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(FT3) First possible GX2 specs! In body stabilization and titlable viewfinder?


The GX2 with tiltable EVF has been described in US patents (Source: Freepatentsonline).

Here are first possible specs for the new GX2 via Digicaminfo!

  • Tiltable built-in viewfinder
  • Fastest shutter is 1/8000 second
  • New sensor of 18 million pixels
  • Within the body image stabilization

I am not sure yet about these specs yet. I have a good source that is sharing some bits and I am waiting for more sources to confirm the info I got. So keep calm until I can upgrade (hopefully) the rumor to FT5 level. I don’t want you do be disappointed if something doesn’t come true. That said, if the camera has tiltable viewfinder, new sensor and in body image stabilization….it’s a winner!

P.S.: And a winner is the GX1 for $199 at RobertsCamera on eBay US (Click here). Almost 250 cameras sold in 18 hours!!!!

For sources: Sources can send me anonymous info at (create a fake gmail account) or via contact form you see on the right sidebar. Thanks!
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Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct



  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    Admin, these specs come from your guessing or from some sources? It seems it’s what the majority of people is asking for.

    • admin

      Digicaminfo source. I have another trusted source that gave me some info. I will update about this soon. I am trying to reach out the other sources to double check the info. All I can say that only one of the menitoned features is FT5 for now. Keep calm, I hope I can confirm the other features too.

      • All I can say is …..WOW.

        • Tropical Yeti

          All I can say is – it takes more than FT3 rumor, and three big IF-s, to declare a winner…

          • Tron

            Looks like multi-aspect ratio sensor will be returning

      • Sqweezy

        Any word on metal body and weathersealing, a la GH3?

        • Anonymous

          probably the 1/8000 is FT5^^

        • Anonymous

          probably the 1/8000 is FT5^^

      • Parci

        It sure as hell isn’t the in body image stabilization… :D

        • Joel

          yeah, it’s probably the one we care least about… the 18 MP sensor

      • Watcher of the skies

        Purre gold specs! If these are correct the EP5 is loosing big time without a VF. The heat will be on Oly, it will be on ; )

        • Garypen

          Who cares. It’s not a fucking wrestling match.

          • true homer

            All of the sudden it isnt…

          • Watcher of the Skies

            No Sir, you are mistaken. A fight is exactly what it is. A fight of market shares.

    • nz

      MarcoSartoriPhoto: Ever wonder why this site is called 4/3 Rumors?

      • MarcoSartoriPhoto

        Nz: there’s a big difference from a RUMOR, be it F3 or F4, and a GUESSING based upon the hype that readers create around an up coming camera. I wanted to know if this was currently a rumor based on something (and it seems that at this moment only one of the above specs is sure) or if it’s just a wishing list (as it seems to me).

        Some threads ago Admin replied to me that this would be his best m43 camera. That is a personal and legit observation, but not a rumor.

        Now and then there are threads concerning deals for people interested in buying lenses or camera body: again, these are deals and not rumors.

        So let’s not be picky about the title of this forum: I kindly asked and I received a polite and quick answer.

        • Ant

          After many excitement, these excitement-bait rumours has turn sour.

          Believe the 18 megapixel rumour. 1/8000 could be true.
          But IBIS on Panasonic, and top-left viewfinder (if that’s what it really is) on m4/3 camera has fallen to the “I’ll believe it when I see it” realm. Aren’t we’ve been let down too often already to still believe in such rumours ? :)

  • Vivek

    Pure speculation. None will be true.

    • Garypen

      Or, all will be true.
      Or, some will be true.

  • Sounds like someone’s wish list. If true, it would be a landmark.

    • Bob B.

      Let’s hope it is!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Admin. thanks for sharing this info and its exact status..”iffy”….but that is the camera that Pany must produce after 2yrs of waiting…. to get “back in the game”…or they strike out.

      • admin

        got a feedback form one source. Waiting to get feedback from other sources too. Hipefully tomorrow I can post the info from my soruces (FT5!). Sounds good ;)

        • rrr_hhh

          @Admin :

          Hipefully !? Hopefully or hypefully :-).

          • Bob B.

            If Panny delivers THAT camera it will be:
            Fully Hip!
            According to urban dictionary that translates into: “cooler than cool”. :-)


            • JimD

              So ‘hip’ got recycled to mean what it has always meant. That’s something new, very novel and real RETRO.

  • Kitsa

    I would be happy with only (rangefinder style) viewfinder
    and 16mp sensor from GH3…

    • admin

      I have a little doubt on these rumros because one single info I got isn’t totally matching with the Digicaminfo source. But give me 1-2 days to check it out.

      • Kitsa

        Thank you, we all wait for your infos :D

  • suggestion

    The most important is EVF + new sensor (with better ISO and DR, to be able to compete with Sony NEX and Fuji mirrorless).

  • Anonymous

    I presume the EVF bit is FT5 – If the patent in the link is correct, it is not just a rangefinder VF, it is a full EVF (optical quality of the image can be checked through the eyepiece lens.
    If the EVF and IBIS are both true it will be a very versatile piece of gear. Mind you, that drawing or something like it has been dong the rounds since this time lst year.

  • Rubs Hands Together

    Hooo BOY!! C’mon, C’mon! Make it happen Panasonic!

  • Sqweezy

    Can we all concede that the integrated, corner EVF for the GX2 is a lock? It is practically, without a reasonable doubt, a given at this point.

    On the other hand, any form of IBIS would be unprecedented and a total shock if true. This feature would change the entire Panasonic landscape and would even out do the hybrid AF rumor for the E-M6. If IBIS would improve Panny’s cameras, then I’m all for it. Bring it on!

    • I’m not an engineer, but here’s my speculation….
      One of the barriers to hybrid AF for m43 surely must be that it is a standard, and all lenses and bodies need to be compatible.
      Perhaps IBIS needs to be included to maintain a hybrid AF based standard moving forward, so Panasonic is licensing the IBIS from Olympus.

    • Any form of IBIS in a Panasonic body would be a confession that the OIS is/was the wrong way or, even worse, they only need it to reposition themselves agains Olympus.
      But then again, there could be only winners from such a constellation. The E-P5 price will be then under pressure and Panasonic users would win an IBIS – which they admittedly never needed (as was the general resonance in internet forums) and lets see how good it is. The benchmark with the 5-axes IBIS is rather high..
      Let’s what will come, I do not believe it but there is always ” a first time” ;)

  • What I’m wondering about is whether it will have an articulated screen. It would be the first small camera with an articulated screen. The other day I was shooting with my new Fuji XE1 and the finder is beautiful, but I shoot a lot of low angles, and therefore miss the articulated screen.

    And whether it is weathersealed. These features would make me put off getting an EP-5..

    • peevee

      “It would be the first small camera with an articulated screen.”

      Huh? E-PL5? NEX-6?

  • Yun

    Yes , 18 megapixels for GX .
    IBIS finally . MCS sensor ???
    This is simply stunning .
    Hmm.. This could be my birthday treat beside the must have 42.5 F1.2 .

    • Hifinut

      Glad that panny think outside the box. Just because panny never has IBIS or EVF on the GX line before doesn’t mean that it can never have them. Good to have a strong competition in m43. Oly should listen carefully, otherwise it E-p5 without build-in EVF will drop price drastically Ala GX1.

  • everhopeful

    That patent shows a reflex camera for comparison to the new ‘invention’ so EVF is still not guaranteed. And the Patent only refers to the possibility of VF and the possibility of tilting LCD – in other words lawyer speak for keeping options open.

  • EEmu

    Curious about the sensor, as 16->18 is kind of trivial…
    Seeing as the G5/G6 sensor is 18Mpx total (16Mpx effective), do you know if the 18M is the total or effective? If the latter, do you have confirmation that it’s a new sensor or could be the G5 sensor?

  • 18MP, wait a minute – maybe does that means Multi Aspect Ratio..

    That might make some sense if they can get it to output at the level of GH3 sensor..

    • That would make sense. It is understandable that Panny dropped the multi-aspect for the GH3, given that they were using a Sony sensor. If this is the first time we see the vaunted MCS sensor ( ), they may as well come out with all guns blazing!

      • Anonymous

        If all is true and the camera also comes with MCS sensor, that would indeed be drool worthy :-)

  • PLI
    • admin

      maybe. I can’t say it’s FT5 now. But let’s say…it looks good :)

  • Anonymous

    so why were there no reliable specs for the g6 and gf6 until one week before the announcement, but the gx2 specs appear three months before the announcement?… I don’t know. wasn’t digicaminfo the source which said the gx2 will have the gh3 sensor and will be announced in november/december 2012?

    • Marketing: if Panasonic are coming up with a RF styled body with corner, tilting EVF and IBIS…..some buyers will cancel their E-P5 pre-orders. It’s a shrinking market, and all’s fair…..

      • safaridon

        Agree a smart move by Pany to leak specs early to attract attention from competitors much as Oly did successfully with EM5. There seem to be too many reports from various sources including even posts in DPR for this to be all vaporware. I would guess Pany did not release GX2 any earlier because maybe waiting for development of a new sensor and not to detract from other models like GF6 and G6 being released this spring? These reports rumor it will be a magnesium alloy body ie maybe better build than aluminum body EP5, or plastic NEX6. Also a price of $800 (body) if true seems to be very good for what you would get if all proves out? Interesting times.

        • safaridon

          Correction – The rumored specs for GX2 by linked in DPR gave no mention of IBIS, 1/8000 shutter speed, no mention of EVF tilting, and said GH3 16 MP sensor would be used?

  • too good to be true..but we surely hope such camera will be released!

  • Anonymous

    Pfff IBIS ?! No Way. That’s just pure speculation. If you want a great IBIS olympus is the way to go. Panasonic sucks with their mega/super/os

    • Fish

      Why would you try to start a fight? Let’s just wait and see what Admin finds out…

    • gf… suck… must not joke…


      Panasonic has been working on it and it’s called “HYBRID I.O.S.”, not IBIS

      So they wouldn’t have to give Olympus a dime to use their tech, when they have their own.

      Get ready for HIOS.

      • PLI

        Panasonic already has a patent for IBIS from last year. Browse this discussion for a link.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks. Interesting……sounds like lots of lens firmware updates over the next 12 months!

        • JimD

          This sounds like a lot more than a lens firmware update. I would suggest that it will be from a set point on. Unless the additional hardware is already in lenses from the last new and updated lenses but the body would not drive it yet. A firmware update would be nice but……….

    • Milt

      It is easy to be negative as Anonymous.

  • Ben

    How come GX2 will be the first to get IBIS but not the GH series?

    anyway it will be truly awesome if GX2 comes with IBIS and EVF
    The new 18M sensor and 1/8000 are going to help a lot too

    this is too good to be true!!!!

  • IBIS, wow! Pana’s got (at least) one new potential customer. Where’s true Homer now ;) ?

    • Anonymous

      True Homer still having IBIS fatique.

    • Anonymous

      yeah…Panny HAS to come up with IBIS..or they just cannot compete. I have a GX1…which I really like..but I also have an OMD…and if I know I am shooting stills in low light..guess which camera I am picking up on the way out the door…it isn’t the Panny.

    • true homer

      For someone you cant stand you people cant seem fo live without me!
      And no, a rangefinder styled camera is not for me.

    • true homer

      For someone you cant stand you people cant seem fo live without me!
      And no, a rangefinder styled camera is not for me.

      • true homer

        And thw news is not that exiting to me, I dont rely on ibis or ois for anything important. The 18mp sensor is intriguing

      • Anonymous

        It was exciting enough to make you stutter!

        • true homer

          such a display of wit..amazing

  • Off topic, but admin, have you got any news on the 2.8/150mm ? Since we are at it, on the 1.2/42.5mm too …?

    • admin

      Coming early 2014.

  • Jerk

    The death of Olympus

  • Robbie

    Makes sense, especially bearing the E-P5 specs in mind, some changes come because of competition. However, when is Panasonic gonna delivered once it’s been officially announced?

  • OMDowner

    GH3 – 16Mpix
    GX2 – 18Mpix = new sensor

    Panasonic has very good cameras with bad sensor.
    New should be with much better then current Panasonic sensors, better then Canon APS sensors, in line (or near) IQ from Fuji and Sony sensor.
    Now there is strong competition with APS sensor (Sony, Fuji, Canon, Samsung) – Panasonic can’t affort produce weak sensors.

    • Grammar

      The phrase you are looking for is “better than”.

    • Narretz

      Without radically new sensor tech, m43 will always lag behind the best aPS-C sensors, no matter what, because of the size difference. I’d actually take the 16 MP Sony sensor in the GX-2 if the specs are really true.

    • true homer

      Wait, you think the omd sensor is bad?

  • I could imagine that Panasonic will let some information trickle out, if for no other reason but to give pause to potential E-P5 customers.

    Personally, having a greater affinity for the 3:2 aspect ratio, I would welcome a return of the multi-aspect sensor. Give me a built-in EVF and a tilting screen in a relatively compact body and they could have quite an attractive package.

    • Agree. I was expecting Pana to trickle out some rumors before EP-5 actual sales. This rumor should be part of Pana’s marketing. Very interesting to see if it would be a Pana-made sensor. I’m not sure if Pana has that economies of scale for sensor business.

  • Yun

    TrueHammer now hiding somewhere .
    No face to come out .
    I hope that 18 megapixels sensor can acheive 13 to 16 ELV in DR . This would make things even wonderful .

    • true homer

      Why would I be hiding? I have a life, im not here all day every day like some people. I actually check the comments here in the bathroom.
      Anyway whats your point? Why would I hide? I still think ibis is overhyped and over rated. And you probably wont get the camera because no mcs or some other excuse.

  • IF it is not vaporware. IBIS+ built in EVF+New Sensor, puts Panny back in the Great Game, while it was really risking to go extinct, with the exception of the GH line.

    So I am happy although I doubt it will reach the degree of exceptional integration of Oly cameras – that what makes the difference with Fujis, lovely lines and IQ, but poorly executed.

    If Panny chose IBIS it would be both and advantage and a disadvantage – having crossover (?)lenses but without CA correction.

    OTH if Oly succeeds in revamping the 4/3 AF it will have a great advantage again. This is getting an interesting race!

  • Renato S.

    I don’t really understand why Panasonic used Sony sensor, which wasn’t really custom-made for GH3 needs and now they have a new sensor for the GX2. If they used that one on the GH3, it would make sense to have the same for the GX2. Or maybe, it’s the same sensor as the new OM-D from Olympus? And both Panasonic and Olympus made a deal with Sony? Anyway, it was more logical that the GH3 had a Panasonic had a custom made, optimized sensor for the GH3, does it mean that something better will come? It’s confusing.

    • Its not like 50 years ago, you have little idea how those big companies will trade components of all kind all the time. Its the end product that count.

      • Renato S.

        I’m not against companies using each other’s sensor, screw that, take the best. What I questioned and you failed to understand is why did Panasonic do that in that way. I understand that at the time, Panasonic made what they thought it was best but at the same time, it’s weird. The GH series always had, until now, a multi-aspect sensor that is optimized for video. Ok, let’s say they didn’t have time to develop the sensor for the GH3 and they couldn’t postpone that, that’s still weird. Panasonic had plenty of time to develop a new sensor, what happened? Not enough money for the GH3 development? It’s plausible and this issue has been mentioned lots of times during Panasonic’s guys interviews, they clearly don’t have the same amount of resources as Sony has. Or did they develop one and it wasn’t good enough? I hope not.

        What about the micro color splitter sensor? Is it anywhere near for production, that looked very promissing.

    • Narretz

      Panasonic said they chose the sensor for the GH3 because it was the one that was available at the time. My guess is that their own next generation sensor wasn’t ready yet, and they couldn’t afford to postpone the GH3 any longer.

      • CaverDave

        There was a rumor a few weeks ago about a GH-4 being release late this year. Maybe it will have the GX-2 sensor in it. Right now the GX-2 sounds very interesting. Hopefully it will live up to our expectations.

        • admin

          no gh4 this year.

        • Ben

          I doubt there will be a GH-4, ever. In case you hadn’t noticed by the current trend in numbering their products, these companies won’t use the number 4 for superstitious reasons.

          • Ant

            Canon had the 5D Mk.4
            Never pay attention to the news, so no idea how good that one fare in the market

            • Chez Wimpy

              Future Ant! Stop polluting in our time stream!

    • The is many so believe Olympus use Sony sensor in M43 camera, but is the also somebody so think Pansonic use Sony sensor too. LOL :-D

      • Panasonic Uses It’s Own Sensors

        Plus they’re working on new tech, so why would they ever?

        I laugh out loud when I read a post saying any Panny camera uses a Sony sensor.

        Where’s the Link?

        • GH2

          Yeah, and everyone is laughing at you, not with you. Panasonic have and still use Sony sensors in their compacts. The sensor in GH3 and E-M5 is on a par with the older Sony APS-C sensors in terms of colour depth and dynamic range, with the low light performance differences explained by the smaller 4/3″ sensor size.

          It matters so much to psycopaths like you that the sensor must come from your favourite brand. To consider that the sensor was outsourced causes you great stress, fear and anxiety. While others get on and take pictures and appreciate the technology available, no matter who makes it. Sony makes sensors for many cameras, but even they use materials on these very sensors that are sourced from other manufacturers. Toshiba is also making great sensors like the one in the Nikon D5200 and D7100. The Fuji X-Trans sensors are most likely sourced from and made by Sony too, though Toshiba may also have been involved.

          But you are on a crusade, along with troll whoremore. Panasonic must be defended at all costs from the evil Olympus and its users, in the name of freedom and justice. Why do nations need armies when they can have you and troll whoremore to fight the “hayeders”. The Yooniteed Nayshuns would love to have you on board. You can go prosecute the “hayeders” so the world can be free of hate. Go you freedom fighter. Panasonic would like to give you ten cents for your trouble.

          • fdgjj

            Toshiba is also making great sensors like the one in the Nikon D5200 and D7100. The Fuji X-Trans sensors are most likely sourced from and made by Sony too, though Toshiba may also have been involved.

            Toshiba are just the fabricators the design and patents for the sensors belong to Nikon ,which is why yo will not be sing them in other makers cameras.

            • fdgjj

              Also Fuji makes its own sensors

  • Ranger 9

    What makes us so sure that “tiltable viewfinder” doesn’t just mean an articulated LCD? We are dealing with translated info, after all… WE all want to think that “viewfinder” means “eye-level finder,” but the rest of the world may not agree!

    I agree that IBIS is just wishful thinking. Also, the difference between 18 megapixels and 16 megapixels is negligible… it would need to be a better sensor, not just a denser one, to be interesting.

    • J Shin

      > Also, the difference between 18 megapixels and 16 megapixels is negligible… it would need to be a better sensor, not just a denser one, to be interesting.

      I think what is exciting is that it is definitely a sensor we haven’t seen. Whether that translates to “better” sensor, we’ll see.

  • Narretz

    This could be the camera we’ve all been waiting for. ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN!

  • EspenB

    And just to piss us GH3 users completeley off the GX2 will probably have focus peaking as well. Clearly the future GH4/5 will have lots of improvements.

    • safaridon

      To keep camera size down any GX2 will likely have a smaller EVF than that of the GH3 or G6 offering so even if somewhat similar specs would offer choices depending on what is most important to you portability or handling and use. Also I doubt the GX2 would offer a swivel screen to differentiate the lines.

      • Personally, I’m not too fussy on resolution of an EVF, with AF lenses at least. It’s more of a framing tool. And no need for a tilting LCD if you have a tilting EVF!
        But you are right, differentiation and choices are good to have.

      • Milt

        Sensible as usual.

    • That’s the way it is

      Tech gets better. Grunt, Pout, and then take the best pics/vids with what you have. I wish I had a GH3. I wouldn’t be mad at all.

  • caver3d

    The sensor may be the GH2 sensor (18 mp, with 16 mp effective area) that has been improved so that it is 18 mp effective area with no multi-aspect.

    And as was mentioned above, maybe the integrated VF is actually a tiltable (articulated) LCD screen.

  • Martin

    > Tiltable built-in viewfinder
    Good idea, sound plausible.

    > New sensor of 18 million pixels
    Maybe tweaked GH2 sensor. Otherwise improbable (putting the half a year old flagship into the shade…)

    > Within the body image stabilization
    Just wishful thinking -> extremely improbable, IMO.

  • Frye

    Tiltable viewfinder I can almost believe. But In-body stabilization? You sure somebody isn’t just yanking your chain?

  • Anonymous

    It’s funny to see how many pana fanboy who wants IBIS Now! lol Pathetic


      Read the comments… Mostly everyone has a wait and see approach OR are being patient.

      Where do you see anyone “wanting” it??

      The sign of a nervous Olympus Lackey spitting propaganda. Off a rumor, no less.


      • dau

        as a panny owner, i can say that in hindsight i probably wouldve bought an oly for the ibis. i own the 20mm 1.7, 25mm 1.4 and the nokton 17.5mm 0.95 and there have been many times in low light i have yearned for ibis. i was waiting for the next omd, but if these specs are true i will stick with lumix..

  • Per K

    A mouth-watering concept!
    Concerning “sensor”: This technology is far from mature. Remember image quality is not only about the actual physical sensor. It is more about surrounding electronics and processing code.
    Many, including some photo experts on the internet, believes that RAW is a neutral read-out from the pure sensor. This is very wrong.
    It will take many years until there is a “good enough” sensor/processor/code; at may seem so, but two years later there will be far better options available!

    IBIS would really be a Panasonic U-turn. As I am not exactly the most steady shooter I welcome that. Tilt built in EVF – great provided that IQ in it is far better than my old G3.

    I happen to prefer the Pana user interface and the design of GF1/GX1 to what Oly offers. Happy if the 1st RF style BIEVF is Pana!

  • lol

    unhun, let me know when it is $199

    • af

      +1 ;)

  • piew

    Looking at the patent drawing and the news of tiltable evf i can’t stop thinking of the embarrassing moment when u using the tilted evf with your left eye and accidentally switched on the popup flash…

    • LOL! I use my right eye with a VF2 on an E-PL1……once or twice tried to use bounce flash when using a tilted VF. Saw stars for awhile….

      • piew

        LOL, at least the VF-2 is mount higher on the camera hot shoe, for this concept to work, the tiltable EVF needs to be shorter in its tilted position to maintain the compactness when its put back in its normal position, hence it should be more than stars you will see…

  • QQ

    Why IBIS so unrealistic for some of you? I use compact camera Panasonic TZ-40 at the moment, which has great IBIS. I even shoot concert videos at 20x and they are not shaky! So Panasonic knows what IBIS means.

    • Narretz

      IBIS on a compact is very different from a system camera, for two simple reasons:

      1) Fixed lens vs. support for many different lenses
      2) On-sensor (electronic) vs physical stabilization. The former is just some fancy post-processing.

      It’s not impossible, but it would be a huge (and welcome) surprise. But I’d expect some kinks in the beginning.

      • ever hopeful

        Why would you expect some’kinks’? Olympus did their 5-axis IBIS first time so what makes you think Panasonic can’t.

      • Jus Sayin

        last I checked, all panasonic lenses worked on the omd

        • Narretz

          Well, yeah? Oly has years of experience with IBIS in big sensor interchangable lens cameras, while Panasonic has basically zero experience. The lens only has to report the right data (spec), so Pana lens to Oly body is not comaparable. Not to forget that the EM5 has problems with the 20mm in some situations, precisely because of the new IBIS. These are the kinds of kinks I’D expect.

    • “Why IBIS so unrealistic for some of you?”

      Because Panny over the years again and again repeated that they believe that IS belongs to the lens?

      Anyway, I wouldn’t expect much from the first version of the Panny IBIS.

      • J Shin

        If it’s any consolation, Canon used to boast about their breech mount (no mount wear!), and Hasselblad used to swear by the absolute superiority of square format (because it can be cropped!). Leica used to say that having a non-automatic mechanical shutter was a “feature” (It makes you think!). All have given in, to trends or to reason, I don’t know. :-)

  • andrew

    Panasonic is a little late to this game. But I guess better late than never.
    They make nice cameras, with good video capability… but they lack in the IQ department. They could really up their game with a camera with these features. And if it is priced right, they could do really well.

    • Frye

      Quite happy with IQ on my GH2. It must be that I just have really low standards.

    • caver3d

      Do you have a Panasonic ILC? Because IQ-wise you don’t know what you are talking about. I have the Pany GH2, G5, and GX1. I also have the Oly E-M5, etc., etc. All of these provide really good IQ. Of course, you need to know HOW to use these cameras.

      • Dude, why do you have so many cameras? And how do you keep track of all the batteries that need charging? That would do my head in…..

      • E-1

        Wow, so many m43 cameras, you’re a collector?

        • fdgjj

          To be honest the way the prices of all mFT cameras fall it is often hardly worthwhile selling the old model off when you update

  • Didn’t you show these before a long time ago. Probably means nothing.

  • Anonymous

    I am so excited…I feel as though I may BURST!!!!!!

  • safaridon

    Seems the digicam description notes gives more information than disclosed above and that is that the tilting EVF is a given as is the inclusion of IBIS and seems to verify the rumors 43rumors had received??? What is not clear is whether the sensor is 18MP or 16MP and that may simply be a matter of total versus effective pixels? Reportedly the person providing or leaking the rumored specs has provided credible rumor specs in the past perhaps indicating they were leaked purposely by Pany? We now maybe know more why Admin let slip earlier that this may be the best m4/3 camera coming?

  • Anonymous

    IBIS is not gonna happen since panasonic has OIS lenses. But even if it’s just a GX1 style camera with new sensor and integrated EVF I’m probably going to buy it once it’s had price drop.

    I was thinking buying G6 or O-MD EM-5 to upgrade my EPL-1 but OM D-EM5 is too expensive and I’m not sure updating to DMC is good idea since I wouldn’t get too much IQ improvement (old sensor in Panasonic).

    If GX2 is sh*t I’m propably going to switch back to Canon. I some glass already, just need to update the EOS 350D.

  • IBIS is not gonna happen since panasonic has OIS lenses. But even if it’s just a GX1 style camera with new sensor and integrated EVF I’m probably going to buy it once it’s had price drop.

    I was thinking buying G6 or O-MD EM-5 to upgrade my EPL-1 but OM D-EM5 is too expensive and I’m not sure updating to DMC is good idea since I wouldn’t get too much IQ improvement (old sensor in Panasonic).

    If GX2 is sh*t I’m propably going to switch back to Canon. I some glass already, just need to update the EOS 350D.

    • Why post twice? Why not say “My name is Man Frotto, and I approve the above message”? ;)

      • Anonymous

        Sorry my bad, kind of double post. It looked like the first post didn’t make it so I thought that its obligatory to fill the name/email fields.

  • Twaddler Belafonte

    m43, where innovation lives.

  • Gorejo

    It will be fun to revisit this post in August, after the camera is oficially launched. I think we will see the old GH2 sensor again, integrated small evf or no evf at all, and of course no IBIS.

    • Narretz

      Boo! :(

    • GH2 SENSOR

      What’s wrong with that??

  • Bajda

    Any chance it will have integrated GPS as well?

    • traveller

      100% sure ;)
      and weather sealed too

      good o, panny

  • > Tiltable built-in viewfinder


    > New sensor of 18 million pixels

    18MP sounds like a way too new sensor… And bit too much of the MPs to me.

    P.S. Crossing fingers that it is true.

  • Anonymous

    Panasonic should be most concerned by the black magic pocket cam. Reasonable chance by the end of next year BM will have a 4/3 sensor in a pocket cam 2. And that could kill Panny m4/3.

  • E-1

    (Would buy that, but …)

    Come on this was a FT4 rumor on THIS site in 2010 as DonTom commented, now it is a FT3 (one down!) in 2013 and you expect this to be real?

    • admin

      Yep, because back in 2010 I rnaked patents as rumor. It was a wrong approach. Now I do no rank patents as rumors anymore. Please don’t take this as example.

      • No worries Admin, we forgive you!

        Actually, it’s interesting to see how long it can take a patent to become reality. If the accumulation of new features is correct, this will be a landmark camera for Panasonic. It’s become obvious that we won’t see a RF style (with EVF) from Olly for probably 12 months, so this will become a must buy for those of us that have been pleading for years! It will be a real bonus if it has effective IBIS as well.

        I guess we’ll still have a while to wait for dual AF though!

      • adaptor-or-die

        the aspect that it was a patent in 2010 is more valid to a product being retailed in 2013/4, it relates to a real world production cycle with real world problems such as struggling global economy, floods and quakes, cell phone market share competition, etc. No great surprise an R&D concept then is only now coming into fruition now. Despite the wishlist desire of all who post

        • JimD

          A company such as Panasonic should be able to conceive, design, build and have retail stock in 6 months. These people are not new to the game, they already know all the shortcuts and tricks. Corporate internal interest is key. Making things and putting them together is easier.
          Any company spending 3 years bringing a design to market (in this category) has missed the bus by a very long way, in fact so far that the bus service could have been withdrawn 2 years ago.
          The fact of a patent does not mean any production will be forthcoming, its just an idea protection mechanism. I personally believe that if a patent is granted and production has not started in 3 years the patent lapses unless the patent holder can plead in international court that real delays have been encountered.
          But 3 years to market is not within a reasonable time frame for such a product from such a manufacturer.

  • ed

    This sounds like someone’s wishlist. I don’t believe it. But if it is true I wonder if the image stabilization will be as good as the Olympus 5 axis- if so wow. Also, the tiltable viewfinder sounds awesome.

  • stravinsky

    Someone please explain the variable evf tilting thing. I don’t get it. Is that the thing over the top?

    • Anonymous

      no…it is the box that hangs off the back of the camera just below # 134 and above #160. it swivels straight up to 90 degrees kind of like the existing LVFs. PRetty cool idea. Makes the camera more versatile.

      • Also makes sure that with regular use the flexible cable connector between finder and body will crack within 24 hours of the warranty expiring. ;-) Also makes weather-leaking more likely. :-P

        • Anonymous

          Well..if the engineers make the viewfinder out of Silly Putty…it will be flexible and water-resistant. :-)

          • JimD

            and no rust.

        • Martin

          It is very likely that each and every day, you set your life on a similar flexible connector which even is subject to much more frequent bending: the airbag connector in your car. So why worry about the reliability of an EVF connector?

          • An airbag connector has typically sliding contacts in the steering wheel/airbag assembly. A flexible, printed connector wouldn’t work in a component that rotates on average 3 turns from stop to stop.

            I was just pointing out that the flexible connector typically used in folding electronic devices are weak points and that they do break. For example, the one on my flash broke after only two years.

            An external VF can simply be removed and mailed in for repair, or even swapped out with another VF. If an inbuilt EVF fails, you lose camera until it has been repaired.

            • Martin

              Many car manufacturer don’t employ sliding contacts around the steering column nowadays. The standard layout is just the type of flexible printed circuit board that you are trying to avoid, folded to a U such that its bending point rolls forth and back when turning the steering wheel. The reason that this layout is preferred over sliding contacts is that it is more reliable than the latter, which are prone to intermittent contact problems.

  • Anonymous

    They have to press release soon so that people will reconsider pre-order Oly E-P5

    • Enough people will buy the lastest offering, no matter how new their recently purchased gear may be.

    • stravinsky

      That’s the point. Vapor ware, propaganda wars to keep you from buying the competition. The company is the one leaking the information

  • What makes rumors dangerous is that they don’t only promote future buying decisions, but also prevent some, as seen above.

    Introducing a host of new technologies at the same time begs the question of how to mesh them without hitches.

    For instance 5-axis stab. was not achieved in one day. It requires more power, and thus a different type of battery, but it allows optical stab. in the VF too. It is one of the most enabling, but complex technologies, which has consequences on the choice of sensor too.

    So until we have more data, it would be silly to suspend buying decisions. To know what sort of IBIS it *might* be, what sensor will be involved, and what the street price of such a camera *might* be are needed, before taking decisions some three months in advance.

    Then if the camera appears it will have to go through firmware upgrades and perhaps recalls. That is why when a new type of camera appears it doesn’t pay to be an early adopter. Marketing however has the opposite interest, to promote early sales, so I would be very wary. Possibly each tentative feature must be evaluated separately, with IBIS at the forefront. What type of IBIS are we being sold?

    • But optical stabilization did provide a stabilized viewfinder since forever… No stabilized viewfinder was a limitation of IBIS on traditional DSLRs, and an implementation limitation on most m4/3 cameras.

      Heat production seems to have been the biggest issue for this when looking at the manual of my E-P1.

  • Milt

    Thank you admin for the news so far. It is better today than yesterday, but there is still a lot to learn yet. Will stay tuned to your site during the next few days.

  • Anonymous

    Is it possible Sony got whiff of this which contributed to the delay with the Nex 7 replacement?
    This is the closest thing to what I want in my dream camera. Hope the addition of tilting EVF will still make for a beautiful camera aesthetically.

  • Kayo

    Sounds great. Just wonder if tiltable EVF is making weather sealed less likely. I read somewhere gx2 would have weather sealing..??
    Integrated gps is also on the cards. Pany already has very good gps integratin on cheaper lumix so we will likely see that here too.
    1/8000…YES, thank you
    a real killer imo

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