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(FT2) Will Fuji announce a Micro Four Thirds camera in September?


A couple of months ago the Fujiguys promised that there will be some exciting news in September 2011. Now Photorumors got a rumor from an unknown source saying that there will be probably “some kind of a mirrorless solution with a sensor probably smaller than APS-C, something in the m4/3 range.” I don’t know how reliable the source is, what I know for certain is that Fuji wants to make a mirrorless camera that takes interchangeable system. One of my sources also told me months ago that there was a meeting between Olympus and Fuji. I hope that source will know come back to me and tell me if that rumor is true or not ;)

Meanwhile Fuji released the new firmware for the X100 you can download here: And click those links if you want to check price and availability of the X100: [shopcountry 19929].

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