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(FT2) Panasonic GX2 specs.


A GX2 Mockup design made by 43rumors reader Mike (Thanks!).

The GX1 got a huge discount yesterday (reminder, $341 for the kit at Amazon) and Is till didn’t get FT5 rumors yet about the possible GX2. All I got is some bits from anonymous source. SO please take it as usual with a grain of salt as these kind of rumors sometimes are correct and sometimes not. But in the meantime let’s see what the GX2 may could be:

– 16MP sensor (same as GH3)
– non-weather sealed magnesium alloy body
– Same AFs peed as GH3.
– Price around $800.
– On market in April

The source also wrote about a new “1,744 OLED EVF” but he omitted to tell me if that viewfinder is integrated or just a new external attachable EVF. You may tell me more about this?

P.S.: Sources that may want to share what they know about the camera can send me an anonymous message using the contact form on the very right of their website or by sending me an email at Thanks!

Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct


  • Warren

    Articulated screen or I’m out.

    • Martin

      I do agree that an articulated screen is a must. And I would be very pleased to see an in-body articulated EVF.

      • QBNY

        Why would you need a articulated screen if the VF is? That defeats the purpose.

        • Martin

          An articulated screen facilitates perspectives that even an articulated EVF won’t, like taking shots at armlength above your head. And at ground level, framing with it is at least more comfortable than getting your eye down to an articulated EVF at 10cm above ground. But for perspectives down to waist level, an articulated EVF is far superior. It’s superior just because it is an EVF, providing a large image protected from ambient light.

          • andres

            yeah… porn movies, right?

            • Anonymous

              If it was such a much need necessity, then why aren’t DSLR’s such as the MkIII, 7D and many others doesn’t have one? Not to say I’m a pro but I see that for more of a recreational/novice shooter. A swivel VF will do just fine for the Pro/semi-pro photographer.
              Remember, a lot of pro users are adopting MFT’s as a second body/light travel option, they have no need for a articulated screen. -See Fuji.

              • Martin

                The workflow of a pro is very different: He/she can afford a bucket truck should he/she need a special perspective.

              • Sam Waldron

                Articulated LCD’s are not on DSLR’s simply because they are not as highly evolved.

                Simple as that.

                Or are professional photographs only shot from eye level?

                Anything that makes a different perspective more easily attainable is a fine thing for photography.

                • kigt1970

                  sorry Sam but there are several DSLR cameras with articulated LCD , and it is not even that new a feature the OLympus E-3 in 2007 .

              • Adam Maas

                Because articulated screens are (incorrectly) considered potential failure sources on higher-end DSLR’s. They are increasingly common on DSLR’s, with only Pentax lacking them (Canon offers them on the 60D, Nikon on the D5x00 series and of course every SLT from Sony has them aside from the A35/A37 base models but including the top-end A99).

                As to usage, they are significantly useful for working on a tripod or working with awkward angles handheld and also allow usage as defacto waistlevel finders, allowing the sort of shooting techniques which has previously required using a Medium Format camera or use of one of the very few 35mm SLR’s with interchangeable finders.

        • Daemonius

          Trust me for glass users its very good to have LCD that can tilt and swivel. And theres plenty of them among photographers.

    • The mockup looks great! This is what it the GX should have been in the first place. Articulated screen will not happen on a GX camera, those are for GH models.

      • tom

        G5 is articulated, so is e-pl5, and every nex. Non articulated only for ultra compact and ultra cheap camera.

        • GrumpyDiver

          Articulated screens seem to be absent from any pro cameras and most prosumer models as well. Perhaps that should tell us something…

          While having one on a camera isn’t a show stopper for me, I prefer the robustness of a non-articulated design.

          • tom

            Yeah, my phone and my car don’t have articulated screens either, so what? We were talking about mirrorless, not pro gear.

            • Anonymous

              your phone and car isnt a ILC system either… Your point is moot…

            • GrumpyDiver

              I’m merely suggesting that there are downsides to articulated screens and people were shooting difficult angle shots long before they existed. Pros and serious amateurs do so as well, as their cameras don’t have this feature. Some people won’t do without while others have found workarounds that eliminate the need to use them.

              I personally find using a screen (articulated or not) is not ideal in many outdoor situations; they are simply not bright enough and chew through battery life like crazy. The situation is even worse when the manufacturer has installed a touch screen. Trying to look at one that has finger prints all over it on a sunny day is no fun at all.

              I find that I do like using an articulated screen, but only when shooting video and can properly shade it (although a large external monitor would probably be even better).

          • Adam Maas

            A99, A77, E-3, E-30, E-5, GH3 and OM-D E-M5 all offer articulated screens in the pro and semi-pro category.

            Nikon and Canon persist in artificially limiting their designs in this space to classic AF SLR layouts.

    • Bob B.

      I like the GX1’s physical demensions and weight; light and streamlined without a tilt-screen. There are other choices G3 & GH3 if that is a must. On a GX2 would like to see the internal workings of the camera improved: like the sensor, Frame Rate, AF Tracking. I am on the fence about the internal VF…because of the increase in body-size that would entail…..

    • Ant

      True hinged screen, like in DSLR.
      Tilt screen is too limited

      • Bob B.

        My DSLR has a screen exactly like the GX1? (Canon 5d III)

  • Henry

    Do you publish any information received from an anonymous source?

    • admin

      nope as you know very well. But when I have nothing else I sometimes publish it. Also because it alreayd hapened a few times that the info was correct. And by the way, some peopel always tells me to publish eveyrhting and to not hide anything and than when I do that once you ask me why I publish an FT2 rumors. Really, soemtimes you drive me crazy :)

      • +1 Right, I guarantee the GX2 is announced shorty. And Admin did mark it FT2.

      • Henry

        I’m sorry that question “drives you crazy”, definitely my first time asking it. I was just curious as to how you decided on what anonymous rumours are ‘worth’ posting. Thank you for clarifying your rumour posting process; I now have a better understanding to the rumour posting workflow of the website.

  • NFT

    555 i’m afraid,it has been April Fool.

  • Jonny

    The most pointless post on m43

  • andrew

    Hopefully they will fix the shutter-induced blurriness with the Lumix X series lens?

    • Milt

      Maybe these have replaced it de factor with the new smaller and somewhat lighter 14-42 II

      • andrew

        The new lens 14-42 lens replaced the standard 14-42 (no Power zoom), not the 14-42 X lens (Power zoom).

        • Anonymous

          I said defacto. If I were buying a kit lens for my GX1 and had to choose between the collapsing 14-42 and the new lense I might be tempted by the new one, especially if the IQ rivals the 14-45.

  • dez

    Who needs an articulated LCD? Nah.
    Give me an integrated EVF with the specs of the old GF1, and I am in.

    • twoomy

      Who needs an electronic viewfinder? Give me an articulated screen!!! (Different strokes for different folks, sir.)

  • Nice mock-up… :)

    • Miroslav


    • Martin

      Well, it has a problem: The EVF and the pop-up flash share the same space…

      • Pavlo

        Then pop-up flash need to be removed.

        • Mike

          thanks for the appreciation for the mockup. I know…I couldn’t figure out where to put the pop-up flash. The nex cameras has it in at the right of the hotshoe, but I wanted to keep the pasm dial of the GX1. Personally I would remove it, I don’t like incamera flashes, their power is too low to fill a room, I’d much prefer an EVF.

          • QBNY

            I have the Gf2 and the GX1 and I don’t use the flash. In fact I did a shoot with the GX1 and used a pocket wizard instead.

          • Don Pope

            I agree that the EVF is more important, but I have an OM-D and sometimes miss having a built in flash. It is very useful when you’re just snapping photos of your friends in a restaurant or something like that. (I don’t like carrying the little add-on flash in my pocket).

            • Another Fantard

              Flash in a restaurant? Die! DIE!

              (Just kidding)

            • +1 I use the built in flash on my E-PL1 enough to make that camera still preferable over the E-M5, to me. Fill in flash is a very useful tool, as is the ability to bounce the flash on that camera.
              But that’s micro four thirds…..different strokes for different folks. Nice to have a system where I can pick and choose the features I want from so many cameras and lenses.

      • Beautemps

        We allready know that: you can only use integrated EVF or flash instead :-)

  • true homer

    Miilion bucks says its not the GH3 sensor.

    • ggdfr

      @true homer with Olympus now having the E-M5 sensor in lower models it would be foolish for Panasonic to use an older sensor in the GX2. Though it wouldn’t be the first time that out mFT masters did something foolish lol

    • NFT

      +1 i think so ,panny build GH3 ss to OM-D competitive on still photograph
      and a little better than GH2 on video.

      panny had many patents about Image Sensor,not only new GX ,new GF wiil replace new image sensor.

    • W. C.

      FT2 rumor. FT5 another major Panasonic disappointment in the works.

      Panasonic will price themselves out of the market anyway. They’ll resort to heavy discounting as usual. Good for the patient consumer. Bad for early adopters. Whatever you think of the “arch-enemy” of m4/3, Sony NEX, cameras like NEX-6 are putting pressure on m4/3 from a pricing standpoint. Currently $750 body only or $900 with 16-50 “pancake” power zoom. System appeal still lacks due to lack of quality lenses (newly announced lenses apart from 10-18 f/4 OIS seem pretty average) and AF that still struggles in low light, even with on-sensor PDAF. GX2 and E-P5 need to at least match NEX-6 feature wise. I don’t think there’s much in it sensor wise between the NEX-6 and the E-M5 in real photographic output, nowhere near as much as NEX fanboys and the anti-m4/3 brigade pronouce. In fact, I much prefer the E-M5’s output when comparing at sites like Camera Labs and Imaging Resource.

      This lack of RF Styled Camera with built-in EVF in Top Left Corner in m4/3 is heartbreaking. 2008-2013 and still no m4/3 RFSCWEVFITLC? An $800 body with no built-in EVF will be market failure and a massive loss of credibility for m4/3.

      • W. C.

        Apologies, posted in wrong place. Should have been a new post, not a reply.

        Anyway, Panasonic have a history of segmenting their cameras by sensor quality and generation, so it will be no surprise if they keep the GH3 sensor for the GH series only. It would be disappointing, but not unexpected.

  • (Stereo)tipically FT2 rumor.

  • Es

    I bet no EVF. The GH3 and G5 have an EVF, I seriously doubt they will add one to the GX.

    • AMVR

      That would be a really stupid move by Pany, unlike DSLRs, mirrorless cameras are not shackled to centered prism humps, as successfully proven by both Sony and Fuji, both of which have been stealing sales from Pany (and Oly) thanks to their RF-like models. What else is there to improve upon the GX(F)1 if not an EVF ? improved sensor is mandatory by this time,an articulating lcd is super nice but won’t make much of an impression on the market. Articulated screen + evf would be the ultimate combo, but EVF is just too demanded to leave out.

      As for FT2 rumors I’m all up for them, you’re doing right Admin, makes the place more vivid with debate, the FT designation notes are there for a reason if people are too lazy to read them too bad.

      • ggdfr

        “but EVF is just too demanded to leave out.”

        Olympus have had no problem leaving it out so far

        • Narretz

          The EM-5 is the camera that exceeded all their expectations and the EVF probably has a big part in that.

          • Ant

            Not really. It’s the new IBIS for OM-D.
            DSLR form factor is too common to be special.
            If it has the still-lusted-yet-unaffordable rangefinder form factor like x100, then yes, the viewfinder might help.

  • BdV

    Doesn’t matter if it’s FT1 or 2 or 3, the meaning is that rumors and rumor readers just don’t want to wait anymore for Panasonic’s own mock-ups.

  • Yun

    My concern is the sensor in GX2 , if GH3 sensor inside it , forget about it . I’m out .
    Put your $$$ on OMD Pro is much promising than this one .
    It doesn’t make big different in image quality with GH3 sensor with my current GX1 . It’s wise to wait for the new generation sensor as announced by Pana to install in it’s G series line up if you still want to go on with Pana .

    • LOL, GX1 and GH3 have not same sensor. ;-)

    • NFT

      you talk about G series ,don’t forget pana interview ,redefine Lumix G series !!!

  • Will

    No Evf and any faith left in Pany will be gone from enthusiasts, it’s pretty concerning its gone this far without one, Fuji, Sony and now even Oly have snapped up the market which was lying spread eagle for Pany to take it years ago.

    I wonder if whoever is making these decisions just have a huge blind spot, it seems senseless, I gave up on them about a year ago but it’ll still be interesting to see.

    • Milt


  • advice

    IQ of sensor is most important.
    IQ from OM-D with Sony sensor is very good, but from GH3 is worse.
    IQ and EVF – to be as soon as good as NEX-6.

  • The specs make a lot of sense (nothing I couldn’t guesstimate myself). The trouble is the pricing, which usually remains unknown until the last week before the announcement. So I don’t think this rumor is reliable.

    On a side note, Olympus is going to introduce a PEN with built-in EVF soon. Panasonic will have to do the same whether they want to or not. I suspect that the viewfinder issue will delay the introduction of a GX2 by 4-6 months. Hence August is more realistic than April.

  • Gabe

    Consider the competition from fuji and sony, plus Olympus is using the same sensor from OMD in E-Pl5 and E-MP2, GX2 couldn’t afford to be worse than the rumor spec…

  • Full Beam

    Too late for me – I waited donkeys years to update my GF1 for so long with a camera like this.

    Now I’m super happy with my OM-D which

    a) has IBIS
    b) two data wheels
    and c) exists

  • easy question


    What will be the price of OM-D when new Panasonic will be available?
    Now it is 950$ (BHphoto), without half of the year it will be cheaper.

    Will be new Panasonic better then OM-D? I’m not sure. OM-D is wather sealed, nas IBIS, fast AF and better IQ from the sensor then GH3.

    • Considering the recent history of Panasonic cameras, the “GX2” will lose 30-40% of its retail price within eight months. In the meantime the price of the E-M5 will probably drop to $850 or so.

    • QBNY

      You do know there are photographers that happen to like the performance and looks of a Panasonic camera, right? You do know there a photographers that don’t like the retro looks of a Em5, right? Even if it drops in price, there are photographers that don’t like -the size, the handling, the rubbery buttons, the interface and would rather or are more comfortable with the Lumix menu system. It’s funny how Olympus fanboys act like the sensor is the grail of sensors. Last I checked, I do very well with the Panasonic cameras I own.

      Apples and Oranges.

      It’s also funny how em5 users chime in on a camera they’re not even going to purchase, just comment to spew more Olympus propaganda. News Flash: the GH3 is out and is selling out. The em5 is last years news.

      • Es

        The GH3 is such a “great” stills camera that the OM-D, being a year old, is still bigger news for stills photographers than the GH3.

        And its not “Apples and Oranges” at all. Comparing GX2 with the Sony NEX-7 may be closer apples and oranges, but the GX2 and OM-D share the same lens mount and are quite close functionally and what you can do with them as a photographer.

        • Anonymous

          the OMD is just that, a “Stills” camera. The GH3 is more than that, plus better ergonomically. The OMD is a niche camera, the GH3 is a more Pro camera.

          • quangzizi

            That depends on the person though.

      • W. C.

        QBNY, we know you love Panasonic. And Olympus not so much. But to say the E-M5 is last year’s news and somewhow GH3 has taken over where it left off would be more your wish on the matter rather than the truth of it.

        Whether you like the OM-D as a product or not, few cameras in recent years has carried so much momentum with it and impacted the buying choices of the market as the E-M5. It has brought m4/3 to the mainstream, enthusiast and even pro markets, and gave the format the credibility that, apart from the GH2 for video, Panasonic never could. People who never heard of m4/3 or didn’t know what a mirrorless ILC was bought E-M5s just on peer recommendation. On a forum I visit which is dominated by Canon and Nikon, the OM-D thread runs close to 100 pages and doesn’t look like losing interest anytime soon, surpassing even the Canon 5D Mk III thread. It shows that the OM-D has enough about it to change even the most hostile of attitudes towards smaller formats and cameras. Same forum: hardly a word on the GH3. Sorry, but that’s the facts. Even on mu-43, probably the biggest m4/3 forum on the web, the GH3 has failed to generate much interest, even among Panasonic users. Due to the discounting, there’s a lot of interest in the GX1 and G3 though. G5 generates some interest as a good value alternative to both the E-M5 and GH3.

        THe GH3 sells out because it’s available in such small quantities at the moment. I think the people who buy the GH3 know exactly what they are buying and generally don’t require reviews and recommendations beforehand. The E-M5 is becoming mainstream. The GH3 is specialist. They both have their place. I think the GH3 is Panasonic’s best camera yet. Sensor wise, it looks to be doing very well from what I’ve seen so far from sample images. I personally wouldn’t buy it. It’s not my type of camera. If some of the GH3’s features can trickle down to Panasonic’s lesser cameras, that would be great for the G/GX/GF users.

        There’s a lot to like from both Panasonic and Olympus. It’s a shame that you exclude an entire brand (Olympus) because of what you perceive as Panasonic hate from Olympus fanboys. I find very little hate from Olympus users towards Panasonic in most places I visit. What I see is that Olympus users can love the products but still be highly critical of the brand and still laugh at themselves and the brand at the same time. Many Panasonic users seem to be hyper sensitive and not be able to take criticism of the products or the brand well at all. Just dare to mention that the 20/1.7, 25/1.4 or the 12-35/2.8 may not be perfect and see the Panasonic ultra-defensive brigade march in.

      • wreck

        +1. So very +1….

        Thanks QBNY, I couldn’t have said better (or more civilly) myself.

  • Anonymous

    “- non-weather sealed ”
    = deal breaker
    Hope it’s not true

    • Mister_Roboto

      What? Why? Panasonic already has a camera for that.

      • Adam Maas

        With no weather-sealed compact mirrorless bodies the GX2 release is a great time for Panasonic to grab some real product differentiation and offer a weather-sealed compact-style body to go alongside the weather-sealed SLR-style GH3, straddling the OM-D in the market.

  • Stravinsky

    If it looks anything like that, I would be all over it

  • mirrorless

    GX2 by Mike looks really good. I’ll buy one :)

  • I don’t hold my breath over the GX2 having a built in off-centered EVF, as shown on the mock up. Feels like this post will create lots of disappointment despite being a FT(2) with a mock-up

  • safaridon

    The mockup looks great but the flash could still straddle the hotshoe as indicated in the patent ala L1. I think these early rumored specs look very reasonable. The GX1 list price was $799 so if $800 then probably comes without inbody EVF as otherwise would be %500 cheaper than GH3 but with similar capability? Also a new OLED viewfinder option similar in spec quality to GH3 one not unreasonable. If no inbody EVF then April delivery also very possible especially seeing how retailers are emptying out their GX1 inventories and GX1 was announced in Dec 2011.

    If this spec holds true then even more likely there will be a higher end model with EVF inbody more like the patent design coming this fall as has been rumored for some time.

    • Milt

      It is not easy to sort out the rumours. To maintain their credibility, if the GX2 does not have an internal EVF, people will be disappointed unless Panasonic also announce that a higher end model with one is coming. The enthusiast market seems from here to be dwindling away.

  • ZOID

    If Pany doesn’t include an EVF on the GX2, then I can only guess that they have some sort of agreement with Leica, not to make a rangefinder type. If that is not the case, then they have really lost touch with reality, sort of like Olympus has, with retro bodies that are ergonomic nightmares, silver lenses and no hoods. Fuji will be the winner, if they get the focus speed up quickly.

    • zozio32

      I would say the winner for me.
      I can understand that someone has preferences, but then extrapolate to the rest of the people seems very far reached or very pretentious. Most of the time, people take decisions based on criteria that are well defined.
      We don’t know what are these criteria for pana, therefore you can’t comment on the adecuacy between their industrial choices and their criteria. I am basically sure that pana has considered a rangefinder style camera. If the GX2 is not, I am also quite sure that they have reasons not to implement it. And I am sure that their choice relate to what they think is best for the company in the short and medium term (don’t ask long term…). They might be wrong, but you don’t have the elements in hand to evaluate this. Or they may know that a rangefinder style camera will be better, but thay cannot for whatever reason that you/we don’t know implement it.

      • Milt

        That’s fine, but I am a customer too.

      • Anonymous

        I’ve been thinking the same thing Zoid has commented…

        If Leica is holding Panasonic back, which in actuality is stupid, then Fuji will be the clear winner. Panasonic NEEDS to be that Price point driven brand with near performance of a Fuji. That’s the brand that they should be competing against, not Olympus, -Even though I don’t think they are.
        Let olympus continue to pump out nice shiny things that the fanboys like to drape around their necks like jewelry… Fuji is building a nice system, one that is very tempting to join. But I am waiting on what this GX2 will bring to the table. I’m sure the focusing system will once again be the fastest there is.

    • Es

      Fuji is a tiny fraction of the total market. Look at sales charts, their sales are so low they are hardly on there.

    • Ant

      How much say do Leica have on Panasonic anyway ?
      They license their name for compact lenses and rebranded Panasonic’s compacts to their brand.
      But is that big enough to dictate what other company can and can’t do

  • Frye

    The best cameras are always fake it seems.

  • If this is true with integrated VF, I’m totally in.

  • Yun

    Yes , if GX2 still without build in viewfinder likely there is another rangefinder above GX will be unveiled .
    This is what I’m waiting for , a true highend RF camera as promised by Pana to include a new G series model 1 year ago .

  • wintermute99

    $800 would be far too much for just an upgrade of sensor and some minor enhancements. For that price I’d certainly expect an integrated EVF.

    • Anonymous

      $800 is too much??? How much was the OMD at launch again??

      • Narretz

        OMD is weather-sealed + has EVF + 5 axis IBIS + tilt screen. If and only if the GX2 basically just has a new sensor, 800€ would be a joke. Panasonic cannot expect to ask these high prices if their cameras are behind the competition so much, feature wise. If the IQ was spectacular, this might be different, but I doubt it. Reception of GH3 IQ is nowhere near that of EM-5.

      • wintermute99

        The GX1 had an SRP of 699$ and the price dropped quite quickly. If $800 will be the initial price for the GX2 I’d simply expect a significant upgrade. Not just a better sensor and some minor enhancements. But then again, it’s all rumors right now. Just wait and see :)

    • safaridon

      The $800 is for list camera price not market price. Note the EM5 with cheapest lens list price was $1100 at intro and FUJI cheapest model with EVF is $1300 and NEX 6 is $1000, so no $800 is not far too much w/o EVF.

  • Anonymous

    you can find romurs like that a year back :)
    But the only news for the next months will be new kit lens with the new gf-7 and g-7 later on..
    new gx-2 will not hit the market before Aug to Nov this is
    just bought the gx-1 with the 20mm and 14mm they work great .. I still got my canon dslr gear, must say I’m really impresed with this small combo.
    saved the VF2 money for the next body .. witch i will probebly buy in the next balck friday deals :)
    the gx-1 body will be fantastic second/gift camera in the a year from now.

  • mahler

    No IBIS? If that’s true, what a shame!

  • Mike1

    Get the same video spec as GH3 and I’m in.

  • kmhb

    Wünsche mir dass aus FT2 = FT5 wird. Allerdings eine zweite OM-D EM5 soll es nicht werden, die gibt es ja bereits.
    Grundkonzept der GX oder LX-Linie ist absolut ok. MFT-sensor mit max 16MP oder 1-zoll-sensor mit max. 12MP.
    EVF mit 1,7-2,1MP als Aufstecksucher, Schwenk- und Klappdisplay, Festobjektiv 24 bis 120mm, falls zu groß/zu schwer, dann die klassische variante 24-90mm. Das komplette Paket auch als Leica-Version !!!

  • W. C.

    Reposted from earlier and edited:

    FT2 rumor. FT5 another major Panasonic disappointment in the works. Hoping it won’t be though.

    Panasonic will probably price themselves out of the market anyway. They’ll resort to heavy discounting as usual. Good for the patient consumer. Bad for early adopters. Whatever you think of the “arch-enemy” of m4/3, Sony NEX, cameras like NEX-6 are putting pressure on m4/3 from a pricing standpoint. Currently $750 body only or $900 with 16-50 “pancake” Power Zoom direct from Sony Store. System appeal still lacks due to lack of quality lenses (newly announced lenses apart from 10-18 f/4 OIS seem pretty average) and AF that still struggles in low light, even with on-sensor PDAF. GX2 and E-P5 need to at least match NEX-6 feature wise. I don’t think there’s much in it sensor wise between the NEX-6 and the best m4/3 sensors in real photographic output, nowhere near as much as NEX fanboys and the anti-m4/3 brigade pronouce. In fact, I much prefer the E-M5′s output when comparing at sites like Camera Labs and Imaging Resource.

    The lack of an RF Styled Camera with built-in EVF in the Top Left Corner in m4/3 is heartbreaking. 2008-2013 and still no m4/3 RFSCWEVFITLC? An $800 body with no built-in EVF will be market failure and a massive loss of credibility for m4/3. If Sony and Fuji can justify built-in EVFs in magnesium alloy RF styled bodies for under $1000, I don’t see what should be holding Panasonic and Olympus back from doing the same, apart from the tired, old and pathetic excuse of product line cannibalisation. If they never put it to market, how will they know whether it will be cannibalisation or a success?

    “We got the lenses. We got the lenses. We got the lenses” as m4/3’s main drawcard will only hold true for so long. Eventually, the others will catch up in lens selection and quality, and other aspects (FF NEX, Canon taking EOS M more seriously, Fuji getting AF and RAW conversion solved) will draw users to competing systems. Future m4/3 cameras need improved features and better firmware implementation from the outset. Plus a few extra missing lenses (ultra wide prime, fast telephoto primes, fast zooms) are needed to strengthen the system. AF and sensor quality is very good already. Don’t expect major improvements in either. Tracking AF definitely needs more R&D and end product improvement.

  • If GX2 would have no EVF, I think it would be a waste of a release.

    OK, new sensor is always welcome, but still, it would have hard time standing up to the E-PL5.

  • ApG

    Full manual controls in video mode!

  • camaman

    A bit of the franken camera look. Old leatherette style meets bleak modern Panasonic gray.
    The functions are great though.

    But on a 25% bigger camera body and it would actually handle well and be useful on a more demanding job.

    A camera this small handles well only witha 20mm pancake and a kit zoom…

  • Alan

    Would have stayed with m4/3 if Panasonic had told me this was coming. As it is I’ve baled out and bought into the NEX system for my compact (2nd) system.

  • FTT

    The mockup is sweet! Just wish Panasonic had Oly’s JPG engine…

  • Carl Muhlstein

    Sure hope it has an in-camera panoramic function. Love that feature on my Leica DLux kit. Otherwise I am selling my lenses and going another direction.

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