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(FT2) UPDATED: Some Olympus high end compact info.


An Olympus XA compact and fixed lens film camera (Image courtesy: Camerapedia).

I wouldn’t get too excited about that rumor as it comes from a new source. So there is only a low chance this is correct. But sometimes even FT2 rumors become true and this sounds so good that I hope this is one of these rare times :)

The new source reported this:

I´ve got som news from japan: Olympus will very soon show a new high end camera. It will have a four thirds sensor. it is no system camera. bigger and better than the xz-series.

UPDATE: Another anonymous source said the rumor from the other sources isn’t correct. He writes:

This rumour about the compact camera with 4/3 is incorrect. The new compact will have the same size sensor as the XZ-2, it will however have a new lens, 28-300mm with a constant f2.8. Will m
Be announced in Oct

I hope trusted sources can soon confirm which one of the two is correct.

If it’s going to be really a completely new camera than they may will revive seom glorious film camera from the past:
Olympus Trip 35 (here on eBay and article on 43rumors)
Olympus 35 SP (here on eBay and article on 43rumors)
Olympus XA (here on eBay and article on 43rumors)

You choose the best name :)

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Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • I would welcome a compact “landscape” camera” with a 4/3 size sensor. 18-35mm equiv, F2.5 or so. DOubt it will happen though!

    • Ash

      If it has a 4/3 sensor then it will not have a zoom lens.

      • Anonymous

        In this case, this would be like a EPM OR EPL with a pancake prime. I prefer compact zoom.

    • arek

      e-pm2 + panasonic 14-42 power zoom

  • dude78

    probably means the xz-series, not the x-series

  • Anonymous

    With X series he/she probably means Oly XZ.

    • admin

      yep. Sorry!!!

  • @Admin,
    could it be that your source meant the X-Series, as in XZ-1/2 , XZ-10 ??


  • Ash

    Hopefully it is rugged and weatherproof or waterproof.

  • is it true it will be 12-70mm [24-140] f1.8-2.5

    • Anonymous

      Have you seen the size of the Olympus 12-40mm F2.8 lens ?
      Why do you think a 12-70mm F1.8 – F2.5 lens can in anyway become small enough to fit on a compact camera ?

      • Anonymous

        He didn’t say m43 sensor with that lens.

  • someguyualreadyknow

    I think there is an element of truth in the rumour.

  • Jorge

    Admin, I still don’t get it: why do so many people bother to send you fake rumors? What’s your theory?

    • admin

      1) fun 2) a couple of times other websites sent me this to denigrate me.

  • SteB

    The camera in the photo isn’t an Olympus XA, it’s an XA2. I used to have one. The XA had a range-finder viewfinder. Where you see the LED on the camera in the photo it was the rangefinder window on the XA. Also that lever at the side sets the aperture on the XA, where on the XA2 it’s the distance scale. Also the lens was f2.8 on the XA and only f3.5 on the XA2.

  • commsbloke

    Fuji seem to have misappropriated the XA designation, witness the new XA1

  • 28-300. F/5.6 in real terms a fail compare to ther compacts even compacts now use better sensors thanm43. Rx1 x100s nikon a Ricoh soo

    • Anonymous

      I bet Nikon 1 and Pentax Q beat m43 hands down as far as you are concerned?

      • No but the good thing will be 35mm fix equivalent apsc or ff if use m43 se sat will be like a point and shoot sorry that’s the truth even the g1x have bigger sensor if talk about nikon one or Pentax that’s a joke

        • Anonymous

          Thanks to you we can now finally sleep better at night..

    • Olaf Hall

      Please explain “real terms”

      If I read you right my old medium format camera with a f/2.8 lens are actually in “real terms” aprox f/1.0 lens…….

    • Richard

      “in real terms”….your concept of reality is somewhat unique! Most people care about zoom reach first, light second, and Dof a very very distant third.. FFs narrow Dof is a pain in the arse for anyone who shoots in low light and wants more than the pimple on someone’s nose to be in focus……

      • Spititom

        agreed. +1

      • Anonymous

        That’s why high iso sensitivity is mandatory for ff maybe…

  • Andrew

    Perhaps they are both correct, just talking about different cameras. :)

  • jak0b

    Somehow i highly doubt that second rumor… 28-300mm f2.8 – to “good” to be true. That’s a super zoom camera.
    The xz-2 has a 6-24mm f.1.8-2.5.
    I highly doubt that olympus is going to make a fixed lens m43 camera. It wouldn’t fit in with the interchangeable lens cameras of the pen series.
    I think that it’s going to be a new xz camera. 5-axis stabilization and maybe a “brighter” lens. ~f.14-2.3 something like the lx7.
    ofcourse with the added features of wifi etc.

    • Anonymousse

      Lumix FZ200 is 25-600mm (equivalent) zoom, constant 2.8. Of course, it’s nowhere near compact.

  • andre

    The camera in the picture is an Olympus XA2. XA has aperture priority and a tiny rangefinder…

    • …and…..?

      • And f/2.8 lens.

        Because XA was so much superior to the XA2! The XA’s six-element lens was truly “pro quality”. Sharp. Contrasty. One would hope that the new compact would be anything like the XA.

  • Irmo

    Both of the FT2 rumors sounds unlikely.

    1) fixed lens with 4/3 sensor make no sense … as the size/price gain would be too small to be worth to make it non-system

    2) 28-300 f2.8 senzor size like xz-2, that would mean that the diameter of entry pupil of the lens has to be 2.5x larger than the one of the xz-2, to big for a amateur and pointless for a professional photographer.

  • BdV

    Trip-D, SP-D, XA-D, all sounds good to me.

  • markopolo

    Optical vf plsssssss!

  • Anonymous

    I’d prefer a 4/3 sized sensor with the 17mm 1.8 as the lens. Though I guess there’d be no point in getting it.

  • imho

    2) would have been a bridge, not compact camera because of the size of the lens.

    1) is something like Sony has done with the RX1 but with 4/3 sensor. Its more likely, but it must be more than a Pen with 17mm lens to be a success.

    • Andrew

      Yeah, rumor #2 sounds like a camera similar to the FZ200 but with less telephoto and a larger sensor. Maybe not the DSLR body style but it would still have a large lens. A nice camera, but not ground breaking. And most consumers probably wouldn’t realize why it is better than a smaller sensor 52x zoom…

      A fixed lens compact with a 4/3 sensor is much more interesting. I have some old fixed lens Pens and Trips, it is a fun camera size. If they could make the lens fully retractable, it would be a true pocket camera in a way that putting a pancake on a GF or E-PM body can’t match. The sensor from the OMD in a small body priced around $500 would be killer.

      • Ash

        500, yer dreamin

  • I already have that camera…I just put the Panny 14mm on my E-P5 and I am there. :-)

  • shocked

    New camera from Nikon 1 AW 1 – waterproof mirrorless, ability 15m diving, two waterproof lenses

    Why Oly isn’t first with such mirrorless body? There is plenty of waterproof campacts, housing for diving for each PEN, OMD and XZ-1/2.
    Oly – please make rugged, tough, waterpoof micro43 camera (can be like TG-2).

    • adaptor-or-die

      Their most successful compact range, morphed into a FT sensor/tough body, is a very logical direction. The retail appeal is there and no one has done it yet. Tough does not recall the retro feel, but it’s one thing Olympus has done well. It’s time for a more serious Waterproof.

  • ivo

    well a supercharged weatherproof xz2 is welcome, would be a nice travel camera. though size wise it will be close to om-d size just as most bridge camera’s.
    but due to the smaller sensor the lens could be a lot smaller, making it allmost pocketable.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I am sorry for “E” in the previous post.

    Am I the only one who is waiting for years for a relatively small super zoom camera within a reasonable range (28-300, instead of 25-1000), relatively fast optics, and a bigger sensor than 1/2.5”?

    Second rumor is what actually missing in the market. 28-300 f2.8 lens on 2013y 1/1.7” Sony sensor is a super equipment for an amateur nature photography.

    (My first, well second, post here)

  • Shenkie

    Lol epic fail.

  • Nature

    I am sorry for “E” in the previous post.

    Am I the only one who is waiting for years for a relatively small super zoom camera within a reasonable range (28-300, instead of 25-1000), relatively fast optics, and a bigger sensor than 1/2.5”?

    Second rumor is what actually missing in the market. 28-300 f2.8 lens on 2013y 1/1.7” Sony sensor is a super equipment for an amateur nature photography.

    (My first, well second, post here)

    • Anonymous

      Ok if it has an integrated EVF…

      • Nature

        I agree.

        28-300, F2.8 (constant, or 2.8-4), 1/1.7” Sony sensor, integrated EVF, 5axis image sensor stabilization, $500-600.

        I am wondering why nobody has not done this camera yet.

      • Nature

        By the way, the closest is Nikon P7800: 28-200, F2-4, 1/1.7” sensor, integrated EVF, $550.

        Based on this, I would not be surprised if Oly does 28-300, F2.8, 1/1.7”, EVF. 1/1.7” sensors are very good these days and having F2.8 on 300mm would be perfect for nature shots.

        Admin, this is a wish not a rumor from my side.

  • Enzojz

    28-300 with 4/3 sensor at XZ-2 is impossible, fake rumor.

  • ShatteredSky

    If that is true, why the heck can’t they finally put a 24 mm equiv. lens on it, say 24-200 / 1.8-3.5 or something. And make it tough please ;-)


  • C’mon, Olympus, take a chance and make a Trip 35D …

  • Oasis

    Same sensor size as the XZ-2? Not interested.
    1″ or higher is the new standard.

  • peevee

    “This rumour about the compact camera with 4/3 is incorrect. The new compact will have the same size sensor as the XZ-2, it will however have a new lens, 28-300mm with a constant f2.8”

    THAT would look more like a bridge than a compact.

  • Infinity Jr.

    Hope it’s not a superzoom. 18mm f/1.8, 16MP 4/3 sensor,hybrid AF,full-flip screen, built-in flash, hot shoe, no VF…I’ll buy two!

  • Mitico

    The Olympus Xa! So much good memories!!

  • Anonymous

    Remember the mju film camera… please make an equivalent 14-40mm f/2.8-f/4.0! And weather sealed!
    Better bokeh both at WA and tele compared to the xz series… Anybody remember an know patent about this lens???

    • Anonymous

      A renew of the mju digital serie?

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