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(FT3) E-P5 to be announced in June. More cameras in September.


A source told me about the announcement time of the new E-P5. The camera will be announce in June and hit stores the month after. At the same time also the first Olympus f/2.8 constant zoom will be announced. More cameras will be announced in September. If the rumor is correct than it means that Olympus will wait 9 months (between September 2012 and June 2013) before to announce new products (I do not count the just upgraded 75-300mm lens).

Panasonic will announce the new GF and G cameras in Spring while there is a complete uncertainty about the GX. And the 42,5mm and 150mm lenses on roadmap are likely going to be shipped in early 2014 only.

Yesterdays news and interviews displayed a clear common challenge for Olympus and Panasonic Both are facing some economical challenges and both have to define a new product strategy. Not something we have to worried about, it’s in some ways also very normal. Panasonic is likely to move more and more in the upper more semipro and pro market. Olympus may will do exactly the same with the next High End OMD model.

Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • Anonymous

    Yay… Sort of. That’s a long wait.

    • Bob B.

      But good news for our collective wallets! We came just go make images with the great, innovative digital equipment we already have without wondering what we are missing.

    • EASY

      Long and pointless wait while Sony and Fuji are grabbing the market…

      • michael

        This. I’ve been an Olympus shooter for a long time, but lately I’ve been eyeing a lot of cameras that suit me a little more.

        Not sure if I’ll still be around in September/October to give Olympus the money I’ve been dying to give them since getting the near-perfect E-PL2.

  • nobody

    Admin, still no info on the focal length range of the f2.8 zoom? Standard or tele zoom at least? Thanks for the info!

    • admin

      They only told me that they are almost the same of the Panasonic.

      • E-1

        :-( :-(

      • Mr. Reeee

        Bummer! Please Oly, make a native M4/3 version of the 12-60mm!

        • JF

          +1000 even if I already own the 12-35 and 35-100 :D I would have prefered a 12-60 but I was bored of wainting something that might never come…12-60 is the perfect hicking, traveling focal range !

          • If they make almost the same as the Pana lenses I will sell my Oly equipment and buy a Fuji or D5200…

        • And the 50-200 — weather-sealed!

        • in constant 2.8! now that would be cool!

          • Mr. Reeee

            That would be amazing!

        • No1 10-60mm or 10-55mm

      • mauro

        Sometimes Olympus like to put in the garbage its time… why the same focal range as the panny zooms?? why 75-300 fdark II??

        • Because they are building a system for the long term. Oly’s corporate culture dictates that users of Olympus cameras can find all their needs inside Olympus. There is a certain amount of hubris in this proposition and the focus on system-level redundant lenses certainly keeps R&D resources from other, perhaps more widely needed optics. The decision to develop those lenses most probably goes back to 2009 and Olympus is just not flexible enough to reconsider it. Besides, the “OM-D Pro” will need a matching kit zoom.

          • Thiago

            Sneye, Oly’s ‘corporate culture’ dictates that billions of Yen should be stored away in shady acquisitions and obscure unrelated companies ;) JK, JK…

            They don’t really care much about these cameras / lenses, their endoscope business make up like 80% of the worldwide market.

      • Max

        which panasonic? the 12-35 or 35-100?

        • admin

          both. But they didn’t tell me which one is coming first.

  • Miroslav

    Bad news… I guess they don’t want to disrupt pretty good sales of current models.

    “Olympus and Panasonic are facing some economical challenges”

    If CP+ is the indicator, no camera company is doing OK. The small number of announcements is telling.

    • wombat

      Olympus aren’t exactly doing themselves any favours, we have seen no sign of product line rationalisation as they promised after the crisis.

      And they are releasing some of their high margin lens’ in silver only which somewhat restricts sales to buyers of black cameras (approx 60%)

      Oh and the FT line needs to be retired ASAP and the MFT system brought into the pro market.

      • Never met a photographer who refuses to by the lens they want because its the wrong colour. They buy it and they complain but they still buy it.

        • Anonymous


        • Actually, I am not a Photographer but I do wanna spend some money soon.
          And the reason I’m not yet going for m4/3 (OM-D and the 17mm and 12mm is the Silver color).

          It is altough also the reason why I don’t wanna stay with my current NEX System.
          I do have to buy a Camera in August so by then they better bring those glas wrappers in Black!

          • Mr. Reeee

            Buy a Voigtländer 17.5mm and an SLR Magic Hyperprime 12mm. They’re both black.
            Oh… wait… you’ll need to use manual focus… :-P

            • It’s what I been using on my NEX so far Minolta 50mm, 35mm and the 28mm.

              I do enjoy using MF and that is why I like the Oly 12mm and the 17mm with the MF ring.

              I just don’t want a System where I have a bunch of MF and AF lenses with the same focal lengths.

              Never used MF on m4/3, but I was very happy when Sony finally brought the “focus peaking” to the NEX, just made it easier.

              I just don’t like Silver as a color or any kinda flashy color on camera gear.
              Jup Black is dull, but hey is it so hard to just offer the lenses in black and silver, then Oly sees if there is a market for black lenses. Or are they afraid they could actually be successful !?!?

            • wombat

              Here we go with the elitism again.

              So people who work with a visual medium would like the tools of their craft to have good aesthetics. Does that surprise you?

              You may be fine with whatever colour you like but why criticize others for wanting something specific? Does it hurt you in some way that we would like the colour of the lens that we use to match the body of our camera’s?

              • Mr. Reeee

                No elitism intended.
                I agree, it’s ridiculous that Oly refuses to offer lenses in both silver and black. I mean, really!
                But if black is THAT important, there ARE alternatives. ;-)

          • Truf

            Nobody buys lenses that are a non-standard color. Can you imagine some company trying to sell lenses that aren’t black to a pro? Wouldn’t EVER happen. Certainly couldn’t get them to buy any color but black. Definitely not white.

      • Bob B.

        Get over it.

        • please not so drastic, nobody is crying just expressing a desire and hope from some sense over at Olys marketing Dept.

          And please don’t tell me it wouldn’t make perfect sense to over those lenses also in Black.

          It is a wish from many now for years, I do not own m4/3 yet but I been following its path for a long time now, and there has always been a big amount of ppl who would just prefer those lenses in black rather then silver, prolly would even rather have them in Canon gray then Silver.

          When Sony came out with their NEX system, the thing most ppl complained about (besides the lack of Lenses) was also the Silver color of their lenses.

          So please don’t make us out to be something we are not!

          • Bob B.

            Well…if you won’t by a fantastic lens because it doesn’t come in a particular color, one thing I will not call you is a photographer. :-)

            • duque

              Well, how harsh of u.

              have I ever said I,was. So what are u saying ? I wouldn’t make a living with the pictures I take ?

              well u betcha I wouldn’t be able too.
              but I do have a couple of bucks to spend.

              and,I’m not,even asking for fancy unrealistic specs and lenses……….. Just black ones.

              do you make a living with photography? 90% of then readers here don’t

              • The origin of the black lens was a cheap lens. All real lenses were silver. Not so long ago.

              • Bob B.

                LOL…what on earth does that have to do with wanting the best photo that you can take…and the color of the lens has NOTHING to do with that…nothing. …..
                I got cred…


                …but my purse doesn’t need to match my shoes…whah…I just need to want a good image….and don’t give me that lame crap
                that you are a street shooter and it has to be black…no one cares….just bring home the goods ….shiny is happy!!!!!!!
                Maybe the glint of the silver will catch there eye and you get a spectacular shot!!!!!!!!!


                What is harse is all the dweebs crying for a little black lens to match there ensemble…that is harse noise to my ears….LOL!

              • digifan

                We call the likes of you gear collectors and wannabees.
                Because why would anyone worry about their lenses not being black other than being concerned not appearing pro.
                I mean, I often have to work in the crowds and I’m not noticed although I have a shiny silver lens on the camera. So the perception of being less visible with black gear is absolutely nonsense.

                • Geez, Looking like a Pro.

                  Exactly that’s what I am after. that’s why I put a red canon strap on my 650D instead of the yellow one. I even painted a red circle around the top of the lens.

                  JUP: you nailed me!!

                  • digifan

                    Aha, 650D, no wonder.

                    • Oh yeah and I put a Leica sticker on the lens and a Hasselblad sticker on the body!

                      I hope you’re getting my drift now

                    • digifan

                      Seems I can’t reach the reply button at your remark Duque.
                      But sarcasm isn’t your forte indeed. ;-)

                • Bob B.

                  Ok…all this obsession with lens color made me catalogue my MFT Kit. (have FF Kit too), I apparently used a balanced approach to purchasing. I have 10 lenses…5 silver and 5 black. Although, the one lens, where I had an equally priced choice, I chose silver. LOL. Let’s all just keep taking photos and having fun!

                • Bob B.

                  +1 digifan.

                • Bob B.

                  The only reason I bought the silver OMD was because when I was reading reviews before purchase I noticed that the black paint was already wearing off the review samples. I thought the silver would hold up better and have more resale value. I actually think that the black body is cooler looking! I did not know at the time of purchase that I would have so many silver lenses…but they probably look better on the silver body…The other thing is…always having black cameras is boring!!!

          • Bob B.

            LOL…that is perfect!!!! My precious!!!!! I find that people covet their little cameras….LOL….don’t get me wrong…I like a good looking kit just as much as the next guy…but to say you won’t buy a lens as well price and fantastic as say the Oly 45mm f.1.8 cause it doesn’t come in black is just IDIOTIC. Actually I do not mind the silver with any of the lenses..I think they are beautiful….some could have less CA…be sharper in the corners..yadyyadayady….but the color is the last thing that matters. They are tools to create images with….
            Usually the biggest coveters could not make an image if their life depended on it…and dats a fact jack!

        • duque

          Dear Bob B.

          I am sorry for sounding so unpolite.
          you are right, a fantastic lens,doesn’t have to be black or pink or whatever color. We’ll see, I am that fond of the OM-D and those small gems that at the end,I will buy them in silver cos there is no black version.

          But u should,also be able to agree, that black is definitely not a fancy special color that makes such a wish so abstract.

      • Miroslav

        “Olympus aren�t exactly doing themselves any favours, we have seen no sign of product line rationalisation as they promised after the crisis.”

        Much has been said on this website in recent weeks concerning Olympus (and Panasonic) camera line simplification and many comments were way off the mark. Take a look at the current Oly m4/3 lineup: three bodies – E-PM2, E-PL5 and E-M5. Older models that can be seen in the shops will be there until the stocks are cleared.

        All three current cameras are using the same sensor, the same image processor, the same touch panel at the back, the same addon flashes, similar software… Two of them use the same batteries, two of them use the same screen tilting mechanism, two of them use the same IBIS mechanism. Essentially the same camera with different shells and buttons. What is there to rationalize? The costs of producing plastic or metal parts for the outer shell are minimal compared to the rest of it. Olympus would be much better off if they produced several more body shapes with the same internals.

        “Oh and the FT line needs to be retired ASAP and the MFT system brought into the pro market.”

        If a pro photographer is a person that earns money from his photos, than E-M5 is already a “pro” camera. Heck, our admin earns his living (partly) using E-P1. Quite a large investment is needed to make higher-spec’d camera and lenses while the earnings wouldn’t be near those that could be made in lower end models.

  • Raist3d

    “Not something we have to worried about, it’s in some ways also very normal.”

    Consecutive losses in Imaging Division = “some ways also very normal?” I don’t think so. I have to admit I didn’t expect another round of lossess. To me this reads like the OMD-5 is probably selling well, but the other cameras (and by this I am including micro four thirds too) are dragging the profit down- all those EPL1’s that were still selling were indicative of excess inventory, not a “winning strategy.”

  • Rasmus

    So basically, no real reason to buy any new gear from Olympus or Panasonic during 2013. Seems like they have a winning concept…

    • Rasmus

      Oh, if the E-P5 turns out to be more or less an E-M5 in a smaller package AND can be purchased without a kit lens, then this E-M5 owner might consider getting one. But probably not.

  • The longer product cycles are good news, I think. Releasing a new product once a year for the sake of it, regardless of innovation (e.g. GF5) is a waste of resources. Strong, innovative products have always kept their retail prices for long periods. If postponing the release of the E-P5 and GX2 results in better cameras I’m all for it.

    On a side note, I do not understand why camera companies are still developing all those compacts. It’s clearly a lost battle. Two or three niche cameras from each manufacturer are enough.

    • Rasmus

      True. The superzoom niche and the rugged niche are still valid, but I suspect they aren’t sellig that well anyway. And I still want a rugged camera with RAW support.

      • Mr. Reeee

        I’d like a fixed lens rugged camera that shoots RAW and has a M4/3 sensor. Although, I’m pretty happy with my Oly TG1.

  • Uncle_Pix

    So it’s about cash cow time.

  • it fits well with what we were discussing. They need to swim upstream like the salmon, up the value chain if they want some real profits.

    I hope they get that a myriad models which are obsolete after 6 months and crowd the inventories don’t help neither Olympus or the consumers. Fuji might have got it right from the beginning.

    f/2.8 zooms might be expensive too, but at least we’ll have 3d party providers, like Tamron or Sigma.

    And on the cheapie side for bodies, Chinese Kodak, giving instant connectivity. So, connected cameras, and ‘slow photography’ the best of both worlds :)

    • Micro 4/3 is hardly about “slow photography”. Fuji might be, though.

      • You tried using a 12-60mm on an OMD?

        • Yes I have. Not too bad, actually.

          • Mine is not as good as the 9-18 or 14-42 4/3 glass, in fact I use both quite often.

            • Ross

              Just don’t try a 70-300 lens in dim conditions (on an E-M5). It just drives itself very slowly through the whole range. :( I put the 14-54 II on now & again & so long as the subject (& the body taking the photo) are static, it can focus OK, but don’t try to use it on kids or animals. They move out of focus before the lens can find it.

              • digifan

                I don’t see the point about your “slow photography” remark.
                M43 isn’t about slow photography at all. It can’t track objects like a Canon or Nikon high end yet, but it’s S-AF is lightning fast.
                If slow photography is about aperture compared to 35mmFF, well, the faster lenses are coming slowly as well, even fast-ish zooms. I wouldn’t call 25mm F1.4, 45mm F1.8, 12mm F2.0, 20mm F1.7 and 75mm F1.8 P & O lenses slow. The 14mm F2.5 isn’t slow either.
                When in the Film era, F2.8 was considered fast-ish.
                If we are talking super shallow DOF, well m43 isn’t your game to begin with. Though it’s easy to get very shallow DOF with some longer lenses like the 75mm F1.8 as well.

                • digifan

                  Well I probably should have read a little more down to see what was meant, but hey, it’s human nature to respond promptly.

      • “Slow Photography” is not about slow AF, LOL. It is a movement like ‘Slow Food’, making things deliberately,more considerately, not in haste.

        Can you believe that in film times cameras were a small investment, and that one learned actually photography to better use them? And that most never used more than a 50mm, a 28mm and a 135mm?

        Poor dogs :)

        • Way too often people don’t look at how they could use the tools at hand for creating a good picture, but rather look at what they’d ideally want to have but are lacking for taking a picture.

          I blame it on lack of knowledge, experience and imagination.

          Projects like ‘a 50mm picture a day’ or just mounting a prime lens on a camera and sticking to that combination for a couple days or weeks tend to work very well for getting the experience needed.

          (and hey, I do not always disagree with you!)

        • And they needed to take lessons. Every shot cost. Every shot had to count. Any one who nowadays goes out and shoots 10 frames of this and 10 frames of that in the hope of getting one good one. (Yes there are many here as well). Would have gone broke using film.
          And as you say how many lenses did they carry? Zooms were not available or not very good untill the 80s, so it was mostly primes.

        • I know what ‘slow photography’ means, but frankly the latest crop of m4/3 cameras is not going there. M4/3 heads in the direction of replacing DSLRs and tries to appeal to the lowest denominator in order to establish a wide user base. Conversely, Fuji’s system – which follows the rangefinder tradition – appeals to a different tier of photographers, including some of those who may practice the principles of ‘slow photography’.
          As to myself, being trained in the mid-eighties using an OM system I like to use manual lenses and make as few photographs of a situation as I find comfortable. I shoot JPEGs only and hate post-processing, thus aiming to complete every photograph by the time I press the shutter release. I find prime lenses better for my purpose because the let me “see” more clearly. Actually I don’t own any zooms (except a few in the 4/3 mount, which I rarely use these days).

          • If the em5 had been a Fuji with the em5 sensor and mount I would have bought it. The fact that the em5 is the shape that it is, had a little to do with my purchase. If it had been a Fuji shape, with the flip out monitor and em5 size or close to it, I would have been quite happy with that. A rangefinder body is ok with me. A small square Bronica/Hasie shape would also find acceptability with me if it had the display with a WLF on the top and optional prism and grips

  • Anonymous

    Of course this could be indicative of the entire photographic industry. How often does one need to replace their current camera? Lets look at the picture as a whole, every new camera has to have a certain level of R&D costs involved in it’s production, this has to be recouped in one way or another. The current market place for interchangable lens cameras must be close to saturation point, the second had market is no more than a dumping ground now, you buy a camera it loses so much money taken out of shop it is hardly worth selling it on. Therefore the market place for any camera that will cost 4 figures or more has to be small, which in turn means a higher premium has to be asked for it to recover those R&D costs.

    I’ve just looked up the WEX website, four bodies in excess of £4,000, one of those a Pound short of Ten Thousand Pounds. It does not take a brain surgeon to realise sales for these is not going to be huge, so a large percentage of the asking price has to be R&D, while the better quality P&S cameras R&D costs will me markedly lower due to much larger sales figures. Of course some of that will be used to subsidise the ‘specialist’ sector but that will not go on forever due to the Mobile Phone usage creeping into the lower levels of the industry. Hence we see increase ‘fire sales’, I hardly think there are many of these where the seller is making any losses and even then they will be minimal, no one is going to give a sellable camera away, the only losers here are those people who want the newer model but need to sell last years to help finance it, the recoverable monies is now at a minimum.

    Let’s hope that the next edition of the OM-D will not have too high a price on it, I suspect it will be similar to the pricing of the E-M5, with existing E-M5 price maybe dropping about 250-300 £ sterling, thus maintaining a respectable profit margin for Olympus.

  • Is an announcement of the announcement an announcement? Or does the announcement need to be announced at a formal announcement.

    • Before we can announce that it is an announcement, that has been announced?

      • Ross

        Careful now! You might trip over one of the announcements. ;)

        • Stubbed my toe three times on them.

          • Ross


  • Yun

    If the announcement is true means EP & GX are 24 months or more model . A premier model for Oly & Pana unlike Sony , every 12 months or less than that , a new model come out for replacement .
    This is unacceptable !
    I rather willing to wait if Pana need time to come out something big , very very big .

  • fan_guo_lai_xiang_xiang

    I think it’s perfectly fine that product cycles in m43 are slowing down… just an indicator for a maturing system. Whoever wants to get rid of his/her spare money, why not go for more of the excellent lenses that are already available? I’m currently saving up for the sweet 17,5 Nokton.

  • Tim

    I really like the Idea of slower camera replacement- I m still having fun with the E-PL2 and just thinking about replacing it with an Om-D or the next E-PX. I really dont see a reason for a new camera each year. Come on, I like to spend my money on lenses-and only replace the camera after a few years when there is a “real” development that i need.
    Things i would like i my next camera (hope some point will be in the E-P5):
    Integrated VF,
    same batteries as the PEN series,
    dont need a swivel screen-but would like one like the Lumix G5,
    2dials-one like the E-P2 thumpwheel and one like the OM-D front dial,
    no weathersealing,
    exchangeble grip of the E-P3/E-PL5,
    the rest like the OM-D and i m fine for at least two years ;-)

    • Ross

      But then again, they keep updating the lenses too. :D

    • krixoff

      Dont forget IBIS from EM-5

  • Narretz

    I guess that’s because the EM-5 has a very good run. I still don’t think there’s a new G7 coming. The G% is very solid. Maybe it doesn’t sell well?

  • ph

    Still use the E-P1 from 2009. (E-P2 and E-P3 where no real updates; i.e. same RAW output (E-P3 is probably even worse)). So it’s been quite a wait. I really hope they have some nice things built into the E-P5.
    – New sensor.
    – Tiltable left corner EVF.

  • Pierre

    The new E-P5 should come out on early spring, not late spring. People want to buy a new camera for their summer holiday. If Olympus announces the E-P5 too late, that is on june, it will loose the selling momentum of the summer holiday!

    • ph

      Yes, this is strange since an earlier post reads:
      …. Terada also explained that the ideal time for product launch is Spring and Autumn….

      • zozio32

        the key word is “ideal”. There is an “ideal” solution, and a practical one.
        Sometimes they don’t match. If the earlier you can release a product is June, then go for June, probably is too much waiting for the next ideal time that is autumn (October I guess).

        • Pierre

          @zozio32: I thought that the E-P5 was already ready for release and that Olympus was just waiting to sell it later. If the E-P5 is not ready yet, than I completely agree with you! June is better than October.

  • Milt

    “a complete uncertainty about the GX” So much for your FT2 rumour the last few days. Would be interested to know what news you have you heard, Admin, to change that?

    • AMVR

      Well what did you expect ? It’s a FT2 rumor, nothing more, seriously.

  • Hubertus Bigend

    Anything about the E-5 replacement or whatever they’re constructing to fully support FT lenses, as they used to say?

    Or, after it is even “Less DSLR and more Mirrorless”, will that camera become vaporware for good?

    For me, this year will mark the crossroads after eight years of FT. MFT doesn’t even start to offer the lenses I need, so MFT is no option without FT lens support. The E-5 is no option either, its image quality doesn’t even compete with the E-M5. I’ll give them the rest of the year to convince me to stay with (M)FT.

    • nobody

      The prospective OMD pro (that Olympus vaguely held out in prospect for the end of this year) should have on sensor PD AF.

      That should deliver fast continuous AF with m4/3 as well as with classic FT lenses (with an adapter).

      And it will surely have image quality at least as good as the E-M5.

      No need to give up now :-)

  • Flash

    Maybe it is being delayed due to the fact that it is to good. It will eat in to the e-m5 sales.

    • AMVR


      E-M5 advocates have made sure to point out their rejection towards RF-type bodies, just try to sell the concept to any of them and they’ll shove their election or something similar (G5,Gh3,etc…) down your throat. There’s no chance that the E-P5 would eat OMD sales, the EM5 will keep selling by its own merits, i.e. weather sealing, 5 axis IS, slr aesthetics+ergonomics, modularity, etc…If anything, the E-P5 will just ADD sales to Olympus line up, sales that up until now have been going entirely towards Sony Nex 6/7s and Fuji X cameras. That’s what is annoying about Oly decision ti delay the E-P5; The OMD is just not capable to compete agaisnt 4 other cameras by itself, and the E-PL5 is not the answer, Oly needs something in between that competes directly against the X-E1 and NEX 6. On Pany’s side it’s not much different, the G5 is hardly recognized as a Nex 6 or Fuji X-E1 contender, nor is the GX1 or GH3 (DSLR sized,video oriented).

  • bobthewrecker

    My annual gear purchase allowance period is nearing so given that the Oly fast zoom is coming I will just have to gamble on which Panny zoom to get now. My bet is that Oly will start with a wide-to-mid-tele zoom like 12-xx so I’m going for the Panny 35-100.

  • Frye

    Does being a semi-pro also make you a semi-amateur?

  • AMVR

    Ahh damn it…I’ve been waiting for more than 3 years for a decent Pen camera with EVF, they’ve had a head start but even then Sony and Fuji got ahead, by the time Oly releases their first EVF PEN Sony and Fuji will be on their third generation of RF-like mirrorless…What is damn difficult in making a humpless non-weather sealed E-M5 !? no one asking for more! just rais the freaking top plate and move the EVF to the left, that’s it, period.

    I was committed to buying a possible E-P5 after CP+ but that was one hell of a depressing and disappointing show, and now they’re telling us to wait until September (let’s be realistic here)? For fcks sake Olympus, you’re killing this system for me…This is the consequence of uninterrupted and redundant camera releases, they should’ve skipped the PL3, PM1 and E-P3 and waited just 4 more months and introduced them with today’s current PM2/PL5/P5 tech. That way they wouldn’t have 100 tons of unsold PL1s and whatnot on storage, depleting their current gen profits. Are they so naive to think 9 months will make any difference and clear their unsold stock ? this will only make their 2013 figures worse, they’ll only sell 1 new model this year (OMD2 =2014)and barely any new lens, and even then, they’ll be too late with the E-P5 as Sony and Fuji will introduce improved versions of their NEX6/7 and X-Pro/X-E1, and the E-P5 will still have last year’s OMD tech.

    It’s now or never this time, a built-in EVF is ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY, they’ll look like fools if they insist on omitting this feature for yet another generation PEN. That’s it, this year it’s E-P5 with EVF or Fuji for me…

    • Anonymous

      +1. This is similar story for many PEN users.

    • Or maybe you should just have bought an E-M5.. :-)

      But seriously, you argue that 4-5 months wouldn’t have made a difference for introducing the E-PL3 etc, but now it will make an earth-shattering difference for the E-P5?

      Sony might have introduced a replacement for the NEX 7 by september, but considering this is a high-end model, its much more likely this won’t happen before early 2014 (when it has been on the market for 2 years). A NEX 6 replacement? By september it will be a year ago that they announced the 6, maybe they’ll announce a replacement by september… if they are going for the much despised 1 year cycle.

      Not to mention.. you are basing yourself on rumors, both by expecting an E-P5 after CP+ and now with expecting an E-P5 in September (an FT3 rumor also, so 41-60% chance its correct according to admin). Yes, it might happen… don’t build your world on the idea that it will happen however, as in this case, chances of being wrong seem to be around 50%.

      • AMVR

        Yes, those months would make a difference, FOR ME, because that would mean I’d have been waiting for an EVF PEN for ¨almost¨ 4 years. I don’t recycle my cameras every 7 months like Olympus wants me to, but certainly 3 years 7 months is a freaking long time.Oh, don’t get me wrong, 3+ years is decent time to get your money’s worth out of your camera, for sure, but it’s the constant teasing and disappointment cycle that gets me, that and the ever more evident presence of good alternatives by other manufacturers. It`ll be VERY difficult for me to just abandon m43, I’m really committed to this system, but this issue is THE deciding factor.

        BTW, aren’t ALL debates in this site pretty much based on rumors ? it’s in everyone’s url bar after all.

        • First of all, I agree that a PEN with built-in EVF should have been there already by the time of the release of the E-P3 at least. Given that it isn’t there yet however I simply fail to see how 3-4 months more is going to make a huge difference, not for the ‘big picture’ at least. Your personal situation? Thats for you to judge, I just strongly doubt that your personal situation is going to be an argument in product management meetings at Olympus :-)

          And yes, this is a rumors site, and everything concerning an E-P5 is currently rumor at best. Building your world on such rumors is a guaranteed way of getting major disappointments. Nothing wrong with discussing rumors, but everything wrong with counting on rumors being true.

          • AMVR

            yeah, I’ve never come here in hopes that Olympus will make my every dream come true, I’m just venting my thoughts. And BTW, it’s hardly 3 months away, realistically that camera won’t see sales until late this year, that means Oly will waste pretty much an entire year with no new releases, meanwhile Sony and Fuji keep selling their RF-type cams with no competition in that segment. Way to improve your sales figures Oly…

            You’re right though, for all we know Oly might actually be stupid enough to release the E-P5 with no EVF and all these rumors are nothing more than that. The E-P5 could very well be just an E-P3 with OMD sensor and nothing more, they’ve certainly shown such stupidity in the past.

            Maybe I should just get a PM2 in the meantime but that would be a big waste of money and time, I certainly don’t want to end up with 3 cameras.

    • Pierre


  • Anonymous

    new ep5 with a decent kit would have price tag around 1000$ .. Occhhh
    go get a GX1 or G5 body for small money and wait till next black friday deals

  • brad from kc

    Glad there are seeming postponements. I just bought a g5 with the 2 lense kit off amazon for $498, backordered but still cheaper than other options. the lenses will be redundant with my 4/3 but it will be nice to have native micro. I currently own a g1 coupled with the 20mm. I think this g5 will be a big step up for now. really wanted a viewfinder so this was seeming best option. also like the idea of silent shutter.

    Well anyway have a great day all.
    p.s. took some pics with my e-1 & 50mm this morning! that combo never gets old!

  • tomas

    what the hell is under the blue blanket then? :)

    • A cardboard cutout.

  • So, I will learn to keep myself busy till september when I hope to get my hands on a body that will AF my killer ZD 12-60 and 50-200.

    My OMD and lenses will keep me busy until then.

  • They need nore modularisation of hardware as well as starting modularisation of software. Currently the only form of modularisation is interchangeable lenses and grips. How about miniature plug in boards just like a PC. They only need to be similar to micro sd cards and have the ability to carry 2 or 3 of them next to the battery or wherever.
    Supply basic software for lenses and bodies with the purchase and then add ons from their download stores. EG Sony just released lens software to make PDAF lenses work on NEX. That could be a chargeable option. Is it worth a $10 download? Is focus peaking worth a $5 charge from Oly?
    The speed of new product releases would be slowed yet still maintain a revenue for r&d.

    • Ross

      They might consider that too risky for hacking (seeing as they guard their firmware as they do), but maybe extending the memory & possibly including an extra processor & paying for extra downloadable functions (only if the extra memory is detected etc). What am I saying!?! They are already charging extra for things like lens hoods that could well be included to keep a positive feeling towards them. What am I doing giving them more ideas to charge us extra?!! ;) :)

  • AG

    Why so long for E-P5? Honestly, I think Olympus has too many models with Pen, Pen Lite and Pen Mini. There is little difference between E-PL5 and E-PM2, perhaps they should merge. IMO, the E-PM2 was the better designed version this time. The Panny G5 is a good value in comparison, but I prefer the Pen.

  • jimbo

    Exciting news, been waiting for this for a long time.

  • mring1

    Finally read the whole thread to this point. All that fuss about silver vs. black. Whew! Not as much conversation as I would have thought about a prospective HG zoom. My crystal ball was recovered from the bottom of Lake Erie (really nasty down there), but I’d guess very similar range to the 12-50, with a range from 2.8 – 4.

    No constant speed (too big and they want to come in under the Pany 12-35 in price). m4/3s design puts a huge premium on size. That, of course, is the advantage that they squandered with 4/3s development, along with use of lagging sensor technology. If they lose the macro and power zoom, and since they don’t need OIS or SWD motors, they could do it for…say…$899.99. If you recall, the 12-50 appeared before the E-M5, so later summer for the lens and early fall for the E-P5, or whatever is next.

    I was sure there would be a successor for the E-5 at Photokina, so take my predictions for what they’re worth. I warned you about the quality of my crystal ball.

    • Ross

      “but I’d guess very similar range to the 12-50, with a range from 2.8 – 4”

      That would do me fine!

      • Ross

        So long as it is also nice & sharp at the long end too!

    • I am not sure it is really possible. f/2.8 is twice the light gathering of 3.5, so imagine twice the size of the front lens. Also the inner groups must be in proportion. Therefore it will be similar to the Panny 12-35 – as mentioned already- The only advantage being that it doesn’t need the OIS.

  • Beduin

    I’m OK with that. I believe that it’s better for not only for Oly, but for any company to rather concentrate more on lenses, then completely renewing the bodies line up every single year.
    I’m still OK with my old camera, but I want more good affordable mid range lenses similar to the beautiful 45/1.8.

  • Olyfan

    Wait until July 2013? Are they crazy?

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