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(FT3) Are those the new Panasonic camcorder specs?


I have yet no info from trusted sources about the new Panasonic Cine Camcorder. All we know from this “tweaked” image is that it seems to have EF mount.
But today an anonymous source sent me these full specs. But keep in mind that these are not from a known trusted source and I cannot guarantee you those are correct. But for sure these specs seem to be “reasonable”:

S35 sensor (from the Varicam LT)
14+ stops of DR
4k/1080p 10-bit 4:2:2 recording
Possible Prores recording
Two XLR inputs
SDI/HDMI output
Dual SDXC slots
Detachable sidegrip and top handle
Price: $6500

Pity to see it doesn’t have MFT mount.

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