(FT3) E-M5 successor to come in September!


And now let’s finally talk about the new Olympus products. We got multiple rumors about an entry level OMD but today one source told us more about the direct E-M5 successor. This one will have the same new EVF as the external VF-4. As a difference with the E-M5 it will have an “actual pronounced grip already part of the body”. The source said the camera is coming in September!

I don’t know yet if Olympus will release both new OMD cameras or just one. I hope to know more about it soon…

P.S.: There will be a FT and a Highe End compact camera too…

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Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • Spitzy

    Exciting times for 4/3 and micro4/3.

  • sioque

    it would be so far:
    om-d > em-5, em-lite & em-grip.
    pen > as known.
    e > e-7.
    it does make a lineup to me! well done (finally).
    if only i just would miss a e-7xx but they must always keep something for dreamers.

  • Bigger grip is great news. Let’s hope it has flash as well…

    • But this means there is no compatibilty with the existing grip , which I find hard to believe, but its FT3 only anyway sofar.

      • Maybe it’s compatible with the lower part only?

        • was thinking about that too, but in that case they better offer the HLD-parts seperately, and come up with a bigger grip module which is still compatible with the HLD battery part. Assuming the upcoming camera is still part of the OMD concept, I am sure it will not get an integrated grip. If it however uses a different design, especailly aimed at pros, then it sounds more logical.

      • Well the is maybe like so by, E-P3/E-PL5 so have sam grip and E-P5 so have solidity grip.

      • Don Pope

        I have always assumed that the grip won’t be forward compatible.
        Nikon’s grips definitely aren’t.

        • Yeah you could be right, maybe i am just thinking too much about the old OM-system

      • twoomy

        With new camera usually comes new grip. IMO the lack of a solid grip on the E-M5 was one of its major design flaws. (I love the camera BTW.) I bought the overly expensive grip, just so I could use the smaller piece for the extra handle. Not only is this costly, but it adds weight and it makes it a pain to switch batteries. I’d be much happier without such a two-piece contraption, as clever as it may have seemed when it came out.

        • why didn’t you choose for one of the 3rd party grips for the OMD? there are around 4 to 5 choices, all just for the sake of more grip, prices range between 50-200 USD

          • twoomy

            I should have! But I didn’t know they existed last summer when I needed the grip, so I bought the expensive Oly one.

  • Anonymous

    I hope that’s a om-d with PDAF so that I can throw my E-5 away!

    • Tropical Yeti

      Please note me where you will dump it. I would be happy to have two E-5s.

      I have no internal Olympus info of course, and don’t know what’s comming. But according to Olympus official comments, they will take care of high level (E-5) and low level (E-6xx, E-5xx) users. Good!!!

    • I have two E-5 but i can think me three too. :-P

    • Pharque Moi

      Yeah. PDAF or its just cosmetics really.

      • Anyway, E-7 will not be only cosmetics. :-D

  • i seriously hope its a em5 successor. so excited

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t expect any major improvements- hope I’m wrong.

  • Yun

    This part is quite confusing cause it still unclear how many Oly cameras are coming .
    Previously no OMD successor , a low end OMD & a FT hybrid & now got OMD successor .
    So which one is OMD Pro ?
    I will only interested in something that above OMD & none FT camera ( too big ) .
    It seen Admin need more time to clarify this .
    By the time , the GX7 arrived , I think we should have more info about all the incoming Oly cameras & it should sufficient to decide which one to go for .

    • Maybe only me, but so i see this is the come in September, E-M50, E-M7 and E-7.

  • vlk

    grip + focus peaking + kind of “handheld twilight” mode that Sony has … and I will definitely get one. :)

    • Pharque Moi

      So you want the E-M5 + HDL6 as you have described.

  • Anonymous

    FOCUS PEAKING all the way.. then I will be happy (and buy it maybe)

  • Anonymous

    Will the OMD Pro have 16 or 18 megapixel? Will it share the same sensor as GX7?

    • J Shin

      I agree that a new sensor would make this really exciting. Real tethering would, too.

      If it’s just a larger grip, I would prefer the current model.

  • JF

    That sounds very exiting ! I hope:
    – integrated VF-4
    – New sensor with PDAF on sensor and at least same E-M5 IQ
    – iso 100
    – 1/8000 shutter speed
    – Improved ergonomy (not a strength of E-M5 !)
    – Wifi (enabling shutter control from phone)

    • and faster flash sync (1/320 sec.) is very possible.

  • “actual pronounced grip already part of the body”

    finally a real camera ;-)

  • Anonymoose

    Shouldn’t there be news and leaks about the REALLY important thing, which is the E-7, and none of this nano four thirds child toy nonsense with bad lenses?

    • true homer

      Jajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja…..oh wait…you might be serious. ..

  • Hifinut

    I hope Oly wouldn’t do a small incremental improvement on the E-m5 successor. Focus peaking and better UI can be done through firmware upgrades. Looks at what Fuji is doing with each firmware upgrade.

    • Narretz

      I’d like to see Fuji introducing Wifi, 1/8000 max shutter and a bigger viewfinder via firmware upgrade.

      • Hifinut

        Wifi, 1/8000 shutter speed and bigger vf, to me, are small incremental improvement.

        • chronocommando

          I hope its ironic :-)

          via firmware update … simply great idea

          • Yah, i hope also Narretz can help Olympus, by this firmware update. :-P

  • Marcel

    I am hoping that the new FT has the size and shape of a real OM.

    • The Real Stig

      A ‘real’ OM doesn’t come with a grip.

      • And the “real OM” is much, much larger. Not as large as current DSLRs, tho’. Olympus always had a thing for small bodies.

        • Wait! I take it back. Apparently, according to camerajunky.wordpress, the OM-4Ti was “87 mm height, 139 mm width, 50 mm depth” @ 540g. Per camerasize, E-M5 is 90mm H, 121mm W, 42mm D @ 400g. The OM-4Ti had a very squat prism housing. So, OM-4 was significantly larger, but not “much, much” larger.

          Leica R4, for comparison, was 138.5 x 88 x 60mm @ 630g.

          • I consider the OM 1/2 models as the genuine OM’s, switching to OM2 SP and finally the OM3 felt less good. Also, the 1 and 2 models have the best OVF ever imho, also amamzing how elegant small the hump is here. Try to google for a picture with the OMD and OM-1 beside each other.

            • Here’s one I found. Pretty cool. I do now remember looking at an OM and being impressed how small it was.


              The OM-1 is still significantly thicker and wider, tho’. To me, smaller the better, haptics-wise. :-)

              • yes great comparison pic, keeping in mind the OM-1 is a 100% mechanical camera, its unbelievable how small it is, epsecially that sunken prism shape…way back early ’70s the OM was a revolution in slr design. After that most manufacturers came with compact slr bodies, with Pentax even stealing the crown of smallest 24×36 slr with their great MX model, but being the pioneer is worth more i guess :-)

        • The Real Stig

          As I have gone straight from an OM4-Ti to an OM-D, I am aware of that. ;-)

  • Still rather confusing.
    This “E-M5 successor” sounds like a higher end product (larger battery) which could be a m4/3-FT “hybrid”. I don’t believe another proper Four Thirds camera will be announced in the near future.

    • admin

      It is confusing as I am getting multiple rumors about different cameras. Some rumors may be wrong, or all rumors may be right and different cameras are coming. Anyway, I am sure trusted sources will soon contact me to unveil the truth as they did with the Panasonic GX7.

      • The key will be the image sensor (new?) and AF (FAST II?). I think it really is possible to expect new Sony sensor (with hi-tech from incoming FF NEX?) as a satisfaction after they cleaned Olys know how out!

    • If its goin to be the hybrid,the integrated grip would make more sense, as it would prob mean a “mutated” OMD anyway

  • As a difference with the E-M5 it will have an “actual pronounced grip already part of the body”.

    No, please!
    We want retro loooook, not ergonomy!


    • true homer

      Theres a loooot of people here who dont think that’s sarcasm at all. ..

    • Mr. Reeee

      ERGONOMICS is the correct term.
      “Ergonomy” is not a word.

      Anyway, Oly really needs to release a camera that has decent ergonomics out of the box, not another body that requires a $300 add-on to give it good handling. Hopefully the new camera will have a better external control layout, too.

      • Come one this 300USD add gives much more then just better handling, the only stupid thing is you have to buy both parts. in the past during their OM days, the motordrive modul could be either completed with the compact nicd unit or the pistol batterygrip.

      • bart

        Pfft, opinion, fact, how difficult can it be? Very difficult obviously.

    • Don Pope

      I hope they keep it small.
      The Panasonic G3 has a nice compact grip. I could go for that.
      But a built-in grip as large as the HLD-6 would be too much.
      I got into m4/3 for the small size. I don’t want a large camera.

  • woof woof

    ISO 100 (if not 50) and the ability to shoot RAW at that ISO and a max shutter speed of 1/8000 please otherwise I wont give it a second look.

    • MarcoSartoriPhoto

      Agree. + improved DynamicRange.

    • sounds like you have trouble to shoot wideopen with your fast lenses? ;-)

  • Hmm it doesn’t make much sense to release another FT camera with mirror… unless they are just trying to shut peoples mouths for now.

    A new FT camera without mirror though. That would be something!

  • Anonymous

    Sounds good. I’ve got a grand saved, just have to see if the gx7 can compete with in-built ibis and jpeg engine.

    Better in-built grip, better in camera image processing (HDR, panorama), better video standards, in built GPS – these will help lock it in for Olympus.

    I don’t need wifi, if it means a useless grip like the ep5.

    If the can lose the hump, it’s a done deal. We were told the em5 hump has for the 5 axis ibis. Ep5 didn’t need the hump for that, so why the em6.

    • Ross

      “If the can lose the hump, it’s a done deal. ”
      That would be a PEN then & not an OM-D.

  • andrew

    I guess Olympus is trying to steal the show from the GX7.
    Anyway, this is good news.

    I hope that they will improve the video features and the IQ (new sensor?).
    At the same time I am a bit worried about pricing. Seeing how “expensive” the new E-P5 is, the successor of the new E-M5 will probably cost even more.

    • FredG

      “”Seeing how “expensive” the new E-P5 is, the successor of the new E-M5 will probably cost even more.””

      There is no probably about it LOL , the E-P5 with its EVF { the only way I would want it } costs roughly £1100. The new E-M? will have this EVF built in to a higher grade weather sealed body with extra bells and whistles. I will not be surprised to see the price North of £1200 problem with that is that the D600 is already selling at £1335.The D600 is a weather sealed FF body with an excellent sensor , fast performance, dual SD slots, 100% VF and so on it may be their entry model FF but it is not lacking in anything that matters. I like the convenience of zooms and the size advantage of mFT zooms wins for me, if I was a prime shooter only a D600 with some of the new F1.8g options would be a real winner.

      From a purely image quality viewpoint we are being asked to pay over the odds for quite a bit of mFT gear. Size is our only real advantage and if you exclude that from the equation there are much better options around.

      • Mr. Reeee

        The problem with D600 is it’s massive size. After handling one a couple of weeks ago at B&H (I had my GH2 with me), I’d guess at least 2x the size/mass of any of the Oly PENs.

        Hopefully Sony will release an RX-series body that has interchangeable lenses.

        • Pauldoet

          I use both mFT and FF Nikon D600 as it happens.My day to day FF kit consists of the D600 + Tamron 24-70mm F2.8VC,50mm F1.8g ,85mmF1.8G and the 105mm VR macro while obviously heavier than my mFT kit it weighs in at just over 2.5KG or one third the average weight of a UK school bag.Which for a grown man is hardly a burden.With this kit I get better DOF control, better DR, better high ISO, better colour depth , far better C-AF

          The D600 set up [ D600, 24-70vc,50,85 and 105 macro ] costs £3300. An E-P5 + EVF, along with 12-35 , 25mm 45mm F1.8 and Olympus 60mm macro costs £2925. None of the mFT lenses give the DOF control of the Nikon options as an example to match the DOF of the Nikon 50mm F1.8g lens I would need to opt for the expensive,large, manual focus Voightlander 25mm F0.95.Other than cheaper build quality the Nikon 50mm F1.8G is an excellent performer compared to even the best mFT options


          • noudont
            • Pauldoet

              Did you bother to read the review you linked to lol ,conclusions Highly Recommended

              Good points
              Very high contrast over the DX image-circle from f1.8 on.
              Excellent sharpness in the center even wide open.
              loCA is pretty well controlled.
              Weather sealing.
              Quiet, quick and reliable AF operation.
              Reasonable price.

              Bad points
              No image stabilization.

              So you get a high image quality weather sealed lens that when used on FF gives you the same DOF control of an F0.9 lens on mFT while costing 1/3rd the price of the 25mm f1.4 which gives you the same DOF control as a 50mm F2.8 on FF

              Other tests

              50mm F1.8G on FF


              25mm F1.4 on 16mp


              The level of distortion and vignette on a sensor a quarter of the size of FF is pretty poor to say the least , the 50mm on FF which it is made for easily outperforms the 25mm . The situation is even worse for the mFT lens if you compare them at the same DOF

          • DxO lens score depends on the body used. If you select a similar class body (D7000)for fairer comparison, the Nikon score drops 12 points. But yes you are right in its dof benefit and lower price.

          • bart

            Ya, too bad I’m already required to carry around a laptop and a pile of other stuff, not to mention, not everyone is a healthy male in the prime of his life, rather, the large majority of people isn’t, and even when they are that still doesn’t mean they want to needlessly carry a lot of extra weight.

            But but it can do this and that and I need it! You made your choice based on that, now please go realize that most people at least want enough dof to have more then a single hair in focus for example.

            • pgTIPS

              When out taking photos, why do you “need” to carry a laptop and a pile of other stuff? The vast majority of the world adult population is more than capable of carrying a couple of KG of weight, disabled , incapacitated or frail elderly makes up a small percentage of the world population. If you are sacrificing image quality for weight then the same argument can be made for carrying a compact some of which are very capable of good results RX100 etc

              • bart

                Why do I need to take stuff with me? Oh maybe because I’m commuting, travelling or such? It is obviously bloody difficult for you to realize people might want to do photography on the way and may take that into consideration.

                Also you are creating a false dilemma, there are many more compromises possible then a 135 format camera or fixed lens small sensor compact, and even that 135 format camera is still a compromise. If you were so bent on the best possible iq you’d be using some medium or large format camera.

                So.. different needs for different people with different lifes result in different compromises and your one size fits all reasoning just totally fails to account for that.

          • true homer

            This is true waste of money. Getting a cheap full frame and attaching cheap lenses to it, its stupid even

            • Anonymous

              The price of the lens is irrelevant its the performance that matters and when on mounted on any of the Nikon FF bodies the cheap 50mm F1.8G will comfortably out perform the 25mm F1.4.To match the DOF of the cheap 50mm on mFT you need to move to the $1000 Voightlander { 4.5 X the price of the Nikon} and 2.5 the weight of the Nikon , why would you want to mount such a huge heavy expensive prime on a camera with a tiny sensor now that is a waste of money, after all no one cares about DOF do they ?

              • bart

                Ah yes, price of the lens is irrelevant, until you start talking about the price of a mft lens. At least try to make a consistent argument next time.

              • JimStir

                Using Metabones Speedbooster makes this a non argument
                mFT can match the depth of field of FF bodies and in doing so exceed noise parity


          • Anonymous

            DOF DOF DOF DOF DOF DOF DOF etc.

            Ever bothered to actually research what relative aperture is, and why it matters?
            Hint: DOF is merely one thing for which it matters, exposure is another thing.

            Please set your full frame with 50mm to iso 200, 1/160 and f/2.8
            Now try to find the aperture on a mft with 25mm lens that gives the same exposure at that iso level and shutter speed.

            If you insist on DOF being the same, try to figure out what above test means for flash photography and power usage by the flash.

            And for the record, I’m not saying you are wrong about the dof aspect, I’m saying you are very short-sighted by looking at one rather shallow aspect while totally ignoring other at least as relevant aspects.

            • Anonymous2

              M43 + 25 mm lens @ F4, 1/200, ISO 200
              proper cam + 50 mm lens @ F8, 1/200, ISO 800 <— better quality even with ISO 800
              You don't need more flash power; instead, you can:
              M43 + 25 mm lens @ F1, 1/200, ISO 200 <— whoops you can not!
              proper cam + 50 mm lans @ F2, 1/200, ISO 800

              • Anonymous

                With the 25/0.95 you can. Won’t even start addressing the other bs you spewed.

                • Anonymous

                  No you can’t, unless you spend how much? Much more than a proper camera with cheap lens? I see.
                  And unless you add how much bulk? But that would defy the purpose of portability.
                  Besides, we can repeat the same argument with a F1.2 lens on a proper camera and a 0.6 lens on a M43… Whoops you can’t.
                  You don’t know the basics my friend, that’s why you cannot answer with anything significant. Are you a salesperson? Or just a computer kid who never takes pictures?

                  • Anonymous

                    Since anonymous2 argued that price of the lens is irrelevant, that argument goes both ways and that objection was already addressed a few posts before you brought it up.

                    And indeed, a larger lens adds more bulk, noone said it doesn’t. Also noone but you has been talking about f/1.2 lenses, so thats not exactly a ‘no you cant’ argument either. You are of course right that one would need a f/0.6 lens on mft to get similar shallow dof, but it simply wasn’t thr comparison being made.

                    Of course your last statement quite makes clear you have no argument and you know it or you wouldn’t have to resort to attacking the messenger.

                    • Anonymous3

                      Just check the facts sweetheart. Now leave that computer alone, wash your hands, go out and take photos with that funny mobile phone of yours.

  • Surab

    Yay, E-M5 deals coming soon! :D

  • Anonymous

    What about an electronic shutter like all newer Panasonics??????? OM-D has a very hard shake with long tele-lenses (I use it for digiscoping…)

  • Narretz

    A FT camera? Can only be the E-7 with same E-3 body (nothing bad about that really), and updated sensor. Same procedure as with the E-5. If there’s really a pure FT camera coming, then it’s clear Oly still, after 4 years, hasn’t been able to make OBS happen. Kind of sad, really.
    Also what about the hybrid mount camera?

    • Ross

      You’d be shocked if they introduced another 4/3’s lens as well, wouldn’t you (& the rest of us)? ;)

  • hm, still no rumors about new zooms lenses for m4/3? Frustrating…

  • O

    There is no successor to E-M5 this year.

    • Narretz

      Is there a FT-camera coming or not? Last time you said no.

      • O


        • Narretz

          Damn, I shouldn’t have made three statements for which “No” is an adequate reply. ;) Strange, since you seem to know so much, I wonder if you already are an unknown known source to admin directly, rather than through the comments.

          • @O
            is always correct :(
            so that’s an O-MD Pro and a O-MD lite coming in September and then E-M5 successor coming in April 2014. And maybe a new flash system???

            • CaverDave

              My source told me that the OMD-Pro with a new kit lens is coming this fall. He also said that the OMD-Lite is not coming this year. He also said that the true EM5 replacement is next year.


              • that would be great; the OMD-PRO is much more interesting to me then the lower end body, even when I have no plan to buy something(because i dont have a budget for it anyway)..really curious to see how it turns out.
                For now i just want to save up money for a 1 week travel to Jakarta in october and do a documentary and shoots with my all time favourite model for the 2nd time since 2006…maybe 43rumors can sponsor me? I promise i will walk there with a 43rumors shirt 1 week long.

              • O

                Your source seems well placed. ;)

              • Why would a pro OM come with a kit lens? What it needs instead is fully functional AF for 4/3 lenses.

              • ronnbot

                As much as I would like to see the EM5 replacement, this makes sense as the EM5 is not even 1.5 years old. Also, releasing the Pro version first then trickling down the technology from it to lower models is more conventional.

        • O

          sorry I said no, but the answer is yes

          • O

            Do not impersonate.

      • OMega


        • zenkang

          I really want to know if there is a new kit lens coming soon to replace 12-50mm.. Because I would buy one soon if an updated one is not coming.

  • tomas

    omd-pro body 1600 eur/usd…thats the initial price I estimat

  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    I hope your secret agents will bring you some interesting F5 rumors!

    Anyway, I’m sure I’ll work at Venice Film Festival armed “only” with my “old” Em-5.. (Can’t wait to see the faces of photogs holding their heavy beasts :) )

    • lol have fun with them, last time i was standing beside a D4 shooter during a concert with my OMD. Even with the HLD6 attached to it, he came with this comment: “ohh how cute, you know i started many years ago with a camera like this” ….he was probably confused by the pancake lens on it, and even more when i swapped it for another lens “huh you can remove the glass?”

      • :-)

        Funny how many pros don’t know about equipment they don’t use. Not a bad thing; it means they don’t waste all their time researching like I do. I should go to work, speaking of which…

        • well m43 is a little used system around here anyway, so I can’t blame. he just came into my mind because he was using camouflage clothing, looking like a vietnam reporter who got lost in the ancient club areas of Saigon.

      • MarcoSartoriPhoto

        Ulli Yes, but when a photo taken with OMD was chosen with other 50, amongst 10.000 others, some of them asked me: “what kind of camera is this? Show me!” J Shin is right, maybe most of them don’t read forums :) A funny thing one of the “old guard” photographers told me, when we met in Rome for an exhibition (there was the above mentioned photo and others) was that he sold his Leica Noctilux for 3000 euros, because he thought he paid it 4000 Euros… It’s a strange world.. :)

        • reading internet too much corrupts our greedy mind hahaha

      • bart

        Sounds all too familiar.

  • Anonymous

    I just buy the gh3 really disapointed with color and the noise

    • Paul Latouche

      About the noise, you’ll have to wait another 2-3 years or change system (FF?).
      Other people than you still take great non-noisy pictures with the GH3/OM-D sensors.
      For colors: shoot RAW and post-process to your liking?

  • Dr. Poop

    HEy Admin – thanks for all the hard work. Can you provide an update on Oly Lens rumors? Will the Sept announcement also include some lenses?

    • Anonymous

      panasonics 150mm f2.8 to cost £2500 around €3000

      • zenkang

        What about zoom lens? Cheers.

  • Platypus

    I would be greatly disappointed if the new OM-D was significantly larger than the E-M5. I shoot mainly travel and street photography and I abandoned Canon for Olympus because of the small size of the micro 4/3 lenses and the E-M5 body. Upsizing the new body would negate much of the advantages of the E-M5 for users like myself. I would strongly prefer that Olympus continue to use their modular solution of added grips to a small body.

    • I dont think you shouldn’t be too worried if it indeed would become larger. From all manufacturers I think Olympus has the best sense in how to deal with the sizing process.

  • Anonymous

    If Olympus would just move the strap lug on the OMD and make it so it didn’t get in the way, when you grip the camera, then I could live with the rest of it.

    • The Real Stig

      It gets in the way? I have been using mine for over a year now and I never noticed. I must be holding it wrong.

    • Anonymous

      I HATE the lugs, even if they were flat like the Panny lugs, stupid design!

  • You can change FT3 for FT5.


  • Brandon

    Nice. I’ll upgrade my old E-P3 if they put video features in it that are comparable to the G6 or even a GH1. That’s the only thing holding me back from upgrading to any m43 body at this point. Old 12MP sensor and all, the E-P3 is all I’ll ever need for stills, but I’m still looking for the right portable video camera that takes interchangeable lenses. (Meaning a tilting/swivel screen, IBIS, and reputable 24/60P.)

  • lone.samurai

    Olympus has expressed in an interview that they were looking at making the e7 or next 4/3 camera a smaller camera.
    This could be a weather sealed traditional 4/3 e30 sized or even smaller camera or perhaps a more compact ultra tough evf based e7 with the latest Sony pdaf sensor and all the latest cutting edge tech.
    I think this is exactly along the lines of what people can expect to see with the next wave of alpha mount cameras and I wouldn’t be surprised if the e7 is a 4/3 equivalent to the alpha 99 successor.

    I personally hope Olympus give us a really big upgrade with the omd successor and not the same sensor. It must have vastly superior video capabilities which for Olympus Is something way overdue.
    They should improve the grip and buttons
    After having sold about 60% of my 4/3 gear I held on to a few stellar lenses and the e3 as a life line while enjoying Mirrorless to see what Olympus does by the end of 2013, if it’s great well then 4/3 and m4/3 live side by side and if not most of my 4/3 will go and the funds will be injected in m4/3 and probably a 7dmk2 and tele lens only for speed and wildlife all else will be mirrorless.
    I’d prefer to keep my Oly 4/3 stuff but that’s up to Olympus.

    • interesting, looking forward to a mirrorless FT body

    • Point by mirror in FT camera is the not need PDAF on sensor, so also can Olympus use a (normal) sensor for this camera too.

      • maybe using a prism for linking to the pdaf sensor? personally i would hope for just contrast AF, screw pdaf LOL!

  • Adriaantie

    Yesss lets make it bigger and keep the tiny sensor. M43 is such epic fail.

  • Adriaantie

    Yesss lets make it bigger and keep the tiny sensor. M43 is such epic fail.

    • awlllwa

      Why is that?

  • Mr.Chainsaw

    Because the lenses are so big and heavy… ^^

  • Gareth Lovering

    I would like to see a fold out swivel screen or a detachable screen which would connect to the camera via wifi.
    Lower ISO 64 or 100.

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