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(FT3) In case you missed it -> 43rumors 2010 predictions…

It has been an exciting year for Olympus and Panasonic. The Olympus E-P1/E-P2 and Panasonic GF1/GH1 cameras gained a lot of attention in the photographic world. In a world dominated by Canon/Nikon this has been a huge success! Also Sony couldn’t do it better :)
Of course some of you are not completely happy. Just like you, I would have loved to see a new E-5 and some nice new Zuiko lenses but I hope that next year will bring us some surpises!

I am ready to write my predictions for 2010 which are a mix of rumors and speculations. Generaly spoken I believe Olympus and Panasonic will work to improve the existing line-up: better EVF and autofocus, better video compression codec and image post processing. There will be also new improved sensors. Let’s see in detail what could come in 2010:

1) In January we will see new Olympus compact cameras (like the new T-100).
2) I expect Olympus to upgrade some of their FourThirds cameras in Q1-Q2. It is very likely we will see the new E-5. The new FourThirds camera should use the newly developed Panasonic sensor which increases DynamicRange and has better High-ISO performance. I hope Olympus will also announce new FourThirds lenses (and I would love to see some new fast primes!).
3) What we know for sure is that Olympus will launch three new MicroFourThirds lenses during the first half of the year: The 9-18/4.0-5.6 (April 2010), the 14-150/4.0-5.6 (May-June 2010) and the 40-150 lens. During the second half I expect the release of the following lenses: The 70-300 the 12/2.8 the 20/1.7 the 8mm and 50mm lens.
4) What about future Olympus MFT cameras? We should expect a High-End and a Low-End model. We don’t know which one will be announced first but there is a good chance to see the next MFT camera in May-June. The upcoming Photokina in September suggests that Olympus will unveil their BIG High-End MFT at the event but on the other side, why wait that much? Besides Panasonic and Samsung there is no other competition now and they would probably sell more cameras if they release the camera a couple of months earlier.

1) Panasonic will also announce new compact cameras in January. They will launch the new DMC-FH line.
2) It is very unlikely that Panasonic will continue to produce “classic” FourThirds cameras.
3) I expect a new MFT camera in February-March and it will probably be the GH1 successor. The camera will of course have a far better video quality (24Mb/s compression instead of the actual 17Mb/s).
3) The LX3 successor will also be announced during the first half of 2010. Probably it will use a new backlight sensor.
4) I also expect a low-entry MFT camera. Price around $500.
5) What should we expect from Panasonic on Photokina? Maybe the ultimate Digital Still and Motion Camera? Something new for the professionist? If you look at the Panasonic history, they started with making real good compact cameras and they had huge success. Then we saw their MFT cameras and they also had huge success. That’s why I expect Panasonic to join the very High-End professional market with a… why not….Fullframe camera? I expect they will do it in 2011 but why not hope for such an announcement on Photokina this year?

The others
Thom Hogan wrote his prediction for Nikon, Andrea (sonyalpharumors) wrote it for Sony.

Let’s see in one year how close we were with our predictions! :)

Have a nice day!


  • Yeaahhhhhhh!!
    Four thirds primes! I just invested in a e-30 this year, no need of another body but long for fast primes, please! I hope someone hears you!
    Thanx for the great site, been a follower in the dark, and use you web to access all shops ;)

  • drj

    Hi Alejandro,
    thanks for these predictions, just hope some come true. Three major issues : 1/ the upcoming Olympus flagship model : will it be 43 or m43 or a “mix between the two” with a traditional mount (and top pro glass) but an electronic viewfinder – my guess – ; 2/ nothing about the m43 forthcoming Fuji camera ??? ; 3/ please do not mention ”full frame” cameras as an unattainable dream : this is imprecise and does just refer to the traditional 24×36 format. If Olympus or Panasonic ever happen to come with a larger sensor solution, this ought to rely to a 43 version of the latter that may eventually be closer to the 60×45 format.
    Best wishes for the soon to appear new year.

  • Duarte Bruno

    I can’t believe Olympus will take all that time to release an upper m4/3 model. They have taken quite a beating in the Japanese market and they will keep taking it if they don’t release it ASAP. Come on! Panasonic has done it twice already with the G1/GH1!…

  • Chow

    The Panasonic prediction seems odd. Why would they drop dslr first, do nothing for a while, start m43 and go for fullframe cam??

  • Let’s hope your prediction for “E5” come true…

  • DR

    I always like Thom’s predictions. Going to step in, though, and disagree with “I’ll bet that they (Lecia) can’t build enough M9, X1, or S2 cameras to meet demand in 2010.”

    The correction prediction is “2010 will witness a significant loss of sales for Lecia as they struggle to answer the mft challange. Both the X1 & M9 will prove to be a huge miscalculation. Demand for Leica glass might be the only bright side to a dismal story.”

  • Rocky

    Calgary store drops Olympus:
    A letter to our customers regarding Olympus products.
    A message to our customers regarding Olympus products.

    We regret to inform our valued customers that we are no longer able to
    supply Olympus products at this time. We appreciate all of the
    business that Olympus users have given us.

    Olympus manufactures many fine products that we have been proud to
    represent, yet we have frequently been at odds with the marketing
    methods employed by Olympus Canada for the last few years. It remains
    our philosophy that a retailer should be able to earn a consumer’s
    business without any advantage or influence provided by a supplier to
    any other particular retailer. Our many attempts to voice our
    objections throughout this time has brought no satisfactory responses.

    We look forward to when we can once again sell Olympus products and
    will let you know when this is possible. Please sign up here if you
    wish to be notified of any changes in this situation.

  • Radis.rut

    The future looks beautiful, isn’t it :D

  • Mazoe

    Predictions suggest “High-End” and “Low End” MFT cameras from Olympus this year. I am not clear what this means.

    Anyone care to speculate on the key features of each of these rumored models?


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