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(FT2) Ghost hauntings: New Olympus modular camera spotted


One of our readers (E.O.) had a “strange” experience:
I could swear I saw a prototype Olympus modular at the Decatur Arts Festival near Atlanta this weekend. An Asian gentleman was walking around, a good distance from the edge of the crowd, shooting photos with what looked like an Olympus E1Olympus E1Olympus E1Olympus E1Olympus E1Olympus E1Olympus E1Olympus E1Olympus E1Olympus E1Olympus E1 with a battery grip. I went up to talk 4/3, but when I got closer, I saw what looked like a removable square module for the lens mount that would slide in and out from the top. There was a definite groove around the bottom and sides of the lens mount. The only markings were OLYMPUS above the lens mount. When I came up and said “Is that the new Olympus?”, he looked shocked, covered the camera with his arm, and literally ran away. ????? Maybe I just startled him, but it was a very bizarre camera. Maybe we will see at Photokina.

It is not the first time 43rumors has received such kind of rumors. And we know you should take it with a grain of salt. In a second email E.O. sent me some more informations:

I did not get that good a look at the camera, since once I approached him, he covered it and ran off. I did not see him remove a module, but as best I could see, it looked like the whole lens mount would slide in from the top. There was a distinct line below and to the sides of the lens mount, but not on top, so I would guess they slide in from the top. Perhaps that would allow a choice between EVF and Optical? The camera itself looked like a combination of an E1 and E 300E 300E 300E 300E 300E 300E 300E 300E 300E 300E 300 with a battery grip. It looked like he was using a 12-60 on it. The finish didn’t look great either, like it was cobbled together.

I don’t know why an Oly prototype would end up at an art festival in Atlanta, but it was definitely a strange camera.

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