? COME TO PAPA! I’d take an updated 7-14 or 9-18-type lens that is sharper in the corners! (The 7-14mm is pretty sharp, but if it was razor sharp, I’d love it.) If it’s akin to the 9-18 and can take filters, that would be even better (for me).

  • Bimbo

    I would like a 7-300mm f/0.9 pancake.

    That is all.

    • JF

      Yes please tack sharp at f0.9 at all focals, don’t forget macro 1:1.

    • Anonymous

      and make sure it is razor sharp in the corners with no CA at all.

    • Darko

      I’d rather care for 7-800 f/1,4 (f 0,9 is so soft wide open)

    • with built-in ND filter, of course.

    • Bart

      Putting that in a pancake would cause it to collapse onto itself and create a black hole, which is not so good for light-gathering.

      • Glaring_Mistake

        On the contrary,it would not let light escape so in that area it would certainly excel.

        • bart

          It does, unless you’d want that light to gather at the sensor instead.

    • make it tilt shift please.

    • mooboy

      And under $300!

  • nik

    7-14mm with OIS pls. then i can forget about olympus

    • Something wrong with the current 7-14? or if IS is so important, something wrong with Olympus?

  • Oly has one weather sealed cam. Panny is expected to introduce one too.

    I think we would see rerelease of the same lenses, but now with the weather sealing.

    I see no other reason for so many new lens announcements at once.

    • Incessant Troll

      i like where you’re going with this, but that would make way too much sense. oftentimes it doesn’t seem like the manufacturers are rational with their releases

  • Interesting. I’d like to see a leica branded mid-tele. And it will be black, so i don’t have to start bitching about SILVER lenses, hehehehe.

    The community is eagerly waiting for the 35-100 2.8, and if panny is smart enough, they’ll realise a 17mm 1.4 is what EVERYONE is claiming for. Leica branded if possible.

    • ulli

      a limited summilux edition…..in silver! ;-)

  • nicwalmsley

    20mm 1.7 HD

    No more need be said.

  • DJS

    I would imagine we’ll see:

    1. 35 – 100 f2.8 already known about
    2. 7-14 f4.0 updated, new look to match the fast zooms and OIS, possibly filter threads too
    3. fast tele prime – I’d like a a 150 f2.0 or 200 f2.8 although I think a mid tele (60 – 75) is more likely.
    4. possibly both the above primes
    5. maybe a 17mm prime – outside chance

    1. 60mm macro
    2. f1.8 25mm prime to complete the set.

  • Scott

    I really do not understand the whole concept of putting out a camera body and then slowly releasing lenses for it. When the 43rds system camer out with the e1 they also came out with tons of awesome lenses right away. Oh and not to mention the new ones dont match any of the other ones. We have a black one silver pewter LOL

    • ulli

      this is true..the FT system was very well prepared when introduced, only alot of people could not dig the E-1 having “only” 5 megapixel……..

  • carpandean

    How about a Pan 7-12 f/2.8 X lens to complete the set (12-35, 35-100)?

    I’d also like to see a 40mm f/2 (or faster) semi-pancake. Similar to the 20mm, but 50-100% (not including mount) thicker.

    • How about a sharp 45/1.8?

  • 300 mm f2.8 please….

    • Anonymous

      How small would you like it Sir???

      • Ok make it 200mm f2.8 the size for a supertele prime would be 1/3 of aps of ff anyways…

  • ggweci

    Would love a new Oly 17mm f/1.8 (same quality as the 45mm) coupled with a new E-P3 style Pen w/ EVF. Probably a far fetched dream though :(

  • I wish…


    1. 60mm f/2.8 macro (finally)
    2. 25mm f/1.8

    1. 35-100 f/2.8
    2. new version of 7-14 f/4
    3. tele, maybe competition for 75/1.8, but will be better if it will be longer – 100 f/2 (?)
    3. 17 f/1.4 (PanaLeica?) or faster (there is lack good eqiv. 35mm in m43)
    4. 10mm f/2.8
    5. new version of 14-140 f/4-5.6 (X-series)
    6. 50mm f/1.4

  • give us tele

    there is no UWA primes and long tele faster than f/5.6

    Please, give us:
    – 10mm prime

    and tele (with transport position like Olympus 14-42 and 9-18):
    – 100mm f/2
    – 150mm f/2.8
    – 250mm f/4
    – 70-200 f/4


    17mm with AF as fast as possible (not bigger then PanaLeica 25mm f/1.4)

  • hercules

    stabilized primes.
    whats the point of saying in lens OIS is superior if you don’t actually put it in your lens?

    • ulli

      its up to Vitaly to hack the primes in getting the ois enabled.

    • Incessant Troll

      gonna take a wild guess – maybe so they can charge $200 extra when they include it in the future and put “pro” on it?

    • Esa Tuunanen

      You really thought manufacturers would admit their technical approach being not the best?

      If Canon or Nikon had invented IBIS you can be sure they would be hyping it as better than “ILIS”. (and media would keep repeating it like good religious worshippers)

  • Duarte Bruno

    Has everyone here forgotten that Panasonic will launch a 40-150mm F4-5.6?

    • c0ldc0ne

      Don’t interrupt the feeding frenzy if you know what’s good for you.

  • Perfect! A Panasonic prime lens rivaling the Zuiko 75mm? Maybe even with a Leica branding like the 25mm? And in black? Including the lens hood without charging extra? Comparable in optical quality and maybe cheaper than the Zuiko?

    Sorry Olympus, I really love you, but I’d rather see the above sketched black Panasonic Leica on my black E-M5 body!

    • ulli

      I find it hard to believe it will be cheaper then the Zuiko, if there is a Leica tag on it, but if its true, I bet fav photomodel its going to be worse then the Olympus.

      • Just add the price of the Olympus lens hood to the 75mm retail price and the Zuiko’s price rises by more than 10%. That gives plenty of room for a Panasonic Leica lens that beats the 75mm in quality and price and still includes the lens hood.

  • HereNow

    Panasonic should focus more on production than in launching new products all the time. Many of good lenses from catalog are in back order or available in scarce quantities. Period between launching and actual marker appearance is bigger and bigger! Catalog of lenses is already sufficient but you can’t simply go to the shop and just buy them!
    If that doesn’t change my dear m4/3 PanaOly CEO’s, Canon WILL eat you alive in a matter of time!

  • Johnny Vegas

    Panasonic should definitely produce stabilized lenses.
    Renewing the same panel is just idiot. When will they make a 50mm 1.4 OIS ?
    If they were that serious they would put the stab. in the GH3 body, or sell stabilized lenses in the 12-25 and 45-75 fields.
    No need to have 2 or 3 45-150/175/200 with such f/stops!!

  • Wow, hope they will announce some nice zooms… It’s really stupid, so many lenses but no semi-pro / pro zooms, except pana 14-35, but 14-35 is really a very limited zoom range. I wonder what they are thinking developing new lenses, it seems they are not thinking a lot…

    I like Oly mFT 14-42 and 40-150 (but I would not say no if there would be a better optical quality), but after one year they are full of dust and dirt inside, with the FT kit lenses no problems after 3 years.

    • Surefoot

      hopefully the “14-35” is not so limited zoom range since it’s actually a 12-35mm.

      • 12mm-35mm is not much better then 14-35mm ;)

        • mooboy

          What ‘pro’ lenses on other systems offer constant aperture (at f/2.8) and an extended zoom range? I think they did a lot of thinking in producing lenses 135mm equiv to the staple pro diet of 24-70mm and 70-200mm.

  • Willy

    35-100 2.8 X Len
    40-150 4.0 5.6 X Len
    65mm/1.8 Prime
    7-14/F4(or 2.8) IOS

    60mm f/2.8 macro

  • Justin


    100mm f/2.0 stabilized
    x 7-14 f/4 weather sealed
    a crappy kit lens

    long disclosed 60 2.8 macro
    12-60 f/2.8-4 (in reality probably a crappy kit lens)

  • Jakob

    I took this picture of a GH-3 I saw in Copenhagen!

    I would like some fast Panny primes with O.I.S mainly cause I’m into video. I’m considering the 12-35 but still expensive and 2.8 is not too fast…

  • Ash

    Hopefully a weather-sealed 25mm 1.8 is one of the Olympus lenses, and hopefully it is smaller than the pana-leica 25mm.

  • This is great news! I am loving the 12-35, and I can’t wait for the 35-100 to arrive.

    If you click my screenname on this post, you can see a small gallery of classic cars shot with the GH2 + 12-35 a few weeks ago. This lens is so good it makes even my modest photographic skills look great!

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