(FT2) Unlikely Olympus TRIP-D specs?


I got these specs from an anonymous source about the next digital version of the Olympus Trip 35 fixed lens camera (here on eBay). I have a hard time believing these are true but let’s take the chance to see if our readers would like to get a camera like that. And at the same time let’s hope reliable sources will spill out the real info (or confirm those specs if true). This is what I received:

Some of the features they are working on are:
16 mp 4/3 sensor (not a multi-aspect one)
F1.4 – F3.2
4k video
Built in ND filter
Tilting Screen
Built in EVF
Built in Flash with bounce capability
Manual S & A controls, EC Control, and a manual focus ring

This will not be pocketable but certainly compact.  Development has been taking place quietly for 1 year.

It simply sounds too good to be true…

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Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • hannes

    IBIS is missing? That would surprise me. A Lens with these specs would be quite considerably larger than the LX100 (larger aperture wide-open, longer zoom, larger sensor to cover). Sounds a bit unlikely to me. Not that I would not like it to become real, though…

  • g_disqus

    zoom. fuuuuu

    • indeed thinking the same. just come with prime lens on it.

      • g_disqus

        but it is just FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct

        • i dont think a prime version will be released. While I like the LX100 alot, I would like it much more if it was available with a prime around 45mm, so not an all purpose camera but for specific styles.

          • bozo

            I don’t know if fixed prime is really practical for video use. LX100 (and maybe this XZ3/Trip-D) isn’t dedicated to stills only (4K recording), that’s probably why they didn’t make a prime version.

            Sure it won’t be pocketable, but for stills only, a GX-7/GM-5 (or E-M10) + Oly 45/1.8? makes a good alternative, no?

            • Full_Name

              I think the most likely answer is that Panasonic did not feel there are enough people out there that would pay for a fixed prime camera, and they would probably need to have multiple models like Sigma. Both Sigma and RX-1 have pretty good options for fixed prime cameras, though they should add 4K (hopefully Sony will at least, I doubt Sigma will)

            • sure those camera are great ofcourse….and indeed a prime on a fixed lens compact makes its less flexible for video, except for those people who use mainly one lens for anything(they do exist!)

  • Pierre

    With IBIS, it would be great!

  • Syriac

    Except for the 4K, this camera could/should have been built last year.
    Why the company focused on E-PL7 instead still puzzles me.

    • Yun

      Because it is PEN .
      Another Oly well known product .

      • tripper

        Probably in most regions, nobody remembered or cared about PEN brand. Nobody remembers or cares about TRIP whatever as well. So if Olympus wants to resurrect another dead horse, they better make something that’s gonna stand on its own, coz the brand won’t make it sell (at least in most regions).

      • Syriac

        Indeed it is.
        Still does not explain why Olympus bothered with it.
        Its principal “added value” to the companies existing line is the ability to make selfies. They can do better.

  • Wombat

    Yep, I’ll have one thank you very much

    Sounds too good to be true though :(

    • g_disqus

      almost like LX100
      what’s too good to be true

      • Full_Name

        This lens is faster, longer and would use the whole 4/3 chip. If all three pieces of info is true, it will be huge (size wise). LX100 is as small as it is due to the cropping sensor, and it is slower and shorter compared to this rumored Olympus. Panasonic even had to do some pretty hefty engineering to make it smaller, though I suppose that part could be emulated by Olympus.


    Thus, bigger sensor and shorter zoom range, but it’s almost a stylus 1…

    • bozo

      I would say an XZ-2 with a 4/3 sensor and integrated EVF… And it seems logical since Olympus annouced they stop the XZ line.
      Price tag may be quite high… Around 6-700€ probably (XZ-2 was ~500€).

  • kiki

    Panasonic, please release an LX with prime lens 35mm equiv. FF

    • Bob B.

      Wrong company. Sony already makes that!

      • Full_Name

        Yes, RX-1 is great, but damn expensive (though as far as I understand, you get a spectacular built in lens on it). I don’t see Panasonic going there anytime soon either though..

        If Sony makes a new version that does internal 4K video, and improve controls, AF speed, I’d be in line to get one, even at the price they change for the current version.

      • kiki

        The RX100 is 1″ sensor and the RX1 is too expensive.

    • Bhima

      Buy a used GM1 and glue an Oly 17mm f1.8 on it. Could probably get that combo for $800 or less.

      • kiki

        i got GM1 + PL15/1.7 before. But it’s lack of evf. The gm5 is nice but his evf is too small for me (i like the GX7 one like on the LX100).

        • Bhima

          Buy an EPL-5 for cheap, pick up a VF-4 (which is loads better than the GX7 EVF), and grab the Oly 17mm.

  • DouglasGottlieb

    That lens covering the full 4/3? And still small? Hmmm. Does it drop from 1.4 to 3.2 at 12.5mm (25mm FoV)? ;)

  • Jouko

    If it’s going to be like that…
    it won’t fit into a pocket, it even won’t be a compact camera.
    But, with a lens like that it could be a travellers, photojournalists or street shooters ideal camera – quite small and quite lightwight, maybe silent… Add IS and rumoured sensor shift tech, and it could be a good seller.

    I suppose the lens won’t be that fast. Everything else can be real.

  • Ade

    Too many unnecessary features. m4/3, 16mp, 20mm f/2.8, built in EVF (perhaps just optical), hot-shoe, zone focus. I’d buy one in a shot. The trip was popular for a reason. I can but dream.

  • I’ve got a Trip 35. One of the greatest point&shoot cameras ever.

  • Yun

    It looks like every camera manufacturers would like to have their highend compact camera .
    Some even got 2 .
    Make me wondering how good is the market .
    But one thing is pretty sure here is this Oly trip D likely Oly made it for it’s fans only .

  • DonTom

    Well, if it doesn’t surpass the LX100, there’s not much point in making it, is there? The best of any type of tech comes when the market for it is coming too an end, and the few remaining makers are duking it out for the few remaining buyers.
    6 months ago, I would have been all over this like a rash. Now have an iPhone 6+, and my need for a good compact camera has vanished. But my desire for one hasn’t!

    • alejandro

      Lower cost would be a point. LX100 is rather expensive.

  • darrask

    indeed, too good to be true

  • KK

    Not a chance. A 43 sensor and F1.4? Personally, I’d rather see a 1 inch sensor in the Trip, at least then we wouldn’t have to worry about the edge and corner performance compromises of the LX100.

    • BdV

      It’s not impossible, as long as the lens is clunky enough…

  • Mark Ellsworth

    If it has a zoom, it is not a Trip. We already have a Trip anyway. It is a Pen or similar with the Panasonic 20mm f1.7 or Olympus 17mm f1.8 affixed most of the time. The rumor would be an Olympus take on the LX100. On the whole, I like the LX100, but I like the faster small primes better.

    • BdV

      Agreed, I’m not even going to think about buying if it’s a zoom.

  • Bob B.

    ……but will it be powered by selenium solar cel???

  • disqus_QQmo5i3vVTT

    That is not a trip….Just another fixed zoom.

  • Duarte Bruno

    Me thinks your source is TRIPING.

  • Full_Name

    A lens that fast and long, on a m43 sensor without cropping? No way…. Unless you can picture yourself carrying around something that looks like a GX-7 w/a 12-40 f2.8 permanently attached. (Sorry, don’t know enough about Olympus to know for sure if they have a lighter form factor camera with built in evf?)

  • Mark Ellsworth

    If XZ line is at end of life, you have to ask what may be next. I think the answer has to do with what killed the market for 2/3 inch sensor cameras. That would be the 1 inch Sony RX line. The 1-inch Canon G7X is smaller by about 5mm in every dimension compared to the XZ-1. Although 1 inch sensors lack the ISO depth of FourThirds or APS-C (they are slightly noisier at 1600 ISO and way off at 3200) you know on your way out the door if you will need high ISO. You always have your bigger camera, right? At the lower settings, the 1-inch delivers an impressive image the 2/3 sensor cannot touch. Same game, all the fantastic informal work you can do without a big camera.

  • Kornel Hartung

    Curved Sony sensor, maybe?

    • BdV

      I don’t think the first effort to create a lens + curved sensor combo would be a zoom lens. They’d have to get a perfect match for the curve at every zoom position. Not even sure if the costs to develop this would be profitable. A prime + curved sensor I can imagine.

  • tripper

    Looks like some kind of wishlist hastily cobbled together by someone who just read an LX100 review :)

    Here’s more random guesses:
    – 1:1 macro capability
    – built-in ringlight for macro
    – touchscreen of course
    – phase detect AF
    – 4K 4:2:2 uncompressed HDMI output
    – native ISO 50
    – built-in GPS and compass = star tracking capability using 5-axis IBIS
    – mic input of course
    – FF sensor, cos why not

    And it’s even gonna have a shutter button. Yay :)

    • Full_Name

      -dual native iso of 50 and 5000 of course (like the new Panasonic VariCam 35 that has 800 and 5000)
      -sensor shift to upscale picture to 100MP
      -At the same time, HDR, for a dynamic range of around 18 stops
      -auto detecting polarizing filter built in
      -pretty sure they should just skip to 6K video
      -4K at 120 fps
      -1080p at 480fps
      -8 axis ibis to account for ripples in the space time continuum
      -MSRP $299
      -absolutely no distortions or chromatic abberations, besting the Zeiss Otus lens in entire focal range
      -built in quad copter

      • Jouko

        I like this list… Especially the 8 axis IBIS…

  • Much has been said about Olympus 4K just like much had been said about Olympus video feats. That by itself should be taken with a grain of salt. I really wanted to see some actual proof before having any hope of that, like 4K firmware for E-M1, better video quality, new frame rates, a lot of these was said in the past, so it becomes really hard to believe that Olympus would be putting 4K in this camera or even this camera before others like the E-M5 successor.

  • a

    An LX100 competitor?

  • Kotlos Kotlos

    I would prefer an X100T than an LX100 competitor.

    • Alex

      An Fuji X100T is interesting, but with a single focal fixed lens is better going for a FF sensor for cropping capabilities.
      Or a Sony RX1 competitor without the flaws: EVF, touchscreen and lower price.
      Why not a 50 mm (135 equiv) lens instead of the 35mm: less distortion for portrait and a good stitching application for landscape.

      • BdV

        If you end up cropping after the shot, because you weren’t able to zoom in, get a zoom lens.

  • WACON-images

    A LX100 the Olympus way. But we definitaly need a newer sensor in the near future. Their 16mp sensor is great still today. But Sony & Panasonic make great steps with their 1″ sensors. Maybe a 18 or 20mp sensor with the same of better low noise. Not a newer camera with the same ‘old’ 16mp sensor. Better C-AF would be nice too.

  • BLT

    That lens covering a full M43 sensor in a compact camera would be too good to be true. If it is true I would likely buy it.

    • why is hard to belive that the lens doesnt cover the whole sensor? The LX100 had to do it this way just because of the multiaspect choice I think,

      • Full_Name

        No, Panasonic stated that the lens would have been bigger if they needed to cover the whole sensor.

  • Steve Biro

    I don’t think f/1.4 at 24mm is so unbelievable for this camera. Notice that at 100mm, it’s f/3.2, not f/2.8 or f/2.3. The built-in flash could seal the deal for me versus the LX100, even with the Panasonic’s multi-aspect sensor. I just hope this “Trip 35” offers solid external controls like the LX100.

  • peevee

    Specs sound very plausible, and that would be very useful camera, except 16mpix is a little on the low side today for the purposes of digital zoom (and 100mm long end asks for digital zoom from time to time).

    • Kevin Shoban

      16mp too low? I hate these statements. Statements like this are just feeding the stupid megapixel race. What do you need more than 16mp for? Why not keep the pixel count low and offer better low light performance, instead of clogging the sensor with megapixels most people won’t even use to their full potential?

      • Bhima

        ISO performance isn’t necessarily affected negatively across the range by pixel size. In many cases, having the extra MP allows an image to look less noisier with more detail than a smaller MP image once resized… plus, you have the option for more pixels. Its a win win with today’s tech up to a point.

        • imo the better noise performance in newer/higher mp sensors is thx to the new custom image processors developed for such new sensor, without them each sensor would look like shit.

    • Full_Name

      Funny, I’m very happy with the 12.8MP on my LX100. Unless you plan to print poster size stuff, or do very high quality landscape photography, there is little point in more than 16MP. One can argue it is good for cropping, but you really need a big jump for that to make sense too, like 36MP. Maybe Sony will have you covered with their next RX, though you can probably forget about a zoom.

      • peevee

        The point is digital zoom/cropping in good light. The point is not bringing a tele lens with you when traveling, or use a fast prime and still retain capability to properly compose.

  • Warwick Gresswell

    Olympus has to be careful to actually find an unfulfilled niche and fill it with a camera people are actually asking for. There’s also a small issue of Sony now having 5 axis IBIS.

    I think an LX100 clone is a mistake. Unless I’m an existing Olympus fanboy, why would I bother? It would have to have something over the LX100, and I’m not sure what that would be, exactly.

    Oly should cash in on its real strength, and that is as an optics manufacturer. I’d like to see a fixed lens camera with an f1.4 or better, in a rangefinder style body. My personal wish list would be for a full frame camera, but according to the peanut gallery in various forums that’s next to sacrilegious. :)

    • DesignDick

      I’d generally agree- an avid Olympus fan myself but the above specs don’t really excite me. If I want zooms in a compact, I’d go for LX100 or RX100.
      If taking the Trip as a theme, I’d want the Olympus to focus hard on usability things like virtually zero lag startup time, marked and unmarked control dials switchable like the focus clutch, Rangefinder/Viewfinder Experience and a great lens. I’d personally prefer a prime – perhaps 20mm(40mmfov) 1.7 non-telescoping, but Olympus will likely go for a zoom because nobody other than Ricoh has the guts to do prime compacts.
      Whatever format size that works to bring a good is fine by me, I think ft is a nice format.
      The trip is also not primarily about pocketability-the stylus(mju) and XA was about pocketability.

      • Warwick Gresswell

        Thats the thing – if Panasonic is all about compactness these days with the LX100/GM1-5, then as an optics manufacturer why not focus on ultimate image quality instead? Sony have proven that FF mirrorless prime shooting is barely any bigger than m43, and I don’t see the arguement for basing an entire brand around a sensor size. Why can’t a fixed lens full frame rangefinder camera happily coexist with m43? Small sensors aren’t a ‘belief system’, they’re just a ‘market segment’.

  • a-traveler

    I have a Yashica T3 P&S Full Frame Film camera from the early 1990s. It has an Zeiss T* f/2.8 35mm lens, Auto Focus, and Built-in Flash. And it fits in the pocket of my jeans! http://camerapedia.wikia.com/wiki/Yashica_T3

    A M4/3 with a fixed 17mm f/1.7 lens with a Leaf Shutter (high speed flash sync) should sell. Take a look at what the X100, X100S and X100T has done for Fuji’s profits.

  • PBR

    How is this too good to be true? At this point in time, it would be a disappointment if it had less. But I agree with some of the other posters and say that a fast super high quality fixed lens would be the only way this would interest me. I say, give a nod to the original and give it a 20mm fast lens.

    • kood

      I like the idea of a fixed 20mm. If they sold it for the same price as the LX100 then a fixed 20mm f1.4 would be wonderful. Considering that don’t have to worry about a lens mount and that they are able to tailor the lens to sit a bit closer to the sensor; then the corresponding lens size should be smaller than PL25 levels.

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