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(FT2) Olympus cleaning E-3 stocks in Germany?


Just received that mail:

For a couple of months now, I am closely following an Olympus- Authorized marketplace on, which recently increased significantly the offers of B-ware E3+12-60 & E3+14-54 kits.

Items are auctioned.
The E3+12-60 sells for about 1100 to 1200 EUR. The E3+14-54 – for less than 1000.
Last night I purchased one. Waiting for delivery.

The sales agent in Germany is LIMAL and here is what it says on their website:
“Olympus chose LIMAL to operate the German eBay-Shop OlympusMarket and handle all logistics and sales transaction”

The items are claimed to be “Manufacturer Checked and Approved” and looking at the feedback on the seller it seems to be confirmed.

For me, it is a clear sign that Olympus is cleaning out the stocks. Hopefully, making space for the successor of the E-3 monster.

Thought you should know.

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