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(FT3) E-M10 price in UK: 699 Pounds for the body.


An anonymous source told be the price of the E-M10 body in UK. Should be 699 Pounds. I don’t knwo if the info is correct and I don’t knwo yet if this includes the new 14-42mm pancake zoom. For reference: The current E-M5 body price in UK is 749 Pounds (Source: Wexphotographic).

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Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • Man, people in UK really get fleeced.

  • They need to keep the prices high enough to keep the iPhoneographers at bay except it won’t prevent all the soccer balls mom “professionals” from investing in their phony/fraudulent business since they don’t know what an F-Stop is… lol, I felt like venting a bit tonight with a bit of sarcasm and humor since it’s this bunch that is driving down the value of real photographers… Sigh..

    • AMVR

      I couldn’t care less about what kind of user buys m43, as long as there’re enough people buying into this system, the more resources Oly and Pany have to bring out more awesome cameras, although IMO m43 has pretty much all bases covered (except T/S lenses).

      • Michael

        What about a cheap but compact NEX-6/7 alike rangefinder style body with EVF? For 600 I’d buy this. But the retro humpy cameras without grip don’t attract me at all.
        Yes, I’m asking for a cheaper and smaller GX-7. Something like a small Leica. A GM-1 with EVF, made for small primes! The rest is just point and shoot with interchangeable lenses or overprized and big.

        • marcwee

          +1 That would be my wish too. A smaller GX7 (less protruding EVF especially) or GM1 with EVF if you like.

          • Henke

            +2. Those are my wishes to but when you say that you want a small camera with EVF in the corner people always mocks you and tell you to buy the GX7! The GX7 is not that small.

            People have to understand that we all want different things and yes, maybe the camera I am wanting is not something the majority wants and hence the companies wont make one but please let me dream of it ok? ;)

      • Justin

        You left off the long end. M43 Is without good T/S lens options AND without anything spectacular in the super telephoto realm (prime or zoom).

  • Why so expensive?

    Same sensor as e-m10 but dumbed-down 3-axis IBIS?

    Priced too high if it’s body only.

    • yaa

      E-PL6 but with integrated evf and in a mini dslr styled body.

  • Pfuidaivel

    The NEX-7 sucessor is rumored to cost 800EUR. That’s about the same or cheaper. But I get a smaller an lighter camera, a bigger and 2014 sensor, more Megapixel.
    I know Olympus has the almighty anti parkinson integrated (though it’s a stripped down version in the EM-5), but else the arguments for M43 have nearly been exhausted. Selling outdated tiny sensors in a 2014 camera at high end APS-C prices is not the way to go. You don’t get me this year Olympus. Change your price politics or die. I’ll switch to your big brother Sony this year.

  • Michael

    Easy, cowboy. Get your anti fanboy pills. It’s just… cameras.

  • calxn

    E-M5 is selling for much, much less than this camera on the used market. Terrible timing on Olympus’ part. Had they shipped this camera a year ago, they’d have a market for it.

    • Michael


      Crazy high price for a weaker camera. Next!

    • boris

      Hell I can get a used MKII golf for less than a new Hyundai Getz – direct analogy asswipe

    • Ross

      Maybe you need to wait before getting excited over the price that is rumoured only & see what the real price will be & then the street price that will follow.

    • Same thing happens with Sony, Canon, Pentax, Nikon and even Panasonic. If you want a cheaper EM-10, wait a year after release..

  • Bobo

    699 pounds? Too much!

    However, the important question is what is the BITCOIN price?

  • Jeppis

    £699 is way too much EM5 goes for 599€. That like 250€ less :D
    If 699 price is corrent then it must contain lens.

  • fuSi0n

    Who wil buy these camera, when you can get a E-M5 for a lower price which is better in every respect beside the processor and the mighty popup flash? I am really upset about this pricing policiy. 600 € would be a remarkable price for body only.

  • Jankoff

    One must be a 100% crazy fool to spend €1500 for a Olympus E-M1 with a tiny m43 sensor instead of €1400 for the Sony A7 FF – with roughly the same dimensions and weight.
    And one must be a 200% crazy fool to spend £699 for something with dubious features, when the E-PM2, the ISO champion, now costs less than €400.

    • MVW

      Not everyone wants a giant sensor and combine it with lenses that cost more than the body (which is already very expensive).
      And I for one don’t want that super thin depth of field, it makes no sense to me that everyone keeps persuing bigger and bigger sensors with faster lenses so on a portrait they can have 1 eye in focus and the rest of the face is a total blur.

      Give me a smaller body, smaller sensor for which cheap but good lenses can be made.
      There’s nothing like M43 because it is the perfect balance between size and performance.

      For instance, the panasonic 14-140mm, there’s NO other system that can offer a 10x zoom that is sharp and stabilised, and has the physical size of a kit lens on other systems.
      The 14-140mm is rated sharper than the much lauded fuji X 18-55mm even!

      I see no sense in Oly releasing this body, they’re just doing the “me-too” trick after the panasonic gm1…and failing actually.

    • Froggy

      One must be crazy to spend +40000€ on an Audi or BMW when one can get a 7000€ Logan that will take them from A to B…
      One must be crazy to spend 7000€ on a Logan when one can get a 100€ bike that will take them from A to B…
      One must be crazy to spend 100€ on a bike when one can stay at home trolling on the net.


      • shatteredsky

        Muahhahahaha! :-)

      • duartix


    • yaa

      Gee, if I go for a not so reputable dealer, I can get that A7 for 1200 euro, introduction price was 1799 euro however, and prices at reputable resellers are more between 1500 and 1700 euro.

      E-M1 I can buy from a reputable dealer for 1399 euro.

      So.. 2 things worth noting here…
      – your claim about prices isn’t really correct
      – the A7 has been available for merely 1 1/2 months, and can already be had with very significant price reduction, whereas you only get a small rebate or reduction generally on E-M1 prices. Why would that be?

      Oh, and with regards to being a fool, yes you are quite a fool for refering to dxomark for their measurements, yet totally ignoring the explanations they give for how to interpret those measurements.

      • MrALLCAPS

        Your comment on price reduction makes no sense. Why doesn’t Olympus have price drops like everyone else? Because they’re Greedy.

        Have the prices for their Four Thirds glass ever drop even to considerable prices? NO.

        How much was the E-P5? Too Much, which is why it didn’t sell.

        And now this.. A stripped down version from a camera that kept them relevant. Expensive for what it is… GREED.

        Yeah, I agree with the above poster, with M43 it was a good blend of Size and Image Quality, but with these prices, it’s better to look elsewhere. Olympus is just simply Greedy, cheap and can’t afford to price drop anything.

        • yaa

          “Your comment on price reduction makes no sense.”

          Too bad it happens to be reality. Also too bad for you that reality doesn’t follow your warped logic.

          “Why doesn’t Olympus have price drops like everyone else? Because they’re Greedy.”

          They do in due time. E-M5 introduction at $1000, now almost 2 years later, it can be had for around $700 or a bit less.

          Additionally, you seem ignorant to the fact that it is resellers doing those extreme price reductions, and the logic for those is very simple, reduce the time items spend in warehouses and hence reduce their cost.

          “Have the prices for their Four Thirds glass ever drop even to considerable prices? NO.”

          Funny, as I’ve bought an E-3, 11-22, 14-54mk2 and 50-200 all new for about the initial introduction price of the E-3.

          Again, its retailers giving you such discounts, and hence you have to shop around to find a retailer with good prices.

          “How much was the E-P5? Too Much, which is why it didn’t sell.”

          And how much is it now? So much for no price reductions on Olympus products. Additionally, this exact same situation seems to apply to the A7, explaining the 300-600 euro discount possible merely 1 1/2 months after it became available.

          “And now this.. A stripped down version from a camera that kept them relevant. Expensive for what it is… GREED. ”

          Dude, go sell your more expensive but similarly spec’d GX7 and buy that fuji. 2 months later you’ll just be longing for the next ‘upgrade’ and have to sell it off again, but who cares.

          • Obviously, you care. You should judge a persons photos, not the gear he uses, unless he/she is a blind brand follower.

            And by the way, sold already. Soon as the Fuji is announced, I will have it reserved on Amazon.

            Center VF and better IQ is key. Plan on getting two Fuji lenses out the gate as well.

            I know hearing that boils your blood, right?

            Don’t worry… I’m getting a G6 for video and my remaining M43 lenses that I keep.


            • C. C.

              MrALLCRAP, the lying BS artist and troll is at it again. You need this forum more than it needs you. Grade A moron.

              • MrALLCAPS



                -Says the Guy that TROLLS other forums…

                Wasn’t you just over at FUJI RUMORS talking Idiotic Olyfanboy nonsense??

                That was you, right? C.C.??

            • yaa

              I care about the constant stream of rubbish from you distracting from the usefulness of this site. You wanting to waste your money on chasing silver bullets is totally your thing.

              • MrALLCAPS

                I chase silver bullets, yet you chase me and every comment I make, positive or negative.

                Who’s worse?

                • yaa

                  Nothing wrong about making some fun of someone who deliberately insists on acting like a fool.

                  In this specific case, if you merely look a few posts up, you’ll see you are factually wrong (as so often)

  • AustrianGeek

    Hmm. It´s for sure the kit price together with the new 14-42mm pancake. Just because it would be insane to sell the body alone for that price (and where´s then the kit price lying -.-). Oh. And let´s wait for the real feature list (until saying that it´s THAT overprice – Especially compared against the M5). Because if it´s video wise better, PAL compatible and maybe even offering sort of an electronic shutter mode – It´s for sure an option. At least for me.

    So stay tuned and calm ^^.

    • Froggy


  • Sebastian

    I hope eventually not only the top model will get a reasonably sized built-in grip.

  • Froggy

    The facts are:
    1. This is only a rumored price
    2. You can find m43 cameras as cheap as DSLR
    3. Based on your reference, an IPhone is way more expensive than a camera (DSLR or not)… but they sell like hot cakes!

    See? The way you build your arguments, even if it wasn’t your first intention, makes your post look like a bad troll.

  • teros

    The price is too high. It just doesnt make any sense. I am quite sure that this rumor is incorrect (its an FT3 anyway).

  • AMVR

    I was replying to @enthutiast1937 comment, and since no FF twin lens kit will ever come at $699 I assumed he was talking about crop DSLRs, but if you wish to talk about FF, then so be it.

    All that DR goes to waste if you have to stop down your(huge)lenses, because either the lens is too soft (pretty common) or you have too little DOF to nail focus (pretty much a given), and so you have to rise ISO and oops there goes all that glorious FF DR, now it’s equal or worse than than APS-C or even m43. ISO 800 on FF might look like ISO 200 on m43 but then what’s the point if most of the time you’re going to bring the ISO up on your FF camera ? Besides, ISO 800 and below looks pretty much the same on most cameras, so that DR difference only start to show up on higer ISOs.

    M43 ARE priced too high IMO too, but people are commenting on this like fools as if this price will translate to dollars by means of conversion and not $1=1 pound as it always does. If it’s priced at 699 pounds it’s quite possible it’ll be priced $699 instead of $1164 (as of today’s conversion), and even then, that price is only the MSRP not the final street price. We’re talking E-PL price btw, I think that’s pretty good, in a couple of months the EM10 will be pretty accessible by most consumers.

    BTW, @enthutiast1937, you come here with a lines like

    ¨699 pound for a tiny sensor? Are you kidding me. I can get a bigger sensor DSLR + twin lens at much lower price.¨¨ and ¨I’m not disputing the fact that Micro Four Thirds is capable of taking picture [slightly better than iPhone]. ¨

    and you expect us to believe you’re not trolling ? yeah right.


    I’m sorry for my tone but these trolls make me sick, not because of what they say but because of their persistence and utterly non-stop 24/7 presence here on this site, they’re relentless, it’s the waste of time and space that gets me. It wouldn’t surprise me if they’re being paid, in fact I hope so, otherwise it means they’re doing it for free which has to be the most pathetic excuse for a life.

    I’m no blind fanboy, I like m43 but that doesn’t mean I don’t find flaws in this system, but most of those are marketing related, not gear-wise. Trolls come here as if people are meant to have just one system for their whole lives (DSLRs in their mind) and that’s just idiotic, I can enjoy FF advantages as well as m43, every tool has its use, fixating on one system is naive to say the least. What’s the point of coming here to diminish this system, it won’t change our mind and it doesn’t stop us from complementing other systems with m43, so why come here to troll ?

  • Joe

    699 pound would be much more than I thought. That would mean 849 EUR for the Body and maybe 999 EUR for the kit-version – too expensive.

  • cuius

    At £699 the Hong Kong ebayers must be rubbing their hands

  • Balthier Bunansa

    it’s ridiculous how an anonymus rumor about the price got here everybody’s panties in a bunch. how about waiting for the official pricing announcement before bitching about it

  • If this rumor is correct, I am disappointed.
    Olympus lack the reputation and the build quality to allow them to take a position in the high price (status symbol) class.
    When will they learn?

    • OMega

      Wow, one heck of a statement to make “Olympus lack the reputation and the build quality”, where do you get that idea from, in my experience they are up there with the best even surpassing some top names such as Nikon, Olympus service walks all over Nikon who couldn’t even correct an exposure issue on one of their DSLRs ‘D300’. Give me an Oly every time over Nikon garbage. As regards build quality the complete equal of CaNikon and surpassing Sony.

  • Dogbytes

    If you like it enough to pay the price – buy it.
    If you don’t, then spend your money on something else and the people in the first group won’t have to wait for theirs!
    Where’s the problem?

  • SaltyCDogg

    I don’t really understand how someone can know what a troll is, recognise that someone is trolling, yet still right a long reply to one.


  • Beautemps

    But AMVR was right in every point. In m43 you get more Systempower for your money. Except sports.
    DSLR up to midrange Kameras are cash cows. Very usefull for the average hobby-fotographer.

  • First of all: both are bad regarding dynamic range given what is possible today for lower price!
    So no point saying one of them is even worse.

    But OM-D E-M5 sensor has, in addition to low dynamic range, bad noise and basically is a crop/has much less usable image size.

    • Froggy

      Could you please explain how a 16MP sensor can have much less usable image size than another 16MP sensor?

    • Anonymous

      Yep. And I’ll still continue to give Olympus and Panasonic my money and will never give a penny to the other brands (except maybe Fuji).

    • Peter Del

      I am holding in my hands an A3 print taken with the E-M5 at 1600 ISO, there is no discernible noise.

  • duartix

    This site needs more active moderation.
    I suggest a vote up/down system to throw posts like the first one into oblivion.
    Heck, I’m going to suggest a poll to @Admin.

  • Ross

    You must be a worthy trusted member then. ;)

  • Of course, I don’t know if this price is correct. But probably includes the lens. Here in Europe, at least the Europe I have access to, the price for the body-only is practically the same as with the lens, and, not infrequently, can even cost more.

  • You know Froggy, we don’t really care v. much about the size of the sensor… It’s the others who care, and compare with FF:

    and then ask what has happened to them…

    Time to get a walk?

  • ronin

    Film cameras often came in different rangers- essentially the same body but say with lower flash sync or a one down minimum shutter speed, hoping to shave the next price point down.

    Olympus doesn’t shave down a lot here, other than minor points repeated again and again as though their repetition makes them major. A cynically crippled stabilization system. Fewer gaskets. But essentially the same image quality, although we like to pretend the quality of the EM-1 is any different from that of the EM-5, so we will pretend the quality of this rookie is a little bit under that of the EM-5.

    But this high price signifies something else. It shows that Olympus has given up the myth that all camera manufacturers trumpet: the move-up market. If Olympus had priced this way down, it would attract any ‘move-ups.’ However, assuming there is anyone that actually moves up from compacts, is there any reason for them to change moving up to low end DSLRs with equivalent quality, faster autofocus, and a kit lens or two, rather than this high priced toy body only?

    No, this is geared at the same market that already buys Olympus OM-D gear. And that market IS driven by miniscule features. Which means it is willing to ride up its credit card statements by $100 or $500 to get a higher end offering from Olympus.

    Priced too high, left without a market. I really need Olympus to thrive, but this needs to be rethunk.

  • sorya

    I do NOT hope that this body will be expensive here in Europe…! I liked the size and the design of the em5, but it was too expensive in Europe so I waited. Then I saw this em10 and was very interested. Let’s hope this price rumor is false!

  • Peter Del

    The above post was meant as a reply to SkOgr.

    No fully articulated screen!!!

  • Peter Del

    My comment above was meant as a reply to SkOgr.

    No fully articulated screen, beginners will expect one!!!!

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