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(FT3) UPDATED -> Panasonic new camera announcement on FEB 18?

I just received following information from a new source. He says Panasonic will announce the new MicroFourThirds camera on FEB 18. The new camera will probably have more to offer than the E-P1/E-P2 or GF1  ( ….I know that’s a criptic message but that is what I have been told ).

If you know something more contact me at

UPDATE: I upgraded the rumor value from FT2 to FT3. I had the chance to contact the rumor source and my sixth sense says he could really know something!


FT1= Rumor which is almost impossible it will become true

FT2=Rumor from a new unknown source (not reliable and not confirmed from trusted sources I know)

FT3=Rumor from one or more sources which maybe could become true

FT4=Rumor from one or more sources which already gave me correct rumors in the past. There is a 70-80% the rumors are true

FT5= Very trusted sources gave me the rumor. There is a 90% chance it will become true.

One more thing: We also learned that trusted sources can be wrong sometimes and also Companies can change their decisions or maybe spread false rumors into the wild!

  • Max

    Exactly as I suspected! Panasonic was bound to make its move after the new E-PL1

    • admin

      Hi Max! I thought exactly the same but I believe Steve is right when he says it will not be a E-PL1 competitor. Let’s see…

  • Steve

    Panasonic will not be introducing an E-PL1 competitor as they look at M4/3 as more of a professional product. They will continue with the LX-5 for this market.

    Olympus meanwhile will continue to make M4/3 products at the lowend as they don’t have a high-end compact like the LX3.

  • Eric

    Man I hope this is a range finder-esque enthusiast model like many want. Or at the very least maybe just a better looking version of the GH1. They really need to put a GH1 into a body that looks like a smaller version of Panasonic L1.

  • WT21

    I really don’t want to give up the looks and IBIS of my EP1, but I’d LOVE a cam in the rangefinder tradition — with dials instead of menu clicks for ss, ap, iso, etc.

  • adessio

    i’d like to see the G2 movinto to the rangefinder style and to see the LX3 succesor…

  • Don

    Since the rumor says will have more than EPL/EP2 or GF1 and no mention of G or GH1 I take this as a firm hint it is the mini rangefinder with EVF which we have all been waiting for.
    I just can’t wait to see it and how it will be priced.

  • AT

    People here are too imaginative that Panny will make rangefinder, ha ha ha…

  • marcram

    A small L1 would be awesome!

  • napalm

    i just wish they adjust the color tones of their jpegs. as good as the GF1 was, i’m very put off at how the jpegs look especially Reds. i shoot jpegs 95% of the time

  • Boris

    Well, I was wrong then,
    I had a feeling they would announce something like G2 next week, on Tuesday or Wednesday.

    Now I hope it will be “MORE” in the field of photo NOT video, don’t care much about it, sorry.

  • jammin

    more to offer = internal viewfinder ;-)

  • I’m waiting to migrate from Canon to m4/3 to see what are the launches from Panasonic within the next 5-6 months. If they launch something like the GF1 but more refined, more… “Leica-esque” I may not wait until summer to become a switcher.

    BTW, I agree with your that brands can make up their minds and change decisions. A lot of issues can arise during the camera design process and products are sometimes delayed or even cancelled during that process. I´ve seen this happening from time to time in my company.

    Finally, thanks for this fabulous website. I used to follow Canon rumors, but… I have to say that I prefer this one. Thanks for your big effort to keep it runing, and even upgrading it.

  • Paul

    I would like Panasonic to announce a GF2 this month, but suspect they will announce a G2.

  • Im even considering switching to 43 from Nikon D3! FROM FF to M43?! How come the big players Canikon cant understand the importance and money that people will plunge into this sector of small cameras with big sensors?!
    Looking forward to Panasonics upcoming models! :) Goodbye Nikon.

  • Ole

    The lx3 ist almost 2 Years old now. It’ time for an update. I think there will be a lx4. And i hope so ;-). And Leica will update their d-lux one month after. It has always been so. Or i’m wrong and it will be a gf2 ;-) But the gf1 isn’t very old, so i don’t believe that. Ahhh that’s real rumors ;-)

  • misu

    I also sold my nikon stuff last week and hope to hear soon of a gh2. problem is that I have to work until it will be available. It would be a pity to buy a gh1 only to sell it next month for less then half the value. 24mbps avchd, global shutter, high iso, a bit more resolution, these will be available soon, but I need it next week for my next job. canon’ s announcement, mpeg2hd / 50mbps / 4:2:2 is quite something so I am also expecting their next dslr.

  • Pleeeeeeease no GH1 update! I want a GF1 update to GF2! :D GH is toooo big! You that have changed from DSLR to M43, have you changed from original dslr or FX/FF?

  • AT

    I believe it is unlikely to announce a GF1 update yet, as long as a price drop GF1 will be able to compete with E-PL1 already (Japan is already selling at about 59,000 Yen, equivalently USD 650). It is also difficult to add physical parts into a GF1 body size. Probably G2 will be in a size between GF1 and G1, while having smaller hand grip and internal viewfinder, while GH2 will be a bigger size like GH1, while maintaining similar body design for the hand feeling of D-SLR.

    I hope Panasonic should be having different body design on different generations of product, rather than just simple functional upgrades, but keeping the same look all the time.

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