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(FT2) Hybrid video and still Olympus Micro Four Thirds camera coming at CES 2013 (in January)


A person I know heard from his sources that Olympus will announce a professional video&still hybrid camera at the CES show in January 2013. Don’t know if that is correct or not yet. I posted this with a very low FT2 value and as usual I hope sources can confirm or deny the rumor like they did on the busted 40-150mm f/2.8 rumor.

Certainly video performance is not what Olympus is famous for. But will they really try to compete against the Panasonic GH3? Hard to believe!

Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • It’s the next logical step for Olympus so it could be plausible….

    • I agree YDDY (Jeez, I’m agreeing with you?!!!), Olly do need to go head to head with Panny on video. With Sony on their side, maybe they can make some big advances.

      They have hinted at better things to come with the 4x full HD video tele-converter in the E-PL5, which enables us to use primes as zooms with no aperture change (so the 45/1.8 becomes a 180/1.8, for video). It’s a little clumsy, but I’m sure they’ll improve it. It almost prompted me to buy that cam, but I’ll wait to see the E-P3 replacement and the new firmware for the E-M5.

      Olly also hinted that the E-M5 isn’t the top of the OM-D range. Personally I think they are holding that spot open for a hybrid PDAF/CDAF camera that will replace the E-5. Perhaps this hybrid video/stills camera will be that beast? Perfect for a wedding photog in the 4/3 system, just add the new body, learn some more video skills and no extra lenses to buy….

    • Esa Tuunanen

      Higher end mirrorless is only logical step for increasing market share.
      Olympus can’t charge Leica’s luxury prices with huge profit margin per sale, so they need major increase in their system camera market share (and not by discount sales old stock) to keep long term viability of camera division.

  • matt

    I like the gh3 but i´m little bit dissapointed by the video, I was hoping for more .. so.. bring it on oly!

  • Yun

    Oh , my goodness .
    This might be OMD Pro !
    If Pana still can’t come out the highend L style camera , I might convert to Oly very soon .

  • Ton

    After pioneering the 5-axis ibis, maybe, olympus percieved that more pros & amateurs used the omd for video as steady cam. Now that the latest firmware support all lenses including legacy lenses, all now have usable ibis during video. Although, the omd is currently limited on the bitrate & fps side, and so on…

    • Yep, the IS for legacy lenses is something they can really capitalise on. Plus the video tele-converter. I’m looking forward to using my old Vivitar Series 1 200/3.0 lens as a stabilised 1600/3.0 equivalent!

  • Rafa

    Stop talking about the busted 40-150mm lens.

    Lenses dont grow on trees, if you want to release a constant apperture zoom first you have to design it… that costs money and I’m affraid Olympus is moving in another direction like planing a new camera for this comming year.

    And lets keep our feet on the ground: look at the 2.8/35-100mm from Panasonic, are you sure saying we are going to see 50% more range with the same CONSTANT apperture? in a micro camera? You guys must be kidding me :-P

    Lets focus on real rummors: we have seen the EPL5 & EPM2 one year after their PEN previous models. Now its clearly the time to see a new OMD camera announcement, not a lens.

    • Anonymous

      You want REAL rumors, here’s a REAL rumor – the EPM2 will come in pink.

      That’s more likely than any rumor this site has posted in a looong time.

      • Jai, the pink Leica man from Digital Rev strikes again!!!!

  • trolled

    Looks like typical brainwashing. Someone at olympus: hey, let’s post a rumor that we’re working on some “video-capable” camera, release it through one of those “rumors” sites in a typical “a person I know heard from his sources” manner (so that no one will blame us later for not releasing a camera like this).. there are lots of geeks reading our made up crap every day so a simple post like this will lower GH3 sales a bit. Profit!

    • Another marketing man!!

  • emde

    Don’t care for new cameras – I could use some new lenses :-)

  • Esa Tuunanen

    Correction, Olympus doesn’t so much need to compete against GH3 but against complete systems of Canon and Nikon which, despite of all hype about mirrorless pocket cameras, still dominate system camera markets.
    Right now there’s nothing in high end with E-5 being old tech, unnecessary heavy because of mirror chamber and SLR’s prism viewfinder, and unable to use increasing amount of mirrorless 4/3 lenses.

    GH3 like mirrorless body would lift profile of Olympus mirrorless 4/3 system lot which is needed for taking sales from Canon and Nikon DSLRs which is only way for increase in market share.

    I would sure make pre order immediately if they announce GH3 style body with their IBIS and LiveBulb even if it doesn’t fully have all the video features of GH3. (image quality limiting bitrate cap of AVCHD and ancient low 25/30fps framerate limit must go but I don’t need intra-frame mode)

    • Anonymous

      You should run the show, no doubt

  • Heat Legend

    My GH3 will hopefully arrive tomorrow……… But an Olympus camera with a focus on VIDEO? Interesting…………………………

    Lel at the people talking about IVIS though, any video work that isn’t “home video” will be using a tripod or proper rig not IBIS no one wants to see that jello wobble.

    I doubt the video function will be that good though unfortunately.. I’d bet on the specs being the same as Sony’s which are no good.

  • Schwarz

    Have been waiting for a 4/3 with video capabilities to rival 7D. Hope rumour’s true.

    • homer

      The 7D???!!! Really???!! The 7D’s video is absolute crap! Have you seen the zacuto shootout? The 7d footage looks worse than the iPhone!

  • Andrew

    If Olympus released a camera with greater video specs, a short fast zoom to go with it, would be quite the release.

  • c0ldc0ne

    Admin, you may want to check the GH3 link in the article.

  • Miroslav

    “video performance is not what Olympus is famous for. But will they really try to compete against the Panasonic GH3? Hard to believe!”

    Yes, this is the route Olympus should not take. What they ( and the rest of the mirroless ) world need is a 500-1000 EUR mid level body with viewfinder, flash and advanced set of external commands that can compete against Canon EOS 650D and Nikon D3200. There are excellent entry level and advanced mirrorless cameras out there, but only G5 and NEX-6 come to mind in the middle. Samsung NX20 and Nikon V2 cannot really compete with DSLRs.

    • Ross

      Forget about the 500-1000 EUR mid level body! I want the equivalent of 500-1000mm lens! That would be 250-500mm M4/3’s lens. OK, I’m dreaming.

  • The video-centric segment is crowded enough already (Sony, Panasonic and Canon). There is no room for a new player in that highly specialized market unless it brings to the table something very special (like the Blackmagic camera). Oly’s IBIS is unique but it does not replace a proper tripod in video work. I don’t believe this rumor for a minute.

  • If Olympus announces the camera soon, I will wait for it instead of buying GH3. I am looking forward to use IBIS for my handheld videos.

  • If the objective is video and stills as an afterthought. I will stick to E-M5. Video for me is ‘a nice to have’ only and not a major. You video guys, I hope you get want you want.

    • Ross

      I’ll drink to that. :)

  • SteB

    I’ve no idea if the rumour is true or just an “educated” guess. However, if Olympus intend to introduce a real pro camera it’s got to have good video. Except for specialist cameras, all pro still cameras now have to have good video. Plus you get the impression that the EM-5 could do much better video with the right bit-rates and frame rates implemented i.e. it’s firmware crippled and is capable of much more. Either it was just an odd decision to cripple the video on the OM-D with a limited implementation, or they were always aiming to produce a higher level camera that could be used professionally for video.

    Whilst Olympus isn’t known for video I’m sure they could quite easily hire specialists to fine tune the implementation. The Olympus IBIS system has a lot of potential to differentiate it from the others. A lot of filmmakers and videographers use manual focus lenses without IS, so as long as the video is acceptable it could be a USP for Olympus.

  • Steve

    Olympus won’t compete directly with the GH3 which is trying the reach Pros. An Olympus Hybrid would likely go after consumers with it’s IBIS which consumers would prefer. Pros use a tripod so IBIS has no benefit to them.

    • WSG123

      IBIS still has benefit to “pros” using it as a hybrid camera, which is kind of the whole idea of these things.

    • SteB

      That’s mistaken, pros shoot a lot of their video handheld. There is a whole industry supporting handheld pro video shooting with rigs and and steadicams. Just Google something like “video rig” or “steadicam”. Look up names like “Zacuto”.

      • Steve

        But they still wouldn’t enable Oly’s video stabilization as it impacts the resolution. Remember that Oly uses digital stabilization for video. Great for consumers as it stabilizes much better than OIS, but not so good for Pros that are trying to squeeze as much detail as possible out of 1080p.

  • ssgreenley

    I doubt this camera would interest me, but I’m pleased that Admin is reporting rumors more frequently! I like the news and reviews, but I come hear for the juicy gossip!

    • Luda

      I believe you should read a bit more about how video stabilization works in EM-5.
      It is apparent that you are mixing it a bit with older Olympus cameras that used “digital stabilization” för video.

  • This would be a great idea. They are not going to get a new sensor anytime soon so they need to capitslize on the one they have.

    Areas like video, IBIS, FPS, and othe rinteresting features are going to differentiate this next body, and if it has reasonable SAF for my 43rds lenses, I am preordering :)

    • bart

      Olympus will introduce a new sensor in 2013.

  • Paul Alexander

    First company to put an S35 sensor in this camera, with the GH3 feature set and focus peaking, 4:2:2 out of HDMI WINS!!!!
    I am so sick of looking at ‘Legacy Leica’ style bodies. Sorry.

  • quiquelbola

    Ooohhhhh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!another video hybrid thing. auuuuuuuuhhhhh

  • The video coming from the E-M5 is exceptional. May not beat the GH-2 or 3, but it’s close enough. Where the E-M5 wins is in image stability.

    It shouldn’t be much of a challenge for Olympus to deliver 1080p 60fps.

    It shouldn’t be much of a challenge to deliver improved auto-focus tracking.

    If Olympus were to release such a camera, I would hold off on the purchase of the GH-3.

    • IS for video is very good, but for pics it is not better then my E-PL2, I’ve just made some tests today, at 12mm minimum is 1/15 if I want that almost every pic is sharp (at 1/8 about 50% of the pics are sharp), at 50mm minimum is about 1/25. And that for E-M5 and E-PL2. I’ve expected that the IS of the E-M5 would be better then the one of the E-PL2 after all what I’ve read.

      • Samuli

        Hmm. Are you using evf?

        I can get maybe 50% hit rate at 1/2 sec with OM-D and Panny 14 mm (standing with no support). I was more than happy with that.

  • Promit

    Will believe it when I see it. Nothing Olympus has done so far suggests that they’ve got the technical background to produce high end video cameras the way Panasonic has been doing.

  • Renato S.

    I hardly believe that it will top he GH3 in terms of quality – Panasonic has years of codec know how – , but if Oly can bring at least something on par with the NEX cameras, it will be good enough, even more with the awesome IBIS!

  • It doesn’t need to beat the Gh3 it only needs to match the unhacked Gh2 for me to use it and I put food on the table using video.

  • matt

    just put there the damn new sony xavc codec oly , give me 1080/50p or 100p and flat picture profile with no moire problems and take my money!

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