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(FT2) Next Olympus FourThirds camera at Photokina?


Miguel (a dpreview forum user) is currently testing the Olympus E-30. And he says:

“Olympus approached me and gave me all these equipment to use it for a few months.
to answer your question, the lenses really got my attention, also the rep. mentioned a better camera will be announced in Photokina 2010
I like the realistic skin tones on the Olympus so far vs Nikon

  • patrick

    Yehaw, sounds like I’ll get some cheap E-3 in near future – And of course, the rest of you will get an E-5 ;)

  • CR102

    Olympus must be really tight with information on this new model. I sincerely hope there’s a good reason for that. They must be careful, though. Expectations are very high (perhaps too much so).

  • Emilio

    Hi there

    It seems everybody is expecting a replacement of the E-3 in the short future. I agree that would make a lot of sense.

    But, hardly anybody seems to see a possibility that there could be a follow-up of the E-30. Why? I guess users of the E-30 are so happy with the camera so far that there seems to be no need for an update.

    I use an E-30 as my main body, but think about how easily it could be to make that E-30n (or whatever) a more capable machine, i.e. Sensor, processor, LCD-Panel, firmware. The frame of the body wouldn’t need any changes in that scenario.

    But on the other hand Olympus could make the E-30 even more usefull if the body would be buildt even stronger and weathersealed. And that could then be called the E-3 successor.

    Just a thought that occurs to me at times.


  • Radis.Rut

    Uh, Oly is in trouble.
    Everyone have a very high expectation of it.

  • jeff

    Olympus simply cannot put out a high end camera (e-3) that will be competing with nikon and canon and expect to make money off a product that costs the same but fails to deliver the same results due to the smaller sensor.

    I think instead olympus will launch their last optical viewfinder camera and take ALL of the fantastic ideas they learned from the e series and improve it on one last super consumer digital SLR shutter based camera.

    Imo it will be the first and last real olympus digital SLR (it kinda seems like each camera they made came with a great new amount of feature but 1 major flaw)

    For example a camera with all of these included would be increadible

    -460k or larger swivel screen (has been demanded forever)
    -Weather sealing
    -Illuminated buttons (a simply great feature that is often overlooked by people)
    -smaller rather than larger body (think more along the lines of a slightly larger e620 than a e-30 or e3)
    -4-5 fps burst
    -Greatly increased ISO performance
    -Superb in camera image stablisation
    -Movie recording at 720p locked at 60 FPS
    -CF and SDXD support (unlimited potential for data storage)
    -multiple exposures
    -and the same great menu system that the e620 uses

  • “But, hardly anybody seems to see a possibility that there could be a follow-up of the E-30. Why?”

    Maybe because the E-3 has been out for over two years and the E-30 only for a bit over one? Replacing the younger camera would be an odd move. Of course, I could maybe see them introducing a new model in the midrange or low end, too. (The 620 was released about a year after the 520, and the 450 about a year after the 420, and neither line has been updated in about a year.)

    I suspect we’ll see the E-5 at Photokina, but I’m not holding my breath, either.

  • Mike

    @ jeff: yes, the E-3 cannot be compared with 35mm format digital cameras, but in semi-pro category the E-System delivers really nice images especially when combined with purely digitally designed Zuikos. Just imagine if Olympus introduced 35mm Live MOS sensor in the future for professional use (new digital OM) in compact body (maybe mirror-less technology). Someways, E-System users need some official information when Olympus will introduce something new for the Four Thirds. For example Olympus needs to introduce more options for fast Zuiko Digital fixed focal lenses. There are many outstanding zooms but only few primes (in wide to normal range). Upgrading older versions of lenses is another way to go (for example: ZD 50mm F2.0, Macro II, SWD, AF distance switcher, or ZD 300mm F2.8 II, SWD…).
    And for those who are looking for the first serious camera: You can take great photos even with inexpensive E-4xx series.

  • reverse stream swimmer

    Just imagine if Olympus introduced 35mm Live MOS sensor in the future for professional use (new digital OM) in compact body (maybe mirror-less technology).

    -That’s less realistic, since no lenses for such a sensor exist. Don’t expect old manual lenses will be used, since that gives no money to Olympus. There’s no chance of a 135mm system with a fixed mount lens either, for the same reasons.

    -However, Pentax only introduced one new lens with it’s recently announced D645. I think they have some more, but not many.

    -By the way, who should manufacture that 24x36mm sensor?
    Canon? Sony? Panasonic? Samsung?

  • camera advice

    check out my Olympus E620 camera review @

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