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(FT2) GX2 in Spring and with no built-in EVF?


An anonymous source just told me that the GX2 is due for a release in Spring 2013. Furthermore he told me, that it will not (!) have an integrated viewfinder. Other sources told me that it has design changes and the GH3 sensor.
I don’t know what you think about the GX not having an integrated viewfinder. The Fuji X-E1 and the Sony NEX-6 are selling well and I think a competitor against those cameras should be released. Don’t you? My modest opinion is(as you already know) that a Panasonic DMC-LC1 alike camera would be a hotseller. Hope other sources can soon confirm or deny this rumor! Thanks!

P.S.: Some Panasonic LC1 cna be found on auction at eBay (Click here).

Meantime in US and some other countries the GX1 is as cheap as the GF5:
GX1 price at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.
GF5 price at Amazon, B&H, Adorama, Olympus US store, FocusCamera, eBay.

Rumors classification explained (FT= FourThirds):
FT1=1-20% chance the rumor is correct
FT2=21-40% chance the rumor is correct
FT3=41-60% chance the rumor is correct
FT4=61-80% chance the rumor is correct
FT5=81-99% chance the rumor is correct

  • Anonymous

    Why does the pancake zoom cost more than the kit zoom, if it has less parts? Or rather, why don’t they just ditch the old zoom altogether and make the pancake zoom the kit for the same ~$100 addon price?

    • Esa Tuunanen

      It’s not only about the number of parts but also about how expensive those parts are.

    • 2chainz

      supply and demand

    • michael

      Why does my phone cost more than my desktop when it has less computing power? (Yes, this is a rhetorical question.)

    • The pancake zoom lens has more “exotic” lens elements. The basic 14-42mm zoom has only got one single aspherical lens element, while with the pancake zoom, alsost half the lens elements are asperical. These lens elements are much more expensive to produce.

  • Klaus Asbjørn

    Why would even bother making it then? It’s gonna get owned by the E-pl5 then if it’s just the old gx1 with a new sensor.

  • Ad

    No finder = no deal. Not interested in cameras with separate add-on viewfinders.

    • Bob B.

      For some reason Olympus and Panasonic just will not make that MFT rangefinder-style camera… There has to be a “WHY”.

      • QBNY

        It’s got to have something to do with their partner, Leica.

        Think about it, A Leica like Rangefinder, slightly smaller and affordable?

        Just my opinion though.

        Even though, I kinda figured it wouldn’t have one built in. Lets hope there’s something else that has that “wow” factor.

    • Optical1

      +1 I can’t believe that they would even consider it…

      • MaxP

        ages ago, all stand shoot camera has view finders.

  • pete

    nobody knows, why pana didn’t release any interesting body between gf1 and gh3. a gx2 without finder is the next stupid thing…

    • io

      There is the G5

      • Pavlo

        You didn’t get the point, or don’t understand what is “range finder styled body”. Though G5 is good, DSLR style is not for me.

        • homer

          you have to own a company to understand it. Its not about what people demand on the internet its about protecting yourself. Its the same with the pens and the omd. You cant have two 16mp sensored bodies with the vf moved slightly to the left on one, it doesnt make sense. its called competing with yourself, or shooting yourself on the foot. Think about it this way…sony and fuji both have rangefinder style mirrorless bodies, but do they have slr style bodies as well?

          • spam


          • TommyBlack

            Car manufacturers understand how to customise to people’s needs, ie. a hatchback, an estate or a saloon all based on standard underpinnings. They even let you chose the colour, not the Oly ‘any colour you like lens, as long as it’s silver!

          • Adding an EVF to a GX2 doesn’t make Pany compete with itself; it makes them more competitive against Fuji, Sony, etc. who offers rangefinder style EVIL. Pany still have the G5 and GH3 for those who prefer the DSLR form factor. For those who don’t give a crap about having an EVF, Pany has the GF5.

            Actually, not having an EVF on the GX2 is like shooting themselves in the foot.

            • Konan

              Man, you’re as delusional as they get here. Not only do you have a hard time fathoming comon sense and logic, you really believe in what you believe in no matter waht. Fuck logic, you must be right. You seriously need to get your head examined by a proper head shrink. You are delional in this old thread as you are in the new ones.

          • To cut it short, what you basically say is that the location of EVF is not an important differentiating factor for camera bodies.

            I bet you might be wrong.

            You also seem to think that companies place purely theoretical concerns of personally perceived similarity and differentiation between their products firmly before concrete market demand. I guess some companies do indeed, but surely they don’t survive for long.

            • homer

              Im sure Im not wrong. VF placement alone is not nearly enough differentiation to get an accounting department to sign off on it. There is no justification for it. Imagine the pitch “its basically the SAME camera, but with the vf moved slightly. oh! and we would keep both models too!”
              Itll never happen. Either the sensor has to be drastically different or the sensor size has to change.

    • just sayin

      maybe a removable evf is actually a nice thing when you wanna go compact

    • Arachnia

      Good grief. I must be the only one that doesn’t like to stick the camera to my eye to take photos … and don’t like the extra bulge associated with it either.

      I am glad GX2 will have no EVF, all I care about is sensor improvement from now on and maybe an in sensor image stabilizer to give me an extra stop in low light.

      Don’t care about the built in flash either

  • observer

    The GX2 will not be released until the GH3 is released nice and proper to WOW the world and bask in this glory for a while.

    New design changes will be either a swivel screen or EVF not both. So more likely it will be swivel screen if it comes out early in spring.

    It might come with a hybrid IBIS and OIS setup making it the only camera in the world to have both but don’t hold too high hopes for it to be implemented too quickly…

    It will be the best m43 for sure!

    • Waow, can you give me the name of your dealer?

  • I’m definitely not a target for rangefinder-styled cameras (IMHO the G5/GH3 styled bodies have far more ergonomics) but still sustain that it would be a pity to ignore this highly demanded market.

  • Bollox

    No viewfinder and, if I want to attach one, no flash shoe? Hello?
    And what about dials as opposed to menus? This is yet another toy.

    • QBNY

      who uses the flash on a GX1? On a Rangefinder?

      I would rather another dial than the flash. I wish they would get rid of the flash altogether.

      • pretzel

        a bad photo is better then no photo

      • Olly

        The GX1’s flash can be used as a bouncing flash, which makes it more useful than you seem to think. Had it been forward-aiming only I would have agreed with you though.

    • jlw518

      Where does it say no hotshoe??? I am sure they will keep the hotshoe and accessory port so that it can take the LVF-2 viewfinder. The GF5 has no hotshoe,not the GX series.

  • I totally agree. If, again, Panasonic will not provide a good manual oriented camera with built-in viewfinder, I’ll definitely leave and buy a Fuji one or something else. I’m waiting until the GF1 came out (I’m still using it a lot since no other camera really replaced it). So, this is a last call, Panasonic…

    • Why don’t you go for the E-M5?

      • Anonymous

        Too big.

        • linkz

          em5 and gf1 are the same size

          • Milt

            No they are not. The EM-5 has various bulges and extrusions that make it unpocketable. I can slip my GF1 into the pocket of my parka for winter scenes, but I could not do that with the EM-5.

            • Anonymous

              So your parka having unusually small pockets totally defines pocketabiliy? LOL

      • Yes, not compact enough. I have a reflex FF camera, no need for me to own a E-M5.
        GF1 shape and design (discrete and “amateur-like”) were (are) perfect for what I’m doing with it and what I’m expecting for. A faster AF, more quality in high ISO and a built-in VF could be the perfect camera (this is my point of view of course).

        • You guys who say the E-M5 is too big……obviously you’ve never held into one. It’s bloody tiny, especially compared with any FF reflex.
          Viewfinder in the wrong place, ergonomics wrong fro some users…..sure, good excuses, I have my reasons for not buying one too.
          But too big? Go play with the real thing instead of a picture.

        • Yeah, I will second what DonTom said. I own a GF1 and an E-M5 and aside from the negligible height difference from the E-M5’s top hump, they are pretty much the exact same size. The GF1 with the external viewfinder attached is actually slightly taller I think.

        • The E-M5 just looks a lot bigger because of the form factor I think. Check out this size comparison.


          • EM5 doesn’t just “look” bigger. It “is” bigger. There’s a hump on it that makes it so.

            • homer

              a hump not even an inch high…buy a p and s

              • Milt

                See my comment above. The EM-5 is not a pocketable camera.

                • bart

                  Then explain how my e-m5 happily fits the pockets of my summer coat already, and has room to spare in the pockets of my winter coat.

                  Yes, that is with one of the pancake lenses mounted.

                  I’m not exactly the only person doing this, and it doesn’t require ubusually big pockets. So… maybe your pockets are unusually small and the e-m5 doesn’t fit yours, but that doesn’t make it non pocketable.

        • Compared to FF:,289

          Nowhere near the size and weight of FF. Like DonTom said, try one at a store.

  • bank

    Byebye … Panasonic.

    It has been a number of years since I owned the GF1 and dreamed that one day Pany will make a smart camera body with integrated EVF.

    Now the wait is over, I will leave for Fuji soon.

    • I have an x100. Wonderful IQ. I would have totally migrated to Fuji, but, the m43 system still offers advantages: faster AF, weathersealed bodies and lenses.

    • gx1 sleeper

      bye bye

    • Smart camera body with integrated EVF: Lumix G5

  • Cheesy

    I cannot quite see what the appeal of this would be. Already the GX1 was released way too late. If this rumor would turn out correct, we’d have a camera that would be equal to or inferior to an E-PL5 in just about every aspect (same IQ, say, screen possibly articulated, likely no IBIS, …) other than the user interface, but released half a year later!!!
    Already now, it’s hard to see what, if not an EVF version of the GX1, Panasonic wants to bring to the market to compete with the EM5 and the EPL5. And they better do it soon.

  • Ok by a built in EVF, if we can look down into EVF, and that EVF need be over in center to lens also.

  • Olly

    The GX1 had a lot for it at the time of launch: excellent image quality and manual controls, with a size that was just right for anyone looking for a fairly high-end pocketable camera (as in “jacket pocket”, not trousers…).
    Only Sony had the NEX-5N and NEX-7 to lure potential buyers at that quality level, but the size of their lenses was a deal killer. It was for me anyway (not to mention the NEX-7’s much higher price), so I very happily went the GX1 way.

    Now with he E-M5 and NEX-6 on the market, and Sony’s small 16-50mm standard zoom, only the GX1’s lower price and still slightly smaller footprint saves it. I, for one, would likely have chosen the NEX-6/16-50mm if it had come out early in the year.

    Panasonic’s next offering in this range will need a higher dynamic range to catch up in the IQ area, the same body size that GF1 and GX1 owners like, and at least either a built-in viewfinder or sensor-based image stabiliser to *just* remain competitive – and both would be necessary, together with a competitive price, for the next iteration of the GX to be a true success.
    Or maybe Panasonic have a trumpcard in their sleeves?

  • Giorgio

    Yes, I agree.. a Panasonic DCM LC1 alike camera would be a hotseller… but I remind also his history… none in many reviews, like dpreview or ephotozine told us about similiarity to the traditional Leica cameras.. the times were not ready. And now anyone says wow, old fashion… WOW… OMD em 5 fuji x pro 1 and others!!!

  • Nothing wrong with the wish for a RF shaped mirrorless with EVF from either Panasonic or Olympus, but common, how long is the wishing goin already…2..3 years? It looks like they keep the EVF for the slr shaped series models only.
    If i wanted it that much, I would have already picked one from either Sony or Fuji, as I dont believe in brand or system loyalty myself.

    • Fred

      Well, I believe in smaller lenses and in the money I invested on them already. I never cared to much for the RF shape, but after buying the two pancake primes from Pana, I would happily trade my still-not-outdated for a GX2 with built-in with no hump.

    • Mr. Reeee

      +10 I want a second camera body, but refuse to buy one without an integrated EVF, but want one smaller than my GH2. I was hoping for a GX2 or EP5… ANY word on this Admin?… with an integrated EVF in a more compact form factor. Apparently the M4/3 powers don’t deem this a worthy request, even though we loyal M4/3 users have been clamoring for this for the past few years. … So I’m thinking about picking up a NEX-6 body and a handful of lens adaptors for my Nikon, Pentax and Voigtländer lenses.

      • jessicajp

        +++1 I have been at the same decision point most of this year. GF1+20mm was my first mFT, picked up a used GH1 (used $200, almost same price as an external EVF). But I still always grab the GF1 if I want to do walk-around street photography. I really want my next body to be a GF1 shape with EVF (perfect camera for me). I have been so close to buying a used nex7 with some MF adapters so many times, but I decided I still prefer the mFT lenses and I am slowly warming to the OMD (hope they drop in price soon).

  • Fred

    The only downgrade of the GX1 compared to the GF1 is the worst handling, specially due to the smaller thumb rest area and smaller control wheel. I would really love to have integrated EVF on the left, but with NO HUMP (that swivel EVF prototype could be a great solution for that). If there will be a hump, than it makes no sense, we already have G3/G5.

  • Rob

    It’s like they’re not even listening to their customers.

    • roger48

      This is an FT2 rumour, or has nobody noticed? That means it is less than 40% likely to be correct. By all means say what you would like, but do not just dismiss Panasonic future products when you have so little knowledge of what they will be.

      • Miroslav

        “This is an FT2 rumour, … it is less than 40% likely to be correct.”

        Interesting way of thinking. So, there’s more than 60% probability that GX will have built-in EVF :D.

        • roger48

          Probabilities do not work that way, as I am sure you know.

          • Miroslav

            Yes, but there’s no third solution. It’s either going to have an EVF or not…

      • Miroslav

        GX2 that is … Admin, please bring back the edit option.

        • admin

          I had to remove it because of issues on the Javascript. We have to find a new solution to add it again. Will take some time. Thought Disquis would be a good idea but you readers said no.

  • I think this is the expected outcome. Panasonic already have two other lines with built in viewfinders, the G-series and GH-series. Why would they make almost all their lines with built in viewfinders?

    There are quite some users who prefer using LCD displays only.

    • Anonymous

      The reason compact system cameras didn’t have EVF from the beginning was the lack of quality, and the compromise in size. Now they are almost as good as optical finders and you can make them small (Sony), so it makes sense to implement them in all but the lowest tier cameras. Also, Pana is missing out on a growing market. I cannot really see why GX with EVF would cannibalize either G or GH series if it sits between them, or even at the GH tier, but as a mainly photographic tool. P.S. Please no swivel screen, just make the width as compact as possible.

  • Miroslav

    “GX2 with no built-in EVF?”

    Some will never learn… If both Panasonic and Olympus do not announce a rangefinder shaped camera until spring, then there’s some kind of agreement with Sony in place.

  • Vastloper

    Maybe they are planning to make another seperate line of camera’s using a rangefinder style and otherwise similair to the gx line, just not to confuse customers what a product line means. So say for instance a GR product line (R as in Rangefinder)?

  • There is nothing wrong with external viewfinders. I quite like their tilt and the modularity they offer. However, If this rumor turns out to be correct I don’t see what advantages the GX2 would have over the E-PL5 except for a more robust user interface and an electronic shutter. Perhaps Olympus will be the first to introduce a faux rangefinder to m4/3. If you wonder, look at the original Pen F for design clues. To my eyes it looks sexier than NEX 6/7 or X-E1.

  • gear

    I wouldn’t want it if it had a fixed viewfinder. I would look at other cameras if I wanted that. Add-n viewfinder is great but not a fixed one.
    One of the great things aout this camera is the fact that you can transform it into what you want. If it had a fixed viewfinder, I couldn’t strip it down and slip it in my pocket. I don’t even want the articulating LCD if it adds bulk (if not, add that baby). In fact Panasonic could add whatever they want if they don’t make it any bigger.

  • EVF would be nice, but a swivel-screen would do the trick for me.

    Also: the GX-series is much superior to the epl and epm-series in terms of controls and ergonomics, IMO. With an updated sensor I would still go for GX2 if the price is similar to epl-5.

  • Mike1

    When would they learn the importance of an integrated viewfinder for keen photographers.

    • MikeH

      They already sell two lines of m43 cameras with built in viewfinders. Olympus has only a single m43 camera from all their m43 cameras manufactured to date with a built in viewfinder and there is endless harping on Panasonic.

  • Contrary to Fuji O&P are set to sell us two cameras – one pocketable and another dSLR like.

    This misses entirely the fact that most will own ONE camera and that RF were designed to make the most of a small case WITH VF, almost a century ago!

    For the price it is ridiculous to be offered a P&S instead. So despite all its quirks I am seriously considering a Fuji, if Spring brings some money and O&P are still asleep.

    We want a smart dSLR substitute, not a meek one. Fuji gets it perfectly.

    • Miroslav

      Both Fujis are too big, almost as big as DSLRs. That’s no replacement…

      • Not really. The X-E1 is a bit wider than the E-M5 but LESS tall, which is all that matters for a pocketable camera. All due to the bl**dy hump.

  • Tom

    It’s clear, they think if you want view finder get a G or GH. The compact bodies are simple design GF and more controls GX. Now maybe they will change this and put a viewfinder on GX, but I think they only do this if it doesn’t increase the body size significantly. I don’t think they will add a fifth model. If Olympus makes a PEN with a view finder, you will see the final showdown of the camera shape wars, Olympus with both shapes with viewfinder, Panasonic with hump, Sony and Fuji with brick.

  • Geez, It’s about time a EVF is added to the PENS/Panys. I have no plans of abandoning my OM-D and my collection of lenses. But I did just spend $1000 to add the NEX-6 plus pancake 16-50 zoom to my bag. No plans to build a Sony system for me, but heck this combo is just a notch bigger than my LX5 !!

  • napalm

    make sense that GX2 will be the same as GX1 with some updates. if Pany will release that rangefinder-style camera, it will be a new series and more expensive.

  • Yun

    GX2 is without build in viewfinder , this even convince me that there is another rangefinder with build in VF above GX is coming . This will be the real L1 style camera that Admin is dreaming of .
    Let’s see if my guess is right in this few months .

  • woof woof

    I only own two Panasonic lenses and a Voigtlander 25mm f0.95. The rest are all manual and I have no intention of investing any more money in MFT until they produce a body that I want. If they don’t do that soon I’ll ditch my Panasonic camera and my three dedicated lenses and move my manual lenses to another system and build from there.

    Panasonic just don’t seem to be listening to enthusiast still shooters.

    • May I listen your complaints about G5 (or the upcoming G6, presumable with GH3 image quality and even better ergonomics than its predecessor)? Hardly think that the rangefinder design would have a really serious justification beside its coolness…

      • woof woof

        Simply put, there are more attractive products on the market and I’m free to spend my money where and on what I want.

        You may be happy with a Panasonic camera but a Fuji or a Sony may be more attractive to me.

        If Panny don’t / wont / can’t make a product I want to buy I’m free to buy another manufacturers product. Simples.

        • MikeH

          There is little doubt that Panasonic and Olympus will immediately drop all their plans and follow every wish of people with nicknames like ‘woof woof’. I have heard (FT0 rumor) that it is part of their new year resolutions to make more appealing for for woof woof bodies.

        • homer

          you prefer other bodies and yet, youre constantly here

  • ArKersaint

    Pityfull result of lonely council between marketing guy and finance one:
    Marketing : must avoid cannibaliation between product lines
    Finance : must get extra money from VF sales
    Phoographers sadly out of the loop… Good for Sony !!!

  • Narretz

    The reason compact system cameras didn’t have EVF from the beginning was the lack of quality, and the compromise in size. Now they are almost as good as optical finders and you can make them small (Sony), so it makes sense to implement them in all but the lowest tier cameras. Also, Pana is missing out on a growing market. I cannot really see why GX with EVF would cannibalize either G or GH series if it sits between them, or even at the GH tier, but as a mainly photographic tool. P.S. Please no swivel screen, just make the width as compact as possible.

    • Yes, exactly. We also need a camera that is a durable good, it makes no sense to expect from customers they spend 1000 bucks every 6 months!
      Again Fuji gets it: they don’t change the button interface on a whim.
      They have a set of durable lenses made in metal with a sensible price – all in black!
      By comparison m4/3 looks like a burlesque show made by Borat :)

    • Esa Tuunanen

      > Now they are almost as good as optical finders and you can make them small
      Wrong, same rules still apply:
      You can make them very small only by sacrificing image size/eye relief.

      Because of very small eyepiece through which you look EVF display I found nothing special in NEX7’s viewfinder which needs pressing eye always tightly to it to avoid “tiny tunnel” experience…
      While in SLT-A77 exactly same OLED EVF gives hugely different experience.

      > Also, Pana is missing out on a growing market.
      Real growth towards well profitable system needs taking market share from Canon and Nikon who still dominate total system camera shares with their DSLRs.
      Both sell lot more of their basic DSLRs than any mirrorles body sells.
      And both Olympus and Panasonic need to increase their sales notably in next year or two if you want their imaging divisions to have healthy future.

      • 3r3

        You know apart from Olympus fans like you I have never seen a review of the Nex 7 that did not sing the praises of its EVF.Maybe all those independent review sites are biased compared to the Olympus shills like Wong, or maybe not lol

    • 4real

      em5 is just as thin as the gx1

  • BarryS

    I’m not sure why anyone would expect it to have a viewfinder. It’s the success to the GX1 which was the successor to the GF1. If you want a VF built in, there are other cameras in the range that have them. Non story IMO.

    • woof woof

      The point is that anyone wanting a rangfinder style camera with VF can’t buy a Panny or an Oly with one as they don’t have one for sale.

      Other companies do however make them.

    • Narretz

      Without EVF or some other substantial feature additions, there is almost no market for the GX series. It gets slaughtered left and right by Panas own GF and G, by Olys EPx, and by Sony and Fuji which all offer more in the same form factor. Just because it is the successor does not mean it has to repeat every design decision. At one point, the GX was listed under “luxury” on Pana’s own web site, so they clearly had no idea what it was supposed to be. I haven’t heard anything about sales, but the price reductions speak loudly about its popularity.

      • Might be that Panasonic is going to keep the GF series not only more compact and simple than the GX, but also continue to put lesser quality sensors in it. That way there would be no competition between their lines and it would make sense to re-release the GX1 without any major changes except for the new sensor.

    • Anonymous


      Agreed. I have the GX1 with the LVF2 and it doesn’t bother me one bit. Still pocketable with it on, even more pocketable off. I love this camera.

      Still, I love the girth of the DMC L1.

      So go a little large, Panasonic.

  • There is yet another factor. m4/3 like a mini dSLR system tries to be something for everyone, but I am not sure it is the way.

    If portability is what makes it distinctive, a small set of lenses, a’ la Leica, wouldn’t be better?

    What sense does it make to produce lenses of all sizes, colour and dimension, when we know that Panny and Oly are still in the red?

    There seems to be a lack of awareness, and a sense of lost direction.
    Retro is all very well but it doesn’t substitute planning the future with distinctive products.

    Perhaps I am wrong, but think if one of the two companies were to disappear because it cannot achieve a 5% profit, which is their stated goal.

    They really need to focus much better on their products instead of spray and pray, with products that have a shelf life of a few months.

    • +1, well said.

    • t6uty

      “What sense does it make to produce lenses of all sizes, colour and dimension, when we know that Panny and Oly are still in the red?”

      Maybe a lot of sense if the intention is to shaft the customers with “special editions ” you would have to be special to pay the extra for some black paint

  • Le frog

    What I would really want to see is a 5-axis IBIS, full manual controls, and a smaller size. I can live with an external EVF. Oh… and a Mark II 20/1.7 with improved focusing speed to go with it. A Mark II improved pancake zoom would also be nice. Unfortunately none of these is going to happen.

    • Anonymous

      then get a OMD.

      • Anonymous

        Which part of “smaller” did you not get, my anonymous friend? The OMD is not pocketable and Oly has not even tried to make a pancake zoom. OMD is probably better and quicker for stills than GH3, but if the GX2 delivers the same IQ with it, it would be good enough for me, as long as it covers the other bases and fits in a pocket. The best camera is the one you can have with you, remember?

        • QBNY

          How much smaller do you want it? The OMD is Tiny. I almost owned one until I held it in my hands. That camera is small. What are you looking for? The size of a Canon s100 with swappable lenses?

        • just sayin

          The gx1, gf1 and omd are all roughly the same size. I’ve held and used all three concurrently. Have you held an omd?

  • joe

    no EVF …. OK,
    and i think different form source.
    sensor maybe new 20-22 mpx,(see last pana-image-sensor roadmap)
    self-portrait lcd like samsung EX-2,
    and more dial. ^_^

    • Narretz

      In other words, a camera that nobody needs. ;)

      • Agree, but the big problem is large files so be of more mpx.

  • Anonymous

    Even though there is a considerable jump in image quality and high ISO, with the Fuji sensor, sadly, it’s still a few generations behind Panasonic’s AF speed, which is why I won’t be jumping ship just yet. However, in another year or two, M4/3 is going to have a vacancy to fill, unless they get on the ball. If they were to release a RF style body now and give people a chance to build up a lens inventory, there would be less reason for them to jump ship, when Fuji comes of age.

  • I think Panasonic has it right with the GX1. A camera with a built-in finder would be a different concept. Not to mention they already have two of those in the line – the G5 and GH3.

    Have to say for some purposes I prefer the optional finder. This is a change from my thinking back when I first bought my G1 and GH1 and considered a finder essential. Now that I have a GX1 it is confirmed.

    The tilt-up feature is great – I use it almost every time I use my GX1. I can leave the finder at home when I want to travel light.

    I do wish there was some type of flash connection available with the finder. At least a PC connection – and maybe some type of bracket for on-camera flash. I would also be handy if the finder could swivel as well as tilt – maybe even a remote cord. But overall I think the design works.

    Perhaps the ultimate Panasonic for me would combine the GX1 accessory finder with the articulated LCD from the G5 and a sync port for studio flash. As far as physical form that would pretty well do it form me.

    • Yes i also mean tilt up feature the so do EVF good thing for me, and i feel better control of camera.

  • AFAIK DMC-L1 wasn’t a good seller at all (neither was its Olympus cousine, the E-330 if memory serves me). That could partially explain why both companies shy away from restarting that idea anew with m43, even though it might look like superstition given crucial size differences between the GX and EP lines versus the stately but awkward brick the L1 was.

    • The i like by E-330 is tilt screen so i used the greater part.

    • Anonymous

      I could go for a “Brick” with a swivel screen and no built in EVF..

    • i remember the same,most wanted the mirrors/prism hump to be visible at that time.

  • deadlock

    Adding viewfinder would just increase bulk (and price), which sort of defies the concept behind this type of camera. I’m all for optional EVF for someone who really needs it – and is willing to pay. Otherwise, please do not sacrifice the convenience of small, pocketable camera body for only a small inconvenience of framing my shots on LCD. In the end, it totally doesn’t matter if I used EVF or not. If I really wanted to shoot my photos when it’s dark etc. I would use a different camera in the first place.

  • Jedd

    If they sell as many GH3s and then put same features into compact body, including video controls – I’m game.
    Don’t care about EVF a single bit, screen gives so many more composition choices.
    External LCD glasses – that would be the interesting option.

  • Anonymous

    i’m still in m4/3 camp due to gh3 video features. but seriously considering the jump to aps-c mirrorless for stills. fuji and sony are upping their game. panny needs to follow suit

  • Frye

    I really wouldn’t bet on a RF style camera from Panasonic. Maybe from Olympus but even that’s doubtful. If that’s the kind of camera you want there is a company that makes it.

  • safaridon

    Not surprised if the GX2 is much like GX1 only with new GH3 sensor and agree with others that means a second model with EVF ala LC1 is coming soon after. I really would like to see a swivel screen and if like G5 one would add no width to camera only a little depth and provide much better viewing without EVF under bright light conditions to eliminate glare and reversible to protect screen when in transport. I am surprised Pany is not releasing GX2 now in time for Xmas but likely they do not want to detract from GH3 attention and sales in any way as likely would be half the price. Some would say that Pany does not need a rangefinder model with EVF as have G5 and GH3 but consider the fact that inspite of how good those DSLR like models are, Pany is selling far more GFs and GX1 ones instead.

  • cameras like a cat

    I hope Olympus is doing a NEX6-style camera. Olympus has better colors and the 5axis stabilistion for *all* lenses.

    IMHO the elctronic viewfinder could be extra. But it should sit at the NEX6 position and ad no bulk.

  • Pete

    I really wanted to buy in to the micro 4/3 system – but I just went out and bought an NEX-6. Here’s why.
    I’m moving up from a point and shoot camera – and I think my needs probably represent a pretty big market segment.
    I want a hybrid interchangeable lens camera that takes good stills and less me shoot decent 1080/60p video.
    With kit zoom lens fitted – it has to be small & light enough to put in my coat pocket. (So NEX system was ruled out until the introduction of the new 16-50 mm power zoom).
    I’m tired of having to rely on LCD screens that are unusable in bright sunshine – so it has to have a decent integrated EVF – and I don’t want to have to carry an add on EVF around with me.
    I’d like to spend $600 to $700 on this – but could consider spending up to $1000 at a push (which rules out several of the higher end “pro” models).
    Some of you guys will probably say that I should stick with a high end point-and shoot camera – but I want to move beyond what a Point and shoot has to offer – and like the flexibility that an ILC camera offers me as my photographic knowledge & skills grow.
    I did seriously consider high end point and shoot cameras (Sony RX100, Panasonic LX7 and ZX2) but in the end decided that interchangeable lens system and integrated EVF were “must have” features.
    It came down to either the Panasonic G5 or the Sony NEX6. I really wanted to buy into the micro 4/3 system – but In the end – the NEX was more expensive but just more compelling – in terms of size, image quality and features (I’ll probably get shot for saying this – but little features like panoramic photo mode are nice to have since I live in Colorado ; )
    So I splashed out my $1000 and got the NEX6. If Panasonic had had a GX2 with integrated EVF and the small power zoom I would have gone for that in a heartbeat – but it wasn’t to be – and I’m glad I decided not to wait.

    • Esa Tuunanen

      > I’m moving up from a point and shoot camera – and I think my needs probably represent a pretty big market segment.
      Segment which mostly goes to DSLRs when seeing complete big name systems of Canon and Nikon and all enthusiasts/professionals with their gear.
      Mirrorless has really challenged DSLRs only in Japan and even in there share has stabilized to bare 50% of system cameras since fast rise in last year. Globally mirrorless/non-reflex deliveries are well below 20% of total.

      I’m all for offering diverse body choises but right now goal of mirrorless 4/3 should be making few products (like GH3) which attract those ethusiasts and even some professionals for using m4/3 as their main system and not just some compact supplement to Canon/Nikon DSLRs.

      > I’ll probably get shot for saying this – but little features like panoramic photo mode are nice to have since I live in Colorado
      Panorama functionality is lot more usefull for average users than some endless list of art filters.
      Even despite of free automatic panorama stitching softwares like Hugin or Microsoft ICE.

  • pravag

    Panasonic is so BORING !

  • I think yours is a v. interesting contribution because it shows that people buy into the upper tier not only for consumerism, but also to grow as photographers. Why else would they need an ILS system otherwise?

    And I do think that O&P are missing the features needed. IQ OTH is so similar that the differences are really based on perception. Is it so difficult to understand that buyers ask for more respect as photogs., that they are not marketing lemmings?

    That is in my view the major mistake of m4/3 although it has mostly everything right. A credible upper tier.
    It is the opposite mistake of failed 4/3, and that perhaps explains it.

  • klose

    So much talk about a FT2 rumor!?

  • jlw518

    Oddly enough, I think this might be a camera I would get. I don’t mind the external viewfinder option, and what I really wanted from the GX1 was a slightly better grip and a better sensor. From this rumor, it looks like both of those will be on the GX2.

    Advantages of this over the EPL5 would be a much larger viewable area LCD (assuming the dimensions of it are the same as the GX1), built-in flash, and better button/ergonomic layout. If they put in a flip up screen, it would be a huge plus, too.

    So, I think I will wait on my GF3 upgrade until this comes out and see if it’s what I want. If not, I can get an EPL5 at that point.

  • pn

    A GX2 with the GH3 sensor and decent video capabilities (as in: 1080p60 at high bit rates) would be interesting to me.

    I own a (hacked) GH2 and like it, but I don’t use/need its EVF, and I don’t want a bigger, but rather a smaller camera.

    However, unless there’s a hacked firmware for the GX2, it is unlikely that I will be able to buy one – as Panasonic will certainly continue to annoy customers with unacceptable restrictions like 29min video length limit and no p60 for Europeans.

  • carlos c

    no viewfinder,…. by by pan,…thats all

  • aulin

    bye bye panasonic … hello olympus

    • QBNY

      Bye Bye MFT … Hello MFT.

      The comedy of people whining about a VF or the exclusion of one.

      Really, it doesn’t even matter. Whatever the GX2 has, I’m sure y’all Olympus fanboys will find something to bitch about. I mean the GX2 can come with a IBVF, better sensor and all we’ll hear is: “WHUT, no IBIS?? -Bye Bye Panasonic, No Buy!”

      Funny thing is with many of you Olympus fanboys, The GX2 could have all of the above, and Y’all still wouldn’t buy it for the simple fact that it’s a Panasonic and not Olympus.

      Pure. Comedy.

      Why complain about what a camera has/doesn’t have if you’re not buying it anyways? Y’all should spend y’all time writing to Olympus with y’all “Want” lists.

    • QBNY

      Bye Bye MFT … Hello MFT.

      The comedy of people whining about a VF or the exclusion of one.

      Really, it doesn’t even matter. Whatever the GX2 has, I’m sure y’all Olympus fanboys will find something to Cry about. I mean the GX2 can come with a IBVF, better sensor and all we’ll hear is: “WHUT, no IBIS?? -Bye Bye Panasonic, No Buy!”

      Funny thing is with many of you Olympus fanboys, The GX2 could have all of the above, and Y’all still wouldn’t buy it for the simple fact that it’s a Panasonic and not Olympus.

      Pure. Comedy.

      Why complain about what a camera has/doesn’t have if you’re not buying it anyways? Y’all should spend y’all time writing to Olympus with y’all “Want” lists.

  • anonymous source

    My anonymous source told me that there is no EVF in the GX2 because there will be another line, maybe GL, with a ring (like RX100) on the lens barrel to control aperture and a shutter speed dial on top. It will come in Summer and will sit above the GX line.

    I would rate that FT3.

    • aulin

      sounds great! by that time I will think about selling the om-d I’m buying next week.. but probably I wont..

    • Chez Wimpy

      If the aperture control is on the *lens barrel* what does that have to do with the (interchangeable lens) camera? And what about all (the) m43 lenses to date not having aperture rings?

      • gerhard

        I think he meant around the lens mount!

  • jessicajp

    As much as I love my GF1 and have been hoping years for a GF1-with-EVF-in-corner, I am starting to loose hope. I even bought a GH1 hoping that would work, but it is a very different shooting experience to the GF1. But basically I still shoot my GF1 90% of the time and love it.

    A GX2 without EVF will be competing with the E-PM2 E-PL5 NEX-F3 and NEX-5R and the GX2 better be priced accordingly($500-700). There is no way it can compete against the NEX6 or Fuji’s in the $900-1000 price range. I hope they price the GX2 cheaper than the G5.

    For me, the only interesting upgrades are the E-PM2 (button placement is great and can be customized to work almost identical to GF1, and same OMD sensor/processor) or waiting for the OMD price drop. By next spring (GX2 release time) the OMD E-M5 should start to be discounted (maybe into the $700 range) which will also make it very hard for a “premium priced” GX model.

  • Will

    Haha I’m just barely hanging onto m43 with my deteriorating e-p2, if no exbf model that doesn’t increase size comes about? Hello Fuji

  • The reason why Leica rangefinders have the viewfinder to the left is not ergonomics. The reason is that there must be some distance between the two viewfinder windows for the parallax focusing. So the viewfinder could have been on the left side, or the right side, but not in the middle.

    The same goes for the Panasonic L1, and the Olympus E330 it was based on: It uses a special mirror box rather than the traditional pentaprism, hence, the viewfinder must be offset to one of the sides.

    For those who want a viewfinder on the left side of a M4/3 camera, is it because:

    a) You think the viewfinder on the extreme left side is better ergonomically


    b) because you like the classic Leica styling?

    • jessicajp

      I think it might be as simple as many of us like the rangefinder-like small-box-camera size which is easy to carry around for daily shooting or put in a pocket/purse, BUT we also want an EVF. Something more like a compact camera shape (GF, E-PM E-PL) but with an EVF. Not a bulky DSLR-like body like the GH1/2/3 G5 and without the hassle of an external EVF (in the same way people like the convenience of a built in flash).
      The lumix G3 was maybe the closest to getting the small-body-center-EVF right but missed on a few points (eye-sensor for one).,185
      The NEX7/6 has got the form factor right and with a corner EVF,375
      If they could make a mFT with center-EVF without a hump in the box-form factor I don’t think anyone would complain. I also think most people here are already shooting a mFT camera so we are “upgraders” who already either have a small-box-without-EVF or a DSLR-like-body with EVF.

  • Milt

    If Panasonic does not make the GX2 with an internal EVF, they better have an other body in the wings. Surely they are not content to lose market share to their competitors – or maybe their market specialists don’t care. But we are customers too!!

  • Doesn’t matter to me anymore – Fuji X-E1 is what I kept hoping Panasonic LC, GF, and GX series would produce… and it already exists. ;)

  • carlosc

    for me the gx2 should have the gh3 sensor the good design from gx1,and if possible a built-in evf as soon as possible, and hello pan

  • Raval

    Here is a link to Panasonic USA showing a soon to be released P&S with a EVF

    If they can put a EVF into this can then there is hope for the GX2.

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